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How would you stat out an Eldar Harlequin for Ascension as a PC?

I was thinking:

Step 1: Homeworld


Step 2: Assassin Career (DH)

Step 3: Death Cult Assassin (Ascension)

Step 4: Gear (Holo Armor (DDG), Harlequin's Kiss (RT), Shuriken Pistol (Various) or Splinter Pistol (PtU)

Step 5: Needed swaps (Different lores, weapon's training, etc.)

Step 6: Anything else?

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Step 1: Look at Eldar Ranger/Aspect Warrior stats in Creatures Anathema. Copy&Paste.
Step 2: The gear you just listed? Yeah.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!!!

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As a PC? Go full homebrew. It's a xeno and a fairly special one at that. It shouldn't be using human advance tables.

Also, Eldar PC? Pic related.

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Yeah, but you lack the chance to advance like a normal PC, otherwise your plan works for a NPC

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Some changes are needed, but seriously full homebrew?

It could be a radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor for one

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OP, is it a female Inquisitor and male Harlequin?

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Full homebrew. Harlequins are not just killy sorts. They're artisans and keepers of mysteries. Hell, I don't think putting one in player hands is a good idea. Don't they guard access to the Black Library?

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I guess power of the GM could stop that, there will be limits on PC power, same as Inquisitors can't do everything they want.

Basically, Peers of the Imperium become Eldar factions. They get Unnatural Agl x2 for free (but can't buy it rank 9 because of that). Las and SP become the eldar equivalents, etc. Some homebrew, but most are simple

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All Inquisitors hate Eldar FACT

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Ever heard of Radicals?

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OP, PCs should not be aliens

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Yeah, rational exponents, right?

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No, radical Inquisitors

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Man, someone should tell the people writing the books...Into the Storm is almost here and oh SHIT! KROOT AND ORKS!

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I have a player that wants to play an ork Mekboy for an Ascension game I'm planning, so... Yeah, watching this thread closely.

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Heresypedia has a lot of stuff for orks, give them some adapted and PQ techie stuff

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I am sad. I misread the OP as "How to stat up Harley Quinn as an Eldar". Sounded quite interesting.

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