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Hi Guys,
Drawfag threads are always bound to fail, you might get one shitty request filled but that tends to be it. I have made a blog so i can keep track stuff and then do the drawings at my leisure so they suck less.



I am by no means a great artist, i draw pretty cartoony, but i'm happy to draw what you want.

blog here http://digimagus.blogspot.com/

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More Bard Quest character art!

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Oh boy, here we go.

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Wicked mean looking female elf barbarian type, lots of furs, tattoos, blood, big axe.

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a link would probably help.

MORE Specifically, more Ruby and Janice.
This is what we have for Janice.

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You're going to regret that. Draw trollface Stalin.

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Draenei futa raping a great unclean one. Go.

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Beholder shooting all his eye beams. Surrounded by destruction and havoc.

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Female bruce lee, sexy, sexy girl abs.

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and this is what we have for Ruby, but in a red shirt.

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Chaptor (The gentleman Raptor) in an epic fight scene versus the Disgusting Thri-kreen fapfic writer.

I can provide images.

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I'd like to request...

<-- this chick, but with green eyes instead of brown, as a halfling sorceress, smiling sweetly as she's casting a spell of fiery doom.

Clothing or not is up to you.

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Draw a picture of the doppleganger from Doppleganger Damacy quest being awesome.

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draw a nazi samurai

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A young woman, slight frame, small chest. She has horrible scars on the left side of her face, like a huge clawed hand swiped across it with enough violence and force to gouge out her eye and cut her ear in two. She covers these scars with a scarf, eyepatch, and hooded cloak.

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Guys, you know posting pictures in the thread is just gonna lead to less images for us, if the drawfag ever gets off his ass and starts.

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Cata-chan getting fucked in the ass.

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Draw my shadowrun group:

An ork dressed as a cowboy and a blonde haired "noble" looking human

they are riding a pink scooter with frills (the ork is driving because he actually has the driving skill while the human is hanging on)

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Reading comprehension fail.

He said he's going to post the pictures on the blog which he kindly included a link to in his OP.

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And yes, my reading comprehension is at failure levels tonight, fine, happy?

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Draw two tau Fire Warriors kissing in front of the commisar who shouts "HERESY".

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Elf chick in some kind of sexy outfit with a miniskirt riding a futuristic motorcycle, maybe some weapons of some kind?

Pic related, it's a motorcycle and a girl.

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I request 80 oil paintings of a night elf warlock in different poses, wearing different armor, and sometimes engaging in sexual activity. She is world-weary, slowly dying, yet still beautiful due to her heritage.

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You didn't specified their genders :3

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I'm glad we could come to a peaceful, nonviolent consensus.

So, how's your evening going, fellow elegan/tg/entleman?

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Draw an illustration for the writefaggotry in this thread


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Get the fuck out, faggots. Your kind is not welcomed here.

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A female (futa?) draenei hunter getting it in the ass from the psychic bear she thinks is her pet. The bear is wearing goggles.

Pic related, it's the bear.

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Rance from the rance Rance and Schenkopp from legend of the galactic heroes, fighting over one of the touhous

picture related, it's schenkopp

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Will Photoshop suffice?

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Oh for fucks sake, do you never sleep or what?

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A woman leaning up against a sports car of some kind, wearing sunglasses (not retardedly huge ones) and wearing some torn jeans and a leather jacket, under it a generic undershirt, maybe something cool on it, I dunno. She should have fairly muscular arms.

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These are great guys, keep them coming!
Oh my..

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I was curious to see OP's take on it as a drawing. Pose is, of course, up to him.

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Okay. Okay. Assuming this is a serious thread, I might as well go full faggot and request something embarassing and detailed.

I want a character. A thri-kreen character, female. Proportions similar to the art in the lower right: digitigrade, small abdomen jutting out from waist. Large top arms, smaller bottom arms. Very mantis-like head, like upper left. Long thin antennae that sort of hang behind the head like hair when at rest. Slender body like it as well, with sandy yellow-brown exoskeleton and light orange-red eyes stained brown.

Clothing: something like the short robe in upper right; red silk with simple floral patterns sewn in in gold thread. Has on a simple leather utility belt kind of like the one in lower right, big pouches on either side and small ones near the center. Small backpack on back, Similar style.

I doubt I'll ever see this request and I feel like a faggot for posting it, but what the fuck, why not? Haters gonna hate, right?

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A woman in a playboy outfit wearing a football helmet punching an elf in the face resulting in flying teeth and bits of gib.

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I promise i will do all of these, i have no idea how but i will. You can post mean things on my blog if i don't.
this is fantastic i'll try as hard as i can to get it right!

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Oh, one more little stipulation:

Symmetrical hands, kinda like the sangheili (Elites) from the Halo series. That is, two long fingers in the middle, one slightly shorter thumb on both sides. Segmented, of course, and on the end of a hand that seems just slightly too long, kinda mantid looking.

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A drow woman farting on a struggling man's face

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Gary Gygax and Fred from the new Scooby Doo cartoon going over plans for traps.

>captcha: da romantics

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Fuck man.. I dunno, dark eldar chick in a micro bikini?

pic related should be my reaction to it.

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Can I get these two fighting each other but nobody winning? Preferably both with their pistols drawn, assassin dodging and female deadpool getting hit but regenerating.

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If you are true to your word I might aswell request something. I'm working on my own world of sorts and I could use some art material to go along with it.

My request is you drawing one of the Fallen Gods this race of beings is neither mortal nor immortal and stuck between two realms. They are dark, twisted and perverse and seek revenge on the True Gods for making them what they are now (it was their own fault but I wont go into too much detail)

Their leader is Molekh and if you could draw him that would be swell the Fallen Gods look like dark shadows in the realm of mortals but in their own realm they look like twisted, sick humans with dark powers coursing through and over their body.

So yeah eh... Evil kind of human with a lot of twisted and corrupted flesh preferable with their shadow counterpart on the other side.

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sexy thri-kreen on tiefling action with a dragonborn dominatrix.

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>> No.11421274


Asunming that this thread is serious..

I'd like two pictures.

The picture'd man, dressed in black pants, a black t-shirt, black fingerless gloves, with his arms crossed, and a small smirk on his lips,The second is the same man, same clothing, with his hands lazily pocketed, and a quisitive, raised eyebrow look.

Hey, if this is real, I thank you TENFOLD!

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>> No.11421290

Macha being done in the butt by a tyranid

>> No.11421291

Cyber ninja woman

>> No.11421313

Cutebold peasants, doing normal things you'd see in a medieval setting.

EXAMPLES: collecting taxes, feeding chickens, going to church, harvesting wheat, digging a ditch, sweeping the road leading into town, baking bread, blacksmithing nails, brushing a (tiny) horse, cutting wood, telling stories to local children, building a house, carving something out of wood, etc.

>> No.11421314


One more thing, because I dont have a reference picture you can go as wild as you want on the corruption and their looks. It's not like I have a definate picture in my head yet.

>> No.11421322

Are you seriously going to do all requests? Even the gay ones? Please, ignore the gay shit, these faggots already got enough attention.

>> No.11421324

Yes real, but i think people are going to have to be patient! I'm going to be drawing for a long time!

>> No.11421331

Just in case - i meant two MALE tau Fire Warriors.

>> No.11421338

The kids from MS Paint Adventures' Homestuck dressed up as characters from Adventure Time.

>> No.11421343

yeah i'm going to do them all... even the bizarre ones.

>> No.11421345


Hey, I can wait. Hell, email the picture to the email enclosed, when you're done with mine, alright?

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NO. Macha should never get laid, ever. Even if it's in the butt by a tyranid.

>> No.11421357


Checking your blog everyday just to see how silly some of the requests will turn out. (The pornographic related ones that is)

>> No.11421362

Nothing wrong with bizarre stuff, i'm only against faggotry.

>> No.11421391

Please draw a bunch of sexy pirates boarding a ship wielding cutlasses with a buff pirate captain sporting an epic beard leading them into the fray

>> No.11421394

I sure wouldn't mind seeing a second drawfag have a go at this:

Dark Eldar Archon, in the style of the pictured model, with a chain for a pair of slaves in one hand, punisher (glaive) in the other. The slaves to be looking up at the Archon longingly, perhaps hands on his legs or reaching up at him, while he shows disinterest. Whimsy or Badassery are both acceptable as the overall look of the piece! Thanks, DigiMagus, I will definitely keep track of this blog.

>> No.11421403

And what the fuck, I might as well push my luck. If you like, place her with someone. A human bard, male, average height/build. Slightly longish hair. Left side of his face has a small, gnarled, orcish-looking tattoo on it. Left ear has a leather/brass earring that incoporates the fang of a wild beast into it.

Outfit is slightly showy and Renaissance-looking but not ostentatious. Maybe a puffy shirt, vest, short cloak? Boots and simple pants/trousers. A lute on his back. A smile that melts hearts. They walk alongside one another as they read from a book, pointing out some passage or another.

Feel free to omit this angle if you like, I don't really care.

>> No.11421406

Could you please draw some hot lesbian Eldar action ?

>> No.11421414

I'd like a green-skinned lizard girl with a mostly human appearance, save for no hair (lol), no ears, no nose (except slits), yellow eyes with vertical-slit pupils, and claws. She is wearing a grey hoodie with a navy blue shirt underneath, blue denim jeans, and no shoes. She is pulling the hood down over her head and looking shy. Maybe standing in a street alleyway, but there doesn't have to be a background.

>> No.11421421

Technically she's still a virgin.

>> No.11421435

A modification of this, but in lieu of the medusa, have Rider (from Fate/Stay Night) in the same pose, completely naked except for her costume's detached sleeves.

>> No.11421436

In case of the next Spambot assault...

Primarch Colbert in front of his Legions ready to do battle.

>> No.11421448

I see no reason why these two cannot be combined, as you see fit, OP.

>> No.11421461

This man, except instead of a mace he has a well crafted mages staff, take off the silver fleece, and change the pink to something else, maybe purple.

he's standing in the foreground in a commanding pose, with 4 silhouettes behind him:
-a crouching feminine one that looks menacing,
-a large, masculine and brooding one in furs with a beastman's outline/face,
-a stoic normal sized one clad in armor,
-and a poised lightfooted one with long hair and a bow.
again, all silhouettes, but their eyes are visible and glowing.

>> No.11421479

actually just make the toohoo reisen and then we can just call it crix.jpg

>> No.11421483

I vote we throw this one into the mix:


How do you feel about it? It's your request.

>> No.11421490

Just make another request and i can do a third image. I'm making a super big list and just copy pasting in what everyone says!

>> No.11421506

Draw a Space Viking in a suit for Megacorp quest

(Also, what happened to Megacorp quest today?)

>> No.11421513

Draw a Carnifex rubbing it's cock gently against a women laying on the ground, who is gleefully grinding her body against it, tucking it between her legs and breasts and stroking it while she licks the tip of it's head.

She should be covered in cum, and lapping up more dripping from the tip of the alien's dick.

>> No.11421528

So, um, just to be clear... You'd be willing to do all this bullshit:


Yes? If it's too much to ask, just say so. (Pic related if you say you'll do it.)

>> No.11421540

How about Dwarf Fortress Las Vegas style?

So a female beardless dwarf stripper, some dwarf tourists, a trade depot with a neon sign etc.

>> No.11421551

Yeah of course. I'm gunna do everyones bullshit. Your pics are uploaded and your request is numbah 7 (pics go first)

>> No.11421556

Yes, that would be delightful~

>> No.11421560

Could you draw a Guardswoman lovingly sucking off a Genestealer, maybe dribbling a bit of spooge down her chin as she gets it off?

>> No.11421563

How about a goth Daemonette?

>> No.11421570

>Dwarf stripper

This is silly. You can't see anything with the beard in the way anyhow.

>> No.11421573

>>11421551 So when can we expect your first request to be done?

>> No.11421574

I suggest you also copy paste the writefaggotry that some anon requested to illustrate. I checked the thread and it's well on it's way to the Fourzerofour land. Just save both chapters and read them when it's time to fulfill that request.

>> No.11421589

since when was /tg/ such xenophiles? My blog is going to be all alien porn!

>> No.11421601

Half elf cleric, troll facing while the rest of the party gets eaten by a dragon due to a ridiculous amount of diplomacy? Please and thank you!

>> No.11421607

No offence, but how long have you been here? /tg/'s always been xenophiliac.

>> No.11421609

>implying we ever weren't

>> No.11421614

I'm sketching up
right now

>> No.11421625

Do the porn requests quick and dirty, multiple ones in the same image kinda like BG does sometimes.

His liberal use of Blockatiel, however, is discouraged.

>> No.11421627

Apparently i only visit the elf threads.

>> No.11421630


Since these two pictures were posted:


On that note, could we get an Eldar woman taking some hard anal from a Tyranid Warrior and loving every minute of it?

>> No.11421648

Kamen Rider Stronger as a Space Marine crushing xeno scum

>> No.11421652



>> No.11421654

Would you mind drawing a Kobold Sorcerer driving a cart pulled by 11 Shocker lizards surrounded by a cloud of lightning? If you're doing color, everything should be electric blue.

>> No.11421667

Here's another request!

I'd like an elegant victorian woman with a very revealing dress... I think of her as kind of a "freelance prostitute". She loves sex and the attention she gets for her beauty far more than the money, though she still uses her body to get what she wants via favors, cash, etc. She's busty, dark hair, and brown eyes... she's got a lusty look in her eyes. I imagine her showing off her legs, an amazing pair coming down from a set of voluptuous hips, but still slim in the waist. She's wearing stockings and a garter belt, and she's showing them off, maybe hiking up the side of her dress to show a potential mark what his money or his affection can get him.

Pic semi-related, the sort of dress she might be wearing.

>> No.11421681

This is why neckbeards are frowned upon.

Oh, and the smell.

>> No.11421693

You're right, the alien/dragon porn has nothing to do with it at all.

>> No.11421708

What happened to it? He came back then disappeared again :|

>> No.11421718

A Lictor with two ladies. He's holding one up to his mouth, cupping her ass with his hands while she holds desperately onto his scything talons. Her back is arched and her eyes are closed as she's lost in total ecstasy. The second is in between his legs, worshiping his cock. She's kneeling and pressing the length of it against her body as she sucks or licks the side of the head. Her expression is calmly happy, eyes lidded as if intoxicated, but her free hand is between her legs as she masturbates furiously.

>> No.11421735

Naked female halflings, naked female halflings everywhere.

>> No.11421740


Yeah, because having no social skills and being unable to keep your fetishes in the closet has zero impact on that.

We're on an anonymous message board man.
All things considered, wanting to dress up like a beautiful victorian lady and slut around isn't all that high up there on the wicked perversions list, especially for me.

>> No.11421745

there is no way in hell this guy is going to draw all of these

unless he does them as goddamn stick figures

>> No.11421747

I have absolutely no problem with this. However...
Understandable. If you start squeezing together requests, some people might be unhappy with the result. Do as you please! But, at least this sets the bar for the style of slaves (Obligatory Sister of Battle much appreciated, however).

ITT: Eldar S'il Vous Plait

>> No.11421759

I'm going to do these well, not fast. Max would be one a day. Thats the point of the blog over a casual thread.

>> No.11421771


Could we see some more examples of your artstyle? That lone draenei female is not enough. I like it so far but I would love to see some more examples.

>> No.11421782


Draw a Tiger II firing at an Eldar Falcon Grav Tank while three elves shoot light arrows at 8 zergling armed with m16s, who are firing at an AH-64 as it fires off 20 Hydra missiles at the Tiger II.

Good luck.

>> No.11421783

I don't think you should give some of the shittier requests any attention at all. We've already got tons of generic tyranid porn and people who generate it on a regular basis.

>> No.11421787


Victorian lady here; I love your artstyle! I'm glad to hear you're going to take your time! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog, don't disappoint me!

>> No.11421798


That's just, like, your opinion, man. Also:

> Implying anyone on /tg/ draws porn on a consistent basis anymore.

>> No.11421829

This darkelf sorceress, sitting at a desk, writing into her girly girl diary please! Would need it for my battle report thread in a Warhammer forum.

>> No.11421835

A Reaper from Mass Effect (pictured) made of white plastic with an Apple logo on the front of the body, on the plate near the top if possible.

>> No.11421836

Did you not see the last two or three drawthreads Green Marine made? He drew blatant pornography in all of them.

Also, Captcha is throwing around nonsensical accusations.

>> No.11421893

Might as well throw mine on the pile.

Rogue Trader, gaunt and dusky skinned fellow in his late 30s with a well groomed beard. Likes to dress elaborately and in long coats. Looks somewhat harrowed but maintains an air of dignity. Weaponry is a laspistol and a power sword, though he often strides around using a gilded cane that doubles as the activation key for his ship's bridge.

Warhammer 40k, if it wasn't obvious. Pic sort of related, it's the sort of thing a nobleman from the Imperium might wear.

>> No.11421905


That's not "consistently drawing tyranid porn" though. That's "Oh hell, three pictures of 'nidporn in three drawthreads!".

You say it like he's churning out 2-4 new 'nidporn pictures daily.

>> No.11421907

Is it ok if i post additional details about my request?

>> No.11421910

3 nidporn pictures in a single week is fairly remarkable.

>> No.11421915

There's also others, like Fucking Liar, who goddamn SPECIALIZES in tyranid porn.

>> No.11421936

Dranon sticking his cigar to cultists eye. Must look very painful.

>> No.11421940

How about the two alchemical exalted chicks getting it on? It's almost impossible to find any other pictures of them, let alone porn. So this could be very much an internet first.. if that is some kind of motivation for you.

>> No.11421969

Just a little bit of additional detail: draw an illustratuon of chapter 3. The sexy part of chapter 3.


>> No.11421976

Jason-looking guy with face full of bandages, only left eye visible with a revolver and a dataslate.

>> No.11421977


>> No.11421982

Would it be possible to have at least one of the Primarchs looking like a suburban father?

>> No.11421984

Draw a two-member X-COM squad manning a tank. Not a pussy-ass HWP, an actual tank. The one manning the machine gun is a slightly dykish female - and the other visible squaddie is prone on top of the tank, strapped to it, and aiming down his sniper rifle's sights.

The tank itself? Speeding down a highway and on a direct collision course with a Chryssalid.

>> No.11421986


Except Liar doesn't draw the same kind of 'nidporn, and he doesn't do it very much anymore.


> He thinks 3 porn pictures in a week is remarkable!
> Laughingsickfuckjapanesepixivartists.jpg

Seriously, though, I've seen people pump out 10 porn pictures in a day, 3 in a week is fucking nothing.

>> No.11422013

May I please have a gentleman looking very dapper in a sharp suit, but with a very old fashioned diving helmet for a head?

>> No.11422015

This. DD needs some real art done for it. Keep in mind that the Doppleganger doesn't look like that--he looks like a normal guy at this point.

So I guess my request would be a guy who looks very much like Borat fighting a gator in an old-timey sewer; the guy has sharp teeth and (only if they look good in the pic) claws.

>> No.11422031

Liar just draws furry versions of nids. Greenmarine drew actual nids.

>> No.11422038

>Max would be one a day

You're going to be drawing these for the next YEAR by the time /tg/ has finished requesting things. Are you sure about this?

>> No.11422054

I now have 65 requests.. should i stop?

>> No.11422057

So you draw what we want, huh? We'll see about that!

Sweet tender love with Fran's empty eyesockets with caption "I don't think that's my eye...".

Yeah, stole the idea from thread. Thanks a lot /tg/.

Polite self sage. Not that the request was any less serious.

>> No.11422070

The answer is yes. Do those then post another thread in 2 months. Half the people here are going to forget their shitty offhand request after today anyways, and the serious ones who posted late would get sick of waiting after 6 months at the list bottom.

>> No.11422081

Don't think so, brah. 15 minutes more, at least.

>> No.11422083

You're NOT doing the gay ones, right?

>> No.11422091

All requests, eh? In that place, I wonder if you can do a character portrait of, uh, questionable nature (if your opening picture is any indication, then you will and it will be amazing).
He's an elf monk, roughly six feet tall - dark gray hair that's about neck-lengthh, slightly tanned skin and scarred chest (that's the price of not wearing armor). His clothes are simple - something akin to a standard martial artist's gi, black with a red trim, and straw sandals (better known as 'waraji'). As well, a collar around his throat with a chain leash.

Beside him is his 'temporary mistress' - a shorter, younger, slender Drow woman with short white hair and dark brown skin (think a chocolate or russet brown). She wears... well, it'd take many words to describe, but she wears an outfit similar to the one I've provided (see picture) - the only differences are there are no shoulder spikes (or material where the shoulders are) and no whip in her hand. Instead, she and the elf are side by side - him standing and her kneeling just behind him, her arm around his hips, and the Drow has the end of the elf's leash in her free hand as if trying to pull him to his knees as well.

You did say you'd do all requests... I'll be watching your blog, man.

>> No.11422095

Up to you, pal. I've submitted my request and bookmarked your blog. There's no way you're going to be able to do 65 pictures in a day though.

>> No.11422098

Seconding this one and providing a picture posted with it.

>> No.11422105

Fuck you dude. Homophobic asshole.

Also, since i'm posting in the thread again...
I'm the one who requested kissing Fire Warriors. Well, i just hope that it will look really passionate. No demands though, you're the drawfag here.

>> No.11422114

Quit whining, whiner. Not even that guy but you grate on my nerves.

>> No.11422122

Seriously, pick and choose. I know you promised to draw EVERY pic in this thread, but you should give more attention to some than to others, specifically the ones that appeal to you the most.

I'd hate to see you take two months to get through all this shit.

>> No.11422145

He spammed three fucking writefag threads with his whining about OMG DISGUSTING FAGS. I think it's a good reason to be slightly annoyed.

>> No.11422156


That word is so misappropriated it isn't even funny. Actual phobias are things that people can't control. It's goddamn insulting for any kind of "phobia" to be used as a label for simple hatred.

>> No.11422170

Sometimes it is a genuine phobia though. Some people don't have any issue with homosexuals, seeing nothing wrong with them and all, but still get freaked out when confronted by homosexual acts.

>> No.11422176

Eh, i know. It's not like it was MY idea to call it "homophobia", you know.

>> No.11422181

I read a single post of that one 40gay thread on my phone while I was at work and busted out laughing. It was so ridiculous, so absurd. And, amazingly, pretty decently written. A little florid and cluttered, sure, but that made it all the better.

I don't understand why faggot trolls feel the need to shit up threads. If you don't like it, just hide it and fucking move on with your life.

>> No.11422210

Hell, some people get freaked out when they see strait people kissing in public. PDA makes some people uncomfortable, it's a cultural thing, not a phobia.

>> No.11422214

A martial artist who has been slowly replacing her own body with that of various supernatural creatures. She is also far far too pleased about this.

Now, this boils down to things like replacing her tongue with a succubuss', an arm with that of a werewolf, teeth with a vampire. Her skin would be cross stiched and staple back together, creating a patchwork and relatively scary looking landscape. She herself would be in a torn, but serviceable gi, an she's be very fit an in great shape.

Pic for bodytype.

>> No.11422218


>> No.11422227

... if i didn't quick at drawing aliens fucking girls up the butt why would i care if its two men kissing?
I'm gunna draw everything requested.


>> No.11422235

I just hope you get to mine quickly D:

>> No.11422241

I'm pretty sure there are people who love the xenosex, but only if it's straight xenosex. Fags burn in hell etc etc.

>> No.11422244


Me too! I can't wait!

>> No.11422249

I've been requesting this for a while and still haven't gotten a serious drawing yet:
A gnoll fighting a clockwork golem in unarmed combat in a prison, with other prisoners cheering the gnoll on. The gnoll is winning. A ring of keys hangs from the golem's side.
I will be very grateful if you would do this for me.

>> No.11422254

Guaranteed to end in disaster.

Anyway, I want a picture of Valkia the Bloody (Khorne's waifu) killing something and looking hot whilst doing so. Pic related.

>> No.11422261

Thanks for reminding me.

Cultist playing with her sack of abdominal skin.


>> No.11422262


There's also four men fucking. 'cause, you know, that's what the writefaggotry that was requested here
is about.

>> No.11422281

Bloodpact-chan cowgirl riding a Bloodletter who has sunk his sharp claws into her breast.

>> No.11422298

A hooded medieval Paladin with a goatee with tattered armor fighting off a horde of badgers. His weapon is a STOP sign which he wields in two hands.

>> No.11422301

Forgot pic. Here's a reference for a gnoll.

>> No.11422310

Do you seriously see no difference between xenophilic, but straight, sex, and sodomy? SERIOUSLY? One is a fetish, the other is a disgusting perversion.

>> No.11422315

Could you please draw a woman rising into the air witha peaceful look on her friends, her body breaking apart into thousands of small sharp edged, colourful butterfly like creatures while her friends look on in horror and wonder. It's from a Server Crash story called "Butterfly.exe", so the look of the people can be anything vaguely cyberpunk/fantastical.

>> No.11422316

A Pretty Marine Shota Scout sitting on a log sipping from a thermos. Picture for reference I guess.

>> No.11422331

I second this.
Nice to see I'm not the only one who likes Valkia.

>> No.11422334


You again? I guess homophobia is replacing edition wars as the new trolling tool of choice.

>> No.11422343

Is your sarcasm detector disabled, son?

>> No.11422361


Possibly. Some guy was trolling some writefic thread all day yesterday with exactly the same kinds of posts, so I assumed it was the same person.

>> No.11422379

Well, if he's *trolling* then why pay him any heed?

>> No.11422380

A Daemon Prince using dismembered Sister as a living fleshlight.

>> No.11422391


I'm not doing it just to troll you, fagcake. This board is not for homos, and i won't leave you fags alone until you all GTFO of here. Shit like yesterday's gay writefaggotry have no right to exist in /tg/. And stop derailing this thread with your whining. That's one of the reasons why everybody hates you and your kin.

>> No.11422394

Draw Elfstar and Blackleaf from Dark Dungeons fingering each other atop a pile of orc corpses.

>> No.11422396

can someone give me a synopsis of the scene they want drawfagged for their request
cant be arsed to read the whole thing

>> No.11422412

I have a request. Please draw the Emperor of Man being sodomized from behind by a young Custodes while another Custodes, this one grizzled and battle-scarred, goes down on him. If possible there should be a tech-priest jerking off in the background.


Hey Sam, how's that game going.

>> No.11422415

Requests done : 1

Also this is the style you'll probably be getting. The colours will be simple or it will take me too long!
Will post on blog after this thread dies and i have all my requests.

>> No.11422420






>> No.11422435

I bet it's really...


>> No.11422440

Could you please draw me a kind looking man in his late fifties who looks uncannily like Jimmy Stewart wearing a 40s/50s style suit and hat accompanied by a a horrific looking ghost creature. The ghost looks something like a person in a completely waterlogged and shapeless rabbit costume, wrapped in river weeds, but where the face should be is a large animal skull - perhaps a horse or rabbit? The creature has long, twig like antlers and might have angelic wings, or at least prop-wings. A little similar to Frank from Donnie Darko, but looking a lot more drowned and feral.

It's for a geist character. The lead character of a It's a Wonderful Life and Harvey combined into one, in case you were wondering.


>> No.11422455

I wish...

For an epic space battle between the captain of a rogue trader and an ork pirate.

The battle is taking place upon the traders ship, he has a space suit on and wielding a power rapier. You can see he clearly has facial hair similiar to Inigo montoya link related.


The ork is all mekky with robotic parts, he is clearly holding his breath. He has a huge tricorn on


and is wielding some HUGE DAKKA with a bayoneted attack squig attached. In the background you can see their forces fighting to the death in a multitude of explosions and exchanged fire.

Lacking that, gnoll tits are always a treat.

>> No.11422457

Lesbian SoB, obligatory

>> No.11422480

An Imperial Guardswoman sucking off a Genestealer.

>> No.11422488

STFU & GTFO, newfag/bigotfag.
/tg/ has always been /totally gay/.

>> No.11422503

A fat, blue haired, elf chick.

>> No.11422547

Heya Sam!

>> No.11422551

Suuuuuuuuuuuuure, if by "always" you mean "this whole summer".

>> No.11422560

No, for at least the past year or so, at least.

>> No.11422581

ok guys i'm going to take the next three then stop

>> No.11422583

Why do fags insist that every board on 4chan is somehow for them?
You are all perverted bitter freaks anyway. Why try to take any highground.

>> No.11422592


>> No.11422599

Female Dark Eldar kabalite, hair done up in a topknot, lounging across an Imperial throne, one leg draped languidly up over the armrest. She, the throne, and the walls are liberally smeared with blood, and bits of several human corpses are just visible in the background. The Eldar herself is smirking and holding a glass full of a red liquid, that might be either blood or wine.

>> No.11422602

>Not sure if serious

>> No.11422610

Forgot my reference pic.

>> No.11422620

Something similar to the picture related, but Angry Marine and Pretty Marine related instead. The Pretty Marine perhaps holding a microphone, the Angry Marine menacing with a power-boat-oar and the two sides yelling for their champion in their own way.

>> No.11422636

last one!

>> No.11422643

Hot, angry, Dark-on-Craftworld Eldar lesbianism.

>> No.11422674

Hooray for lesbians!

>> No.11422699

At least it's two women :/

>> No.11422707

ok, will get to it

I've trimmed it so there at 80 in total.

will post them on my blog when they are done

>> No.11422731

What request did you decided to ignore?

>> No.11422735

Probably the gay crap.

>> No.11422745

Small redheaded girl with curly hair and glasses getting anally raped by a strap-on wearing Sisters of Battle.

The girl could also preferably be forced to give oral to daemonette the same time.

>> No.11422752

i love gay things, if i could the entire blog would just be men kissing other men in a totally gay way

>> No.11422760

I hope not!

>> No.11422774

Could you post a list there of what requests you've decided to do?

>> No.11422793


>> No.11422794

You said
You lie.

>> No.11422809

Are you a man or a woman? Just curious.

>> No.11422810


>> No.11422811 [DELETED] 


you didn't really think he was gonna do ALL of them did you?

>> No.11422820

you didn't really think he was gonna do ALL of them did you?

>> No.11422824

You did say that you do every request on the thread, so you lied.

I'm disappointed that you did not accept my >>11422745 :,< I so wished to see it.

>> No.11422836


Okay, see, now you can't even claim the moral high ground here. If gay is wrong to you, the it's wrong on all levels, or you're just an idiot. Troll harder, faggot.

>> No.11422862

I want to make sure everyone gets a go, so i gotta cut it somewhere. I may do this again if it's successful enough.

I'm a girl

>> No.11422875

You're doing eighty bits of artwork for /tg/, in a style that's not just quick sketchy scribbles. I dare say it'll be a success.

The idea of putting up a list of what you plan on doing did sound like a good plan though.

>> No.11422877

whats your blog?

>> No.11422884

As #56, all I can say is thanks.

>> No.11422887

List is on mah blog

>> No.11422892

>posting on /tg/
Why do you put up with this shit?

>> No.11422898

>I'm a girl

>> No.11422899

I'm by no means the bard quest requester, nor even really follow it beyond occasionally reading what's on the front page, but that was a pretty nice piece you did and the way you drew the goat (heck, picking to do the goat at all) made me chuckle.

>> No.11422902

Much obliged to be number 45#, thanks man.

>> No.11422927

Sure is sex requests.

>> No.11422930

>Not taking any more ideas
>List is on mah blog
>Check list
>Macha being done in the butt by a tyranid
>Could we get an Eldar woman taking some hard anal from a Tyranid Warrior and loving every minute of it?
>A Lictor with two ladies. He's holding one up to his mouth, cupping her ass with his hands while she holds desperately onto his scything talons. Her back is arched and her eyes are closed as she's lost in total ecstasy. The second is in between his legs, worshiping his cock. She's kneeling and pressing the length of it against her body as she sucks or licks the side of the head. Her expression is calmly happy, eyes lidded as if intoxicated, but her free hand is between her legs as she masturbates furiously.
>Draw a Carnifex rubbing it's cock gently against a women laying on the ground, who is gleefully grinding her body against it, tucking it between her legs and breasts and stroking it while she licks the tip of it's head.

I love you. With all my heart, I love you. You've made me a very happy lady.

>> No.11422934

>sixty requests

>> No.11422942

Much obliged, OP! 36 just means some waiting, but I appreciate it nonetheless! You rock.

>> No.11422952

Wait, wait, i'm not the FAGS BURN IN HELL guy D:

I was just sad that i wasn't quick enough to post my own request.

>> No.11422955

Haha suckers I'm in the first 10. Enjoy your wait.

>> No.11422958


I do respect the amount of work you're undertaking, but still, as a number #81, I must say I'm undergoing some moderate self-accusations here for being too fucking slow :D

>> No.11422959

List needs moar lesbo.

also; Stop pretending you're a girl on the internet.

>> No.11422967

brace for incoming xenos sex

>> No.11422976

I hope requests with a picture get bumped up to the top of the list AS YOU PROMISED.

>> No.11422986

>3. Draenei futa raping a great unclean one. Go.

>> No.11422994

So can we expect another one tonight?

>> No.11422997

Noooooooooooo you ignored my request ;_;

>> No.11422998

Easy man, chill. Bookmark blog, check back every now and then. You'll get your goods. Plus a whole lot of xenosmut.

>> No.11423002

Doesn't seem like it, but deal with it.

Today is a brave tomorrow.

>> No.11423035


I just came to say I love you.

G'bye, remember that there is one fa/tg/uy who loves you.

That's all.

>> No.11423050


Would've been better if none of your disgusting flith made it on the list, but i'm happy with one less too.

>> No.11423051

>I may do this again if it's successful enough.

I need to go make a list of stuff, so I don't forget if/when you do another one of these.

>> No.11423059

Number 27 on the list thank you OP. I can hardly wait.

>> No.11423066

>Draw a Tiger II firing at an Eldar Falcon Grav Tank while three elves shoot light arrows at 8 zergling armed with m16s, who are firing at an AH-64 as it fires off 20 Hydra missiles at the Tiger II.
>On the list

Holy shit you're actually going to do it, I can't fucking wait to see how you can draw zerglings firing m16s.

I will love you for a long time.

>> No.11423072

I can see it now.

>OP makes post
>200 copypasta replies

Captcha seems mildly appropriate.

>> No.11423082


It probably won't be any more than 10. If I'm going to request something of a drawfag, it'll be something I've put some thought into, not just DRAW CULTIST IN THIS SLIGHTLY ENTERTANING SITUATION.

>> No.11423094

That's you. What about those 199 other posters who are waiting for Drawpocalypse: The Second Blogging?

>> No.11423120

Ah, yes, I see the problem.

>> No.11423217

request 2 done

>> No.11423270

Oooh. Very nice! Looking forward to what you do next.

>> No.11423321

Yes, you would be.
Wouldn't you?

>> No.11423376

Actually, that's not me. I'm the one who requested the Dark Eldar chick on the throne near the end of the thread.

>> No.11423434

I'd love a red-haired goblin girl, in a scorched Starfleet uniform, firing a giant blaster cannon and laughing wildly while surrounded by explosions.

Will add a pic if I can find a decent screenshot of the character.

If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll request something else!

>> No.11423506

Yes, but you still crave tyranid porn, don't you? Admit it. You deviant.

>> No.11423518

See the rest of the thread. Request round has ended, I'm afraid.

>> No.11423553

Crap! Obviously I need to learn to read. Thanks for letting me know.

>> No.11424200

i did it
in my own wimpy way

>> No.11424218

wah, forgot pic

>> No.11424225

draw a female Dominatrix Tiefling having her way with a young female Halfling

>> No.11424232

...surprisingly sexy. I don't normally go in for futa, but, still...

>> No.11424279

Ok OP out, please leave comments on my blog if you need me

>> No.11424282


>> No.11424315

Not OP but I have this.

>> No.11424321

You mentioned on the blog that you're not too used to doing genuine porn?

If all the other stuff you do is to this standard, I think we'll all be more than satisfied.

>> No.11424413

Every request you say?
Before i make my actual request, i wish to test this.
Robotnik the techpriest / techmarine?

>> No.11424423


Aw cmon, tnats just bad timing :(

>> No.11424427

Requests have ended, list of 80 compiled.

>> No.11424461

/r/ male thri-kreen penis.

>> No.11427852


>> No.11427878

>> No.11427931

/r/ing a picture of a Custode making fun of an Ultramarine

>> No.11427961

Draw a hybrid guyver-eva with shamshel whips from the forearms. Blank faceplate.

>> No.11427993

Hello OP I was wondering if you could draw me a Gazebo Golem? Basically it is a giant hunched over earth creature. It has a large gazebo on its back.

Bonus points if it has 2 suited up ogres in it drinking tea and going My stock portfolio is so diverse. Sublime!

Anyway, story behind that, my D&D group (I am the DM) faced off against this. It burrowed the majority of the group underground. They came up after a few turns and leapt onto its back. They took control of it by carving their orders to the golem on the wooden table in the gazebo. It was awesome.

>> No.11428028

There's like 300 requests in this thread OP

If you did one per day, it'd take you the better part of a year to do all of them.

That said, elite wearing a cowboy hat.

>> No.11428029

Draw four Imperial Guardsmen gang raping a hive mutant for me, please. The mutant has a very long tongue, razorteeth and one side of her face is covered in reptillian scales. She has long, dirty black hair and is dressed as Hive Scum tend to be, although now her clothes are ripped. The guardsmen are wearing grey, Cadian style flak armour and are armed with lasguns.

>> No.11428074

Hello OP I was wondering if you could draw me a Gazebo Golem? Basically it is a giant hunched over earth creature. It has a large gazebo on its back.

Bonus points if it has 2 suited up ogres in it drinking tea and going My stock portfolio is so diverse. Sublime!

Anyway, story behind that, my D&D group (I am the DM) faced off against this. It burrowed the majority of the group underground. They came up after a few turns and leapt onto its back. They took control of it by carving their orders to the golem on the wooden table in the gazebo. It was awesome.


Sorry, I forgot my gazebo I would liek drawn. It is the one from my back yard. Good times.

>> No.11428096

a commissar riding one of those springy children's playthings at parks, the ones that are like animals and stuff.

>> No.11428113

Two draenei lesbians in the throes of passion. I'm not picky, just as long as it's something new. Or hell, anything with two female draenei.

>> No.11428125

He said a while ago that he was leaving and that he's already trimmed down the final list to 80 requests.

>> No.11428128

Wow, there are an unfortunate amount of intercourse related draw requests... Damn shame.

>> No.11428141

CAPTCHA sees all!

>> No.11428146


>> No.11428340

Snow Pirate Femme Fatales taking on the Tarrasque.

I'll toss a few more pirate pics before I head out.

>> No.11428359

Dragon with a pile of bitches

>> No.11428362

I'm gonna be checking that blog, so I hope you're really up for all this.

>> No.11428381

Last one.

>> No.11428415

Yo where the Jump suit girl?

>> No.11429295


My request din't make the list ._.

>> No.11430812

OP here, yours should have been on the list so i'll put it in.
That makes 81!

>> No.11431842

Goddammit. Why do I always miss the awesome drawthreads?!

>> No.11431847

This one?

Will this request be added to the list, OP? I must say, this is one ambitious experiment. Training yourself hard?

>> No.11431896

i originally read this as drow trollface stalin.

So yeah, draw that too.

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