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Hey /tg/, it's /c/. I know we're not really close by each other but we were just thinking that we don't talk too much. So we've come to meet you guys and see how you're all going, possibly have an exchange if you guys want anything of ours. If you have anything cute and /tg/ related, that would be cool. But anyway.

What's up? How are things here these days?

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Eh, nothing much. We've Cultist-Chan. You might like her.

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I love that show... well no, but I enjoyed it more then any grown man should.

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no one likes cultist chan.

Anyway, what's /c/ like? I've never been, but /tg is pretty well off. We even were having fun with the spambot thing.

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probably not, though.

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We have lofn

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We've had some of your travellers show her to us in the past. It's interesting that she's not really from anything, that she's just a collective idea.

If you have pics of her and want to, sure. We'd love to see her again. And if there are pics of a kind you'd like, let us know.

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Sauce is Magipoka, or Magical Pokaan.
Liru stands at the edge between furry and not-furry.

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We're a slow board. I guess it's like the slow play of 4chan. If you make a thread, chances are it will still be there in the morning even if it wasn't bumped. But apart from that? Same old. Still cute girls, still warm fuzzy feelings.

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We have General Rain.

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that's... interesting. Even /v/ and /b/ have original content, and psudo-fanfiction stuff. I'm surprised you guys don't create your own characters and whatnot.

It... seems natural I guess.

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Neither was the last five fucks I've had, either.

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I guess we're an exception board. Aside from those stupid board avatars, we don't have any original characters. We're the place where all cuteness threads go, seeing /a/ and /jp/ don't want them. It's strange. Quiet, and mellow. Like a respite house, in a way.

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How did this thread go so long without mention of cutebolds?

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Hey /c/, wassup

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>Capcha: ol' whisky

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No one but perverts and fury pedos like cutebolds

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its Lofn time?

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One word /c/,


If I had any more would post them

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>/c/ comes over
stay classy, /tg/

I have a bit of a theory about that. I think that, since /c/ (I just visited, so yeah) is more of a request board, that there's more reposting existing art rather than drawfags and writefags, which /tg/ is stuffed with. Because of the drawfags, we wind up with quite a few original characters and settings.

And jesus christ, do he have a lot of them. You guys might LCB, come to think of it.

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/tg/ true mascot

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We have Leman Russ!

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Does this count as cute?

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Leman Russ is basically just sphess Horo.

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Some how I fucked up and posted thumbnails

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Personally, I'm a dual citizen of /c/ and /tg/, and I don't see much /c/ stuff here. I have a lot of /v/-/c/ crossover though.

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Macha's cute, I guess.

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/tg/ is one of the only places where a race of omnicidal unstoppable terminator robots who worship physic warping gods can be made cute.

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/tg/ and /c/ related

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Does that make him any less cute?

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We rape cute things her...I suggest you run.

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Xeno's cute.

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Only with less economics and more EMPRAH!

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Pick your poison.

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We're just the best board on 4chan, you?

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Shitty music.

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Anyone remember Noh?

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Our weeabo drafag

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Rippers are cute.

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>Please do not take these items.

Noh was just so d'awww.

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Not one of those are really cute, maybe human Verity...

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Of course we do! Even my cynical friend who hates everything loves Noh.

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Jeanstealer? Cute.

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I'll ask. What's the sauce?

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Yes I do.

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thread needs some chink

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Forgot my content

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Human Verity is BEST Verity!

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For some reason, I have a gut feeling that these pictures were drawn by either a Japanese or a weeaboo reaching critical mass.

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Strange, apparently Captcha errors remove the picture when you try to post proper.

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Unyuufex and lolifex. Cute.

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We sometimes have really cute writefaggotry that will make you D'AAAWWW

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My capcha just had doobie. wonder what article it is translating.

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Loli D. Do I need to say it?

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I know of a tale that may be of /c/'s interest; The Tale of Noh, so gather round.

My group was in a dungeon where, unbeknownst to them, they were being tested by the spiritual forces that resided within, in order to see if they were worthy of... bla bla bla, the same old shtick.

They find a secret door, and inside is a pedestal with a highly ornate and obviously magical rapier (which two of the characters used), resting upon a similarly ornate/magical chain shirt that the two other characters used.

Next to them, a young girl, with a blank expression, simply requests, "Please do not take these items." Of course, my players didn't want to pass up such great items, but they knew that something bad would happen if they just took them, they decided they needed more information before they could make a decision. Pretty standard method of action. And, the only way they could get more information was from the girl.

I didn't want to spoil everything, and more importantly I wanted this to just be a short test so we could go on to the next part. Also, since she was just the physical manifestation of a minor spiritual entity, she didn't need to do any more than fufill her task as a test giver. So, I decided she would be like a NPC from a videogame. She would only respond with "No" or, if a negative answer would confuse the players or the players decided to get crafty and ask something like "Can we NOT take these items?", she would simply reply "Please do not take these items."

The conversation was pretty much:
P1: Can you tell us about these items?
DM: No.
P2: Can we ask your name?"
DM: No.
P1: What are you doing here?
DM: No.
P3: Are these items important to you?
DM: Please do not take these items.

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The players kept at it for a few minutes, until the bard decided to use a perform check to "Awaken her dormant soul etc." and rolled a 19. As such, I decided I might as well say that she shed a single tear.

At this point, my players could no longer stand it. And they ended up doing something I was completely unprepared for.

One of them scooped her up, put her on his shoulder, and decided they were going to take her. They quickly began to argue as to which one of them was going to carry her, completely ignoring the amazing magical items less than an arm's reach away, and talking about how she was the cutest thing in the entire world. They decided to name her "Noh", since it was what she replied when asked her name.

They then carried her through the dungeon, risking themselves many times in order to keep/protect her. After the third time she slowly walked back towards the items when she was left alone during a battle (accompanied each time with each player screaming her name), they decided to go back, put the items on her, and then continue carrying her around.

I had added this whole test as a bit of a side thing, and didn't know what to do. At the completion of the whole thing, their reward was to have a spirit bound to one of their magic items, corresponding with what virtues they exhibited the most through out the dungeon. As a bit of a side bonus (since she was practically a construct anyway), I decided that a spirit would also be bound to Noh, but the complete binding would take some time, and that the players would be able to take her out of the dungeon. My players were so happy, and they concluded that along with the rest of the adventure (which they seemed to enjoy), this was the best session they've had in years.

I feel bad.

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Holy shit.

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That was one of the cutest stories I have ever heard.

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cutebolds blow

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Sunlight filtering through a canopy of leaves, a young girl resting beneath the trees.

She just lay there thinking... thinking. Another new experience. She had more thoughts in her head now than she’d ever imagined before... mostly because she didn’t have much of one up until now, she thought. So many things to see, to think about, to experience.. it was almost overwhelming at times. This must be the way they feel all the time! she thought. All these thoughts, ideas, decisions- and she knew she barely understood anything yet! Having a self is more difficult than she thought... or would have thought, she guessed, if she did any thinking back then.

It was so... different. For so long, all she knew was one room, a pedestal, two items. Her purpose was to be a test, nothing more. She fulfilled her function with no concept of time, no idea of want, not a thought, not a care, not a need; a construct like her had no need of such things.

So then, why?

She was barely aware when it happened, as she was taken away. The feeling of strong arms lifting her, carrying her. The familiar pedestal and its contents dwindling away in the dark. She had struggled weakly, then; her nature forebid her from leaving her charge, her purpose. But then, they took her back, gave her the items- her own charge! Gave them to her!-and took her, and them, along. For the first time, in her whole existence, she felt something, a sense of shock, mixed with fear, mixed with wonder.

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am I kawaii? uguuu~

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I think most of /tg/ is probably sick of this image by now but it still makes me HNNNNNNNNNG

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Since then, things were... different. There must be another word, she decided, but she must not know it yet. So much happened, and in such a short time. Time. Another new concept. Every day, she understood something more. Suddenly, there was more than a dark room, a single task; suddenly she was more than a test, more than a simple construct. They freed her from her duty, gave her things to call her own.

She even had a name...

It was all so confusing. She had learned so much, in the past few months, but still understood so little. What was she to do? Her purpose was already gone, the items taken from their resting place, even if she was the one who took them. Now, she could think, could feel, but for what? For-

“Noh! Hey, Noh!”

Noh looked up, across the clearing, to where the rest of them stood. A small group, ragged adventurers all of them, packing up gear into well-used packs. To some, they would be an unwelcome or unpleasant sight, but to Noh, they seemed to be the smartest and the strongest and the bravest...

“Come on, Noh, break’s over, we’re moving on!” one of them called.

Noh jumped to her feet. Thinking was nice, she decided, but you can’t just sit and think forever. After all, there are plenty of places yet to see, things yet to learn, new things to think about. So, with a small smile on her face, she ran over to join the group, to join her....her...


Yes. That was the word, she thought. Family. Another new thing she’d gained since that day. Perhaps there was a better word, she thought, to describe her feeling, but for now, as she joined them once again, that was enough.

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Holy fuck!
Noh_3.png mind!

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>captcha Frank Villanova....new name for a suave villain

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And shit, while I'm at it...

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Yes she is.

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I'll have to dump all my Noh stuff soon. Plenty remember, but too many have forgotten.

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What's the story behind Noh anyway?

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look up the thread abit, it was already explained

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You know what annoys me about this picture? Not that she's a female, oh no, it's that her freaking company badge is back-to-front and on the wrong side!
Is our emissary from /c/ still here anyway?

Hate you.
Not as much as the artist, though.

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I'm sure BG loves you.

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Guy winds up dating a Krieger.

Hilarity and d'aww ensue.

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What the shit?

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My thoughts exactly

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Your guess is as good as mine

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bg is an equal-opportunity drawfag, that's why we love her.

Or at least I do.

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I'm done derailing

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Back to cute

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Please kill yourself. Do us all a favor.

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By the way, the story of Noh is archived at http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Noh, complete with pictures.

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Queen of /tg/

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moar cute

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some more

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Elves shouldn't have huge tits!

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Wow guys, no one's mentioned Ribbon yet...

>> No.11419480

This is summer, and the drawfag who does ribbon barely ever posts OC on /tg/ anymore.

>> No.11419485

It is a cra not an elf

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>> No.11419516

Who likes ribbon anyway? ( I posted the deviant art earlier)

>> No.11419522

>Krug Prepare

Oh, captcha.

>> No.11419523

That is shlick tau.

>> No.11419534

I'm okay with the comic series, but the characters themselves don't have any other past that.

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>> No.11419593

I think ribbon fag retired after turning us gay.

>> No.11419596

One more cute kreen picture and I'm done.

>> No.11419600

>implying Ribbonfag didn't write that hugeass LARP story

Oh you.

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>> No.11419648

I had the same suspicion too.
Pic is ribbon for the newfags

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>> No.11419687

Look up sandwich on 1d4chan

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There's way too much HNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH in this thread.

>> No.11419835

Darn, if I knew /c/ was going to visit I would have straightened my hair... and put on pants.

A little more Noh action, just in case it's needed.

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>> No.11420025

so moe i'm gonna hnnnnng

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After popping over to /c/ to return the visit, all I have to say is how much of a pretentious jackass /c/ is.

Not surprising they only have 14 pages of threads, and many haven't been touched in over 72 hours.

>> No.11420088

This is too cute.

>> No.11420102

/c/ is slow and mellow. I like it that way.

>> No.11420128

If you're the jackass who thought rat and mantis people were the perfect way to represent /tg/ to another board, then you can go fuck off and go spend your time working on your fursuit, you apeshit.

>> No.11420129

Well, you DID post Thri-keen in a board about cute girls.

>> No.11420152


Samefaggin' it up!

Go back to /c/ troll!

>> No.11420167


Ha ha! Oh snap, you totally called that one! I just checked out the thread on /c/ and it's still on the front page. I'll bet it's still on the top 3 pages on Friday. Fuck /c/, this is why nobody likes you.

>> No.11420177


Don't be a retard. You should have known better than to post what you did.

>> No.11420195


CAPTCHA eliminated posting delay.

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>> No.11420201

>> No.11420209


He can samefag with the same time stamp. The new captcha allows for just a 30 second delay between posts.

>> No.11420214

So, it MUST be a samefag because there's no way you posted the wrong content on the wrong board.

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>> No.11420248


Obvious troll is obvious.

Whether he posted off-topic on /c/ is completely unrelated to you samefagging a few minutes ago.

Fuck off back to /c/.

>> No.11420263


How are these two things related?

>> No.11420284


I'm guessing this is the same guy who shot down your thread on /c/. Just ignore him, obviously he needs to hang out on /tg/ because his board is pretty much devoid of content and participants.

>> No.11420285

Alright, faggot. Beyond him being butthurt that /c/ doesn't give a shit about Thri-Keen, what exactly is his proof of samefaggotry?

OH WAIT! There is none because I'm not.

I think this entire argument is completely retarded, and a juvenile attempt to divert attention from his blatant fuck up.

>> No.11420330

>>OH WAIT! There is none because I'm not.

Did you just accidentally admit to samefagging while trying to claim you weren't.


Use of the preposition "I" in response to the accusations of the samefagging is pretty much an admission. I mean, you would use the preposition "him" or "they" if the posts in question were not your own.

Anyways, I would tend to believe you WERE samefagging just because running the three posts through the script shows they're all from the same IP address hash. That and the length and sentance structure is identical for all three posts, but no other posts with that structure appear in the thread previous to that.

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>> No.11420366


Pronoun dude, not preposition. But yeah, you're right.

>> No.11420391

>because running the three posts through the script
The script does nothing. Even /b/ knows that. The rest of your post is beyond ridiculous.

This was my post >>11420129

>> No.11420392

Just to be clear, I've never been to /c/, I don't want to go to /c/, I in fact don't give a fuck about /c/ and I haven't posted in this thread in hours.

Doubt anyone gives a fuck about my faggy ass, but the butthurt fag in this thread is not me.

(cute mantis picture tangentially related)

>> No.11420407

>>Well, you DID post Thri-keen in a board about cute girls.

Bro, that's what you DO when you visit another board! When /co/ comes over, they post storytime or something that is cross-board related.

Cutebolds are totally related to both /tg/ and /c/. Same with dragonkin and thrikreen.

>> No.11420419

Elves would have been better. Keep it humanoid at least, you know?

>> No.11420497

There is nothing anime-related about praying mantis/cricket people with centipede-like bites who never sleep and have a taste for elves. Cutebolds are not a good opener either, for the same goddamn reason.

Learn when to keep a lid on that shit, for fuck's sake. When you post as a fa/tg/uy you act as a representative of this board. Posting nothing but creepy furry/xenophile stuff is poor form, if not downright rude. You're like the furry that wears a fox tail to school, proud of something that should be a guilty pleasure at best and a source of shame at worst.

Stop being a faggot, faggot.

>> No.11420537


LOL. Nice attempt at a save.


>> No.11420556



OK, seriously, SAGE.

I've been watching you attempt to lock horns with the 2 or 3 other people in this thread for a while now, and you are just pathetic. Enough now, you lost, go to bed.

God, will september never come?

>> No.11420573

>>When you post as a fa/tg/uy you act as a representative of this board.


Now we KNOW he's not from /tg/! LOL!

>> No.11420581


I think there is maybe two of us and this annoying moralfag. Others have been jumping in and out too I think.

But point taken, time to sage.

>> No.11420611


Somebody needs a tophat.

>> No.11420612

Please. I may be a disgusting xenophile with a shameful lust for chitin, but God damn it, one thing I am not is an irritating asshole who goes around pissing on our board's good name. We have some tact, damn it.

If you're going to accuse of samefaggery, by the way, you should at least check first. There's an easy way, but fuck if I can remember it.

>> No.11420626

The only way to check is to be a Mod. moot has confirmed this several times.

>> No.11420647

That was the only time I ragged on anyone in this thread, actually.

"We?" I suspect it's only you. When you go into another board and say HEY GUYS I'M FROM /tg/ HAVE SOME FURRY PORN it reflects poorly on the rest of us.

Suspecting some samefaggotry here, but it's irrelevant.

>> No.11420648


He did check, but then you claimed it was impossible.

Also, reported to mods for off-topic image spam, if one is actually online enjoy your ban.

'night all.

(PS: LOL @ moralfag complaining about off-topic image posts on /c/ and then posting off topic images)

(PPS: LOL @ moralfag from /c/ claiming to be a fa/tg/uy, then haviing no /tg/ images to post with his posts...)

>> No.11420671


>>implying /tg/ has "tact"

>> No.11420686

Beg pardon? Did "he" happen to post proof of this? I don't see any, or even a claim that he did so. I suspect "he" is just some faggot who can only feel good about himself by pretending he wins Internet arguments.

Fuck this noise. Thread ruined.

>> No.11420702

would hit liru with the fury of a 1000 suns

>> No.11420760

Everyone is furry for Liru, friend.

However, rather than discussing that, let's try and restore some semblance of dignity to this thread.

>> No.11420765

Hmm, also a dual citizen of /c/ and /tg/. This thread makes me happy.

>> No.11420766

hi Anonymous; someone else from /c/ followed you back from that thread, to read this thread. you guys are pretty cool - but we don't have as much flexibility with /c/ute things unless they're anime, and there are boards for yuri, pokemon, and cute male /cm/ ... so we've pretty much specialised/restricted to what we can post.

Collected some good images in this thread tho. hopefully /c/ and /tg/ can stay friends.

>> No.11420780

>some semblance of dignity
>was always a shitty metathread


>> No.11420786

>> No.11420800

Come on, don't be like that :(

>> No.11420821

>> No.11420863

This thread doesn't have to die! Live, damn you! LIVE!

>> No.11421186

So I wasn't around for the /c/ visit to /tg/ or the reverse trip, but when I got to /c/ I saw the /tg/ thread, so here I am because I wanted to see what you guys had to offer. Loving the thread. Noh is adorable. Makes me excited for the next time I can play some D&D with my friends. If I'm not careful, I may be a regular on this board, too.

Anyway, to the point. You should take advice from regulars in stride. If you don't really know the board, don't assume that someone pointing out your error is just as ignorant as yourself.


Actually, /c/ isn't a request board. If you want to start a topic, you have to contribute. Some people also interested in that topic might also contribute. The reason for the lack of OC is other.

The guy getting defensive about his foray into /c/ is pathetic. Just accept your mistake. If you had simply apologized in the thread, things would have blown over. You're not infallible.

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