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Alright, my intelligen/tg/entlemen,

I ask for your assistance to help me with a short project for a friend. I require high res/def pictures of space marines. Preferably your most favorite pictures. Actually, it doesn't have to be just spess marines, hit me with your best 40k pictures!

tl;dr - Your favorite 40k Pictures high def/res--post them please!

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Full one of yours.

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Thank you, very much.

I just hope people will catch this and help me out.

A wide diversity will definitely allow for more success in future projects and less returning to /tg/ to beg for help.

That, or I just lurk more.

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Needs more dakka?

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I'm the only one posting. Woo!

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i'll post what i have

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Sure, have some Flesh Tearers. Got any Imperial Fists?

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Thank you. I only have so much.

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damn this captcha

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not specifically what you're looking for, but.....

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My favourite.

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I need more imperial architecture art that isnt black and white and hard to make out...

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I´ve done it wrong ^^

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Already did.

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i love the servitor guy in the back

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I approve of this thread.

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Is that one of drawing dude anon's pieces?

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Thank you, every single one of you that contributed.

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more of an Ad Mech than a basic servitor. They're representing the major facilities of the Imperium

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Looks like drawfag and/or deviantart

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delicious slaanesh

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I have a looot more.

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lol'd at the face

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My current desktop.

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i wish I had a higher res of these

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"despising on" was my captcha. How appropriate.

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= Vindicare Assassin

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almost out

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Those Sisters of Battle are smokin' hot... anyway, back to collecting and sorting.

Keep them coming! Thank you all for doing this and bothering with the reCAPTCHA, I know it's a pain in the ass, so my gratitude is genuine!

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Is that Kharn?

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Found a few I didnt have in this thread, so its only fair I contribute now

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Yup. Call him Beavis.

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yup thats all i got, the rest is nsfw or silly shit.

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Anyone have the DA page of this guy?

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There's a few architectural concepts in here

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I'll carry on without you!

Anything in particular you want? I got tons

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They're fighting the Umbra, for those who are curious

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This one was my wallpaper for a while

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It just has to be of good or best quality so I can turn it into signatures and avatars for a friend who goes to some 40k RP forum.

SO, I came to the one place I could think of which would have the densest collection of 40k pictures. Turns out I was right and will forever love and owe /tg/ in return.

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really? I thought it looked pretty GW
>Nurgle soldier
>Nurgle soldier need first aid kits?

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got any drop pods? landed or otherwise, whichever is fine

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he clearly has no faith in Papa Nurgle

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Not art, but I think you'll enjoy the mother of all drop pods

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fuck yea! that thing is awesome

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that's just as heretical as believing in him

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I think an orc just shat himself...

Wait, what am I talking about? Fingers is itching to get his hands on that thing.

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You want any characters on plain white backgrounds ? Would be easier to manipulate if you want to make your own, and I got a few.

Godamn, I cant find any more drop pods

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HOLD ON are you the fa/tg/uy working on the black templar cosplay?!?!?!!

>> No.11411746

No, it doesn't have to be. I just intend to blend a few things together and think up a very 40k-ian type phrase to go with the sig.

I'm still drooling over the Sisters of Battle in the meanwhile.

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Sadly the only one I have
Have some matrix orks instead

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Sisters, eh?

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I'm surprised this one hasn't been posted yet.

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Got a few sisters

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What's the lore behind the Sisters?

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Break from sisters for the guy who wanted Imperial Fists, on the off chance he's still here

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lexicanum is your friend

>darkness is

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Orphans raised to be religious zealots. Basically nuns with guns (though some orders of sisters are trained to be medical professionals, etc).

The ones you're getting are obviously the religious crusade type.

I have alot more sisters than I thought

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wicked, still here.

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They are orphans adopted by the church run boarding school system, they are the ones who become nuns.

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Nuns with guns.
'Nuff said.

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My folder is entirley unorganized with only a few files named in a token attempt at order. So if I scroll past any more fists, I'll post em.

I got some crimson ones, I know that though.

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I've been out for awhile now. I have a few more cosplays though

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Rest of the sisters stuff is drawn in a non 40k style (sketches, animu, etc).

So unless you want that, I'll be moving back to general stuff

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reCAPTCHA - "infantry pokeys"

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No idea who she is

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reCAPTCHA - "curved you're"


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This is the last of my Imperium stuff, I have a few ork and tau images if you want them.

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412 is printed backwards.. Pisses me off

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Because crons are never posted

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How about some chaos space marines

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do want

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I've got tons.

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If you insist. Sorry CSM guy, I'll resume those in a minute

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do it!

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I almost feel bad using up the image cap on these

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'Oh, by the way, the other arm is just a prop they found somewhere and stuck next to me. Why they didn't notice that they're both left arms completely baffles me, but then, the entire administration of this fuckup basterdization of my atheist space empire is incapable of even the simplest of tasks - like, you know, not fucking worshipping me. Which I told them to do a million goddamn times. So, anyway, yeah, two left arms. Woo. Someone just shut my giant golden toilet off and let me die already.'

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Hmm... this lexicanum is interesting. Well, at least it'll help me make a better Rogue Trader character or DH character in the future.

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OK, now I'm really done with sisters. The rest is NSFW or silly cultist chan stuff

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Maybe they thought he was a lefty...?

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Now that the sisters are out of the way, time for some Chaos

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does anyone have that picture of the blood angel with the green light coming from inside the collar of his suit casually walking past a civilian woman and her daughter who's holding a spess mehrene doll?

I like that pic, since pictures of civilians/children are rare, and it helps to show just how huge marines can be

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/tg/ loves talking warhammer lore, and knows more than is healthy most days, feel free to make threads to ask.

>> No.11412287

Yes, yes I do.

I should dump art more often, makes me feel fuzzy to fufill requests

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his pauldron looks depressed
pic also related

>> No.11412327

Probably cause they arent big enough

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>> No.11412348

>> No.11412366

Personal favourite

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>> No.11412380

fuck yeah. I love that style of helmet above all else
>my Helme

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>> No.11412401

Behold, his holy crapping face.

>> No.11412409

>Chimera, rear AV: 10
>has plasma
why the fuck didn't he just shoot?

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Here, since I've savedc like half of this thread, I might as well contribute with my limited resources.

>> No.11412432

I think he just landed.

You know, dynamic entry and all that

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I really should be working on my friend's avatar/sig set with all these 40k pictures I now have.

As for lore, it's more or less I made a Death worlder that used to work for a Crime Baron. He worked as the guard of the world's mine which harvested a mineral used for Psyker foci implements. The Baron did trade with the Imperium and Void Pirates, but decided he could find better buyers than the pirates. Void cunts got pissed and brought a fleet to seize the planet.

Baron blamed the stop of ore being sold to the pirates as a coup being orchestrated by my character and they seized him and all my men. So one of the other players (who is a void-born pilot playing a void master) brings in a ship filled with a small specialized team to recon and see what the hell happened to the planet's ore production.

They land and go in, and find out that Void Pirates have taken over the mining outpost and are working with the Planetary something-or-other (also the Crime Baron) to harvest the ore for their own means. They locate my character and his squad, and help them escape so that they can be interrogated. Along the way back to the ship the pirates ambush the entire group and slaughter my character's squadron while my character gets away but takes my friend's character and his platoon hostage and brings them to the gallows. My character (I'm just going to be calling him Jackie for future reference) decides that his cowardice has gone too far and goes to try and save the people that freed him. One by one, my friend's platoon (his toon's name is Torque) is killed off and I just manage to save Torque before he's hung and we escape from a hail of bullets via pirates. We then proceed to epically commandeer a strike frigate, and maneuver it into orbit and smash through the Void Pirate's Flag Ship's bridge and escape in the confusion.

That is the story of Jackie's beginnings. And his name is actually Jacobo Yggordsen.

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I like this one very much.

>> No.11412463

That origin story might actually outdo any of your real accomplishments in DH. It's not exactly grand adventures and heroics

>> No.11412503

Yeah, I figured. At least the origin story is epic. My friend and I worked on it all night as we made the characters.

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>> No.11412530

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I know ist an ork but hes awesome...

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because plot armour is best armour and impfags get most of it

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Steel Legion was here, we decided that all the women belong to us now.

>> No.11412996

What chapter is that, silver skulls?

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rolled 5 = 5

Doom Eagles.

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>> No.11414700

>> No.11414802

rolled 1 = 1


>> No.11414886

Iron Within! Iron Without!

- Anyone got any more Iron Warriors? or Thousand Sons? Primarchs are a bonus :D

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loled hard

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