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Why are eldar so racist?

They're all white, and they kicked out their "dark brethren" who they then spread lies about as being OMG EVIL MURDERING GANGSTAS and other shit.

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rolled 20 = 20

Because the only black child that they gave birth to, killed most of their race by eating their souls.

Their kinda justified.

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Pretty sure "dark" don't refer to their skin tone, bro.

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The entirety of 40K is racist, bro. Ever see any Blacks or Asians in the Imperium of Man?

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rolled 14 = 14

I know I know. I do it every time. I don't know why.

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adding non caucasian, non european cultures would needlessly dilute the style of the Imperium of Man, and dilute the style of the alien races that take up aspects of foreign, non-european cultures.

40k runs on style

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I know a space wolfs player who has niggers in his army.

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I require dark skinned eldar.

..... the darker .... the better.

also, craftworld eldar and City eldar might be a better name for the two sections of eldar.

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Because everyone is racist in 40k.

Especially humans above most others.

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I have seen Salamanders and several Imperial Guards. In the future we are all a big rainbow family.

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No reason you can't make your own craft world darker toned, they are shown with a fair variation in phenotype, from albino looking freaks to black haired and swarthy ladies men.

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Catachans, Glavians, Salamanders, Mortifactors, Black Templar to name a few..

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The Iybraesil craftworld is inspired by the drow, wouldn't surprise me if they were brown.

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And they wear pointy helmets!

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Delicious brown Eldar?

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I love the pointy helmets.

Probably not impossible.

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the faction that lives in a jungle and uses vietcong tactics is a bunch of white and black americans. That's your example of not racist?

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GW is kind of a racist because they are Brittish snobs.

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>they kicked out their "dark brethren"

Dark Eldar here. We kicked out those Craftworld faggots because they weren't hardcore enough. Get it right.

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>>Kicked out their "dark bretheren"

Uh, no, the Craftworld Eldar saw that their civilization was in for it, and decided to jump ship while they had a chance.

>>Spread lies
Except for the fact that they aren't lies.

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The Catachans are a mix of both Vietcong and American Marines.

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and they're all white or black americans, and the only time vietnamese show up is as a human rebellion the expert Catachan junglefighters put down.

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You've got to remember, this is the English we're talking about.

Personally, I wouldn't mind having some Vietnamese in my army setup, but you can't really ell a difference besides skin color.

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Um, Dark Eldar are just as pale as their craftworlder/exodite/harlequin cousins.

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It's true, they hoard secrets like dragons hoard gold.

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I have a 1500 point Sistas of Battle army.

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The Catachans are PREDATAAAH and therefore fuck Kroot up.
And the Cadians are Colonial Marine style.

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Dark Eldar are the true Eldar in that they have continued the way of life that existed in the Eldar Empire up to the birth of Slaanesh. The Craftworld Eldar got the hell out of there and do all they can to avoid being eaten by Slaanesh.

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Mostly because the majority of humans who learn those secrets go mad and are driven to Chaos.

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You can see under their helmets?
I thought the Eldar had the full option of leaving every head with a helmet on.

Hell, when I first joined, I thought the eldar were some kind of conehead, predator hybrid.
Hence the funny helmets and beak-like mouth plates with seemingly no room for a nose.

Then third ed rolls around and, on having a good look through the pretty photos in the rulebook, I notice that, no, they are in fact Galactic Elves.

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