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Help me out /tg/. I have a complete mind block. nothing is inspiring me to finish of these guys i'm painting for a friend.
show me the best paint jobs you've found/painted or even the coolest mini.

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That's a good idea actually. Thanks!

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thanks spambot, you're a real pal.

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Rolf "Shortshanks" Ennessy.

A gnomish rogue who grew up in the ghettos of [INSERT CAPITAL CITY HERE], stealin gto feed his family since he was a boy. Joining and leaving various gangs throughout ihs teenaged years until finally having to flee the icty for the infamous heist of a ducehss's colleciton of jewelry while she was wearing it all ta a ball.

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Hopefully related.

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Wow, the spambot is a nicer guy than half of this board.

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I like this color pattern.

So, harlequin with this pattern and harley's designs?

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Actually it's only one person who is posting these things and it's fake. Do you realize that the same pattern of typos is in each one? A letter or two switched?

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yeah sure is, thanks. i've started on the troupe master.. but colours and patterns are killing me for the others.
I usually use a colour wheel to help out.. but yeah just not inspired.

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Way to ruin a perfectly good jkoe.

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hardest part about playing eldar is coming out to your parents

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Closest thing I have saved to an eldar unit at the moment.

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I just still have trouble envisoining Pokemon as a group game, I guess.

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Got some more for you. Are you looking for any eldar, or just harlequins?

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Way back in the day whe n/tg/ was just a twinkle in m00t's eye, there was Warhammer Wednesday on /b/. b&hammer 40kun (AKA OnionTrain) drew these in commemoration of the Habbo Hotel raid, wherein /b/tards flocked to the Habbo Hotel website utilizing identical avatars, that of black men with giant afros in business suits, to troll and grief the residents of that trerible place, usually yb congregating in such numbers that people were unable to enter/exit popular areas, hence POOL'S CLOSED (DUE TO AIDS).

It was a silly raid, but a well-organized one on a good target. None of thats cientology bullshit, no trolling 11 year old sluts in traniing, etc. /b/'s fallen veyr, very far.

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yeah i've thought about using something like that. i've got one more female to paint.. so i could very well use those colours on her.

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doesn't even have to be Eldar.. it's more to kick my brain into thinking and killing apathy.

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bestt hread on /tg/ in months.

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if the Salamanders marines do have kids.
tehy would bet he most awesome BROs in the whole universe

Father and sons are MARINES

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do'nt mind it so much in casual, though I try to press that what I am doing is possible like in my stupid manaplasm deck with evoke (so many people try to tell me it olny gets the evoke cost pump which is incorrect) but it drives me nuts in atournament. Standard is rraely a problem, but in older formats it can be. split second and counterbalance is probably the biggest offender. yes, it can counter split second spells.

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the blue and the ice blue checks, from his shoulder.. that could work

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well to be honset ther ehave been alot of threads that it has accually added something to

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Stop praising yourself, spambot. It's disconcerting.

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some of these paint jobs are so batshit insane. it's painting time!

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Hasim Tutmayu, elder of a desert village, and minor sorcerer. His predecessors have passed down the locations of a temple worshipping old spirits, with a magic lamp in it's depth.

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Since we're posting paintjobs in here can any1 post their own Ultramarines or Ork Boyz. Specifically requesting models from 'Assault on Black Reach'. I'm just starting to get into 40k and the Black Reach models are the ones I'm painting first. I've got a few boxes of other models but these seem like the easiest. I'll post my first two paint jobs in a few minutes.

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Can't post my own due to lack of camera, however I do have some good ork pics. Not sure how many are AoBR, but I'll see what I can do.

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Using the AoBR set to it's fullest potential.

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Seems I only have 4 pictures with ultramarine models in them. Bear with me.

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Saved the best for last. 4/4.

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and also

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Lets try this again... Here's a few of my own harlies for your amusement.

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Not an AoBR dreadnought, but whatever.

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I started a new thread cuz I thought this one was dead. Here's the pic of the first two models I've ever painted. I did them yesterday.

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is that a Space Marine Segway ? Sweet.

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Someone needs to thin their camera. That being said, I do like the colors used. Very early-90s and in your face. Perfect for harlequins.

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might steal some of those colour concepts. thanks whiskey

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A couple older solitaires.. and yeah, my camera skills aren't the greatest. I'm just happy my thumb isn't in any of them

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Shit. Almost posted the CAPTCHA verification in the comment field. This is going to take some getting used to.

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Good old powerfists.

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Well, the other thread I started is 11400140

Let's see some Space Marines and Orkz up in that thread!

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Troupe leaders

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Wow, very impressive gradient effects on those legs. Hot damn.

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Oh, shit! I thought you were specifically looking for pics of Harlies for some reason. Sry, I'll bugger off now.

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this is the guy i'm stuck on :S

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hahahaa no man! thanks for your help.. your pics help alot.

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Alright, only had a few left anyways, I'll just leave this last one here.

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Looks like you're pretty far along. Maybe a wash in the divots of the cloak, if you're willing to risk it, to give it some shading as a whole?

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yeah I think it needs something there.. but I'm terrified to try.
how would u go about it?

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Badly. I'm only a mediocre painter. If you want my advice anyway, I'd say to pick a nice, neutral wash like devlan mud and apply in thin layers, starting with the lowest points and progressively moving upwards until you are satisfied with the effect. Maybe test on a similarly shaped figure you care less about beforehand.

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ok.. i'm going to try and shade it up.... hold me!

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Here's some Orks I recently did. 45 minutes from undercoat to final wash.

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Encouraging model has faith in you.

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Not sure about it now. lol there isn't as much light in this pic.
i probably got over zealous with the shading.

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should have said.. right was old left is the new version.

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Looks like you should quit where you are. Good enough for shading. Any more is certainly too much. It's ok where it is right now. Next time, try to go for thinner/more even coats, and remember that you don't need to apply the wash at the highest points, where the light would be hitting.

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PERFECT. Don't change it, it looks fantastic as it is now.

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thanks for the help!

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