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hello /tg/.
I have the entire Warhammer 40k comic. do you want me to dump it?

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Might as well. Likely it will benefit at least someone here.

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I think we've seen it multiple times. But everyone loves a good, hard dump.

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Sexy bump.

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Go on then

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This i swhat elves sohuld look like.

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cool.. I have dumped that comic here a few times already. not a W40k fan or player but the comic is awesome

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yes, Tankred endures!

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My god. Now the bots are in to it!

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get out of the way you schmuck

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Well atleast Black Templar recruitment comic is much better than Ultramarine comic.

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I lav you OP

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so sleepy.. gotta.. keep.. dumping..

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You must endure!

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First panel...He-Man's sword

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>Endure, in enduring grow strong.

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F5ing like a motherfuck

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>>In knowing the teachings of the zerthimon, I have become stronger.

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you talk funny, thats gold

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OP endures!

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nigga, post faster.

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Proceed, good sir.

Im enjoying this good read.

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More!!! <3

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shitty connection :(

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Yeeaaaahhh! Those necrons look awesome. OP delivars. Thanks!

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Any chance of RS/megaupload?

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not rly :(
but I can give you the torrent I dled this from.. if I find it..

btw wtf is with the "upload failed" thing? I got that 4 times now

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The Necron in the lower left hand corner would make a good reaction image

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Torrent would be appreciated.

TY in advance

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Done and done.

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torrent here :)

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No seeds, damn

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and one more....

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Anyone know how to open the files in the torrent?

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Use a program like utorrent.

Download it, it should autorun when you double click a .tor file

For a better tutorial google around for one

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keep it on the dl list, seeders appear from time to time..

aaaaaand this is it :)
thank you for your attention, I will be departing in a few minutes :)

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Heavens, good sirs, need I remind you that Damnation Crusade is available on /rs/?

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OP, anychance you can seed?

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No I mean the comic in the torrent itself

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unzip it.

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oh quiet down sergal
thank ye for posting OP where I would be way too lazy to find it myself

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not rly :( business computer so I can't torrent from it.
otoh I can do my best to upload the rest here.. :)

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But good sir, why would anyone bother to torrent this comic, when it is freely available on rapidshare and megaupload?

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I agree with the Sergal. Its on Rapidshare if you want it, why wait for it to be posted page by page?

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because everyones too lazy to do it ofc

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Sunwadr soon, fellow Transhumans!

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okay, better solution then to RS it.. less work for me :)

cya guys I am off to sleep. big love

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Have good sleep.

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You monster.

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Your suggestion has been taken onbaord.

Thanks OP.

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Could you please some day dump some other comic than Damnatus Crusade, something like 5 people have dumped it.

Still, thanks.

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Because some of us are poor clueless little things who are too newfag to remember how to find it?
Ca/tg/irl cannot into /rs/. :(

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How would you gentlemen feel about some DEFF SKWADRON?

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i think i would like that

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Dont yous tink wez seen enuf waaugh?

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I love it.

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Deff Skwadron it is!

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did someone say... deff squadron?

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I'll post the first two stories: 38 Seconds over Big Scrap Alley, and Sink da Grimlug!

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yes, yes I did

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Ah, ya gotta luv dem boyz from da deff skwadron. Deyz sure know 'ow ta party!

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we must have moar

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wants moar

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Dis iz butiful!

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