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So I'm going to be running a Hunter game, players will be new recruits to a Task Force VALKYRIE(FORT) cell in New Mexico.

TF:V members are basically Men in Black. They don't burn American taxpayers alive because they may be witches, they don't spend all their time arguing that the things they see don't exist, and very rarely do they go around looking for a fight.

I'm looking for advice on starting it off and a bunch of criticism

Local FORT boss(Status ●●●, orders PCs around). A real bro, the Cell's connection to higher ups, will be the face of the group when they get called in to consult/fix the HOLY SHIT moments, can't fight to save his life.

Secretly trys to figure out this whole MAGIC/Psychic powers thing so that he can do his job better.

He'll eventially be compromised by an alien parasite from a realm of pure nihlism and start hanging around various "hotspots" whenever his Willpower sinks. That practice will only make him worse.

Local ADAMSKI dude(Status ●●), handles PR and cover stories, would really owe the cell a favor if they would help him look impressive for his mom.

Regional Adamski dude (Status ●●●) Will be assigned to the Cell if the whole "evil magic eating cockroach is in our boss's head" thing goes badly. Paranoid, he'll demand they report in constantly. The PC's will never have bad dealings with law enforcement.

Eventually the Long Night in the region will take notice and start shooting and it'll end with the ATF shooting crazies.

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>Raiding the Long Night with the help of the DEA


Also, here's an idea for you.

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