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Who else fucking hates this faggot?

Kill yourself you vain, narcissistic self obsessed, self important cunt.

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u mad?

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I don't know who this man is but his beard is strikingly golden... like some kind of... golden neckbeard...

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he mad

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His posts are fine, but I do wish he's use his picture less often.

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He's a pretty okay guy, actually. Can't you just yell at him in a thread he's posting in instead of making a metathread?

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Picture related.
I don't mind. Not as if you can't ignore him, anyway.
Sage for a silly thread.

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Mate, I'm a vain, narcissistic, self-obsessed, self-important cunt, and this pissant makes me look like neighbor of the fucking year.

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I'm that mad.

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This post was made 300 years ago today.

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Well it's not that bad...it's just that he apparently does it on threads where it is in no way important for anyone to know who he is.

I'm a tripfag as well, but I only use my name when it's necessary.

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I find the drama that him posting causes to be highly amusing.

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No. That's the point. You can't ignore him.

You're trying to read a decent thread and then FUCK YOU HOW ABOUT A PICTURE OF A FUCKING NAKED BEARDED EGG

Then your attention is drawn to his posts, which only serve to highlight this twats arrogance.

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I can ignore him.

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He speaks alot of sense, but I really wish that he'd stop posting pictures of himself. I'd respect him more if he did.

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He's somewhat mediocre, but not actively bad like most namefags.

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Summer /tg/ is so mad

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Dude generally contributes well thought out posts, and uses fucking grammar. He doesn't do the drama shit that most tripfags do.
Seriously, you're a fucking moron. Trip =/= evil.
However, metathreads are ALWAYS bad.

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He's a fucking tripfag avatarfag: The worst of the worst. Of course I hate the attention seeking douche.

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Anyone able to counter this?

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>implying "I use a tripcode because I feel like it" isn't a valid excuse

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His posts are actually rather friendly. I don't know where you're reading the arrogance.

He's one of the better tripfags, even if you have to look at his stupid face every time he posts. Concentrate on the content, man. It's not that hard. Plus, he's actually one of the few fa/tg/uys who isn't an obvious manchild.

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I have no problem with tripfags. I have a problem with people who feel the need to post their face and a trip every post they make in a vain attempt at getting attention.

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*sniff* Y-you're talking about me, aren't you!

Oh, than carry on. Polite sage though, since this thread contains no futa.

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it's not tripfags i hate, it's the people who either insist on attacking them for every post, and the people who run in to defend them. I hate it when someone calls out a tripfag on a post, then three or four people rush in to say "Hey don't! He's awesome! blahblahblah!"

At least GNB contributes, though he does seem to take on a "my opinion is worth more" attitude sometimes.

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he tends to be somewhat humorous and you seem to be somewhat butt hurt.

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but, it isn't

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Oh god is that a Skeleton pirate behind me!

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>assholes like me

>assholes like


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>though he does seem to take on a "my opinion is worth more" attitude sometimes.

Even on our better day, ya gotta admit, that kinda is what we all do here.

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It isn't because human feelings never equate to reason. Which is what this entire discussion is about. Reasoning.

"cus i feel like it lol" translates to "I don't have a reason"

Which is the basis of all tripfag hate, it's fucking pointless unless it has a point. See: Mercs and Planes tripfag vs Golden Neckbeard tripfag. One is posting a riveting tale of aerospace combat. The other is an attention seeking dick.

It is this anonymous posters humble opinion that Trips are largely irrelevant unless you make them so, in which you are a colossal attention whore faggot and should kindly GTFO.

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Thanks to this thread, I believe the true reason GNB posts pictures of himself is just to annoy people.

Keep on postin, GNB.

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i ain't even mad

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This is a bad thread.

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>make a thread about someone who's vain, narcissistic self obsessed, self important

You didn't quite think this through, did you?

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no, you mad

>> No.11373432

>implying you need a reason to tripfag
>implying YOU have a reason to hahte tripfags
>implying you won't respond with more incoherent rage

>> No.11373438


you mad?

>> No.11373443

>implying I can proofread

>> No.11373450


Congratulations faggot, by making a shitty metathread complaining about something irrelevant, you have become less productive than GNB could if he tried.

>> No.11373458

>implying i wont resort to greentext
>implying my argument wasn't sound
>implying on /tg/

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The guy in the other thread had it bang on.


How can you judge someone to be vain and narcissistic if their post provides them absolutely no personal gain whatsoever?

+1 for OP

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I don't mind him. A lot of anons are vain, narcissistic, self-absorbed and self-important. At least he has the gall to identify himself so you can ignore him if you want and occasionally brings up some cool shit.

>> No.11373466

Oh, a metathread! Don't fear, more moderators soon! The time of shit threads will be over!

>> No.11373480

lol hoo cares?=

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>How can you judge someone to be vain and narcissistic if their post provides them absolutely no personal gain whatsoever?

Stoking the faggoty fires of his ego is a bit of a personal gain.

>> No.11373489

>implying that I implied that you wouldn't resort to greentext
>implying your argument was sound
>implying implications

>> No.11373493

itt: op's jealousy over neckbeard glory

>> No.11373494

Is this... English? What are you doing here if you can hardly form a coherent sentence?

>> No.11373499

I actually think GNB is great I wanna see more of him.

>> No.11373501


Thats a comic.


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He's amusing and harmless. Don't waste everyone's time.

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Anonymity is an option, not an obligation. If some people want to be identified, let them. How exactly does that hurt you?

I'm a huge advocate for anonymity. I like it. Forcing it unto others is rather stupid, though.

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>if their post provides them absolutely no personal gain whatsoever?
You don't understand this whole social interaction thing us living organisms have had going for us for millions of years, do you?

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His neckbeard is too glorious. It shames me.

>> No.11373532

better than Red Machine D

>> No.11373534

I'm okay with names and trips but not avataring with shitty pictures.

>> No.11373547

Jesus christ you're thick.

>+1 OP

>> No.11373548

his pics are the best part. That glorious beard!

>> No.11373550

You obviously lack the ability to spot what was originally implied despite typos. I will assist you here.

>His posts are fine, but I do wish he's use his picture less often.

Now at first glance... this makes sense because anyone who has actually been reading for more than 2 years can tell what it was meant to say but here's the fixed version.

>His posts are fine, but I do wish he'd use his picture less often.

As you can see that s was meant to be a d, I was able to deduce this because if you replace said s with a d then the sentence makes perfect sense. This is compounded by the fact that s is right next to d on the keyboard. This makes it even more likely that it was in fact a typo.

>> No.11373561

>implying i gave you the benefit of the doubt
>implying i'm not always right
>implying i care about any actual implications you have implyed upon me
>implying we're not ruining /tg/ by sustaining threads like these
>implying i have any more implication relevant images anymore

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Just HOW homosexual are you?

>> No.11373566


I've already said, it's not the break of anonymity, it's the needless self aggrandizing, egotistical manner in which he shits up the board so often.

He probably does run awesome campaigns. He does contribute to discussions a lot. So do a large minority of the rest of us. Enough to make /tg/ the best board on 4chan. It's not enough to excuse plastering his face everywhere.

>> No.11373570

Now you are just responding using >implying
Not building a solid case bro

>> No.11373579

Enforced anon is the best possible thing for 4Chan. Tripcodes are rarely actually needed, same with names. I'd rather sacrifice the very small number of instances where a tripcode is needed than have to deal with massive fagshits like this guy and the faggots who are raping /x/.

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Op clearly has not met Anymouse or Red Machine D.

I feel old.

>> No.11373591

That IS a comic.
I don't see what the problem is with that

>> No.11373594


>Ad hominem

+1 OP

>> No.11373596

Who gives a shit

>> No.11373604


I don't hate him, but he is very, very annoying and I don't bother reading any of his posts.

>> No.11373617

OP IS Golden Neckbeard wanting to see who'll defend him.

>> No.11373619

>implying you didn't give me the benefit of the doubt
>implying you're always right
>implying you don't care about any actual implications I have implyed upon you
>implying my post hasn't just been the gainsaying of whatever you said so far
>implying that doesn't constitute an argument
>implying that this is the 10 minute argument rather than the full half hour
>implying that this isn't more entertaining that half of the shit on /tg/ right now and that retards won't bump this thread anyway
>implying you need >implying relevant images

>> No.11373630

but it's not glorious.
It's just fucking annoying.
I wouldn't mind the trip, that's easy to ignore.

>> No.11373643

His bear is something to aspire to, like Sinatra's singing, Astaire's dancing, or Connery's accent.
If you've been with /tg/ for more than a fortnight you should be aware of the general obsession with all things dwarfy, glorious beads included.
Also, balls were not touching, nogay.

>> No.11373645

Stop using >implying.
It's more fucking annoying then Golden neckbeard

>> No.11373648

Again, I believe he just posts pictures to see which Anons he annoys.

>> No.11373652


7 Narcissistic

>> No.11373654

I just wish he would wear a shirt.

>> No.11373656

OP, why do you drink soda?

>> No.11373664

He's got a neckbeard.
What's the big deal.
I like dwarves, I fucking hate that asshole.
He's the very personification of Kender

>> No.11373677


His beard is nothing at all like a dwarf beard.

>> No.11373683

So he's INTENTIONALLY being an annoying asshole.
That makes EVERYTHING better.

>> No.11373694

>He's the very personification of Kender
>Takes practical jokes too far
>Steals shit
>Is similar to a halflng
>implying any of these things apply to GNB

>> No.11373701

It's a /v/ thing, migrated everywhere, it's here to stay until every teen on the boars is simultaneously distracted long enough for the threads to 404, i suggest mass amounts of shiny foil, bubble wrap, or a Habbo raid, usually works.

>> No.11373706


No problem in the comic itself, more in the use of a comic to prove a point. Which is shaky at best.

>> No.11373716

I hate him only slightly more than this thread

>> No.11373721 [DELETED] 

>> No.11373722

I still don't understand why he's shirtless when he posts, that's the only thing that irks me about him.

Jesus christ man, no shirt, no shoes, no service.

>> No.11373726

Eh, it's faster then having to find the folder with the text, then copy and paste it.
Then being told that said post is copy pasta, which it clearly is.
At least with a comic, all that is averted

>> No.11373728

>implying you're not saying that in an attempt to get everyone to go "oh no I don't want people to think I'm a teenager" and stop.

>> No.11373733

>implying that us 20 and 30 year olds don't enjoy using it too

>> No.11373762

I can't decipher the second half of that post.

>> No.11373764

OH! Nice one there!
One of the best greentext replies I have seen this month.

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>> No.11373768

>thinks he is edgy, and good at insults.
>isn't really
>mfw when i'm laughing at him so hard right now

>> No.11373772

Christ, you are such BABIES.

>> No.11373789

ITT: Babies whining about a picture of a naked man on 4chan of all places.

>> No.11373797

I once thought at you do, but then I realized how much it would just seem... odd if he suddenly had a shirt. Like, really fucking creepy.

I guess this metathread is gonna just keep rollin'.

>> No.11373800

>> No.11373806

>implying it isn't blatantly obvious
>implying he wasn't implying that everyone who uses >implying is an easily distrcted teenager
>implying that bubble wrap and tin foil aren't classic distractions for people with short attention spans in comedy
>implying that the Habbo Raid thing isn't a reference to all the retarded kids on /b/ which he is implying that we are
>implying I'm not going to stop using greentext now because it's kinda awkward

>> No.11373816

>find it creepy to see him in a shirt
>doesn't realize he's gay

>> No.11373823

He posts well, but its the camwhore faggot avatar he uses thats fucking annoying.

>> No.11373825

>> No.11373829

beard envy eh?

>> No.11373830

I don't see how it's awkward

>> No.11373851


Fucking saved.

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>> No.11373887

Seriously who gives a shit

Why is anyone myself included still posting in this thread

>> No.11373899

I'm aware and comfortable with just how gay I am.

>> No.11373905

No-one knows, man. No-one knows.

>> No.11373915

gets trolled by



>> No.11373922

Present a better personification of the good /tg/er.
Really, when i see him immediately think of a classic aDnD'er, fondly reminiscing past edition, yet coexisting peacefully with current versions.

My view is far from subjective, but i see no fault in his use of avatar, that is his identification, just like some use trip-codes, stagnant arguments about something every has moved one about, pretends to be a werewolf, video game character or whatever shape faggotry present itself in.

If tripfags are such a cancer, then be smart about it, don't chemo up /tg/, causing quality posts to rot and fall away under waves of meta, anti-meta and meta-anti-meta threads.
Cut off the blood supply, the flow of attention, and they should wither and atrophy, only able to feed of one another.

>> No.11373935


Ah, but I'm more than happy to promote original content, on the other hand.

I'll be back in the NS2 thread(s).

>> No.11373943

Man, I think I just turned gay.

>> No.11373951

I like him. I just wish he'd wear a shirt.

>> No.11373962

I like him.

>> No.11373985

>My view is far from subjective
>from subjective

I think you mean objective

>> No.11374003

Then you implication is wrong, i know the majority og channers and /tg/ers are set in their ways, I just like to rip on them, makes me feel better, and if I can gather up a minor troup of co-flamers I'll feel validated as well.

>> No.11374050


>> No.11374085

Yeah saw that after grinding it out and punching submit.
Kinda embarrassing, throwing words at people is usually what I do best,

>> No.11374136


>> No.11374138


This is 4Chan, there is no reason to identify yourself besides trolling, trying to get INTERNET FAME, and annoying faggot circlejerks.

We need enforced anon, and we need to immediately ban anyone who avatarfags. 4Chan would be a much better place that way.

>> No.11374174

who died and made you the master of 4chan?

>> No.11374221


No one, and that's the point. You fucking namefag shitstain.

>> No.11374245

you mad?

have some Mr. Rogers

>> No.11374262

>Legendary Creature Human Faggot

I actually lol'd.

Also, the Shirt of Golden Neckbeard is an artifact so rare that it's rumored not to exist. The truth is, there is only one shirt, and since I have it and GNB doesn't, this explains quite a bit.

>> No.11374281

Who is it?

>> No.11374289

you think there won't be people trying to troll, people trying to become know in forced Anon? It happens either way fuck nuts.

>> No.11374291

Project continuation would be one valid reason, though just naming the thread "x-project part 2" could work.
As is I like the tripping since it so some degree allows you to spot a likely good or shitty thread/post, by virtue of a poster past tendencies.

>> No.11374295

Fucking anonymous cunts, stop making metathreads.

>> No.11374302

God, if I was a mod I'd ban him so fucking fast he'd get whiplash. Worst poster since Jim Profit.

>> No.11374303


Yes I mad, of course I mad. If I wasn't mad, I'd be a niggerfaggot like you.

>> No.11374325

I thought that was a drooping vagina instead of a penis in the thumbnail

>> No.11374332

itt: some anons can't get over the fact that some people use tripcodes, so they draw attention to it and derail threads or make whole new metathreads.

>> No.11374333

> we need to immediately ban anyone who avatarfags

>> No.11374334

>> No.11374335


There would be less of it.

Faggots will always be faggots, but we can at least keep from supporting their faggotry.

>> No.11374337

If I was a mod, I'd ban any butthurt metaspammer on sight. GN is the only avatarfag who contributes to the board. Do you contribute to the board? I repeat, do you contribute?

>> No.11374346

>> No.11374372

Yeah, I contribute to plenty of discussions. I just don't need a bunch of worshippers to feel good about myself.

>> No.11374380

All those faggots would still be here if you forced Anon. And then they have to try even dumber shit to get recognized. And even then instead of being shown a few faggots you can know and hate you are surrounded by tons and tons of unknown faggots.

Better the perceived "evil" you know.

>> No.11374387

That's why you're not a mod, the fact that you tolerate these fucking faggots is a testament to your shittiness.

>> No.11374399

I'm loving this thread. I think GNB is alright, even with the pics. He knows what's up.

>> No.11374403

Seriously, who is he?

>> No.11374422

hes sum name/trip/pic fag who makes posts that nobody gives a shit about.

Hes one of the many cancers of 4chan.

>> No.11374429

This entire thread is a failure.

>> No.11374435

Are you joking? He contributes all the time.


>> No.11374441


They would realize that there's no real way to identify themselves and leave after the first few times. The narcissistic faggots will have no reason to stay if they can't be given the attention they want. They'd pull stupid stunts, but with no real identifier, it wouldn't matter.

>> No.11374445

>Implying anybody contributes shit on /tg/

>> No.11374452

His posts are good but it really annoys me that he posts his fucking pic near every time.

>> No.11374459

omfg saved.

>> No.11374468

>Kill yourself you vain, narcissistic self obsessed, self important cunt.

You forgot shirtless

>> No.11374474

Sometimes I wish /b/ would just raid this entire board :C

>> No.11374483

gimmicks were never, ever funny

at least SA bans them

>> No.11374487

>Selective/tunnel vision

>> No.11374494


>> No.11374495

We'd never get rid of the stench. Do you know how hard it is to clean up fail?

>> No.11374509

>They would realize that there's no real way to identify themselves and leave after the first few times

HAHA Oh wow. No. for someone that really hates all of them you severely underestimate their need for attention.

>> No.11374518

Ino, but its just the fact that /tg/ always claims superiority to other boards (and granted its one of the better ones in my opinion) but even /b/ would let this faggot stay there. They would have trolled his ass to oblivion.

Yet there are people DEFENDING this kind of faggotry, it makes me want to crank my arm muscles and rip my own face off.

>> No.11374575

I love these threads. they are almost always directed towards those who contribute positively to /tg/ This is why we never see Anymouse or Chink anymore: anonymous bitching.

Upside: we never see He who shall Not be Named anymore, either, who did little but badger.

>> No.11374591

I wish I was popular enough that people made threads to hate me publicly.

>> No.11374595

I love when namefags come into threads and try to justify being an attention whoring faggot.

>> No.11374616


troll harder

>> No.11374636

>Call someone a troll because they don't agree with your opinion.

0/10 no u...

>> No.11374650

GNB is a decent poster, Contribute to discussion in a meaningful way instead of making metathreads.

Pic is for haters and OP.

>> No.11374681

You can be a decent contributer and not be an attention whoring faggot.

Eat shit and die please for encouraging this kind of behavior.

>> No.11374693

>someone says someone(who is a troll), is a troll.
>he is obvisously a troll
>and then anon was a troll

>> No.11374699


>> No.11374711

Guess you arrived at the party late.

>> No.11374727

ugh, I hate newfaggotry.

>> No.11374739

As long as the contribution flows.

>> No.11374748

Somebody better answer for this.

>> No.11374752

>I love when namefags come into threads and try to justify being an attention whoring faggot.

The above isn't a troll post because I don't agree with their opinion, its a troll post because it does nothing to add to the conversation other than inciting pointless rage. DURR HURR YOU ARE A FAGGOT. I have yet, after years of being here in /tg/, to see one reasonable argument against name or tripfaggotry. On /b/, sure, you dont want your name associated with wrecking 13 year old girl's lives or sticking a sharpie in your ass, but this is a better board than /b/.

much better.

>> No.11374755

u so witty

>> No.11374758

I sooooo fucking wished you weren't banned. I used to be able to filter your tripcode, but now I can't.

>> No.11374759

Delicious GNB

>> No.11374760

If GNB died of heartfailure right now, nothing of value would be lost.

In the grimdark grimdarkness of /tg/ you shall not be remembered, and you shall not be missed.

>> No.11374761

I just want to know one thing:

Does Goldenneckbeard have a folder with a 1000 pictures of himself cataloged by pose for his avatarfag posting


Does he sit shirtless in front of his computer every night using his webcam to take instant pictures of him for his posts.

If it's the first, then, like, wow.

If it's the second, is he a wizard?

>> No.11374767

That I am.

>> No.11374770

God damnit, and I was just about to ascend to the throne of Avatarfriend-dom myself.

Now I'll never be popular T_T

>> No.11374774

i don't know him. i'm guessing this is good

>> No.11374781

Same to you brah, same to you.

>> No.11374783

It's the first one. He has said in the past that he occasionally takes new pictures but not often.

Trust me, if you've been on a while when he is on, you see the same pictures OVER and OVER again.

>> No.11374785

Either truth is terrifying to know...

>> No.11374792

I wish name/trip/avatar-fagging would cause baby-rape, puppy-cancer and wet socks, then y'all wouldn't have to try so hard.

>> No.11374795

>trying to troll the counter troll

no you

>> No.11374797

He's a hint. Avatar with artwork, not pics of yourself. Then you won't be as disliked as gnb.

>> No.11374809

No shit, you don't see me posting shitty pictures of myself everywhere.

>> No.11374814


>> No.11374822

>as disliked as
Get over it faggot. It's just you.

>> No.11374827

yeah, take a hint

>> No.11374831

OP... who cares?

It's the internet man. The internet isn't real.

>> No.11374837

No, the only people who like this guy are cocksucking brown nosers like you. I back op on this one.

>> No.11374841

Stop samefagging, OP.

>> No.11374842

Yeah, everyone love Tohou, be sure to use that.
If you're gonna use artwork as an avatar, try going for something unique, ideally something you made yourself.
Y know, to back you posts with tea lent and/or creativity.

>> No.11374843

If that was true this thread would have only been a couple posts.

>> No.11374844

GNB is /tg/'s waifu!

>> No.11374850

This thread.

>> No.11374851

Not op lol, l2 backtrace emails.

>> No.11374857


>> No.11374858

To expand on that, you should draw sergals. Everyone loves them.

>> No.11374877

Just the same as you, anon.
Though I'd miss him, personally. I kinda like the GNB. He's usually a sensible poster, and even I, a person whom doesn't enjoy the same RPGs he does, can usually respect him for his opinions. Simply because unlike most of anonymous, he backs his opinions up with either reasoning(When applicable) or the delicate word of "preference".

You, anon, are basically making a shitty metathread trying to defame one of our valued contributors.(Trip or no trip) If you had your own tripcode, you would be ignored by this community. Do us a favor and post with a tripcode. So we know to ignore your faggoty ass.

>> No.11374883

nah, just seein how big of a faggot you are...

>> No.11374887

Wait... wrong bullshit thread.

>> No.11374888

>124 pictures last time he counted

>> No.11374895


Best answer.

>> No.11374897

I agree with OP. I also realize that I can do nothing about it, and that my dislike of said type of "individuals" are, all in all very unconstructive. Its not worth my time to give a fuck about some guy and his propensity to make himself look like a jackass.

>> No.11374909

Positive contributions isn't an excuse for being an absolute faggot.

stop white knighting, especially for a neckbeard assclown.

>> No.11374914

sure is anoonymoooose is leeeejon in here.

i thought all if that was trapped in the swirling whirlpool of /b/

>> No.11374917

Ad Hominem good sir, Ad Hominem.
Refute his reasoning, or accept it along with the difference of opinion, attacking the person with petty insults only makes less of you.

>> No.11374921

You've seen a big faggot? Did you accidentally look into a mirror?

>> No.11374931

This is 4chan. We're all absolute faggots. Stop making metathreads to complain.

>> No.11374939


>> No.11374941

>metathread with over 200 posts about a, avatarfag

>faggots on /tg/ still spout "TG GETS SHIT DONE WE R BEST N SMARTEST BOARD!"

>my face

>> No.11374943

But he isn't being an absolute faggot.

And even if he was, I don't come to where *you* have fun and slap the sailors' cocks out of your mouth. None of my business. And this is none of yours.

>> No.11374953

Oh, he contrinutes about three billion times more to /tg/ than you do. You could do the sensible thing and fall into a knife. Seventy-four times.

>> No.11374955

ITT: Anonymous expects someone to give a fuck about his opinion.

>> No.11374966

troll thread is full of trolled

>> No.11374967

Homosexuality requires not justification.
Positive contribution however does justify his presence in /tg/, remember, we're supposed to "get shit done", at least back when I first had my chan-cherry popped.

>> No.11374976

I never commented on the quality of his posts.

My comment is how posting 124 pictures of yourself and slapping names and tripcodes so everyone knows that you made the posts makes you an absolute tool.

I know i can't do anything about it, and frankly Im cool cool with it.

I just wanted to show agreement with OP that this kind of behavior is indeed shitty.

What is mindboggling to me is that there are people that actually encourage this kind of behavior.

So please, actually read before trying to sound smart by saying "DURRR ADDD MONIMENZZ111"""

>> No.11374989

>My comment is how posting 124 pictures of yourself and slapping names and tripcodes so everyone knows that you made the posts makes you an absolute tool.
I disagree. I think it's droll.

>I just wanted to show agreement with OP that this kind of behavior is indeed shitty.
Some people dislike the great composers, like Mozart and Beethoven, as well.

>> No.11375001

Golden Neckbeard is one of my favorite name/avatar fags. He is one of the most respectable ones alongside Mr. Rage.

>> No.11375004

>your face
Is missing?

>> No.11375011

Golden Neckbeard, Logicninja, and MR. RAGE are the trinity of contributing tripfags.

Wasteland Warrior is above them as the Grand Story Tripfag.

>> No.11375021

i wish he wore a shirt

>> No.11375023

>make thread saying I'm going to try DMing for the first time, any tips
>nobody posts
>this thread already has 217 posts.
I used to love you /tg/

>> No.11375028

u mad?

>> No.11375033

Silence butthurt /b/tard niggerfag. We have tamed the worthless trolls and turned this into a discussion of win and civility. If you are too braindead to see it, take yourself back to your hellboard

>> No.11375036

Wow again, please learn to read.

I never critizised his actual posts and comments about a given topic. I've read them and they're quite alright.

But the behavior of being an attention whoring fag is some faggy shit which I honestly thought was above you guys.

And the fact that you compare people not liking his attention whoring to someone not liking Mozart makes you truely, retarded.

>> No.11375045

rolled 89 = 89


>> No.11375052


>> No.11375062

>And the fact that you compare people not liking his attention whoring to someone not liking Mozart makes you truely, retarded.

With that cheap point scored, permit me to say that your subjective preferences in the stylings of 4chan posters are just that: subjective. Utterly so. For every person who dislikes Golden Neckbeard's behavior, there is a person who is amused by it, and a dozen others who don't care.

In conclusion, commit suicide.

>> No.11375069


>> No.11375073


I enjoy his contribution to threads. Way better than a lot of the faggot tripfags fagging up faggy threads. Ahem swankiller ahem.

>> No.11375077

no, just dissapointed

>> No.11375098

Your wonderful opinion of him is just as subjective.

get bent faggot...

>> No.11375099

I myself have a penchant for Scriptarius work, through it's more of source of inspiration and envy.
Dunno bout him, but, I sad.

>> No.11375102

You misspelt scaredofshadows.

>> No.11375111

>Your wonderful opinion of him is just as subjective.
Indeed! I would never think of suggesting the converse; indeed, I did not do so.

>> No.11375129

Look guys, not everyone can be Scaredofshadows ya know, geez.

>> No.11375159

this thread is now about scaredofshadows and how everyone can agree to hate it

>> No.11375169

Oh you poor stupid fool, luckily he is busy yiffing out tonight or you might have summoned him, next you'll run around and shout for that meme-scarcrow dude too.

>> No.11375172

newfag here, who the fuck is that?

>> No.11375180

OP, just put this thread out of its misery

>> No.11375186

Yeah, still dislike whoreposters in general, but i'm willing to forget it and do some team hate.

Tell me the story.

>> No.11375218

this thread is bad and you should feel bad

no bump because not /tg/ related

>> No.11375219

Eh, I don't really mind him.

He's part of the atmosphere on this board.

>> No.11375224

Not a new fag, or an old fag, but everytime I see it, it always tries to turn threads topics to itself. Also a furry.

>> No.11375232

The worst possible amaglamation of depressed, ronrey, and otherkin/furry that could ever happen ever since the dawn of time.

Spends half his time shitting up good threads with how sad and pathetic his sad little cock is about life, and how much he hates himself, and the other half of the time talks about his wolf spirit that lives in him or some shit.

>> No.11375239


>> No.11375249

Woah, this thread exploded.

I'm glad some people share my rage on this. It's short lived, but violently strong.

>> No.11375259

examples? archives? DO WANT

>> No.11375266

Also seems to think it's badass and would kill people for telling it how pathetic it is, even though everyone really knows it'll go in the corner cutting itself and writing sad poetry.

>> No.11375270

Sometimes him and sergal get into riveting conversations about Michigan/Canadian fast food franchises.

>> No.11375272

I know not of this man. But I have that same pirate flag.

>> No.11375288

thread hidden

>> No.11375298

Search easymodo

>> No.11375309

Congratulations. Keep it to yourself.

>> No.11375313

Basically he lurks around looking for vampire threads, spouts a misquote about "leeches" from a Werewolf book, and then proceeds to masturbate to the attention he gets from flamers.

>> No.11375325

Oh that sergaldrafag? Uno why do you guys have so many avatarfags in here?

>> No.11375341


>> No.11375352


No one cares.

>> No.11375358

/tg/ is ass pained like a mother fucker for making a thread calling someone out an then being pissy little girls when they show up?


>> No.11375361


Only a small minority of /tg/ gives a fuck one way or another and you don't get banned unless you shit up the entire front page it seems.

>> No.11375365

LOL is this a troll or a faggot?

>> No.11375381

I mean sure I don't like em, expressed it sevral times in this thread, but its weird to see so many of them on a board.

Is this a common practice for other boards?

>> No.11375391

>> No.11375403

>262 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.11375474

Boy it sure is obvious troll in here!

>> No.11375475

Why would you get mad at an avatarfag? He's just another anon who decided to include some strange cohesion to his posts

>> No.11375505

Correct term is butthurt. Get it right.

I don't like looking at his stupid pictures.

>> No.11375532

I don't even care about the namefagging or the tripfagging in all honesty, but theres something just unerving or annoying about someone posting pictures of themselves shirtless for every response.

>> No.11375544

>> No.11375606

ass pained about me saying ass pained?
sounds like a little ass pain to me.
go put some ice on your ass.
ass pained is ass pain.
ass pain in the ass.
ass pained.
u mad

>> No.11375661

please tell me that isn't really you, BAAHAHAHAHWAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHWA OH SHI-

>> No.11375836

It's not the tripfags who make drama, but the people who complain about them.

I know the truth hurts, shitposters.

>> No.11375867

>Implying you're not a shit poster.

>> No.11375894

>Implying you aren't the butthurt OP.

>> No.11375895

I just hate non-contributing tripfags in general.

>> No.11375939

He's a top-notch poster by all standards. I just hate his face.

Sage for metathread.

>> No.11375971

>Implying that i'm butthurt or op

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