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NS2 Alpha soon, fellow Kharaa!

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Buckle up marines.

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When is soon?

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Fuck. Yes.

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Oh Shi-!

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i am going to wait for the beta, yes

i didnt get the special edition ;_;

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So, is this worth buying, in your opinion, /tg/?

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If it lives up to even a *tenth* of the awesome of the original... absolutely. Despite being merely a mod with a small, unpaid team, it was one of the greatest achievements in multi-player gaming ever seen, successfully blending RTS and FPS gameplay in unprecedented and unreplicated ways.

And now, evidence that /v/ is not worth talking about awesome games on: >>>/v/68381460

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Shit, it 404'd already.

It was the exact same OP. Only response was a sage with the text "faggot."

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Again, let me rephrase, is it worth $40...?

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I actually liked that other one for Quake 2 a little more despite it being outdated. I forget the name now... It had little spider-like critters that shot webs (adaptation of the grappling hook)
Do you know what I'm talking about, or am I just sounding like I'm babbling?

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Haven't played it. The only other FPS/RTS hybrid I'm aware of is the Savage series, which pales in comparison.

In NS1, however, one of the more common meta-mods was an alteration to the Gorge's web power to allow him to use it precisely as you describe.

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I think it is. Truth be told, it's worth it if you spend a lot of time playing, and I do plan on wasting plenty of time on it.

That aside, I'd support them for their efforts.

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I can't answer your question until I get to play it, can I?

However, from what I've seen in the previews and such, I fully *expect* it to be worth that and more.

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>george webs as grappling hooks

but....the webs were awesome for trolling and defending

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Aha! Found it with a little Google-fu. It was called Gloom. Looking at the youtube video now, it looks uber dated. Anyway, like I said, the mechanics are very close and predates Natural Selection:


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Holy shit this looks amazing.

I just pre ordered it, thank you for bringing such a great looking game to my attention, sir.

May your beard always be golden.

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And generating memes.

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You could still use them in the normal fashion too.

You just bound a key to WebGrapple or something like that, and as long as you had Web you could zip around with it.

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Alright then, pre-ordered.

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I liked it better when they called it TREMULOUS


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Oh god I loved this game. It was so tactical, strategic, and twitchy all at the same time. It had solid gameplay for all types of gamers without pissing any of them off. Let's hope this one will be just as good.

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I don't report non-/tg/ related content.
But when I do, when it's by Golden Neckbeard

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And may this game be FUCKING AWSOME!

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May it be as good to me as the first L4D was. God I spent so much time on that game..

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Shouldn't this be in /v/, GN?

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Solid shit, that. AH HATE STAIRS.




It was, for about five minutes.

See: >>11372464 and >>11372427

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Not really. This is more /tg/ related as evidenced by (>>11372464).

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I posted a thread on /v/, got a few posts about Darwin and evolution, one 'maybe', and then it died.
Fuck /v/.

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Try again.

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Because /v/ doesn't really like avatar name/tripfags?

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Holy shit, you mean what TF2 was SUPPOSED to be, only in a sci-fi Aliens setting? I'm in.

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Kind of amusing. I didn't see a single sage for the Fallout thread. ;3

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It's so good that even the little-known developer has a page on ED.


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Fallout thread?
Honestly, I just don't like a tripfag whos only claim to fame is that he posts non-/tg/ related threads showing him without a shirt on

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>claim to fame

He's just a man without a shirt. You're making it out to be a bigger deal than it is.

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If anything my "claim to fame" is helping people with 4e questions and organizing M/tg/.

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hes a namefag, tripfag, and posts pictures of himself.

Serious faggot is serious.

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I just find his gimmick annoying.
I'd just filter his posts and be finished with it, but my PC bricked.

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And despite all that, is a fairly cool guy. Who knew it was possible?

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Man, thanks for reminding me about how banal ED is.

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He's just a man.

Stop being a drama fag and get over it.

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Man. Why give a flying fuck?

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No, not really.

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It is done as you command.

This time with a screenshot as OP in hopes to avoid prejudice. >>>/v/68386726

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why the fuck does he post pictures of himself without a shirt on, and with a tripcode.
That's all I'm saying

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because /tg/ already has enough faggotry in it, this shit isn't even acceptable for /b/. And thats low bro, fuckin low.

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Just to bring you down to Earth...

Kharak is burning.

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Not acceptable on /b/? For srs? People post tits on /b/
Besides, GN's been here a pretty long while. Arguably long enough to be considered part of a landscape/norm here.

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for the lulz
u mad, leejunfag?

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err... the* landscape/norm

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So is Flare/Cynder.
That isn't saying much

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Thus a testament to your shittiest.
Seya faggots.

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Cut this avatar faggotry out. If you aren't posting a relevant picture, don't post any picture. This thead is a prime example of why. If you see X pictures omitted, you will be more likely to check out the thread to see some screenshots of the game. And instead you get some asshole taking pictures of himself that nobody wants to see.

You do contribute to the board sometimes, so I think your status as a tripfag is almost justified. But dumping pictures of yourself is unadulterated faggotry, and no good comes of it. Even worse, every thread you post in turns into assholes like me telling you to fuck off. You seem like a fairly reasonable person, so drop the avatar and you might notice the board get a little less shitty.

>> No.11373238


Screenshots? You could have just *asked,* you know.

'fraid the beard is here to stay, though.

>> No.11373262

>That isn't saying much

Oh well. I'll just leave you to your screaming at the sky then.

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Looks like the cat is going to get...
... swatted.

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I lold: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bpcA0S0pBc

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I'll never understand why you insufferable leejun fags can't just grow up and get over all this tripfag business. Christ, it's a just a goddamn picture of a naked man and string of text; shit we've seen all over 4chan by now.

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What good can possibly come of having an avatar? I ask this as a serious question. I think you can contribute to /tg/, but as of right now you are just hurting it. I would rather see you drop the annoying gimmick that only you like and get shit done than I would see you banned for spamming unrelated pictures, or worse- continue to shit up the board with threads like this. Annoying tripfags get banned eventually.

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This is (or, maybe, was...) a good thread.

Also, I should think the use is obvious. It is the same purpose as >>11372236 and >>11372250 and >>11372273. I just choose to use myself for all my reaction images; I don't dump or spam. That would imply I use an image for every post.

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Because dumbfuck, GNB is well known for his online campaigns being fuckawesome, and thus he is respected, and so is his opinion.


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I can see using it as a reaction image, but spamming reaction images sucks too. And you tend to post with images more than you post without. I don't think many people will object to the occasional reaction image, but half of the pictures in this thread are of you.

Just remember that the board isn't about you, be sparing with the reaction images, and be very very sparing in threads where people are going to expect relevant pictures. That will really cut down on the drama. I'll stop posting after this, and sage because this post obviously does not merit a bump.

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Oh man, skimming that thread is hilarious.

I don't think I'll post in it though. Don't want to encourage bitchy metathreads.

>> No.11373553

Really now.
I've never seen him contribute.
Some other name/trip fags occasionally tribute.
Not him though

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>> No.11373639

lurk more

>> No.11373663

First time on /tg/ eh?

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>> No.11373699

Nah, it's just I usually have him filtered.
PC bricked, so I can't.

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Mr. Neckbeard, Unknown Worlds should thank you. Before this thread I'd never heard of Natural Selection 2. Now I've pre-ordered, and just in the nick of time.


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How much does it cost? I loved the first one and this one looks amazing. But alas; I am a poor bro. ):

>> No.11373818

Well, you're missing out on a lot. If you would quit being such a little pissy baby about a bunch of inconsequential pictures of a naked man, you would see he contributes quite well to /tg/.

>> No.11373843

$20 for the normal version

>> No.11373850

What's in the other versions?

>> No.11373857

You must be new here, GNB barely makes threads, and when he does its something relative to /tg/'s interests. His posts are always helpful and he never tries to bring focus to himself.

I suggest you stop bashing him and start complaining about the real attention whores like sUPERFAGGOT and Donkeykong

>> No.11373877

I'll take your word for it.
Shas has pretty good posts compared to this guy.
From what I've seen

>> No.11373885

Also, i lol'd

(this comes up after you preorder)

>> No.11373904

Access to alpha (starts today, offer ends today) and some kind of black suit or something. $40.

Also the satisfaction of helping out an indie developer. You're giving $10 to each of the devs.

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>> No.11373930


The totally bald guy next to Flayra is so freaking weird.

>> No.11373931

Ummm I think the last time he posted was in 08

>> No.11373937

Nope, I just had him blocked after I saw him make various shit posts, and turn /tg/ threads into tripfag circle jerks.
Not new, just don't like him

>> No.11373939

Uh... So I paid my $40 bucks, got the code, and downloaded it... When do I get to play?

>> No.11373967


Twenty minutes, assuming everything goes smoothly.

>> No.11374006

How? He's like the only Tripfag on /tg/! Whos he going to circle jerk with, himself? I get the feeling you're just throwing around strawmen

>> No.11374009


>never tries to bring focus to himself
>puts a picture of himself in almost every post he makes

I for one am not saying he doesn't contribute. But then we see threads like this that continue to shit up the board. Contributing =/= license to attentionwhore and spam.

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>> No.11374045

I hate tripfags and avatarfags, but when you're wrong, you're wrong. GN is a good guy.


>> No.11374101

Thanks for telling me about this neckbeard, I would've missed this date even though I planned on buying the pre-order at some time. Will there be multiplayer as early as alpha? Maybe some /tg/uys will all see each other in game with out FUCKING SWEET BLACK ARMOR.

>> No.11374112

Huh, I forgot how much better a board /tg/ is than /v/. Probably a good call not linking the thread over here.

Now hurry the fuck up UW, I want my NS2 fix.

>> No.11374128

golden neckbeard, I have been waiting ns2 for years now, I fondly remember the time spent playing ns1, maybe i'll run into you on ns2.

>> No.11374132


According to the most recent news article, while many features are still lacking and the hitboxes are currently way weird, yes, the basics are in and we can look forward to NOW THERE'S SOMETHING YOU DON'T SEE EVERY DAY. THANK GOD in... 12 minutes. Ish.

>> No.11374169


Good guy? Maybe. Too much of a hopeless nerd to recognize that he is spamming, attentionwhoring, and creating drama by doing shit like avatarfagging that everybody hates? Definitely.

>> No.11374181



Even though someone over there asked when it came out that we had a thread over here, I just couldn't do it to my fellow fa/tg/uys.


Damn straight you will.

>> No.11374188

You should check out the links in my previous post, brah.

>> No.11374189

"If those faggots just stayed in the closet, we wouldn't have to beat them up!"

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>> No.11374248

10 minutes, fuck yes.

>> No.11374263

>Huh, I forgot how much better a board /tg/ is than /v/.
The idea that there's a board worse than /tg/ is distressing.

>> No.11374282




(five minutes remaining...?!)

>> No.11374285

So what do you guys think about the Switch-Axe? Makes much more sense than the knife, considering how it was used most of the time (clearing alien structures).

I might try to machine a replica sometime.

>> No.11374297

fuck the axe, I'm going to gorge this city to the ground.

>> No.11374300


Just because he says it isn't an avatar doesn't mean it isn't an avatar. He very rarely posts without it.


Objection! Relevance?

>> No.11374317



(fuck, I have no datass.jpg. Added to my list!)

>> No.11374344

please some females ass, and not your own. . .or at least wear pants. . .please for the love of god let there be pants.

>> No.11374353

should we expect a 9 o'clock patch?

>> No.11374355

5 mins!

>> No.11374381

I wonder how many /tg/ alien swarm people will be playing ns tonight.

>> No.11374396


I was referring to this specific facial expression.

>> No.11374406

>very rarely
>8 neckbeard reactions in this thread
>13+ neckbeardless posts in this thread

>> No.11374408

Doesn't Steam have its own fucking forums for you guys to have a namefag circlejerk in?

>> No.11374423

I was afraid you were referring to this one.

>> No.11374431

Oh my god, just grow up already.

>> No.11374442

No Steam forum for a game until it's released.

>> No.11374454



...come on, email, don't fail me now!

>> No.11374461

WTH? I can't find NS2 on Steam for preorder?

>> No.11374462

Golden i'd like to point you over this was >>11373183

>> No.11374476

cant preorder any more.
Finished preorders 5 mins ago.
seriously, the NS site had a countdown clock.

>> No.11374477

you are too late my friend, check out unknownworlds.com order there, they send you a key for steaming pile of shits.

>> No.11374482

is this game not going to be on steam?

>> No.11374489

eventually, the alpha is just starting man. . .chill, probably a year til real release.

>> No.11374507

Alpha Keys are out. I HAS MINE!

>> No.11374522


It is on Steam, but you must buy it directly from them. They email you a retail key.

Also, according to someone in the official group chat, Special Edition preorders will be left open for a few hours...?

>> No.11374524

I was expecting some sort of patch, but the patch isn't coming, anyone got some infos?

>> No.11374540

Tomorrow from what I've heard. the demand is like 100% what they expected.

>> No.11374557




>> No.11374572


>> No.11374590


>> No.11374599


..I was looking for it on Steam, and when I went to the site, registration was flipping locked up due to server load.

>> No.11374604

if they allow for the server to be public, I should have an ns2 server up in running in pittsburgh soonish, that will be exciting.

>> No.11374705



>> No.11374724

>NS site had a countdown clock.

WTF? The clock shows 7 hours and 40 minutes left in the news section! Does anyone else see this or are things broken on my end?


>> No.11374773


I'm seeing 00:00:00 over here, bro.

>> No.11374855



Oh well. I guess I can buy the standard edition later...

>> No.11374885

This is taking forever.

wtf is goin on

>> No.11374899




>> No.11375031

in reference to:
>Also, according to someone in the official group chat, Special Edition preorders will be left open for a few hours...?

Negative. It's closed... ; _ ;
Also, here's a recent cap...

>> No.11375064

I'd mind less if more posts were like this.

But his mug ruins quality on-topic smuttery.

>> No.11375068

I'm hyperventilating.

>> No.11375163


I don't mind it. He seems likable enough, too. The avatar is handy since it provides an emotive which helps give a better sense of the posts' tone.

>> No.11375221

early access = you get to suffer through all the bugs that are alpha / pre-alpha. stupid connection error, I want to skulk and lerk and gorge. . .

>> No.11375243

I think you missed /v/
your bad

>> No.11375255


Yeah, I know. I used to work in game development years ago. Still, it's nice to see how things progress and steadily get refined. Also, an opportunity to provide feedback.

>> No.11375261

counter sage, is countering the sage.

>> No.11375285




>> No.11375307

I can't make a thread about Jazz music on /mu/
Does that entitle me to make one here?

>> No.11375340

sure, we could discuss jazz music's in influencing different campaigns where the music might enrich the gaming experience or what music you really like to wargame too. wow a jazz music thread sounds awesome...brb going to start a jazz music thread.

>> No.11375347

Try it and see what happens. If /tg/ wants to have a jazz thread they'll bump.

>> No.11375351



Just don't expect a lot of informed response, or do it regularly if it's obvious no one gives a shit.

>> No.11375454


Someone just got told.

>> No.11375459

saged reported hidden.
Sorry GNB but this isn't even tangentially related to /tg/

>> No.11375472

You are posting it in such a way that it is directly /tg/ related.
This is a video game

>> No.11375479

>this isn't even tangentially related to /tg/
new here I see.

It's not bad, the game will be constantly changing; you'll see the game as it evolves from an initial idea to a fully finished product.

>> No.11375521


Stop being a bitchy little kid. This is internet; it's okay to let things slide.

>> No.11375547


Not to mention being able to give your feedback.

I wish I'd been more active early on in the development of the first. I never liked how they sort of removed the dedicated structure-placer gorge, forcing gorge players into either combat support or combined roles.

>> No.11375588

yeah, I agree with you, I believe they changed it because people were going gorge to res whore to go onos. what was your old id in ns1 GNB?

>> No.11375603

I usually do.
But because of golden neckbeard, threads that are actually /tg/ related are dying

>> No.11375650

wow, what do you seriously believe golden neckbeard is some sort of /tg/ deity. . .wtf man. its summer, at least i haven't seen an edition war thread today, there probably was one i might of just missed it.

>> No.11375693


various things containing the tag "imso," if I recall correctly.

>> No.11375695

I said no such thing.
I'm just saying this thread (150 posts) and the thread complaining about him (270 posts), while threads like
get 1 post, and die off

>> No.11375701


From reading that, I get the impression you somehow think he's solely responsible for this occurrence

>> No.11375715

You're problem is that you make Golden Neckbeard out to be a bigger deal than he actually is. This is strange given your obvious dislike of him. He has no power in /tg/; everything that is shit is other people's fault.

>> No.11375720

skulky the ninja, man I miss those days, used to play with a bunch of friends from college endlessly.

>> No.11375739

wait. were you Imsofat?

>> No.11375753

I know he has no power.
But if he simply had not posted, it'd be 400 posts on other friends.
Which would certainly help

>> No.11375763


This thread is about Natural Selection, not Golden Neckbeard. Inb4 "not /tg/ related" because it is. I don't know why, but it just is.

You know, it's entirely your fault (and other people like you) that GNB has received so much attention. If you would just stop being such a drama whore none of this would ever be a fucking problem.

>> No.11375793


I believe "fatty" was one moniker I used from time to time, yes.

>> No.11375804


The Vampire thread isn't relevant to my interests. I haven't played a White Wolf game in more than 10 years and have no idea what they're talking about. So, no, I'm not going to post in that thread. Others will likely do the same. I doubt a lot of people post replies to a thread solely because GNB posted to it.

I've started boardgame threads in the past and it dies off. No big deal. Post again another time to see if there's any interest with folks in a different time slot. Shit happens.

>> No.11375819

yeah, I'm pretty sure i saw you around quite a bit. the internet is a pretty small place it seems. do you remember like runaway woodchipper and impy the lerk by chance?

>> No.11375863

At this point, the only bumps are responding to sagefags.
Sagefags, can't you just learn to ignore? This would have died before 100 posts had you not provoked people.

>> No.11375872


I played as Crotalus and I remember both Fatty and Impy.

>> No.11375880


Neither of those ring a bell, sorry.

>> No.11375889

I bump your implied sage through suggestion of ignoring.

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