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So people who like to post /v/ content on /tg/, I know a lot of you use excuse "/v/ doesn't like this game" or "its practically a tabletop game/RPG/.etc". Haven't you realized that if everyone posting in video game threads here went to /v/ you'd have enough people to discuss there and you could keep this board clean?

The only vidya that really has the right to be discussed here are games that are direct adaptions of official /tg/ content like DoW or DnD Online.

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Also, I do play and enjoy many of the games /tg/ likes to discuss like XCOM, DF, and AC, I just don't think this is the right place to discuss them.

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>You do not get to decide what is /tg/ related.jpg.png.gif

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I'm also posting in a troll thread.

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lets just make a new board like pokemon

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Dwarf Fortress threads on /v/ seem to do very well.

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They still play video games, you expecting intelligence?

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No I don't, because the rules clearly state:
> 1. Board games, paper games, war games, card games go here!

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While I agree entirely with the OP, this thread will do nothing.

Report /v/ shit, go bother mods on IRC. If people can be persistant enough to harass them into getting rid of Quests or RP threads for short periods, surely they can do the same for such blatently off topic stuff.

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That's nice.

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Mods? On my 4chan?

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Uh... /tg/ is for things related to traditional games players. We can talk about the things that we always discuss half an hour with our friends before the session begins. Like anime, games, or comics.

Don't be so anal retentive, It's not like this meta thread is enough tg related under your standards.

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/tg/ doesn't have mods, but it does have a janitor who's active maybe like 15-20% of the time.

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but apparently you get to decide that he does not get to decide what is /tg/ related? Shouldn't the only person who has any power over what is /tg/ related be moot?

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a janitor... like in SS13.
i'm always slipping up on his wet floors.

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1. /v/ is so fast that when my page loads the post I made is already on the second page.
2. Nobody talks about video games on /v/.

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Problems with the OP's idea:

/v/ is /b2/

Anything that isn't the latest brown and bloom-filled FPS gets sage'd to hell and back

The average /v/ browser has the attention span of a vole

/v/ is an extremely fast board, necessitating more threads, which exacerbates all of these problems

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I'll start 4e threads in /v/ and because /tg/ doesn't like it and it's practically a video game.
Also /a/ and /d/ because weaboo and lizards/rocks/robots/bugs with tits.

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Janitors are the first person i end up stabbing to death in the eyes with a screwdriver.


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so i iz postin' some ting bout vidyas in /tg/

wat? u don liek it? wel fuck u ur a newfag lololololol

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/tg/ is a group that likes a lot of the same things.

We like tits... So you will see tits. Are tits fully /tg/ related? No, but the community likes tits so tits get posted.

Games/sports/activities/events/items that are all not really related to /tg/ all get talked about and posted again and again. Because enough people like them to keep it bumped.

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We've got a good thing going on this board in my opinion, so please shut the fuck up and go piss on another board on another chan.

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Hey! hey come into this secret door I built into the side of your work area, yeah come on over ok now we are alone in the maintenance tunnel. I want to tell you about the mystery of the guy who got his eyes stabbed out with a screwdriver, they say his killer was never caught and that it was you *stabs and stabs*

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yeah thats it.. if it wasn't popular it would get no where.

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Fuck you, fuck your mother, fuck the horse you rode in on (but I repeat myself), fuck your lawyer, fuck your dog, fuck your school teachers and fuck the guy who does your taxes, you ignorant motherfucker.

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...ssso fuck the million dolla kitchen / fuck the Al Pacino posters / fuck the drugs, the golden strip poles / fuck the homies / fuck those bullshits...

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>If people can be persistant enough to harass them into getting rid of Quests or RP threads for short periods, surely they can do the same for such blatently off topic stuff.

If. They won't, because it's silly nitpicking.

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How about, shut the fuck up? You don't either.

> 1. Board games, paper games, war games, card games go here!

But alas, /tg/ is not moderated at all. How sad for the ragers, I myself too rage at all the shit but what the fuck is going to happen? Nothing.

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Actually, he's not the one stomping around screaming "DON'T POST VIDEO GAMES FAGGOTS"

It more or less operates on popular vote, and guess what? The popular vote says >>11371128

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Um, so how are you refuting my point?

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He's not trying to dictate what's /tg/ related, because /tg/ decides it. His side is the status quo.

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You know what would make this thread better? Some /tg/-related content.

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No, he is trying to dictate what is /tg/ related. He is saying that the image is what is /tg/ related and what is not, not the actual rules, you know /b/ right? Well anything not related to any other boards should go in there.

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>OP makes an asinine "VIDYA ISN'T /tg/ RELATED" post
>Retaliatory post stating (via a meme if you missed it) that the OP doesn't get to decide what's /tg/ related
>You say the retaliatory poster doesn't either

The retaliatory poster never stated what should or shouldn't be /tg/ related, he implied that what is popular on /tg/ is /tg/ related and that's the way it should be.

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Cool, so lets make furry hentai comics popular on /tg/. Completely a traditional game.

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The rules clearly state what is and isn't /tg/ related? Why is this a debate at all? The people posting /v/, /s/, /d/, /h/, /b/ or /whatever/ content here are shitposters, plain and simple.

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Maybe you've missed the monstergirls, dragonkin, comics, quests, furries, boobs, etc. that are EXTREMELY frequent

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Go and try, i dare you.
However, you will not accomplish nothing ever in your whole life.
You will be unable to even influence a gaming board.

You are just some unoriginal comments in a dumb already seen thread that will be forgotten.

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