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Who are the idiolized women of /tg/?

I am seriously curious, do you guys lean on Hollywood shit or do you have diverse tastes?

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Really, no women of /tg/ threads?
Where does the suppressed sexuality go?

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Yeah, sounds right.

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...futa displacer beasts?

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Only one cock?

Pff. Square.

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I do not idolize females.

They only deserve to suckle my cock or make me sandwiches.

They have no other purpose.

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/tg/ is infested with freaks with fucked up fetishes. They have given up on real women in favor of TRANNY YIFF RAPE.

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someone needs to drawfag this

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Fuck Bitches Get Knowledge

but dorfchick is fine, too.

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The what? Is that like a Charisma check or something?

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Fuck bitches

Acquire knowledge

Use knowledge to acquire waifus

Use waifus to acquire knowledge

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Oh man, I just got a flashback of a really hot /tg/ related topic.

Do you guys remember those Elven comic books from like the early 80's or so

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I'd imagine Felicia Day is quite /tg/ related

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Women /tg/ admire:
-4 str
-Bitches for Thulsa Doom
-chicks in awesome armour
-chicks in effective armour
-brown girls

As you can see, /tg/ doesn't idolize a single woman; rather, /tg/ idolizes concepts and the various women, both live or drawn, who fall into those categories.

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Do fa/tg/uys really ignore women entirely?
I really love the hyper-sexualized caricatures of hot mages or bards from D&D

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>/tg/ is desperate and has no standards

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Not so much, actually. She looks like a /v/ kind of chick. Plus, she is an ACTUAL woman, nobody likes that crap around here, sir.

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>Do fa/tg/uys really ignore women entirely?
Do you just miss the THREAD AFTER THREAD AFTER THREAD of porn we have?

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I tend to like women I actually know. And Ryo Shihono.

Don't idolize anyone though.

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>Plus, she is an ACTUAL woman, nobody likes that crap around here, sir.
Man, actual women are the best! They're soft and warm and smell nice.

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>chicks in effective armour

This is my fetish.

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OP, /tg/ has rather... how should I put this... sexually "diverse" tastes.

This can range from sexy Japanese lolis, to traps, to little boys, to nerd girls, even to unspeakable tentacle horrors from beyond the veil of time and space.

Most of them exist only as drawings.

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Basically, what Mr. Rage said.

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rolled 60 = 60

And then you use that knowledge to go out among the stars and get sum alien waifus.

"I just fucked a bitch with a cloaca! Shit was so tight!"

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I guess I just find it interesting to not seeing a board concentrated on a woman thread in some degree.

Nor to even have some sort of consensus of what is this best type

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/tg/ is home of the Asexual Revolution!

We need not pay heed to the call of mating, that is for the inferior fuckfag races.

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Srsly man, I like women with tight waists and large asses.

Fuck you and your yiffing

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I prefer the fatter lady. The worse hygiene the better.

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Cultistchan is a running meme. I wouldn't call it /tg/'s idolized woman though.

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I'm even referring to deeper than that, at the end of the day what do /tg/'s posters go to?

Can you answer this?

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Let's see, probably something like:

- blue-haired ice fairies of below-average intellect
- redhead military women with firearm fetish and large *ahem* bazookas

- mentally retarded chaos cultists that smell like bacon and have a severe speech impediment

- nudist harvest goddesses with fox ears/tail and a firm grasp of economics

- ratgirl dragoons with troubled pasts and wearing brightly colored outfits

Penis optional, in all cases. Note that this is by no means an exhaustive list

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At the end of the day I go to bed. What the fuck do you do?

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Hmm. I don't know about /tg/, but I have something. These are traits from women who I've talked to or crushed on (Waaaaaay way back in high school):

A girl who's just a little shorter or exactly my height. Maybe an inch over, but I do like to be taller.
A girl who's hair is red or black. Maybe brunette, but only if it leans to a darker color
A girl who's eyes are bright blue or green. Heterochromia is Heaven's Dream mode.
Slim to plush, I guess. Body type is the attractive type of hollywood, though perhaps should lean toward realistic.

As for personality?
Calm, peaceful, in control.
Firey, vibrant, intelligent.
Curious, understanding, and compassionate.
But still someone who will kick your ass in if you do something stupid.

That's basically my ideal woman. May god rest my soul if someone like this actually exists.

I may have to start going to church again if such a thing happens.

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Wow, that is a very interesting post

How about femanon /tg/'s? Instantly hounded and routed out by fa/tg/uys? Or embraced and celebrated?

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All of the above.

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As far as I can tell, no one gives a shit. The girls on here don't generally sit around attention whoring. In my experience, anyway.

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right on

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If you don't attention whore, /tg/ doesn't care. Like the rest of 4chan.

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>at the end of the day what do /tg/'s posters go to?
Well, I can't speak for the rest of /tg/ but the girl I'm presently involved in can be described as follows:

Tall, relatively slim Asian.
A bit goth.
Obsessed with music.
Prone to violence.

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Oh god dem lips

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Combination of OMG A GIRL and BAWWWWW A GIRL. It's ugly.

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Well alright, I can fully respect the sanctity of a board who doesn't wish to beautiful babies on the top list of interests.

But I am right in expecting late night Sex Role playing shit to occur on this board then? Gay or non gay

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You'd be surprised. We have some pretty nice femanons around here. And Exalted.

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We don't have a Doctor Sivana as far as I know.

If there are girls here, they keep quiet and/or pitch in where appropriate. Their gender is rarely an issue.

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You are wrong. It would probably be a fake furfag-rpg troll post.

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It'll vary man, most part i'd say Women Reactions are 'Hi, you are a woman with similar interests, i'd like to know you more' 'Meh, Anon is anon' or Boob zombies.
Sadly the first is what seems to repulse women the most

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Is her name Rea (or pronounced like that) and/or are you in a Land Down Under?

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All of the above, at once.

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>>11358483 at the end of the day what do /tg/'s posters go to?

My hand

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Naw, I'm in the US.

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this is my idol...

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I was expecting to at least see some D&D edition girls posts or something like that, I find it fascinating that there is no cohesiveness at all on the issue

Do you have archive links?

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Why would that be fascinating?

This isn't a cohesive hobby.

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op, here in /tg/ the women we idolize comes from many sources and threads as MR. RAGE said it's very true personally i'm quite partial t o shcliktau

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something like this probably

dark hair
little bit of a tan but not much
cute but not overly attractive

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Well this is the girl that has really piqued my human interests,
She is the leader of Morning Musume, a japanese idol group,

She visited California and Paris and I shook her hand and told her how much I appreciate her being and loving presence.

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You called?

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...and she thought to herself, "Holy shit, what a fucking creepy guy, get this fucking serial killer away from me!"

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/tg/ idiolized women have no cheeks or jaws. INFACT! /tg/ idiolized women have badly airbrushed out cheeks.

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oh god the tails look like venomous, prehensile shit

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Haha, no, troll. Our girls treat us so kindly

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Agreed. Some drawfags just can't draw scorpion tails.

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Petite redheads with a temper, I blame David Eddings.

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Which, incidentally, is what ALL serial killers say to themselves when they dream of the one they're stalking.

"Oh, she's so nice and loves me, or...if she doesn't love me, I'll just show her how much I love HER and THEN SHE'LL LOVE ME MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Cue H, Sunglasses, and YEAHHHHHHHHHH!

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>cute but not overly attractive

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Better? O_o Going to bed.

/tg/ likes the women of /d/.

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That guy in the background kind of creeps me out.
What the fuck is he doing?

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Nurglettes, Daemonettes and any 'ettes' from a demonic variety are loved here.

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The robot. You can't un-see it.

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Don't know what HE is doing but I just ripped my cock off.

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Traitor/Loyal Guard women.

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Sisters of battle...

>> No.11359379

Elf, dwarf, fantasy general...

>> No.11359387

Assassins of the emperor...

I'll stop here.

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while on the topic of fantasy can i interest you in some final fantasy?

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

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The answer.

Is yes.

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I like my women devout and good with a flamer

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Here, have a better picture.

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thanks here have some breasts
elsyian drop troop?

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so many asian girls being posted

told you asians were elves

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just saying, men love elf women, lots of guys kept posting asian women here

these dudes want elves, they may not admit it, but they do, and asians are the closest they can get to an elf

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well this is a japanese based imageboard....

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No particular irl or fictional sex idols. I just like curvy black girls, like pic related.

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Female LARPers

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Man, I like a nice curvy butt, but that's just... That's way too much, bro. She looks like her bottom half has been eating KFC every day for a year. And only her bottom half.

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Hey, now I know who you are.

You're that faggot who posted about your Nordic Elven Princess a few months ago, and how you lost your purity to some hot asian bitch that raped you after a gaming session.

Now you're trying to continue the saga of trolling by going after it from this angle.

I haven't ever met a megalomaniacal troll before. This is new. And you're trying to be consistent too. Kudos.

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Morgan Webb, Kari Byron, Audrey Tautou just to name a few

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dem crazies.

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/tg/ needs more Velma.

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any woman who will talk to us


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Reposts, but its what I have

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That's not a KFC butt. Notice the absence of sagging.

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Hollywood shit is shit.

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>absence of sagging
You need your eyes checked, broski.

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OMG! Anon, how did you get this picture??!

This is one of the pictures some girl I like took for me in lieu of producing the furry art commission I asked for from her! She said she was sorry over IM, and then said if I would be willing, she'd send me some personal pics she'd take that night, and I could tell her what to do in them.

I accepted of course, but... what the fuck?!

Why do you have this?? How??

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You, I like.

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You best be trolling.

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Nigga, you trippin

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Who is this and where can I find moar?

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God damn it Blackheart.

Dat ass, man. Dat ass.

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... Go on.

>> No.11360014

Probably him and from his house.

>> No.11360020

The only girl I need

>> No.11360057

I don't have a type per se.
But whites only.

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That chick has booty

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Is this that Maritza chick or did that site finally get more models?

>> No.11360110

Moar like this.

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wow i can't believe this becoming a porn dump.... >.<

>> No.11360138

Partially clothed?

>> No.11360141

This. Real women are ugly.

>> No.11360147

If I wanted to guess I wouldn't have asked you.

>> No.11360161

Join the party!

>> No.11360177

I believe its all still the same

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from idolizing women to a all out porn dump..... man i love you 4chan!!

>> No.11360236

i think i have a new goddess...

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Women of Soldierly quality are the best of all.

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tell me, since i'm browsing from work and cant go a-searchin porn sites for her... how much does she show/do? tell me it isnt just this vague toplessness...

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>> No.11360303

Full nude. I haven't seen anything more.

>> No.11360308

Oh hey, It's that Mexican guy who tricked people into thinking he was a chick by using some random camwhore photos and then stole a bunch of commission money.

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>> No.11360340

full nude and spreadin it? or just "tasteful" artsy-fartsy shit?

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>> No.11360347

Something like this.

>> No.11360349

Fuck how could I have missed it

>> No.11360354

I think only classy stuff

>> No.11360360

Show me your cock

>> No.11360380

i'd like to get a "tasteful" of her, know what i mean?

>> No.11360383


I know that /x/ has a specified character design- does /tg/ have one too?

>> No.11360406

>> No.11360407

nah i think

>> No.11360410

One thing positive I can say about the J.E. con artist is he sure knows how to airbrush and filter.

>> No.11360426

Mayhaps. I don't really care lol

>> No.11360436

Former /co/mrade here, yeah, /tg/ is a scruffy looking nice dude, he normally wears nerdy shirts, usually a red one with the little face logo from The Angry Marines

>> No.11360458

Here's a pick, there was some pretty nice comics shipping /x/ and /tg/, they were cute

>> No.11360521

>9001 get.For THAT

>> No.11360536

Not a random camwhore, he hired her from professional photo-modeling service.

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>> No.11360594

is that a tarp i see?

>> No.11360598

Sauce and moar of this trap, plz?

>> No.11360606

I idolize women who take it in the vagina. And by "it," I mean a really hard kick.

>> No.11360613

Is this Ren?

>> No.11360634

>I'm into cuntbusting porn
Sucks to be you, I guess.

>> No.11360644

i love it when i can shove my big toe into her special place

>> No.11360670

No mention of giant girlfriend .jpegs yet?

/tg/, I am surprise.

>> No.11360723

>-chicks in effective armour
Uh-h-h-h-h-h-h, chicks in realistic armour is so fucking hot.

Chainmail bikini's = major turnoff.

Also no ribs showing/sunking eyesockets/starvation symptoms.

Also no fucking wavy hair.

If I wanted to fuck a supermodel, I'd buy a blowup doll.

>> No.11360781

Countered by the notion that

>chicks in awesome armor

can also mean sexyarmor.

>> No.11360784

Pleasing her would be the greatest quest

>> No.11360857

What the fuck, I'm stating what I like.
FIne, I counter what you like by stating I like playing Dynasty Warriors.

>> No.11360894

>>redhead military women with firearm fetish and large *ahem* bazookas

God damn it!

>> No.11360979

Oh Dobby, let me chew on your weird hair.

>> No.11361224

What's wrong with cuntbusting porn?

>> No.11361432

i thought /tg/ was supposed to be a worksafe board...
janitor do your job |:<

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