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Fuck sleep.
I only live to draw.

Last thread is autosaging, so here is a new one.

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May I please have a deamonhost in the tattered remains of a bridal gown? Great big horns and unseeable, veiled face a major plus.

Thank you.

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Draw the cutest skaven ever to have been drawn!

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Steel-type Snorlax.

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Can I get a Sexy girl sitting on her giant pet scorpion?

Fantasy related.

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Khornette and Valkia the Bloody naked wrestling,

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Ciaphas Cain being squeamish in front of a dark eldar doing something dirty.

I just need more Cai ;-;

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NWOD Hunter, a middle aged overweight balding man from Inida, packing a .38 special tucking into his belt, please and thank you great drawfags

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Dude in a suit of power armor resembling medieval plate armor. Angles & shit everywhere to deflect hits.

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I would like to request a sergal drawn with this outfit in mind. Preferably performing a courteous bow. While a large group of angry raging neckbeards in the background.

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Jim Raynor trollface.

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Khornette giving someone a blowjob.

Because for some reason, after seeing this picture, http://images.4chan.org/tg/src/1280043599215.png, I want to see you do more oral stuff. It's really fucking hot.

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you better have saved it nigger.

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wait, no..
silly url

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It 404s because of the comma stuck to the link, just get rid of that

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It's pretty much this but with more hair.

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Ciaphas Cain and Ibram Gaunt riding a meteor into Khornes face while playing solos on electric guitars.

Thank you if this happens.

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Heretek Leman Russ variant.
It has a clustered triple LasCannon in place of it's main gun.

Alternatively, a basilisk that instead of tracks, has eight mechanical spider legs.

Or something of that caliber.

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Vulkan He'stan finding the last of the 9 artifacts of the salamanders.

A powerfist shaped like a bucket of KFC.

Pretty please

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Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar having a naked catfight.

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Alright, happened to post this late in the other thread so I'm transplanting it here.

As previous, rule 63 on the fellow in this picture here, weird aura optional but interesting (the picture is a gif and the aura is shown if you open it). Why? Because I have bizarre sense of humor and think it would be funny.

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Yo dawg, I heard you like paladins so draw me a paladin cleaving with a paladin, so he can smite n' cleave while he smites n' cleaves.

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Alright, since I can't find the thread from last night to see if my request ever got made i'll simply request it again.

I would like the girl in this picture(Sam McHorne) in this pose but nude. The Warjack doesn't need to be there, but still having the pistol would be cool.

Greenmarine, if you did this last night and I simply can't find it then let me know and i'm sure I can find something else to suggest.

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You...why no Zeonquest?

>> No.11345191

I hope you find this of use.

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I... actually do want to see that...

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A girl trying to have sex with a trygon, but the trygon is confused about the whole thing

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Oooh. Not the requester, but that kicks ass.

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ok, since we're at it, I want to see human kerrigan and raynor enjoying themselves together...

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Because on Friday, 4chan doled out a one day ban on me for no reason whatsoever, and on saturday and today I've been feeling nauseous and tired in alternating patterns.

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I am the requester, >>11345217, and yes it DOES kick ass!

Thanks greenmarine!

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A human warlock dressed in leather cloths (jacket, pants, etc, not really armor). Arms are covered in scarification runes. He has a wide brimmed hat that actually is more fitting for a pirate

Clutching his leg is a dragonborn woman and standing beside him is a dwarf paladin. They are standing on a tower with a horde of zombies climbing up it towards them while a dragon descends upon them from the sky.

If the full picture is too much just the warlock and the dragonborn would be awesome. Also, pic related. This request is based on one moment from my campaign where I decided to "Pose as Ash, because shit just got real."

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Strange, I had a dream on Friday that I got a one day ban.


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Was just wondering. I knew about the 'Banned URL' thing. Was just wondering why you didn't pick it up yesterday/today. Hope you feel better.

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A sexy naked woman wielding a warhammer and a great sword, riding on a chinese dragon that is coming out of the crotch of a giant man with an owl head.

>> No.11345276

I want to see this, but less confusion and more impregnation

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Khornette in one of those reaction face panels.

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Guardswoman snu snu!

>> No.11345297

Could someone draw cutebolds cosplaying as Guts and Griffith?

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This is supposed to be a guy.
Are there Skaven females out there? Or are they one of those races were females are assumed to exist but never actually seen?

>> No.11345305

Mako as a Transformer

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>> No.11345309

Technically I COULD do that. But it would turn out very badly. I don't even have a mouse and track pad + MS paint don't mix

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I think they are chained up and raped over and over to produce more children.

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>A sexy naked woman
>wielding a warhammer and a great sword,
Fuck yeah
>riding on a chinese dragon
Soundin' good
>that is coming out of the crotch of a giant man
>with an owl head.
the fuck?

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They exist.
The males keep them in cages used solely for breeding.

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Female Skaven exist, but they're called breeders for a reason. They're too large and their limbs are too small, they're stupid and their only talent seems to be pumping out giant litters of Skaven.

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Shit. Thanks anyways :)

>> No.11345319

Hahaha, fucking awesome.

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Female Skaven do exist, but they're massive, bloated baby-factories and are essentially mindless.

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If you could draw an Ork, Tau, Imp Guardsmen, and Black Templar space marine playing warhammer40k that would be much appreciated.

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You know how mole rats have a breeder queen? It is like that but exaggerated and implied sexual enslavement.

>> No.11345333

Sup Greenmarine.

If you could, a Kobold sorcerer. Think of a cross between Gollum and Tweak from South Park.

>> No.11345335

It's an acquired taste, I admit.

>> No.11345341

Better idea;
One member from each 40k army all sitting around a table playing poker.

>> No.11345350

already been done hasn't it?

>> No.11345354

A girl with muzzle, straightjacket and iron collar with chain-leash. She has long, greasy and messy hair.

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Commissar Cain shaking hands with a kroot shaper

>> No.11345375

A commander of a very large Naval ship and her team of Bridge bunnies.

This is meant to be a sexy request, during their "off-time"

>> No.11345422

>Commissar Cain shaking smoking blunts with a kroot shaper

>> No.11345441

I wish I could embrce such fervor in my artistic endevors...

alas, my apathy outweight my motivation.

>> No.11345456

I second the Cain and Kroot request

Also: A downy crested t-rex fighting a giant landsquid.

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even better.

bonus points if Jurgens in the background with lil stink lines

>> No.11345468

Has it?

>> No.11345475


I seem to remember a chaos space marine wearing a little green poker visor.

>> No.11345490

Thats not a bad idea either, but I kind of wanted just those 4 as its a representation of the group of friends I play with and our armies.

>> No.11345535

Seconding this

>> No.11345629

A warhammer dark elf sorceress sitting at her desk, writing into her girly girl diary. Would be an awsome picture to start my battle report thread in a WHF forum.

>> No.11345702

What kind of relationship would these two have?

>> No.11345715

i loled

>> No.11345748

Well, Valkia's pretty much Khornette's stepmother.

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I think he should use this one instead

>> No.11345767


draw bees


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Can i have an orc gunslinger?

An orc Clint Eastwood in his best western movies. And don't forget the poncho and the cowboy hat.


>> No.11345804

Older/younger sisters.

In Khorne's eyes, they may as well be.

>> No.11345835

Mother/duaghter, Valkria is called "the consort"

>> No.11345858

Step mother is best option.

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Man i fucking love Pokemon.

>> No.11345948

Requesting a Tau broadside blowing up Marneus Calgar with its missles.

>> No.11345976

This furiously masturbating in the shower.

>> No.11346004

Porn of this (ignore the G word)



>> No.11346044

Angrymarine and a Starcraft marine fighting back to back against a horde of zerg and tyranids.

Bonus points if the Starcraft marine is smoking a cigar.

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Sorry /tg/, gotta go take care of some business before i can draw some more.

Stupid life.

See you later, probably tonight.

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No orc gunslinger?


>> No.11346145

comeback quickly greenmarine

>> No.11346367

Please finish this if you can!

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He already did last night

>> No.11346483

Repost, please?

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Anything else good from that thread?

>> No.11346639

Draw Cultest chan doing... something I donno.

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it's archived on suptg, but for some reason is -8 or something right now.

>> No.11346839

thats drawn very good.....would you take my request as well?

>> No.11346885

Thanks! Asshats

>> No.11346886

I dunno I'm doing pretty shitty right now.

The NWOD Hunter one? I'd need some picture reference.

>> No.11346898

heres a blurry reference point

>> No.11346913

>it's archived on suptg

What? I don't see it. O_o
Link plox?

>> No.11346926

Not seeing a previous greenmarine thread in the last 3 or so days on suptg.

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I don't even understand why the drawfag bothers.
It's the same bullshit rule 34 requests all over.
Or boring, old /tg/ memes.

>> No.11346961

Because I mostly drawfag character portraits when I get a chance?

>> No.11346968

Wow greenmarine. You're dedicated.

Think you could draw me a pair of gnome mages throwing fireballs at a pirateship from the hull of a small gnomish submarine?

>> No.11346974

Green marine ask to draw tits.

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Downvote spammers and the admins being faggots and deciding no drawthreads are to be archived anymore.

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Suptg's bandwidth is being truncated by Comcast. so he needs to clean out the image files because of everyone downloading/uploading them. ALL of the image files are being rendered inaccessible for a time because Comcast will discontinue his service if he doesn't limit it.

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This is now a greenmarine repost thread

>> No.11347118

drawthread's aren't freaking archive worthy, just save the freaking pictures if you like them, and stop eating up sup/tg/'s bandwidth

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I think this is my favorite Greenmarine pic evar.

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>> No.11347276

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Vuvuzela noise marine.

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Mr. Rogers facing Kharn the Betrayer in a field of battle.

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I love you, Greenmarine. I want you to have my babies.

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>> No.11347406

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I'm pretty sure thri-kreens don't work this way but whatever

>> No.11347426

Hey Green, I'd still like the female tech-preistess blaspheming with the holy oil. Use your imagination. You're the best drawfriend for it.

>> No.11347428

>> No.11347437

>> No.11347447

>> No.11347476

Something I'd really like to see is a bork cube.

>> No.11347478

none of my drawings are coming out decent today, I give up.

>> No.11347481


I guess it depends on how much bandwidth he manages to shave off, but I'd like to see at least a temporary carry over of the threads for people who want to pickup on missed requests both on the part of the drawfag and the requesters.

>> No.11347498

Instead of bitching someone could make a drawfag archive.

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have some old cultist i guess why not just bumping the thread

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>> No.11347537

>> No.11347546

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Would you draw me and assassin in the 41 millennium, wrapings covering his face with a master crafted hunting rifle on his back and a big fucking revolver on his belt

>> No.11347590

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They might be able to, but that would mean someone needs to be able foot the bill. I've been batting around asking about donating to suptg but the money I can spare is probably just a drop in the bucket.

>> No.11347634

Thank you good sir and great drawfag........sorry i couldnt thank you sooner since i i was away taking a shower

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His constant pratfalls would provide much needed comic relief to the dark universe of Transformers.

>> No.11348531

Try this again:

Starting a RT game with friends and the Rogue Trader will be based on Phil Ken Sebbin from Harvey Birdman.

I request Phil drawn as a Rogue Trader for a character portrait thing. Maybe a cool black pirate-esque outfit or something equally rogue-esque. Reference included.

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>> No.11351475

page 14? really? no one else wants to draw?

>> No.11351555

Well, Green said he'd be back later tonight.

>> No.11351630


Yeah I know but Greenmarine is not the only drawfag that frequents /TG. Usually someone else will draw a bit at one point or another. It just seemed odd that no one is doing anything since GM left.

Oh well it IS summer I guess. I just got back from the park myself and was surprised to find the thread on page 14 exactly as I had seen it a couple hours ago.

>> No.11354629

Troglodyte has done a bit, Liar is in a meh period and Jean has been out doing stuff.

>> No.11354878

The command staff of a Rogue Trader's ship, arguing.

The Rogue Trader himself is a young man, recently come into the title and warrant. Brown hair, and a nifty hat, possibly a mustache. Dashing, handsome, flamboyant swordsman, not the brightest box of rocks, but not an idiot, either. Carries a chainsword, a power sword, and a plasma pistol on his belt. Knows how to use them. Generally pretty genial.

The Navigator, a three-eyed scarf-wearing maniac, perpetually in possession of the captain's hip-flask, gaunt as a skeleton, and faster than he should be. Wears once-luxurious, but now kind of tattered robes. Wears the seal of a fallen Navigator house.

Seneschal, dressed in formal attire, with a bolt pistol on one hip, and a melta pistol on the other. Hyper-competent assistant to the Rogue Trader, in a slightly worrying manner, and space-accountant extrodinare. Arguing with Rogue Trader over accounts, and holding the accounts ledger, presumably sub-titled 'Real'.

>> No.11354920

Vegas from Alien Swarm, with a chainsaw, the most absurd rageface you can manage, and the caption of:


>> No.11355166

Cestree in a similar situation

>> No.11355304

Going back to previous request of Mr.Rogers petting a meek looking Tyranid who has part of a dead IG in it's mouth. Rogers is going, "Don't eat so much, you'll get sick."

>> No.11355652

anybody who was in last few threads,
did he ever do the taokaka request?

>> No.11355889

I second this, for it sounds awesome.

>> No.11356318


Why would you want a picture of tau shit?

>> No.11356328

Sup Marine?

>> No.11356369


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