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Damnit, we lose more female supporting characters that way.

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Just for the record, I so fucking called it.

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What am I looking at?

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One of the characters from Starcraft 2 getting Kerrigan'd.

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doesn't sound very /tg/ related.

Sounds like /v/ content actually

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We are all Kerrigan now.

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Don't you know we are the blue version of /b/. The main difference is we don't shit in 11 year old girls' cereal.

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We just wish we were the 11 year old girl?

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Well, YOU don't.

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We aren't though.
Well, we shouldn't be.
Just no one cares.

Also, that chick deserved it.

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Soon, starcraft 2 will be filled with nothing but grunting manly men in huge armor.

And all the women will be zerg.

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>oh look another shitty blizzard product.

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It's like The Thing. Make sure her head doesn't sprout legs and try to escape!

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Kerigan gets turned human so I don't know about the Zerg anymore.

feels like they blew their story wad on Wings of Liberty.

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So where ARE people getting all this intelligence from?

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YouTube, mostly. All twenty cinematics are online already.

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EVERY FUCKING WOMAN JIM TOUCHES HAS THIS HAPPEN. ecxept his wife, who just died.

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Jim was married?

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Where can I fing OP's?

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dem mandibles

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to be honest I never got the whole "relationship" vibe from Jimmy and Sarah from the first few games, then SC2^3 plays this angle HARD I mean like the explicitly state they were a couple.

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Oh god, she's turning into a thri-kreen!

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can get vid, possibly?

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Yes. he also had a son that was a ghost. emphasis on was.

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You just weren't paying attention to the dialog, then. In all fairness, people that should have known better missed it, too; in one of the first StarCraft novels, Liberty's Crusade, Kerrigan practically jumps into bed with the author's self-insert and completely ignores Raynor.

Still pisses me off to this day.

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(apologies for repost, lack of SC material on web)

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Also Nova Shows up Cutscene 16

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It's like all my wildest dreams have come true!

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There are several Starcraft RPGs, my favorite being the D6 one.

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I just read that shit again today(seriously. it's a quick read.)
I've always believed that guy was the ultimate Mary Sue. He's the one relating to Kerrigan. He goes on all sorts of rad adventures with Jimmy for no real reason. He's hanging with Mengsk playing chess, and convinces them to go back to break Jimmy out of the prison ship. Then he convinces Jimmy to leave the Sons of Korhal/Dominion.

FUCK it's anoying.

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No I was, I was paying attention VERY intimately to SC1

They never got beyond the whole Battle companions thing. and were pretty much the soldier equivalent of " Just armsmen"

Then In SC2^3 the only sensible character Mat, basically tells Tychus they were were a couple. no he doesn't "basically" thats what he says word for fucking word! Not only that but Jimmy goes around with a picture of Kerrigan EVERYWHERE and looks at it wistfully.

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Could you post link to video?
I can't find it cause youtube cuts the name just before the scene number.

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there IS a bit of it shown when Mengsk sacrifices her. I think it just wasn't vital to the plot that they hooked up. You weren't seeing the game from Jimmy's POV, regardless of what they may say now.
As the colonial magistrate, you probably just never poked your nose into their business.

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That seemed more like " You are throwing away a vauable asset, and a good friend of mine."


its in the line up, they are in chonological order from top to bottom

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but he doesn't get mad about, say, any other ghost that dies calling in a nuke, or any of the other troops that are left to die in impossible situations.

The tone he has in the briefing in the following mission also seems to hint at a more personal loss. It's obvious they were close.

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I can't believe he actually left her
down there! I'm gone, and you'd
better come with me. There's no
tellin' who Arcturus'll screw over

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and with one link I have spoiled the story of Wings of Liberty to EVERYONE

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I got the whole "there's something between them" just from the first game; the aforementioned abandoning her on the planet and the part where Raynor realizes that Kerrigan's been all zergified, but it wasn't "lol they were sexing", it was more of a...well I don't know what the word is, but it was nicely understated and SC2 just shit all over it.

I wasn't happy.

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again that sounds rather rational.

I'm not saying they weren't close, I'm saying they weren't lovers.

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Just because he cared about her doesn't mean he has to be all melodramatic about it.

That was back when Blizz could still write entertaining dialogue and halfway decent plots, as opposed to THERE MUST ALWAYS BE... A LEEEEECH KEEEEENG

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I called it months ago.

I, uh, wasn't expecting my trolling to turn out to be canon, though.

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what ? Taht i'd spoil it foreveryone or that
Kerrigan gets humanified, other bitch gets Zergified and shotinfacicified?

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I was kinda hoping that Hanson wouldn't wind up Emperor's Mercy'd. Ah, well.

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This. A thousand times this. Jimmy's character just wasn't an overly melodramatic guy. Hell, he'd even already lost a wife before. Maybe the second time isn't as bad(not saying they were married). Plus, there was his utter disbelief of what had happened to her when he discovered she wa the Queen of Blades.

Now, he seems kinda whiney.

But then, he's had four years to sulk. Four years of relative peace with little more to do than sink into a depression.

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The dezergification and falling into Jim's arms all lovey-dovey like.

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He's also been at the bottom of a bottle the whole time, so that may be a factor.

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And drink. Don't forget about the drinking.

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Eh I figured it LONG before when I saw the ORIGINAL concept art. like WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED THE FUCKING GAME!

I just figured they'd wait until the Zerg game

but I figured it would happen when Zeretul goes on his whole" You must FUCK Kerrigan to save the universe! Find it in your heart to not kill the bitch but to stick your dick in her chitinous twat!"

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How does Kerrigan get de-zergified and WHY?

Not that it matters, given she will go back eventually.

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and unibrow shaving. All his modesty was stored in the monobrow.

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But now her twat has no chitin at all.

A sad Raynor.

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Who knows, if the carpet matches the drapes she still has zergy pubes.

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Xel'naga artifact, they PEW PEWED her face with.

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Also, spoilers, it's raining on char for some reason. Shouldn't that be impossible or something? It's not a lot, but it's still not fire, or acid mixed with fire. That little bit of mood weather was more of a mind screw for me than any of blizzard's attempts at writing relationship drama.

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doncha know? All ghost have to comply with the groomin standards and that says no bush under the synthskin.

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By popular vote, this is now and has always been canon.

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no I am just the GOD-EMPEROR and I know this shit in advance.

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Ends up looking like steel wool. According to Empowered, anyways.

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do they ever comprehend that the humans are way way way more powerful than zerg and protoss?

the entirety of protoss civilization is wrecked, all the zerg are there, while a bunch of space australians have held them all off.

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More like focus on what he COULD have had. What can change a man?

Regret. Regret for not taking a chance, regret for not getting closer to her when he had the chance.

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They gotta fit snug under that suit so I imagine a bit of surgical or laser removal occurs in that indoctrination phase.

Sides Kerrigan always stuck me as the shaven type.

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We require picture evidence of this.

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Why does she still have the zerg dreads after getting de-zergified, anyway?

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Because flowing crimson locks would be even dumber, and the designers aren't into bald girls.

I assume.

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Gimme back my redhead!

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You are becoming one of my favorite namefags. Please post more.

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hey sorry to cut in here, I have not been following the game's development, but after watching the cinematics, are they still planning to do that asinine 3 separate games thing?

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They want to release the three game thing so that it looks like two expansions

...let's be honest yer gonna buy/crack it anyways

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fuck, well I've seen all that I care about from this campaign then. I'll have to check back in when there is a campaign I care about. See you later SC2

>> No.11337080

I'll be here to show you the other campaigns cinematic as well.

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>What can change a man?

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lol back again, no, not really. the overall story arc strikes me as basically zerg VS toss, the humans are just kind of there (marketability) like I said back there, I'll pay for something when I think it'll be worth paying for Frankly, if I want something to play online, I'll just go back to LOL or DOW2

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Awesome, one sixty buck game and two fifty buck expansions!


yes, i know i will be getting them anyhow.
i will probably even pay. i know, the shame, etc.

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then go enjoy your LOL, I don't mind :)

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Wait, wait. I'm a little pissed at getting this shit spoiled, but I thought Kerrigan was confirmed to be the main character of Heart of the Swarm?

>> No.11337162


Are you forgetting that each installment is as long as the entirety of SC1? If they actually waited to release the whole thing at once, it would be in development until 2015.

>> No.11337176


Maybe it's one of those bullshit "there must ALWAYS be a Queen of Blades" things like what they pulled in Wrath of the Lich King.

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I'm actually intrigued on just who is going to be the lead for the Zerg, now that everyone with a vocabulary that contains more then "Grrrr" and "Rarrr" is gone now.

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I have no idea what's going on, really. The cinematics are cool and all but I think there's a lot of stuff I'm missing that must be occuring in-game.

Also I have no intention of playing SC2 anyway, just wanted a conclusion to the story.

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well, technically, there must always be a main brain for the zerg or else they aren't sentient...

shit was pulled before WOW nigga

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It's not like I have anything against expansions, it's the full price + segregating the multiplayer depending on what you've bought that bothers me.

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:< I have other interests too!

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There's a difference between "there must be an overmind or else the zerg aren't sentient" and "there must always be a lich king or else the scourge will get so angry and destroy everything." One of them is reasonable. The other is a sweeping statement made in the name of maintaining the status quo.

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Green chicks are allowed. CARRY ON!

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Blizzard confirmed on multiple occasions that the story mode for Heart of the Swarm will take place after Wings of Liberty, and focus on Kerrigan gaining power. Now he's being cured of the infection and going from being a strong character to a weak "only you can save me" character? Dumb.

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>> No.11337284

There was speculation a while back that the Overmind actually sacrificed himself so that Kerrigan could get control of the swarm and use it to merge with the Protoss. As that was the purpose of invading the Terrans in the first place, assimilation. Because what's the purpose of Kerrigan controlling large Zerg broods if she was going to be an assassin?

Also, there doesn't NEED to be an Overmind, there just needs to be a Cerabrate/sufficiently infested sentient being.

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>>11337209 segregating the multiplayer depending on what you've bought that bothers me.

Wings of Liberty has full multiplayer support for all 3 races.

>> No.11337296

True...still, i'm not yet aware of all that happens in the game so i'll buy it

>> No.11337299

That's not what I meant.

>> No.11337307

And they won't be priced as full priced supposedly.

>> No.11337317

what did you mean?

>> No.11337323


well guy, I think you forgot the activision element in play here. blizzard's initial intent aside, activision will push them, trust me, the next one will be out before xmas of next year, and nowhere as good, or as long as it ought. and I agree with >>11337209 expansions are one thing, breaking a game into separate parts and selling them all for basically full price is insulting. It'd be like buying each god to fight in god of war 3, every separate environment in halo, or having to pay for each storyline in DOW1's later expansions.

>> No.11337381

>going from being a strong character to a weak "only you can save me" character?

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thisthisthisthisthisthisthisthis

early-game Kerrigan: kicking righteous ass on securitycam tapes and sparring with Zeratul
end Kerrigan: oh you big, strong hero - HOLD ME

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I meant the whole if you only have WoL you can only play with other people who only have WoL etc

>> No.11337404

Calling it, it's all a trick

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>> No.11337426

I was thinking this. Blizzard either lied about Kerrigan being the main character of HotS or leaked cinematics on purpose.

>> No.11337438


You mean these aren't from a cracked version of the game?

>> No.11337440

I'd like to believe this, but - what's their motivation? And they don't really have a history of screwing with their fans, do they?

>> No.11337452

It WOULD explain the crazy zerg-locks

>> No.11337457

Either way, there was some bullshit peddled.
I dunno, I didn't hear any news about the game being leaked or cracked at all. Maybe.

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>> No.11337496

So ultimately we've been had cause activision lied

>> No.11337511

The game has not been cracked the uploader bought the collector edition, which comes with a cinematics DVD, and the game was sent to him before the launch date. He still can't play the game before the 27th.

>> No.11337517

What else is new.

>> No.11337518

And this is a problem... how?

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>> No.11337537

So either Blizzard lied, Activision lied, this is all a trick, Blizzard fucked up, Activision fucked up, Amazon fucked up, Kira is the Ultimate Coordinator, or this is a dumb ending.

>> No.11337544

He fucking killed Tychus.


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>> No.11337565

Goddammit DragonLadies

>> No.11337575


Why the hell would Blizzard sell its games with a cinematics DVD that gives away all the plot twists?! They can't even PRETEND to be surprised when that inevitably leaks!

>> No.11337589


I don't know why anyone is surprised. Can you name the last game that was awaited for 12 years and didn't disappoint?

Starcraft I (and brood wars) were fairly campy, fun games. 12 years has invested them and their storyline with a kind of mythological aura about them; in other words, if you didn't have Victor fucking Hugo on your writing team, it was going to be declared sucky.

That said, too many (or for me, one) deus exes in a game or storyline irritate me, and it sounds like this game has plenty.

>> No.11337591


For however much collector's edition is bro, probably worth it. Not like people won't buy the game once they've watched the cinematics.

>> No.11337607


True. But still, it would be nice if Blizzard at least TRIED to appear as though they care about the story.

>> No.11337613

I guess Kerrigan will become the Queen of Blades again, willingly, in Heart of the Swarm, so she can help the Protoss and the Terrans fight against the Hybrids.

>> No.11337615

I didn't expect a goddamn literary masterpiece, just something fun that would let me put on my nostalgia goggles and be ten years old again.

Even ten year old me would think this is dumb as hell.

>> No.11337632

I must insist on this though:
The people of 4chan have set their standarts too high

>> No.11337634


If you're talking about the de-infestation, that was around long before SC2.

>> No.11337643


They probably do, but it's been 12 years, hard to get the same magic in it.

>> No.11337649

I'm going to miss the fucking UED, we should get to play them instead.

"Take us out of orbit, Mr. Malmstein."

>> No.11337653

I counter that with my own pretty recent finishing of the original + broodwar. I thought the stories were pretty good on their own, and outstanding for a video game. I just watched all the Wings of Liberty cinematics and I am quite disappoint.

>> No.11337662

What the fuck happened to my space rednecks? What is all this "epic" music bullshit, for fuck's sake!?

Never mind Kerrigan, what the fuck happened to the setting?

>> No.11337670

>>infested hanson
>>unfamiliar with SC2 since he doesn't play WarcraftInSpace.
>>Imagines the next best thing.

>> No.11337678

You still here?
Dude, swap you some dragons for some dragons...

>> No.11337680

That bothers me a bit. One hell of a loose thread.

>> No.11337700


I'm not talking about how they wrote it. What I mean is, they don't seem to be trying too hard to keep the ending a surprise. Putting it all on an easily-ripped DVD that's inevitably going to fall into someone's hands before the release date just seems either incredibly stupid or completely apathetic.

>> No.11337709

It is too popular and mainstream to be rednecks in space now. It has to be something more "serious" so the kiddies will like it more.

>> No.11337736

On that note, it's pretty hilarious how Cataclysm is turning into some bizarre mix of MAKE IT MORE GRIMDERP PUT WAR BACK IN WARCRAFT etc and dapper Victorian werewolves.

>> No.11337747


That's the problem, my friend. You'll never be 10 years old again. You'll never recapture the magic.

I think they're OK. As storylines they are pretty meh. I don't think its distance, either. Starcraft was at that point when a lot of /tg/ was just really getting into video games. It was the first video game I tried to get competitively good at - though I never made iit to Korea I did practice and play it quite a bit. It will have a special place in all our hearts - mine included.

But, objectively speaking, I don't think SCII is a big departure from the series, writing-wise. If anything its a bit more involved than previous editions.

>> No.11337753

Is this based off that image of the incredible ass falling out of a dress?

>> No.11337754


At least they don't sparkle.

>> No.11337822


Wh-what image is that?

>> No.11337837

Yha. I just did that as a reference piece. + hey db ass so why not?
Just didn't think I'd ever post it.

>> No.11337842


I'm like a trading post now!

>> No.11337850

Give me a moment, let me see if I can find it.
Well, it is both a nice ass and a good pose.

>> No.11337872


Are you the artist who's been doing the recent DB drawings?

>> No.11337884

>> No.11337910

If the other furry characters in the picture are bothering you, just tell me.

>> No.11337914

That was fucking gay. There's only a human campaign? WHAT THE FUCK? WHERE'S MY PROTOSS? MY FUCKING ZERGS?!

>> No.11337939


>> No.11337944

In one of the cutscenes (bar fight) it feels like they're trying to make the world less Redneck and more Firefly.

>> No.11337951


Do you by an chance have a gallery or something?

>> No.11337956


I was listening to the radio and heard Hanson as well as backstreet boys would appear at some concert in the nova area. I can't imagine how obscene it'll be for what must be 30+ year old hanson guys to be singing mm bop.

>> No.11337982

Honestly, why is scaly/furry porn spammed in EVERY THREAD?

>> No.11338004


To be fair, I was just starting off with SC because it was related, but then I was entreated to post more :<

>> No.11338009


I'm actually seeing Hanson in Raleigh next weekend. Their new songs are pretty cool, actually:


>> No.11338020

New drawings here
-Work in progress

>> No.11338138

Because there's only like six thri-kreen porno pics.

>> No.11338204


Shame about no gallery, thanks for the links. Why Dragonborn sketches?

>> No.11338319

What do you mean why db sketches?

>> No.11338328


Ohhhh. Nice.

>> No.11338419


Do you like dragons, dragnoborn in particular?

>> No.11338503

Ohhh! I see.
I luuuuuuvvv dragons! I had been collecting dragon statues and such sense I was about 12. Later I began to dream of them on occasion. They were all I drew sophomore year.
Just seemed like a natural transition as I began to get serious into art. I guess.
Junior year and 4e came out. I was hooked. Haven't looked back sense.

>> No.11338548

What if, being that she still has zerg dreads, she still has control over some zerg?

Yes i'm talking about good guy zerg fighting with the humans

2nd game will probably be the uniting of the swarm and the social awkwordness with humans. 3rd game will problably be the protoss pissed and fighting to take out the swarm (as usual) and feeling betrayed by humanity

But they all work out their differences for starcraft 3, where the zel naga arive to fight everyone.

>> No.11338566


Are you going to art school? Planning to be an artist?

>> No.11338647

Maybe. Why?

>> No.11338675


Was just curious. You seemed serious about art. I'm guessing you're still in high school and pardon me for being rude, but I'm guessing you're a girl (by the way you type).

>> No.11338692

>Zerg protoss and humans working together vs a fourth race

I hate you so much right now

>> No.11338696

Because he's right?

>> No.11338706


lol that was kind of predicted like right after SC1 came out.

>> No.11338775

Negitory on both those assumptions. This is senior summer for me! NO MO School.

>> No.11338787

Here. Some Icecream at the beach.

>> No.11338826

Vanilla, I imagine.

>> No.11338854


The sad thing is that he'll probably be proven correct someday.

>> No.11338866


Are you planning to go to college?

>> No.11338906

Yha after WW3 and the next civil war are over, I might have the time. But I imagine that I'm starting collage next year or so.

>> No.11338908


its implied that whatever UED forces that weren't wiped out by kerrigan at the end of SC:BW became stranded and either A.) Joined the Dominion or B.) Became mercenaries

>> No.11338912

Well duh.

Liberty's Crusade is an awful book by pulp fiction standards. It's basically Terran Campaign: The Book with some dude who is mysteriously present for EVERY FUCKING MISSION.

>> No.11338948


I liked the combat writing and the behind the scenes feel.
Author insert fucking pissed me off though.

>> No.11338953


...So he's the player character?

>> No.11338990

I can't wait for collage. I won't have to get yelled at anymore for drawing dragonborn during history lectures and on Spanish tests.

>> No.11338991


Art school? Or just a normal college.

>> No.11339008

That was just a small expeditionary force of the UED. Remember that they are much larger than the Terran Dominion and were much larger than the Confederacy, most of which were just in the Koprulu Sector.

>> No.11339020

So your teachers know you draw sexy dragon ladies?

Do they give you "that boy ain't right" looks?

>> No.11339040

Art school. History is my fav subject but people tell me that I'm good at art. W/e. All I do is waste my time drawing and browsing /tg/ for epic ideals. Might as well go to art school.

>> No.11339052


the rest of em we're either in transit, or still on earth iirc.

I'm sure they'll show up in the second or third game.

>> No.11339087

Usually, except my chemistry teacher. He'd write notes on my papers about my dragonborns and such and such. He was surprised that there was a student in his class who played dnd. During our pigglet dissection he wore a dethklok shirt. I drew a db on the lab write up. Only one I ever got a 100 on.

>> No.11339115

I'm just curious, how often do you draw? I was planning to go to a art school to be a computer animator but I'm seriously doubting if I'll even pass the classes. I haven't drawn in a long time and I sucked tremendous dick at it.

>> No.11339120

He's probably posting here right now.

He might be in this very thread.

>> No.11339134

You don't understand. When I say drawing is all I do, I mean IT IS ALL I DO!!
Fuck looking for a job, or finishing painting my minis, I got shit to draw.

>> No.11339140

Mr. Galluchi. Peace fool.

>> No.11339169


Are you actually in an art school? Which one are you going to?

>> No.11339183


You should drawfag.

>> No.11339207


>> No.11339217

Drawfagging's pretty hard. People assume you're able to do every style out there, and trust me when I say it's hard to even find a single style that works most of the time.

>> No.11339225

Maybe art institute. I hear good things about them. I dono tho. Have to do more investigootin.

>> No.11339237

That's why I started with anime. People leave me alone so I can draw things that I'd never show mom.

>> No.11339295

>> No.11339312

that worries the shit out of me. I really need to get a tablet soon. get cracking on some real life portraits

>> No.11339313

Drew this awhile ago. Sorry its no dragonborn.

>> No.11339324

Do it! You'll regret if you don't.

>> No.11339333


Tablets can be had for under a 100 I think.

>> No.11339350

I want a decent one. I'm not saying I want to lose an arm or a leg but I just don't want some shitty one.

pic unrelated, just another request someone did for me

>> No.11339354

I really like the first picture you posted though, the one with the shirt straps. Very nice shading and perspective. It's a shame you don't have a gallery.

>> No.11339379

Hey dad I want to go to art school.

Son I am disappoint.

I want to go to art school so I can draw furry porn better.

/goes to find shotgun.

>> No.11339381

Taht was fun to draw!

>> No.11339399

I had a feeling I was talking to the very same artist. What do you use to draw?

>> No.11339407

Adesso cybertablet 12000
Watch out. Software incompatible with vista or 7

>> No.11339408

Tychus: Great starscream, or greatest starscream?

>> No.11339424

Do any of you get in a mood to draw somthing but then fail to be able to draw the quality you normally draw at?

>> No.11339430

do you have an e-mail or AIM or something?

It's hard to find good dragonborn/dragon artists these days.

>> No.11339445

On aim right now. Whats yours? I'll im you.

>> No.11339455

yeah I may get something better than that. I was originally gonna save up and shell out 400 for 1 but if thats what you use. Do you have any problems with it?

>> No.11339465

All the fucking time. I have to change the AAA battery every week or it fritzes out. And I had to find an outside driver to get it to work properly. otherwise no.

>> No.11339517


Hmm...got somewhere I can e-mail it, don't want /tg/ getting it (not that I don't trust you /tg/ I just don't trust you)

>> No.11339526


I hear the Bamboo series is good. Wacom makes good tablets too.

>> No.11339532 [DELETED] 

[email protected]

>> No.11339533

I've heard everyone and their mother using wacom's, I may look at one.

>> No.11339601

You still here?

>> No.11339621


Yea sorry about that, friends playing LoL, which is hard to look away from.

>> No.11339625

Send me your aim. Ill draw for you.

>> No.11339692


Are you the same guy?

>> No.11339720


>> No.11339960

Do you have a table btw?

>> No.11339975

don't know if hes gonna answer you. He just said he was gonna hit the hay

>> No.11339976

A table?

>> No.11339993


Tablet, man it's late. Oh hrm, probably should have been faster on the response time. In the meantime...Stay fapping, /tg/!

>> No.11340051

Your vaginas need some work, good sir.

>> No.11340106

But also remember that I drew that a month ago. Work has been made.

>> No.11340120

I demand proof! For, uh, archival purposes. Yes, that's it!

>> No.11340198

Heart of the Swarm's plot is going to lead on DIRECTLY FROM the Wings of Liberty.
We will playing from INFESTED KERRIGAN'S perspective.

Try to figure out how this is going to work.

>> No.11340550

God damn, Kerrigan. That was low and you know it.

>> No.11343582

Can't wait 'til Tuesday.

>> No.11343644

Easy. She's not completely de-infested. After all, she still has those crazy zergy dreadlocks. It will also create a wonderful bit of conflict between her and Jimmy.

>> No.11343660

She doe snot die if you make aproprtiate choices.
just drop her off before and she lives.

>> No.11344597

ey dragonborn guy, pick up a drop.io maybe?
deletes a year from last download, you can preview pix ala Photobucket, just don't forget to turn off guest deletion when you sign up and create.

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