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Come get your shit drawn.


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A Nymph (female, obviously) disguised as a man. Poorly.

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Sister of Battle bitch slapping a Commissar

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Kerrigan riding a Hive Tyrant's cock.

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Warhammer fantasy High Elf fighting a Dwarf.

Halflings in the background are taking bets.

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A Kenku dressed up like a stage magician

>> No.11334864

clearing an infested Terran.

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A noise marine of Slanesh equiped with weapons and armor themed around the evil horn itself... The Vuvuzela!!!

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Commissar fistfighting a Carnifex

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Lemme just copy->paste this...

>How about a D&D character of mine?
>Human male with short, brown hair. Wearing heavy-duty boots, leather breeches, a chain shirt (and light shirt beneath), fingerless gloves, and a cloak. Greataxe slung on his back, broadsword on his hip & a longspear in-hand.

>If you want you could have him cutting a lobsterman in half, vertically, with his axe. That happened recently.

Thanks in advance.

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Khornette in short shorts and and boxing gloves punching a taller leggier slaanesh daemon in the cunt.

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Can I get a demonic looking monk with spikes all over his body and long sharp teeth. He has no hair, wears plain pants and has two serpent brands on the insides of his forearms.

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Jace getting blown to pieces by yawgmoth

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Chem-chan dropping the soap in a shower with Cata-chan standing behind her.

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4 gentlemen:

A man in powered armor weilding two swords as large as he is, one gold and one black with the souls of the damned screaming in it.

A foppish merchant prince with a large, ornate, golden bow. Also, his armor can look like any other armor, so do what thou wilt.

A reedy-looking librarian, or just Chinese Milo Thatch. Wears Sphess Muhreen-sized breastplate, boots, and gauntlets for punchin and kickin.

A rather nondescript monk, as we've only had the guy for one session so far.

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Verity being Verity.

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Valkia the Bloody, consort of Khorne.

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trench coat,
two las pistols,
purity seals,
and a badge.

Thank you in advance op.

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Just google some images of bands like Manowar or Deicide or really ANY Scandinavian death metal band. They're ALL about leather pants, cloaks, fingerless gloves and big axes.

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Can Iget a pic of a wastelander, putting a handfull of caps in a desk, and then a few bullets in a box?

giggling, while he does it.

If he can say "THEY WILL NEVER FIGURE OUT WHO DID THIS" I will love you fo-eva.

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How about Khornette working out?

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A picture of a Tyranid screaming "drawthread!"

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Can I get my the BBEG and his cohort for a WFRP I'm running drawn? He's a skaven Grey Seer, with a rat skull amulet on his neck and with a staff that has a rat skull with Warpstone in its eyes. As a Grey Seer, he has white/grey fur and two ram-like horns curving from his head, and covered in grey robes. His cohort is a Stormvermin in full mail armor, with a glaive and a pair of warplock pistols. The grey seer should look pissed and the stormvermin should look dejected, knowing that he's going to have to put himself in danger once more to protect the Seer.

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I will personally give you a PDF of any 2nd Edition AD&D or 3.5 Book of your choice if you draw a half-elf in black studded leather with a red half-skirt, red headscarf covering all of his features other than green eyes. He has no visible weapons and seems to be kneeling in a dark, cave-like room. Approx. 5ft 10in tall, 190 pounds, pale complexion, black hair (not visible).

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Darth Vader vs. Satan. Make it happen.

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That you personally downloaded off the internet like absolutely ANYBODY can do? You are a true giver of rings, oh mighty Anon.

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Nice try, I have a load of out of print things that are very hard to find on the internet.

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A modest-looking soldier of any national with some effort put into it.

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Such as?

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5'10" 190lb elf? Nigga you fat.

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Name a 2nd or 3.5 ed. book.

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HA! Awesome! Thanks Mr. Greenmarine!

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Seconding one of these. Never enough Khorne women.

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still fat.

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Fine, make it a 85pound elf then.

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No, that is a moderately muscled weight for a 5'10" dude.

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Vikings Campaign Sourcebook from AD&D 2E

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Could I please have a large, muscular character with huge ears working at a forge, or at least hammering something out on an anvil? I know you hate picture based inspiration, but this is the closest I can get to describing the type of ears.

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Nigga at 5'10" you better be between 130 and 160.

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How about Valkia and Khornette having a naked wrestling match?

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Moderately muscled and fat maybe.

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Don't post images TARDS! it means he has less images to post before image limit.

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Warlock nipple lasers

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Khornette workout requester here.

I fully endorse this idea.

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>image limit will be reached
tee hee!

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The Beatles in 40k outfits. I really don't care what.

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No moderately muscled and a little fat is 220 like my brother.

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Draw a triple ant.

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An Emperors champion killing a Chaos marine via execution..... With purge the heretic written above.... I smell a new wallpaper :3

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Your brother is fat. My brother is 5'10" and lightly muscled at 140 pounds. Your brother doesn't have 50 pounds of muscle on mine.

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your brother feeding.jpg

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Gary Gygax and Freddie from the new Scooby Doo cartoon talking about traps.

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I need an evangelion.

As long as it's unique from the current ones but still fits the design of most, that's fine.

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>my brother's better than your brother!
>nuh uh!
>uh huh!

Damn it kids, go start a thread somewhere else. possibly /fit/

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Seems the only ones I'm missing are the Mythology Campaign Books, although I have one called "Legends and Lore: The Norsemen".

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>unique but not actually original


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An angry marine flipping a train labeled "this thread" off its tracks.

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A one-eyed, femme fatale, Frenchwoman holding a cigarette holder, on the Command Bridge.

Bonus points for badassary.

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Get it while you can, slew of 2nd Edition AD&D Sourcebooks.

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get thee hence from my sight.

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Sorry for being so slow, i had some shit to do.

Actually i still have. Let me go buy some tacos real fast and i'll be back for more drawfaggotry.

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Wow, get an account more.

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Shrugs for the shrug god!

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Hey fag. Use MegaUpload. It is superior to RSHITTYSHIT in every way imaginable.

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A -4str sister of battle flexing with a grin on her face, she's wearing a micro bikini

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Don't apologize. Really, don't.

>> No.11335645

Will you draw me an image of a Valenar Elf (Pic related) and a Winged four foot tall Kobold playing cards (Poker?) in a white featureless space.

Fluff: These are two characters I've played in a 3.5 Eberron game. They both died in the same campaign.

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Khorne is pleased with her display of strength.

>> No.11335675

How much, did I fail, the Emprah?

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original evangelion, do not steal

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lol Nice Giant Samus Aran...


Giantess Samus Aran... Mmmmmmmmm....



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Now, see, if I wanted to use something from an album cover I would've done so already.

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>herpa derpa

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An ork riding an elysian drop trooper through the sky.

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Draw an ork ork ork ork ork ork ork ork ork nekkid neckbeard fantasy lady ork ork ork ork ork ork ork ork ork ork ork shitty fantasy character ork ork ork ork ork

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I don't really like how this came out.

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I Need some Henris Motehrfucking Gauv cutting down some Tau.

>> No.11335862

Bringing your attention to my request up here. Thank you for your consideration.

>> No.11335912

Witty retort there, anon. Couldn't come up with something better?

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What this guy said.

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FUCK ME I read it in Sam Eliots voice!

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You too, eh?

>> No.11336147


It's my current DH character.
I read everything in his voice.

>> No.11336168

Thank you for reminding me i wanted to draw Valkia the bloody.

Or porn, at least.

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>> No.11336190

Personally I read 99% of everything in Sean Connery's or Captain Price's voice.

>> No.11336197

Hahah, awesome

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Pic related


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>> No.11336500


WORKING ON >>11334932

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A warforged bear with a beehive in his chest shooting mechanical bees.
Should have stripes of brown and yellow, and look like a megaman boss.

>> No.11336579

You...are AWESOME. Thanks, mang.

>> No.11336583

Sorry if i took some liberties, i kinda stopped reading after "huge ears"

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>> No.11336597

You should continue & THEN retire for the night. The guy was really looking forward to it I believe & these tend to live for a bit.

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>> No.11336778

A dwarf wielding a short but wide double ended battle ax shouting "Girth!" at an elf who is wielding a thin long sword who shouts back with "Length!" clearly just in an argument of which type of 'weapon' is the best.

>> No.11336821

I think tou should replace the dwarf with Cloud and elf with Sephiroth from FFVII.

>> No.11336830


LOL great one GM.

>> No.11336841

Shadowrun character.

A survivor of a massive attack on Chicago, he managed to escape/get freedom, though has not been left without scars. He was a doctor, and found his safety in hiding his disfiguration (becoming more bird like, (spirits at war), and he wanted to hide.)

So... he's a doctor. A Plague Doctor, in the same style and form as the medieval style.

>> No.11336903

Warforged Monk Impressing the Ladies with his superiour physical stats.... and shitty mental ones.


>> No.11336925


with bolt on attachments? Can't see the ladies being impressed otherwise.

>> No.11336985

can i get a space marine in purple armor with his arm in the air doing a black power fist please! and can you write hood rat under it

>> No.11337018

He's picking up chicks.
Like, a cartload of them.

>> No.11337114

Good god, so many serious requests.

I wish i was a serious artist and not only "the tit guy".

>> No.11337131

it's delightful and I thank you.

>> No.11337132

Fine, do a random serious request WITH TITS ON.

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>> No.11337218


literally a cartload of them.

he is also wuxiaing about, but he has a bit of an alcohol problem.

>> No.11337243

Ill help out.

>> No.11337253


>> No.11337280

>>A -4str sister of battle flexing with a grin on her face, she's wearing a micro bikini

Not GM/drawfag who did this but you want something like this, correct?

>> No.11337306

Greenmarine, can you draw a Sister of Battle groping another SoB's breast. The SoB looks confused as of what the other is doing to her.

>> No.11337344


More like this

>> No.11337359

Damn, Greenmarine is here drawing, and wants to draw porn, and no one requests porn? WTF?

How about That Eldar pathfinder chick, Flat on her back, getting her pussy licked by a female tau?
Either those two alone or with the eldar giving a male tau a blowjob.

first thing that came to mind.

pic related.

>> No.11337374

Naked dryads! Or an elf with nipple lasers

>> No.11337375


>> No.11337392

Does she rely on reverse armor, or does she actually have something that does not display her goodies so much?

>> No.11337410


Not the guy who posted this originally, but I'm going to second it. I could see GM making this hilarious.

>> No.11337424

I can do that. How do I explain the piercings though? Equivilent of those space marine "service studs"?

>> No.11337429


>> No.11337443

They keep the lasers in.

>> No.11337449

She hunts down rouge mages for a guild. She is pro at defensive and ice magic. She's found that when trying to sneak up on a mage in the dead of night in some god forsaken forest, its good to have nonrestrictive clothing.
That's the story and I'm sticking to it.

>> No.11337451


Look Ma, i am a serious artist!

This thread could use some more porn requests.

>> No.11337464

Dragonborn vs Elf tit fight.

>> No.11337467

Hey Marine....what's up?

>> No.11337469

A Beholder with tits.

>> No.11337472

artists in the thread, are you only taking /tg/ related requests?

>> No.11337477

>pic related

>> No.11337490


I would like a new picture for my Halfling folder..

This can be made into the Porn Variety, if it so pleases you.

>> No.11337495

Thank you kindly, sir.

>> No.11337497

Bloodletter chan underneath a juggernaught, bent over with cum dribbling out of her pussy and pooling between her dilated legs.

>> No.11337502

sexy leggy merfolk.

pic related.

sexy can involve DAT ASS and DEM TITS.

>> No.11337512

oh fuck, my dudes haven't done anything awesome in 40k lately that is worthy of commemoration in art and song. ;_;

>> No.11337524

*splayed not dilated. Stupid phone's auto correction.

>> No.11337527

Shardmind x Dragonborn symmetrical docking

>> No.11337541

Halfing porn is also good

>> No.11337542

Green Marine, draw a Scantily clad Slaaneshi Sorceress, she's got "DAT EVERYTHING" and her skin/hair is black.

>> No.11337552


A halfling is fine too?

>> No.11337556


>> No.11337567

Greenmarine, you still around and takin' requests?

>> No.11337585

ah yes, the boobholder. good work.

>> No.11337588

A Death Cult Assassin that resembles a shy-guy.

>> No.11337603

A vampire sailing on Gehenna wind.

>> No.11337614

>A beholder with tits instead of eyes.

>> No.11337652

for porn: Deva lady and a Goliath lady. Naked wrestling.


>> No.11337675

A Slaanesh cultist and a Battle Sister having a les-battle.

>> No.11337685


Hey Rhodes

>> No.11337702

Basically this picture, but with thri-kreen.

(The pizza is an elf)

>> No.11337719

I owe you the elf.
Sorry if my attempt at slightly more feminine dragonborn females hurts your eyes.

>> No.11337734


Seconding this like the fist of the God-Emperor himself, which ironically would kill the both of them.

>> No.11337742

a Tiefling girl getting fucked from behind and being hoisted in the air by her tail please?

>> No.11337757

some Khorne Berzerkers (preferably 8, for obvious reasons) underneath a giant hand, from which blood is flowing. the Berzerkers are dancing in the blood like it's that scene in Blade.

>> No.11337763


>> No.11337769

Experiments sometimes fail, sometimes work. So long as you learn in the process.

>> No.11337773

Alright Greenmarine, if you can get around to it I would like to request a picture of Sam McHorne(pictured) in the same pose(Warjack doesn't need to be there) but nude.

Why? Because I want some Warmachine porn.

>> No.11337785

Oh don't mind me, just shitting up a perfectly decent drawthread.

also, holy fuck how do i drew skaven

>> No.11337801

>See Greenmarine
>Expect Porn
>Pleasantly Surprised.
>Get 75% of the way down
....Oh, there it is.

>> No.11337802


There is only one drawing I can think of, and that is one of an Imperial Stormtrooper killing some Xeno scum

>> No.11337808

As someone who has drawn these sense high-school, damn that is sexy.

>> No.11337820

I've seen one of these before, we call it a 4e beholder.

>> No.11337824


I'm not usually into spanking, but hoisted up by the tale? That's begging for it, man, and you gots to give the lady what she want.

>> No.11337833

...do a modification of this, but in lieu of the medusa, have Rider (from Fate/Stay Night) completely nude except for her outfit's detached sleeves.

>> No.11337847

That's actually pretty good, though Stormvermin are usually taller and bulkier than that. Could be a Clan Skryre Skirmisher instead though.

>> No.11337854

Troglodyte is that you?

If so, why aren't you drawing sexy dragon ladies? It's Saturday night, and it's July, you cannot possibly have any homework to do, and you're at home on the Internet, so you definitely do not have any family obligations to go to/a girlfriend. Meanwhile Greenmarine is here slaving over a hot Wacom tablet, producing tits by the armload. You should feel ashamed of yourself.

>> No.11337883

Ah, well thank you. I was under the impression that grey seers were really big for skaven, though now that I think about it I may have imagined that.

>> No.11337933

From what I know, they're about the same size as a clanrat. Stormvermin are pretty damn big though, since they are much better at combat.

>> No.11337937

GreenMarine! Porn request. Draw a long white haired woman under the effects of a bimbofication curse that /tg/ raved about a couple weeks ago. Her spiky black full plate is turning into a spiky black bikini mail. Her hair is put up in a very over done pinup style. breasts, now bigger than her head, and much larger ass are struggling with the small bikini. Her almost cartoonishely big lips are drawn into a confused pout at her state. She is standing in high pumps while leaning against a hammer almost twice her size. Her horned helmet is nearby and also far too big for her.

>> No.11337965

Delicious brown dancing girls

>> No.11337979

Draw Insane Grot Posse

>> No.11337987

How's this work in progress?

>> No.11338024

It looks like they are having some kind of weird tongue contest.

"I can do THREE loops with mine!"

Sleep deprivation.

>> No.11338031

That's probably what it is.

>> No.11338035

Can I get a female monk looking bored staring at you sitting on her pet scorpion?

Pic related for size of scorpion.

>> No.11338053

"Ah, your inferior human tongue will... HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT? FIVE LOOPS?"

>> No.11338082

It's making my boner progress.

Do you do... other races? Ones with mandibles, perhaps?

>> No.11338123

"Well...ummm...I thought you like'd when I was nimble with my tongue..."

>> No.11338124

Honestly, the body and expression are both fairly sexy, I just lack context for what is going on in this picture. How about a summer picture, ice cream at the beach or something. Or roasting marshmellows. Or Rape Face.

>> No.11338136


I don't know why, but I suddenly pictured you as like a dumpy, middle-aged guy who is clearly on the wrong side of town, talking to a trenchcoat-wearing guy standing just out of sight, partway down an alley, asking about his selection of Xenos porn while looking over his shoulder to make sure nobody recognizes him. Very Noir.

>> No.11338156

No. But I can learn.
Ice cream at the beach. I like that.

>> No.11338176

I know Deva are supposed to be hurr durr bald, but yeah, please forgive me.

I think some aspects of 4e race design are stupid.

>> No.11338187

Commissar Cain with an ultramarine techmarine on a leash.

Not sexual just the techmarine is a little slow in the head.

>> No.11338205

>>11337937bimbofication curse?! SAUCE!

>> No.11338222

Xeno getting knocked up while her techpriest girlfriend watches hopelessly.

>> No.11338232

For humor, have him show her up somehow. "I CAN PEE FURTHER, HAHA". I have no damn clue.

>> No.11338239

Before we progress to everyone's favorite insects, how about a transitionary phase?

We're dangerously low on Predator porn, Trog. Perhaps you can use your skills with nice scaly skin to assist you in your mandibular illustration efforts and fill a too-large gap in the porno world in the process.

>> No.11338293

sorry mate
thread wasn't archived. I think the curse turned out to be like, -2 Dex, 50% chance to fail any int based skills, any clothes they wear become slutty.

>> No.11338304

Honestly, Predators are fucking sexy. Why haven't I ever draw one before?

>> No.11338325

I also think they added an addendum where there is a small chance that the cursed character can't refuse a sexual action requested by someone else.

>> No.11338344

rolled 88 = 88


>> No.11338357


and deva ass goes up by one.


deva hair is fine by me, particularly when one is chilling with the half-giants :P.

>> No.11338365

Yes, talking about dragon and other boobs

>> No.11338379

Excellent. Most excellent. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

>> No.11338401

Might have to wait a week or so. Need to learn their faces first.

>> No.11338408

>my face when troglodyte and green marine doing requests
happy fucking day.

any way since porn requests are getting done I was thinking some humor. maybe a angry marine has a fem DB on her back boning her, all the while the commissar has a foot on the marines back , a finger pointed up in the air, and fucking screaming that its heresy. Angry marine has his signature angry ass face. DB looks annoyed.

In the mean time I'll post an earlier request that I made

>> No.11338464

All things have their appointed hour. You will come to learn this in time. You're more powerful now than your father ever was. Come, my young Apprentice. Together, we shall conquer the galaxy and rule it with an iron fist, and...

I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?

>> No.11338508

that is awesome. I approve.

>> No.11338514

Me drawing predator vag. Maybe.

>> No.11338517

no idea

>> No.11338524

>artists in the thread, are you only taking /tg/ related requests?

What did you have in mind?

>> No.11338565

last time I checked, predators aren't /tg/, but that may just be my own ignorance

>> No.11338619

Deva can have hair!

Deva can have all the long luxurious hair they want. hell yeah naked wrestlin'.

>> No.11338642

it is but I doubt it would ever be used in a game. or if it is, it would be too silly.

>> No.11338654

Neither is porn.

also excuse me wtf r u doin the mantis this is my schtick

>> No.11338707

no one said I can't be here
anyway I was thinking someone could turn this particular mantid into a thri-kreen. maybe a special group of them not from dark sun( AKA the astral shithole)

>> No.11338798


Please do not have fire down there.

>> No.11338805

But it would be soooo warm and snug!

>> No.11338810

Mr. Rogers standing next to a meek looking Tyranid. He is petting it and saying. "Don't eat so much, you'll get indigestion."

>> No.11338817

I think a break in porn is in order, I would really like to see this

>> No.11338827

I am to tired to continue today. Have a half finished piece.

Maybe i will see you tomorrow, /tg/.

>> No.11338918


Looks damned good so far dude.see you in another thread.

>> No.11338926

okay have a good night greenmarine. thanks for drawing I'll try again tomorrow.

>> No.11339153


well.... i've been pondering about a possibly lewd request for Mass Effect, Fem Commander Shepard sitting on a bridge chair legs crossed, wearing nothing but a grin on her face (i know the normandy does not have a captains seat, but it should damnit.) with the female crew members (Jack, kelly, miranda, tali, ninjagirl, ect) all sprawled around pleased expressions (naked or conveniently censored) with the quote overhead "It's the Captain's duty to insure that the crew comes first."

Of course any combination of Fem-Shep with male crew, Male-shep with Female crew, Male-shep with Male crew (oh god why) would also be interesting to see! unless you could make it easy to template out Shepard :D

there's a particular Harem picture that comes to mind, (i won't post unless asked) but i'd rather see Shepard with a smug/pleased look than "I'M BORED" :3

>> No.11339162


>dem hips

>> No.11339201

>i'd rather see Shepard with a smug/pleased look

>> No.11339435

Bleh stayed up to late and mostly ruined this.

>> No.11339464

Holy mother of fuck, that's some good drawfaggotry.

>> No.11339618


So yeah, in the end i could not sleep.

>> No.11339696


In this case insomnia worked in my favor. Thanks dude it looks great.

>> No.11339880


I didn't request it, but thank you Greenmarine, you've made my day :D

>> No.11339913

(Needs more thri-kreen)

>> No.11339940

What is a thri-kreen?

>> No.11339943


Nah I prefer my porn warm blooded.

>> No.11339951

A miserable little pile of psionics

>> No.11339953

if you're still doing requests.

Two busty females elves groping each other's breasts and making out while being tentacled.

>> No.11339959

Greenmarine... This may be the tired and the depression talking... But you're my favorite drawfag

>> No.11339964

But they are warm-blooded. They don't sleep and they only live thirty years. They have very fast metabolisms.

However, I am suddenly distracted by the presence of yautja tits. This discussion can end for the moment.

>> No.11339968


>> No.11339978

He's mine, too, but Queblock comes in at a very close second because he's not all bitchy about drawing ladies of the exoskeletal persuasion.

>> No.11340003



m.. mmMM MOAR!!

>> No.11340014


>> No.11340028



>> No.11340036

Draw Macha in a Catholic School girl uniform face down and ass up, pretending to be asleep/unconscious, but she's not doing a good job at it as she has one eye kinda half-opened peeking to see if any dicks are coming her way. Oh, and she's not wearing any panties.

>> No.11340037

troglodyte, he doesn't have a gallery.

>> No.11340044

This fapfic DESPERATELY needs illustration.

>> No.11340064


And I say that as a man who writes about having sex with insects.

>> No.11340076


Be happy it didn't have some kind of alternate ending.

>> No.11340081

rolled 19 = 19


I am way too excited to see you. :D

>> No.11340099

Elementals have always been a very lacking porn niche. Why don't you pick your favorite element and roll with it? (no, tits is not an element, and besides, titspheres have already been done)

>> No.11340103

I am not bitchy, faggot. I simply have a hard time trying to draw sexy thri kreen because i do not really understand what do you find attractive in them.

>> No.11340118

Troll them and make the most disgusting Thri-keen you can think of. Lots of angles in the chitin, not to mention horrible mandibles.

>> No.11340123

Been there, done that.

>> No.11340129

This fine chap in the midst of a duel, or striking a more relaxed pose. Much appreciated, OP.

>> No.11340140

Draw a Warforged Psion/monk who is partially made of psionic crystal, their psionic constructs are all geometric shapes like cubes or even dice shapes, hypercubes

>> No.11340147


Come to think of it, this story would almost make more sense in an alien context.

Big chitinous ladies being bad, 'capturing' unsuspecting, sexy victims after covering them in all sorts of alien she-goo, and then transforming them into new drones inside their bellies... before releasing them to continue the cycle. I like it!

>> No.11340169

rolled 11 = 11

Athleticism and sleekness of form. It'd be like banging a Ferrari, or at least that's the most reasonable analogy I have on hand.I have a request, but it's comic form. Interested?

>> No.11340180

Other ideas, (not just for Greenmarine, Hell if anyone finds any of these interesting just draw it. I am just tossing out ideas)

A dwarf grudge fucking a female elf

A female dwarf (no beard) letting a male halfling fuck her because she is desperate for a fuck but looks like she is afraid she will break him if she moves the wrong way.

A Squat fucking the shit out of a female eldar from behind

Or a Squat fucking the shit out of a sister of battle. Maybe saying "Yeah we invented your bolters bitch!"

>> No.11340193

Hmm... ok, why not something incredibly silly. Rule 63'd Doc Scratch here, bonus points for crazy aura (shown if the picture is opened, it is a gif)

>> No.11340195

Awesome Druid please. No preferences.

>> No.11340209

My suggestion would be the Squat fucking the SoB just so she won't notice him fucking around with her bolter.

>> No.11340219

Can you do this, please?

>> No.11340225

PROTIP: He actually had five more suggestions, but the Inquisitions took him away for saying Squats. That's a banned word. Ma

>> No.11340236


Heh. I wonder if that was scaredofshadows before he acquired his namefaggery. Sounds right up his yiffy alley.

>> No.11340241


strange, very strange.

and coming from someone who all too readily knows rule 34, this means something.

>> No.11340242

Oh, I'm a Tyranid so I have the Squats type my messages for me. You didn't think we killed them, did you? No, no, we invited them over for a tea party, but then the IoM didn't want them back.

>> No.11340254


As a matter of fact, it wasn't. Though I don't doubt he approves.

I don't think he can write that... clearly.

>> No.11340255

It's basically vore, except in the wrong hole.
I don't think even he's that sick.

>> No.11340256

Er, what? He's obnoxious, but he doesn't write weird shit like that.

>> No.11340271


Believe it or not, there's actually a fetish community for having sex with cars.

>> No.11340281

a skaven in this pose!
i need it for my skaven warband

>> No.11340282



>> No.11340291


I know. I just like to flick shit at that kid. He knows what he did.

>> No.11340293


Nah I don't believe in that can't say squat bullshit.

>> No.11340303

This is my favorite thing Greenmarine has done. That is all.

>> No.11340330


Inorite? It was one of those things where it was like "bullshit, not until I see it!"

...Then I saw it. I will never recover. They have subcategories based on which part of the car you prefer to have sex with (upholtery, tailpipe, etc), and... *shudder* extremely... graphic how-to's on things such as avoiding injury, not getting found out, etc, etc.

It confirmed my suspicion that there is absolutely nothing, real or imaginary, that perverts will not attempt to sex.

>> No.11340356

>> No.11340391


No matter what horrible things I write, I can rest assured that there are people with stranger and even less practical fantasies than my own.

That's really not comforting, but it's... It's something. I don't know what.

Now's probably not a good time to be asking which fantasy creatures need to be given that treatment next.

>> No.11340404

I think i get it now.

Now i really have to go to bed, have a goodbye sketch.

>> No.11340407

Forgive my faggotry, humble drawfag. I am... wasted as shit right now.

And to be honest, neither do I. You do a good job, though. It's why you're my favorite <3

The best thing he could do is simply ignore me when I request such things. I request other things too, though, and many of them get drawn.

>> No.11340408

>Chem-chan dropping the soap in a shower with Cata-chan standing behind her.

I need to brush up on my anatomy. At least this gives me a chance to exercise it a bit (not that I remember all the details on muscle groups and crap like that.) I can't remember what both characters really look like, but I guess in the shower, their gear is all off anyway. ..

>> No.11340434


Shit. Just noticed I had a stray line I didn't throw out. Here... fixed that at least.

>> No.11340438



Yes. You.

You draw hot girls. Keep it up.

>> No.11340459

Damn. Chem-chan is nice. Cata-chan... I have never seen the appeal of.

>> No.11340468


Oh man, that looks good. Can I ask for a couple of female adventurers being blasted by magic which makes all their gear melt off or vanish and make their bodies become sexier? They should look really surprised and/or upset about it


>> No.11340474

Well he's not me, but I guess SHORT VERSION: I'M A WEIRDO.

Long version: I guess the fact that insects are creatures of instinct has something to do with it, maybe? Emotions are really just highly complex expressions of very simple base urges. Thri-kreen are written to be highly instinct-driven critters. Also, the concept of having a connection with such a weird thing.

Also yes they look neat and their weird physiology is fascinating and fuck it I'm a fucking freak can we move on now

(There are people out there who are sexually attracted to BUILDINGS, you know. One of them is a French world-class archer... who practiced every day because she was madly in love with her bow.)

>> No.11340477


The only note about the two chan girls that would apply in a shower scene is that Cata-chan is burly as fuck. Like, mad muscles.

>> No.11340482


Didn't Blame Academy do this?

>> No.11340493


Musclegirls are one of those things that you're either in to, or disturbed by. There's not a whole lot of middle ground.

>> No.11340502

You stay far away from my writing. GIT!

>> No.11340513

Original cata-chan drawfag here, thanks dude, glad to see she isn't totally a dead meme.

>> No.11340528


... Yeah, that's... That's something. Something kind of frightening actually. That could hurt someone. And I don't even want to know how you do the deed with architecture. (This coming from the author of that fic.)

>> No.11340544


It doesn't have to be YOUR chitinous ladies. Besides, they're probably not the right size anyhow.

>> No.11340559

Catholic priest in black and collar, possibly in a kevlar vest with two revolvers (both in hands, smoking, one holstered the other smoking whatever). Priest is mid to late 20's with a lit cigarette in his mouth. If you wanna go above and beyond have a bunch of destruction around with a bunch of dead vampires and a single black cat that looks like it knows it's the baddest mofo on the planet.

>> No.11340561


Did someone actually make that combo or was that edited?

>> No.11340568

Frightening how? It's weird, but it's harmless. Unless she tries to bring buildings to life and crush humanity with them (but then again, it would be moving around on its own, and that's probably a turn-off.)

Said archer's husbando is the Eiffel Tower, you know:


>> No.11340572

Editted. Totally. At LEAST two C-C-C-C-Combo Breakers. At least.

>> No.11340589


I thought Cata-Chan had big boobs too. Other than that, the freckles and gap tooth, if I remember right. I couldn't remember her hair. They *were* pig tails, right? Also, burly enough for you?


Well I guess she does have pig tails. :3

>make their bodies become sexier

...not sure how that works. I suppose that would be a temporal thing. As in a before and after... I don't mind so long as it's done with "taste" which is sort of subjective.

>Didn't Blame Academy do this?

Did (s)he? Hm. I probably should look around on the thread for something that hasn't been done yet...

>> No.11340614

Well, it's really only the one. It's gotten me writing again, and the writing itself has gotten praise I never expected, but once I get the story out of my system I'll move on to other things probably won't write about it anymore.

Well, maybe a shorter one showcasing where the characters are upon the thri-kreen girl's death. (They only live 30 years, you know.)

>> No.11340619


I thought you were referring to two different people there.

Being romantically distracted during archery practice... I somehow see that leading to accidents of the pointy-stabby kind. But that's just me.

Yeah, the building love is weird, but that's about the extent of it.

>> No.11340621

Ouiabou detected.

>> No.11340648

She's an objectophile, not an exhibitionist. There's a time and a place, anon.

>> No.11340653

>>The only note about the two chan girls that would apply in a shower scene is that Cata-chan is burly as fuck. Like, mad muscles.

Be careful what you wish for.

>> No.11340660


No, no, I think you've misunderstood.

This would involve characters/creatures entirely separate from what you've done, other than how they happen to be large insecto-humanoids, or something like that. You can go on writing your own stuff and I won't intervene. That'd just be obnoxious.

>> No.11340688

Requesting Arbitrator Horatius Caine, on the scene of yet another crime. Cheesy one-liner, sunglasses, and Doomrider zooming around in the background screaming "YEAAAAAAHHHH".

>> No.11340786

I've misunderstood nothing. Write whatever transformation fetishism stuff you like.

>> No.11340790


Plus, I'd have an awful time describing something with that many legs, I think.

Dragons and lamias and centaurs seem a bit easier to work with...

>> No.11340825


In due time!

>> No.11340859

I don't see a problem. Granted, when it comes to musclegirls, everyone has a point where the level of muscularity is icky. The most annoying people, as always, are those that believe the ideal amount is either 0 or infinity.

>> No.11340918

40k dickgirls?

>> No.11340941

I don't think those implants are Omnisiah sanctioned.

>> No.11341055

They're commissar approved, at least.

>> No.11341109

Given the musclegirl and porn bend in the thread, I take it plainer requests are... not being taken?

>> No.11341257

Greenmarine is asleep and the new unnamed appears to be inactive. The thread might last a while though, so post your request regardless.

>> No.11341375

Already did, here.

Anyway, posting for second reference, and more importantly: Bump.

>> No.11341480

>an Imperial Stormtrooper killing some Xeno scum

>You draw hot girls. Keep it up.

Okay. This one isn't nekked though.

>> No.11341565


Need to take the picture in better lighting without flash, I think. The hot spot is making it difficult to read...

>new unnamed appears to be inactive.

You mean me? I had an aggressively snuggly cat to deal with and am pretty damned tired. It's 3am here. I might do one last one if I can find something simple...

>> No.11341585

Could you draw a plump female psyker? She's obviously happy. Her hair is black and short and she's got high-quality optics. She's either wearing robes or naked, if you prefer. Overweight, but pleasantly so rather than gross or fat fetishy.

>> No.11341928

Not sure if this is in autosage or not but bumpity just in case.

>> No.11342071

Thanks mate!

>> No.11342118

>a plump female psyker? She's obviously happy. Her hair is black and short and she's got high-quality optics. She's either wearing robes or naked, if you prefer. Overweight, but pleasantly so rather than gross or fat fetishy.

The weight thing seemed just a little vague to me. Also, I wasn't sure about the good quality optics. I didn't make them xbox bulky though. I had a psyker that had best quality optics, which looked like natural eyes except a little glassy...
Anyway, I hope this works for you. I'll hang around for another 15 minutes while I get ready for bed, just in case you need any quick changes.

>Not sure if this is in autosage or not

Pretty sure it hit autosage at least around the time I posted my last pic?

>> No.11342144


Forgot to mention, I had a feeling you might have meant "Rubenesque" in terms of her build.

>> No.11342420


k. I'm out. Have a good night/day /tg/!

>> No.11342469


Ah crap. I just noticed
>Overweight, but pleasantly so
I guess you probably did mean Rubenesque... I'll have to get to redoing it if I catch your request in another drawthread. I'm Oscar Mike for tonight...

>> No.11342638

Shit, I was reading the epic fugitive RP thing.

>> No.11344089

Does this drawfag have a name?

This is like my favorite thing ever.

>> No.11344466

That is MY request! hispanic cybernetic scarlet johansen. tasty.

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