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What kind of benefits would your average Guardsmen receive?
Medical is a given, but do they also receive dental? Does the Guard help pay your college loans back? And what kind of benefits do their children receive?

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Who knows or cares? You must weigh 300 lbs or more.

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The only benefits you need is to DIE IN THE GLORIOUS NAME OF THE EMPEROR.

Seriously though, being a Guardsman is a pretty shit life. Sometimes you get lucky and get yourself a parcel of land somewhere and start a new life, but that's not terribly often.

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As far as I know, being a Guardman and surviving your tour of duty is pretty profitable.

Especially since the commander can share spoils of war.

There was a regiment of Imperial Guardmen that conquered an important stronghold of the Iron Warriors.
The treasure chambers was filled with stolen Imperial Thrones.

Every man that survived their tour of duty became viciously rich. Rich enough to live on Paradise worlds, or become Rogue Traders.

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Getting a parcel of land is quite a good deal when you're a press-ganged low-hive scum.

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I think it was the 3rd ED codex where the Lucky Aces were on campaign and found a treasure trove enough to make them filthy rich.

Still had to serve the time though. Suckers.

I imagine that for some world the benefits are quite nice. Housing, your family taken care of, good pay. Until they ship you off world and you never get to come back. Ever.

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I assume they get dental.

If you plan on joining the guard, or your homeworld give large tithes of men quite often, then you mostly likely receive part of your Imperial Guard training at the Schola.

Now, your children can be handled one of three ways.
A. Your son is placed into your regiments "white shield" corps and is levyed into the regular regiment at age 16.
B. Most Guardsmen don't marry, nor do they father children. Alot of them realize that it would be unfair to themselves and to their families considering the nature of their work.
C. Your family receives payments after your death dependent upon your rank.

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>become Rogue Traders.

You can't just buy your way into becoming a Rogue Trader bro.

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It would be interesting to put a world in your DH/RT campaign where the economy runs on the money family receives for their sons, men and fathers that serve in the Imperial Guard.

Big focus on big families, and bootcamps everywhere.

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Are you saying that a veteran Guardman with lots of Thrones can't become a Rogue Trader?

Because I think he fits the job description perfectly.

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