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"Given such an opportunity, out of all the fantasy races and creatures, how many would you sleep with? With which of them would you try to have a serious relationship? What would be your first choice for these things?"

thread reviving action GO!

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I'm pretty sure /tg/ reached a consensus on this.

As long as it's moderately attractive, somewhat human-like, won't try to bite our dicks off, and is somewhat intelligent, we're good to go.

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You should've missed the first part, seeing how it got the thread deleted in the first place, and just go with the whole child support thing.

Anyway, my answer hasn't changed: everything. But especially kobolds.

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Everything that's willing to have a nice talk after.

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Why good sir, I would try my hand sleeping with a female human.

They are the most mythical and legendary fantasy creature in the known existence after all.

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pretty much anything that is
1.larger than me
2.not gonna kill me, skull fuck me, dismember me, curse me, enslave me, make me their booty call, use me and lose me
3.is willing to have a legitimate relationship

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so your saying you wouldn't be interested in this? If so just letting you know I got dibbes

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Mayhem Sharktits? With bird feet?

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Sergals are retarded, aren't they?

and let's not bring up PREHENSILE CLITORAL HOOD

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What are you talking about, good sir?

This a thread devoted to the fantasy races and creatures that you wish to sleep and develop a legitimate long relationships with.

Can't you tell reality from fiction?

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so what do you think I'm getting at here?

>> No.11307188

Kreen mate for life.

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Oh good sir, I've know my own kind for the entirety of my life.

Surely you would respect my escapist fantasy to desire sleep with an human female?

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alright, whatever, just saying.

>> No.11307344

They get a bad rep and deserve better.

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Anything that's similar enough to a human, even the ones that have snakes or spiders for their lower half.

(TBH, I'd rather be the monster girl.)

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But good sir, you will lose your humanity.

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woah woah woah time out here, you just wanted to sleep with a fantasy creature, a human girl.How can you say someone will lose there humanity if it never existed in the first place, unless your, oh I don't know, wrong?

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Hm. This strikes a good balance between classic kobolds and /tg/'s cutebolds.

>> No.11307631

I'm inclined to agree. Picks the best sides of both. Cute but somewhat badass.

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Good sir, I must correct you that I cannot possibly be wrong in that regard.

Clearly the gentleman in question loves to excessively roleplay a human persona, within that persona, the human has a strong motive to become a monster.

But if that would occour then the human persona would no longer hold true, therefore the gentleman in question would be losing his humanity.

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Could everyone please shut up, ignore the sergalfag, and keep the discussion somewhat on topic? Seriously, nobody cares about the tripfaggotry.

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Odd for you to mention tripfags when there is not a single tripcoded post in this thread.

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I think we've already come to a consensus, unless the real reason this thread exists is for images to be posted.

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But good sir, your eyes deceive you, I do not possess a name or a tripcode.

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Yeah, whatever just SHUT UP

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Sounds like someone's butthurt.

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But good sir, we're not physically talking at all.

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you seem to have trouble understanding english.


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Due to technical difficulties this thread has been canceled until further notice.

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So--what's with Halflings? What's a pure Ling and can I play one?

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But we're missing a whole 'nother dimension.

You see, i've been working on a man with
blonde hair and tan and he's good for relieving my ... tension.

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I'm just a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.

And I think you all know what I mean.

>> No.11312707

I still vote for the Tarrasque

>> No.11312819


That's rather nice. Say... isn't that a male Tarrasque?

>> No.11312839

Now imagine a Tyranid Rampage all wearing Red Hi-heels and fishnet stockings.

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Goddammit, /tg/, sometimes I love you.

>> No.11312912

sergal owns, keep posting

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This image of impending sex pleases Dr. Frankenfurter.

>> No.11313113

If it looks human, it is fuckable. Mermaids, elves, teiflings, lamias, doesn't matter.

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oh c'mon, you can do better than that.

>> No.11313432

Posting as Sergal is a bannable offense and means that you are a troll and anything you say will be regarded as such.

Go away.

>> No.11313459

I ride the centaur all night long

>> No.11313473

posting sergal is both a bannable offense AND totally rad.

>> No.11313481


u mad?

>> No.11313520

As long as it doesn't try to kill me, id hit it. Other then that, sure why not?

>> No.11313568


Don't dream it, Be it!

>> No.11313640

So, /tg/.

Would you?

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>> No.11313784


Suddenly, someone feels very dejected.

>> No.11313809


Sorry, I'm just not into bears.

>> No.11313956


thanks for the honesty

>> No.11314009

You're welcome.

>> No.11314047

What the hell is that grey bitch with the red stripes, because I'd fuck her as she looks pretty human and I'm not a furfag.

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>not a furfag

>> No.11314173

I still think this is my top choice.

Just because bringing that to meet my friends and relatives would probably be more fun that actually fucking it.
Then again, tentacles....

Yeah, just win all over.

>> No.11314194

Do you still want to?

>> No.11314214

A scorpion-centaur. That stinger curling around the centaur she's making eyes at? That's her tail.

Incidentally, she and the centaur actually do move in together.

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humans: "if it can be killed, then it can be fucked."

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If it will consent to do me, then I will consent to do it.

Unless it will bite my dick off. Then I will run.

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