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The sentient races of Faerun stop being fags and decide to finally duke it out.

Who wins?

(pic related)

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The great and mighty Illithid Empire

>> No.11275794

Humans. Because Elminster. That is all.

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Elminster fucked my mother.

>> No.11275849

Why should I give a fuck about Faerun?

I hope the Aboleths enslave all of those ass-holes.

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Are the Illithid even that threatening? I know they're powerful, but they can't even keep control of their own slaves and are slaves themselves to various Elder Brains.

Also, what's the deal with Elder Brains? That brain's gotta come from someone! Or something...

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The Gods.

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The DM wins... the DM ALWAYS wins...

>> No.11279681

Bhaal Spawn and company.

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It's not about whether they're currently the most powerful force (although they're in the running.) It's about the fact that they are from the FUTURE, where they HAVE WON. Their return and eventual victory form a stable time loop. The contest is already over.

Also, they are my favorites, and therefore the best.

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Humans because of a certain mage that fucked Mystra.

>> No.11279773

>Also, they are my favorites, and therefore the best.

yeah bitch!

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Oh really? Because I'm pretty sure they escaped from immediate extinction from the future into the past. Then again with the Gith.

>> No.11279814

Which edition?

>> No.11279849

Except things have already changed from the future they know. They won once before but now have several RACES devoted to their extinction.

Not to say they won't be successful this time as well, but without a powerful divination spell we'll never know.

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they interbreed with anything

>> No.11279879


yeah, that "immediate extinction" that was basically the universe saying "GAME OVER, YOU WIN." and resetting.

and this is an entire race that AVOIDED THE END OF EVERYTHING

illithids win forever, this time around they're playing on hardcore mode and they'll still win

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