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Trying to think of a classy and unusual sidearm for a merc character. I have no idea how often he'll have a chance to use it since the game will be very roleplay heavy and low on combat (I'm actually cool with this despite playing "the muscle"), but I'm torn between an obrez and a mare's leg.

He's kind of a big, beefy, and battlescarred sort who tends to rely on muscle and intimidation.

In your opinion, which should I go for?

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AMT AutoMag.

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Choose one.

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Pic is a shop.

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Now that's what I call...

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... a bolt pistol.

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Unusual for a protagonist?

Something reasonable, like a .40 SIG P226.

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Any fag that chooses bolt action over lever action has clearly never seen The Duke play Rooster Cogburn.

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I'd use that, that's awesome. Looks like a badass target pistol.

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I have, and I'd still take the bolt-action.

Why? Spitzer bullets.



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The Volcanic Arms Repeating Pistol.

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Sawed off P90

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That makes no sense at all. A mosin style bolt like that would be a bitch to operate on a pistol. Make it a Lee-Enfield and we'll talk , but otherwise go with the lever action.

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You can't really saw off a P90. There's nothing to saw off, really.

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Trim a fractional inch from the teeny bit of protruding barrel?

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If it's the civilian version with the 16 inch barrel there is.

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Basically something like this. Sawnoff rifle/carbine.

Make it sound homemade, but ensure that the modification is realistically do-able at home. For example, don't say he cut the barrel of an AK down to 5 inches all by himself.

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Did somebody say sawed off AK?

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...because I'm all about sawed-off AK's.

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My god, that's gonna over gas like a motherfucker.

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That looks like it would be a fun little sucker to shoot. Solely from the hip, suppressive fire and crossed fingers only?

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The recoil even looks manageable.

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Now that you've posted these, I almost feel the need to yell it.


He relies on muscle and intimidation? It's a fucking big pistol with muzzle flash like a flamethrower and a call like thunder.

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of come on, and you'd take a girl to McD for a fancy dinner?

>In your opinion, which should I go for?
I'd go with my pic. If you want class it's the way to go, it's one of the most beautiful firearms i've seen. If you don't want any subtlety at all just use a fuckhuge revolver.

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And that second one looks like it's gonna climb like a bitch. Good luck keeping it in the same area code as the target silhouette.

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Don't bother with a sidearm. Most soldiers don't carry them anyway. Just carry an m4 carbine and a knife. Plenty unusual in that it's something normal in the hands of player characters.

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And use this if you're Duke Ridiculous of House Preposterous.

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This seems a bit like a /k/ topic, but here's my thoughts anyway. The Mare's Leg was used by Steve McQueen's character in a 1950's western bounty-hunter show already (although it IS a really neat gun). If it wasn't for that I'd say use it. As an alternative, Rossi Arms started making a gun like the Mare's Leg called the Ranch Hand. Also check out the Circut Judge. I like the versatility of a gun that shoots 45 Long Colt and 410 shotgun shells too.

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Give him like 6 pepperboxes.

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He old-fashioned and gruff, in a dorfish fashion? Good old-fashioned 1911 pistol, or one of the older S&W's.

He a young, arrogant cowboy-type character? Then you'll want something shiny. Nickel-plated Beretta or what have you.

Though I do like the sawn-off idea. A lot.

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I propose the Sig p210. Quite possibly one of the most accurate combat pistols ever produced (out of the box anyway), it's an expensive collectors item that's sure to turn a head or two among people that know what they're looking at. Skip the obvious and unsubtle flash, go for class.

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The Medusa Model 47, It's a revolver that can chamber any round between .355 and.357 thus giving the shooter the ability to chamber and fire between 25 and 117 types of cartridge.

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Oh great, a gun that chambers .410 AND .45, both with equally terribly accuracy!

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>muzzle climb
Aim for his balls, get a headshot on the third shot.

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Kalashnikov Sawn-off?
Fuck, that's too african even for africa.

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Some of these weapons remind me of that game, Metro 2033.

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post more. This one is a beauty

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I was thinking about that too!
What time period are we talking about here?
How about a silenced Nagant revolver? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvF4yurWSc0

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The russkies used the Oberez to clear rooms in WW2. So goddamned loud that even if you missed, the guy you shot at was probably stunned due to burst eardrums. Or blinded from the ridiculous muzzle flash.

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>built for rabbit hunting

That thing'll blow the poor rabbit clean in half! I've seen elephant guns with a smaller caliber than that!

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Mateba Unica.

its still cool, even though Japan has tried its hardest to fag it up.

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Actually it was mainly used by partisans during the Revolution and the resulting Civil War who weren't able to obtain pistols.

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Watch the guy in the vid fire the gun, then compare to >>11258212 and tell me the Mare's Leg is not a better choice.

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Nah, screw accuracy. Give him I.E.D.s too!

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I have a couple of pics, posting.

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Give him a copy of John Dillinger's custom machine-pistol.

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That thing shoot a mace? I'll second whatever the hell that gun is

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Beefy guy who needs a imposing handgun? Well, Aside from a DEAGLE BRAND DEAGLE, How about a underslung grenade launcher that's been cut down and had a folding stock and pistol grip added?

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I think you're supposed to kill all the rabbits with it. And you could stab people with that cartridge.

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I think the barrel forms the shaft of the mace, so the bullet comes out through the center of those spike gubbins on the end.

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I cannot believe no one has posted the c96 yet.

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9mm machine pistol with some heft to it. It's also named after a mace. Looks angry.

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I might have a few.

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Serbu Shorty, 12 GA.

If your merc wants to intimidate, a shotgun might do the trick. There's even a tactical holster available for the thing as well.

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that makes more sense, but i really wish i was right lol

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If you want your character to have a classy sidearm there is really only one choice: a revolver.

Automatics aren't classic and are prone to jamming. A revolver has enough shots to get the job done, but won't leave evidence behind.

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max paynes shotgun revolver.

fuck year.

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>are prone to jamming

Maybe if you are a moron that doesn't know how to care for his weapons.

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When a shotgun just doesn't quite get the message across.

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Classy and unusual for someone beefy, big, and intimidating?

Dude. You're trying to convince us of Arnold Schwarzeneger with a Walther PPK here. Roll with what you got, but roll smart.

.44 Magnum Smith and Wesson. Big heavy polished blue-finish frame, birdhead grips. Obviously well loved here. This is classy.

Or a Wildey Magnum, which is unusual, exotic, and the weapon of choice for Charles Bronson in Death Wish 3. This one should be polished stainless finish barrel. Wood panels on the grip. A mean, ugly, fucker.

Roll with your guy and don't try and be something you aren't. Just be practical with your hand-cannon, that alone is classy and unusual.

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sure is /k/ in here.

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Those are the pepperbox conversions for grenade launchers, right?

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Obrez, little boy. Not "obErez"

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Man, what the fuck is that?

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someone post the Rhodesian

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did someone say "fuckhuge revolver"?
apart from being a giant the thing can chamber .45 Long Colt, .454 Casull, and 3" .410 shot shells. so its versatile!

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I was more hoping for the name of the gun or conversion.

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I love /k/ threads in my /tg/. Imma go start a thread over there about fantasy guns.

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use a gun that fires bullet backwards, ejecting the casing down the barrel at fatal speeds

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It's a shorter barrel than I'd like, but I counter with this:

Sexy, powerful, rugged, masculine. All the keepings of a Merc's favorite carried baby.

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Mateba up in this bitch.

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cellphone gun

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Knife + Sword + Calendar.

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That's actually an airsoft gun.
Learn 2 /k/.

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Knife./Sword/ Calander/bear/pig?

holy SHIT you don't need anything else in a survival situation.

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dude, that looks like a water cooled machine gun meeting a bolt action rifle.

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Thank you for mentioning the Mateba. I was going to if you hadn't beat me to it.

One of - if not the - only Automatic Revolvers made for production, and is chambered at the 6'oclock position of the Cylinder, instead of the 12'oclock position like normal revolvers. This reduces the recoil (barrel is positioned closer laterally to your grip on the gun, making it easier to counter the recoil force).

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its also a quick modification away from being Vash the Stampedes gun.

>> No.11258975


Another great quirky sidearm: The Medusa Model 47

"The Medusa is a very unusual revolver produced by Phillips & Rodgers that have the ability to chamber multiple calibers in the same revolver. The Medusa chambers, fires, and extracts 25 different cartridges in the .38/9mm/.357 ammunition range. The obvious advantage of this is that the person can use the revolver for targeting shooting with a lighter and less expensive caliber and switch to a heavier caliber for self defense. "

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Get yo'self a modified Webley Mk. 1

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>> No.11258983

Soon to a US army near you.

A laser guided, airburst, personal grenade launcher!

Who needs Boltguns?

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No it's not.

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>> No.11258994


Oops, I missed
already mentioning the Medusa.

Oh well, it deserves mentioning twice.

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I had heard they weren't doing too hot in field trials.

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This weapon is machined eye sex.

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Fine addition to any arsenal

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this, but this

>> No.11259098

That's a nice one. Scrounging for ammo becomes a non-issue.

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Odd I heard otherwise... where's google when you need it?

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Nobody mentioned the S&W M500 yet?
For shame.

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Would tell you if I could.. Forgot to name the image when I first got it from /k/

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That's the kind of firearm that belongs in a glass case. It's more of a work of art than a weapon.

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Engrave the sucker if it's too plain for your delicate tastes, you wuss.

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Looks like an STI 2011. Look that shit up, beautiful guns.

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It's not viral marketing if the thread calls for it.

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Fuck your XM-25 you need one of these!

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>> No.11259267

check out the "KRISS Vector" and the "KRISS KARD" too lazy to go get pictures myself. the gist of the weapons are that the recoil is redirected down instead of back. that, and i think they look neat-o

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It's the TDI Vector now.

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Fucking this. Sawed off over-under shotgun

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>> No.11259323

Someone made this for me, and they are awesome. This is from back when I was all about /k/ and streaming Deus Ex for them.

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apparently most of my gun pic folder is rifles.

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>> No.11259338


Apparently they are going to make a .50 BMG version as well.

>> No.11259339

Or an SVI Infinity with a Dragon Slide

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The Cockgun

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>> No.11259445

heres the KRISS KARD.

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>> No.11259462

shotgun flashlight

>> No.11259476

That looks like you could bodily beat someone to death with it.

>> No.11259480

I get it.

It looks like a plastic card case.

>> No.11259486

coulda sworn I've seen this before. Book on cold-war era spy stuff?

>> No.11259532

I thought it was somebody trying to make a Glock look better

... and failing miserably.

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>> No.11259553

>> No.11259584

And here's the Kriss Kross.

>> No.11259595

...Get the fuck out of here

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>> No.11259728

>Kriss Kross!


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Some of these wepons are simply insane.

>> No.11260329

Now THIS is gun!

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>> No.11260367

Are you afraid that you will be made to jump (jump jump jump)?

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>> No.11260632


I fucking wish there was a c96 variant chambered in a longarm caliber.

>> No.11260850

Choose THIS. A pistol shotgun. Oh South Africa, you so crazy!

>> No.11263392

The mare's leg was good enough for the Duke and for McQueen. Do the math, OP.

>> No.11263409

Why get that when you can have the SCHNELLFEUER?

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>> No.11263518


it's a red 9 C96

those had the '9' on them so soldiers could tell it took 9mm instead of 7.63

you are full of shit

>> No.11263553

It's pretty obviously photoshopped, calm down bro.

>> No.11263565

Nagant Revolver, slap a silencer on it and make armchair gun nuts cry.

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>> No.11263821

>> No.11263827

Way too much compensatin' going on here.

The Beretta 1934. A small, elegant and sufficiently efficient 9mm short. Bonus points for concealability.

>> No.11263867

>small, elegant

>> No.11263910

Anyone got the picture of the axegun?

>> No.11263964


Nevermind, found it.


>> No.11263974

I threw up a little

have a real pistol instead

>> No.11263983


For when Constantine's guns just aren't enough.

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>> No.11264009


some porn for you sick bastards

>> No.11264020

Use a nail gun. That actually shoots common nails,screws and/or small capsules filled with even smaller iron shrapnell stuff.

For anything else,use the german Luger Pistole 08.
It's not original,but classy as hell.

>> No.11264038


Overkill? What's that?

>> No.11264039


>classy as hell

I'll bet that's what a lot of officers thought when it jammed on them

>> No.11264042

Since when are C-Mags overkill?

>> No.11264047


I can't imagine this being very good in close combat, really.

>> No.11264048


what the hell kind of stock is that?

>> No.11264061

It's a standard buffer tube. They need to put it on to make a short rifle legal as a pistol.

>> No.11264072


Then again, stranger things have happened.

>> No.11264079

You aren't an Ork.

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>> No.11264103


Someone explain to me what the dicks this is.

>> No.11264117

It's a gun.

>> No.11264126

Looks like someone fitted chainsaw grips to a machine gun. Reasonable.

>> No.11264143


>> No.11264144

lesser storm bolter I think.

Needs a few of these and its good

>> No.11264145

Knight's Armory decided to fuck around with a Stoner 63. Shit got awesome.

>> No.11264161


Captain Obvious strikes again!

Sleek, sexy guns.

>> No.11264177

I'm pretty sure that's based off an airsoft M16. Not very sexy once you realize that.

>> No.11264182


It shall be so.


>> No.11264200


>my face

>> No.11264201


A freaky clown doll that spits fire out of its ass when you pull on the nose.

>> No.11264211

Metal storm pistol.

>> No.11264223

How the fuck come no one has mentioned the Bergmann-Bayard M1910 yet! This thing is a sexy beast.

>> No.11264224

That would be exceptionally painful to grip, not to mention that the rail's almost 2 inches above the bore.

>> No.11264233

If you mean the XM8, then no, thats not an XM8.

and the XM8 wasn't based on the m16, it was made to REPLACE the m16.

>> No.11264246

No, that gun's from Ghost in the Shell. It's a fake gun that's a dressed up airsoft gun.

>> No.11264255


>> No.11264262

>> No.11264267

And all of these are dressed up real guns too. How wonderful.

>> No.11264277


>> No.11264284

>> No.11264287


>> No.11264289

That still has to be the most unwieldy gun design I've ever seen in my life.

>> No.11264293



>> No.11264298 [DELETED] 


Seconding the contender. Keep a few extra barrels and a stock with you and you've got something thats multipurpose AND stylish.

Sure you have to reload after each shot, but thats why you're such a damn fine short, aren't you? Plus, opportunities for specialty ammo out the wazzoo.

>> No.11264303


Looks painful to hold too, especially with the mag pressing up against your shoulder.

>> No.11264306

Yeah, but it looks cool.

>> No.11264309


Seconding the contender. Keep a few extra barrels and a stock with you and you've got something thats multipurpose AND stylish.

Sure you have to reload after each shot, but thats why you're such a damn fine short, aren't you? Plus, opportunities for specialty ammo out the wazzoo.

>> No.11264318

Side-arms? Hah! Krump the motherfuckers,

>> No.11264326

Not really, it has a bunch of extra stuff that could be taken off to make it more sleek. Someone might even be able to use it after taking about half of the stupid stuff off.

>> No.11264327

I feel like we're moving away from the OP's request for a sidearm.

>> No.11264328


Thats the single stupidest thing I've seen today.

Who the fuck could possibly think thats useful/cool looking?

>> No.11264332


Honestly. A truly unique-looking gun, and well-built to boot. The location of the magazine in front of the trigger makes for a well balanced, nigh, forward balanced pistol, helping to hold down recoil greatly.

The top-loading stripper clip is even more amusing.

>> No.11264333

Always wanted to try fencing myself, could never figure how to get started.

>> No.11264343

Looks like it'd dig into your shoulder depending on how you hold it.

That or its made for lefties.

>> No.11264346


Just a tad.

>> No.11264349

If you get tired of the clips, the M34 Schnellfeuer has detachable mags of up to 40 rounds, not to mention full-auto capability.

>> No.11264362

Wha? Who say's sleek is cool? I really like the look of that gun. I'd never use it, ever. If I had a choice between that or a pistol I'd choose the pistol, but I still think it looks cool.

>> No.11264365


Yep, we had the same discussion the last time it was posted in a weapon thread.

>> No.11264380

I'm not saying that sleek is cool, I'm saying that sleek is usable. That thing has no visible grip system and appears to mostly be an SL8 with a horrible front handguard and some sort of forward launcher system.

>> No.11264384

Whats with the stupid looking X that the four useless plastic things make? Is it trying to be edgy or something?

or some kind of tactiCOOL barrel camouflage

>> No.11264389


>> No.11264399

Yeah, its horribly inefficient, and bulky as a mofo. But to me it looks like some sort of futuristic plasma weapon, and I like that. As I said, I'd never use it myself, but it looks pretty.

>> No.11264421


>Maybe if you are a moron that doesn't know how to care for his weapons.

Yes and no. Automatics CAN jam more frequently then you'd think, but only if you don't invest the time required to use them properly. "Limp-wristing" will make almost any automatic jam; if you let your hand come back from the kick, the gun has no solid object to recoil against, and cannot complete a full cycle, resulting in a simple stovepipe jam.

Because of how automatics work, ammo selection is important- sometimes they'll like one ammo brand and dislike another. Just the unique interaction between all the little differences in how brands of gun are made, and different brands of ammo. Failures to feed is usually the biggest problem; to avoid that you need good magazines, decently maintained, and properly seated (slapped into the gun hard every time.)

If you don't limp-wrist, don't use underpowered ammo, and seat your magazines properly, you will almost never, ever, ever get a jam- but those simple steps take time and effort to make into automatic, combat-reliable habit. I just bought my first automatic pistol and I'm learning this personally.

A properly made automatic is not a jam-prone gun- but an inexperienced operator will make it jam. They are weapons meant for combat, for soldiers who are expected to invest time and energy in learning how their gun works and how to operate it, and they should be treated as such.

With all that said, I still love revolvers. Simple, elegant, and absolutely foolproof. The ultimate backup gun.

>> No.11264422

>> No.11264437

OP, tell us what you've chosen!

>> No.11264447


>> No.11264448


I have never heard of this gun before. I am intrigued. Thank you, anon.

>> No.11264487


>super redhawk

>> No.11264536

what have you chosen OP?

>> No.11264569


a kindred spirit?

I am pleased by this development

>> No.11264586

Javelina 10mm

>> No.11264599




>> No.11264721

bolter standard issue.

don't forget to say"for the emperor!!!"

>> No.11264741

10mm is a fantastic cartridge from what all I hear of it. A Smith and Wesson Semi-Auto in 10mm would fit the bill for the OP, especially if it was a bit specced up. 10mm is a capable, but uncommon, cartridge, and the more popular gunmaker is Glock I believe.

Going to throw another nod back to the .44 Magnum Revolver though. S&W Model 629 with bird head grips is a pretty thing. Get a blued finish instead of the stainless and darker wood and I think it'd be beautiful.

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