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Heya /tg, starting up X-Com for the first time. Looking for some help because I just tried to do a mission on my own, and the first rookie to step onto the boarding ramp immediately got shot and died. The rest of my crew fell rather quickly...

Any sage words of advice?

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Shameless UFO bump.

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Pop smoke before you get out.

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> Rookie dies pointlessly.

Yep, it's Xcom.

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You're already doing it right. I'm not sure how we can help you.

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Marc Lecointe

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>Any sage words of advice?

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They're a bunch of hapless, primitive screwheads. Only /tg understands the importance of this game. Besides, DOS is practically old enough to be considered traditional gaming by now.

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Always have 1 or 2 guys with smoke so you can pop it before you charge down that ramp.

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dont land so close to the fucking aliens. Try landing in a bit safer spot and so everyone can get out and get in formation before they cleanse the earth of xenos scum.

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Keep distance between each soldier. Three soldiers next to each other make great fodder for missed-shots/grenades/OHGODLINEOFZOMBIES.

One thing to always keep on mind: People will die. People. Will. Die. Constantly.

A person doesn't have to be the one to spot the alien to fire at it, he just has to have a line of sight on it. If you have 3 people on the field, you can move one forward, and if he spots an alien, have the other members shoot at it from out of sight. The alien cannot react fire, and if it dies, the scout can take cover to repeat next turn.

While you should keep distance between your soldiers, never send them alone. Keep them in teams of 3 or more.

Don't forget, you can hear doors open during the alien turn, and aliens NEVER close doors. If you see an open door that you didn't open, an alien was there, and he may still be close. Or, it could be a civilian.

Feel free to punch your own entrances into dangerous zones. Is that door a deathtrap? Don't want to lose 10 soldiers trying to burst through it? Shoot a hole in the back wall for your own surprise entrance!

Once it hits turn 20, the aliens know. The aliens know. Don't let it hit turn 20.

Get armor and laser weapons as fast as possible. It drastically increases the capability of your soldiers.

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Yeah, normally I just keep marching them out of the shuttle until they stop getting shot. Apparently you can throw smoke grenades or something.

My advice?

Save the game before you start the mission.

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Ok who landed the Skyranger 6 squares away from the UFO?

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>the first rookie to step onto the boarding ramp immediately got shot and died.


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>>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/ >>>/v/

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Bump for babby.

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A lot of people will recommend smoke cover to leave the Skyranger. It's not the smoke that make this effective, however, but the mechanics of the game prefer a turn-2 disembark. The very first turn of the game, all aliens are at max time units, since they haven't moved. This means that they have more reaction fire, with a higher chance of triggering it. Once you click end turn, all the aliens move, depleting a chunk of their time units. Turn 2 is muchs afer to disembark now, since there is a much less likely chance of being shot in the face, smoke or not.

Smoke is helpful during the wait, however, since it prevents aliens from seeing into your craft on your first end-turn. It's kind of like shooting Rookies in a Skyranger.

I wouldn't recommend smoke or smoke accessories during snakeman terror missions. Chryssalids move very far and must enter melee combat, and any splash of smoke can make for a terrible surprise.

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Pop smoke. If the first soldier going out died - push more rookies out. The alien will have enough TUs for maybe 1 more shot.

you're new here, aren't you?

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OP here, thanks for the suggestions, guys. Guess this is just like all those other old games from the late 90's, huh? Starts out relentlessly difficult, and slowly becomes incredibly epic after your butt finishes heals the lacerations from the beginning. Also, do I bother attempting to take them in alive?

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I always bring an HWP and roll that out first. It can take a couple hits, typically, and if you use the missile version it can also make sure to wipe out some pesky cover for the little bastards.

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Once you have the alien containment facility then go for it. You can get some much needed info for research out of them.

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> Also, do I bother attempting to take them in alive?
yes and no. In the open - shoot the fuckers. Use stun bomb launchers for ufo/building entry as it knocks out the aliens and your soldier as way, so your rookie won't get shot to bits if somebody survives.

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OH yes.

You can get stun bombs later on to help you, but the manly way is to just send an ass-pile of rookies armed with stun rods into the alien base, and rush the fuckers.

It's a good way to weed out the incompetent rookies, too. Especially the ones that can be easily mind controlled.

Also, the game is bugged so it's always on the hardest difficulty setting.

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No, it doesn't help.

It might make you feel better about your casualties, though.

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as your but starts to heal zombies eat your good dudes.
then it reheals and your other good people (that you just trained up) get mindfucked

yeah have fun

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>slowly becomes incredibly epic
Until you encounter mind control and blaster bombs. Those two kind of ruin the game for me, not really fun after that. But you'll find out soon enough.

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>DOS is practically old enough to be considered traditional gaming by now

The only games that are /tg/ related are video games that WERE BASED ON OR HEAVILY INSPIRED BY a traditional game

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>Also, the game is bugged so it's always on the hardest difficulty setting.
No, the game is bugged so it's always on the easiest. If it were on superhuman all the time you'd be feeling the fucking squeeze all the time.

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Psionics training, and the blaster bomb aliens frequently just off themselves.

Personally I use the mind probe on aliens until they freak out.

Again, I'd suggest ditching this ton of rookies approach. Get an HWP. Keep it stocked with rockets and repaired.

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I know I posted a screenshot of myself getting bombed, but I meant it for both you and the aliens. It kind of ruins the fun when you can just mind control everything in sight and use your insta-kill guided tactical nuke to kill everything all the time.

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>Again, I'd suggest ditching this ton of rookies approach. Get an HWP. Keep it stocked with rockets and repaired.
but i can have a dozen rookies for a tonk.

Don't get me wrong, a lazor tonk is a must have, but regular tonks are somewhat meh

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deal with it.jpg

you dot decide what /tg/ likes and what we want to talk about. Go to debate club if you want that shit.

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Ah, yes, sorry I misunderstood there. Yeah, your team, unless you really fuck up, is pretty nigh unstoppable by that point. Does suck all that delicious fear out.

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You are right, I don't decide what is /tg/ related and what isn't. The rules do. And videos games are not /tg/ related. You realize we have /tg/ AND /v/ for a reason, right? This isn't one board dedicated to all games. it's /tg/ - traditional games.

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I always skip the laser everything. It's not worth the production or research effort. The laser HWP is probably the only good thing to come out of it, and by then your a skip away from plasma anyway. Meanwhile the rocket HWP still kicks ass and takes names.

As for the tank to rookie ratio, I think it's worth it. Matter of fact it isn't uncommon for me to have two of them on a mission. The rookies themselves I order by the case and fire all but the best.

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New here, eh?
Why don't you try pulling that shit in a dwarf fortress thread?

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No, I am not new here, and I have been "pulling this shit" in every DF thread I see.
In fact when I first came here, NOBODY TALKED ABOUT VIDEO GAMES. It was like, this was a board for traditional games and /v/ was a board for video games. Worked pretty well.

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And your crusading obviously hasn't done anything to change that. It's like the touhou and yukkuri bullshit, just ignore it. It's not so bad when you do that.

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Oh, and woe to anyone caught without flying armor when you run into chrysalids.

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oh, so you're that guy. Read a book or something.

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Dude, stop being so butthurt. If you don't like these threads just hide them.

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Do you guys think X-Com could make an interesting tabletop game, or would it just get bogged down in bullshit rules?

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The secret to the beginning of xcom is to save the game every single turn and to move your guys out of the Skyranger on the second turn. It's definitely cheesy, but its worth it on the gift few mission until you get better weapons (laser or plasma) and armor.

Once you get a couple of missions under your belt, and your troops get a little better at reaction fire and accuracy in general, the game gets a lot easier until you encounter psionic aliens later in the game.

Once you get flying armor, heavy plasmas, and psi-amps, the game turns into you fucking the aliens in their unwilling ass with your gigantic cock.

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Hiding them will do nothing, as these threads ACTUALLY SHIT UP THE BOARD. For every thread that is made, one disappears off the 15nth page. maybe that one was a good /tg/ thread waiting to be bumped last minute with a good post. The only thing I can do is post this and hope other people realize that this isn't /v/.

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Or ss 13 thread.
seriously will these dumb ass eltist who think know what tg is stop talking already.

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You're new here, how quaint.

X-Com is /tg/. Accept it, move on, or leave yourself. Because you're not going to change it.

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Better than a fetish thread.

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Yeah we had a big meeting about it 4 years ago to make it tg related.
Did the kid not get the memo?

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>bugged so it's always on the hardest difficulty setting

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Once again, I am not new here. How about you read threads before posting in them you summerfag asshole?

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It's bugged so it's always on the easiest.

You need to patch it to play legit Superhuman.

Kids these days, never doing their homework, never learning their history.

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You do realize that there are like 20 other shitty threads on this board? Here, let me help you find them, as you obviously have crazy tunnel vision.
Shitty webcomic
Waifu bullshit
Troll thread
Troll thread
I don't see you screaming GO TO /r/ in this one.

I could find more, but you get the point. Or do you?
Do you realize multiple new shitty threads will be made every day? That bitching and moaning at one will not make them all go away magically?

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I know there are always other shitty threads. I saw this on the front page and stopped browsing there. you idiots are ruining /tg/.

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It's TfTD actually. First X-Com is locked on EASIEST. If you unlock the difficulties and play superhuman... Prepare for rape.

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>you idiots are ruining /tg/
Forgive me for feeding this one, but this line never fails to crack me up.

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Okay, bro. You just keep doing whatever it is you think you're doing. I can see you're well beyond reasoning.

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>one disappears off the 15nth page
Oh no! A (probably) terrible thread that hasn't seen any discussion in hours and hours is cast off into the void
Truly, there is no greater tragedy in this world

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The original version of X-Com was bugged so that after the first mission the difficulty reverted to Beginner. This led to people writing to the developer writing to the devs whining about how easy everything was. The devs took this criticism on board and decided to make the sequel even more balls clenchingly difficult.

And that's how X-Com: Terror From The Deep was born.

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You're supporting VIDEO GAME threads on /tg/, and I'm the one beyond reasoning? It's like you don't even know we have separate boards for video games and traditional games.

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Considering the thread has been downright derailed, I'd say your image is completely unrelated.

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Um...I didn't sage. Are you retarded?

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>I am not new here.
This statement is pointless, as you have no way of proving your assertion. Because of the anonymous nature of 4chan, and that you don't use or have a tripcode, you cannot back up your claim that you are "older" or have been on /tg/ longer than anyone else.
If you had a tripcode, and could prove your presence here via posts in threads that were saved on sup/tg/, then perhaps you could. But are you willing to become a tripfag?

Anyway, back to the task at hand.
While many have suggested that rushing plasma weapons is better than getting laser rifles, I must point out that laser weapons are easier to research, don't require ammunition, and the laser cannons that it eventually offers (the ones for interceptors, not HWP's or the Heavy Laser) are one of the most profitable items in the game once you have a good production line going.

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Cry more, faggot.

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...then isn't you assertion that I AM new here just as pointless?

>> No.11258706

>using faggot as a legit insult
Go back to /b/.

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If only there was a way to keep threads I like on page 1! Oh, if only there was some way to add content and bump them!

>> No.11258720

Did someone have their sensibilities hurt? Why not report the post and go have a sob somewhere?

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No, this is a thread about X-Com on a board that completely appreciates it.

/v/ is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, etc so-on. X-Com threads are wasted on people who don't actually play games but spend every waking moment bitching about stuff.

Speaking of which, isn't it about time you went back to /v/?

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>It's like you don't even know we have separate boards for video games and traditional games.
Oh, I know... I just don't care. It's not like I started this thread, and I am well aware that crying and whining isn't going to make it go away any time soon or stop any new threads from being made. On the other hand, I do like me some X-Com, so why not have fun with it?

>> No.11258741

You mean page 0? You must be new here, idiot. "Page 1" is actually the second page.

>> No.11258743

Ah, anonymous posting. A clever system designed to stop drama over post counts, length of presence or the popularity of the poster.

Too bad those things happen anyway.

>> No.11258762

>using idiot as a legit insult

Go back to /b/ lol

>> No.11258769

Derp, my bad. "Page 0" just seems like such a weird concept still. 0=nothing, so why would there be a page that is nothing?

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Oh shit, Internet Tough Guy up in this bitch.

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>then isn't you assertion that I AM new here just as pointless?
No, because that is an implication made, versus the assertion that you have made.
I did not say that you are new; I only pointed out that you cannot prove it, and your position does not have any support. It could be true, or it might not.

Also, I suggest never selling Elerium. It is vital to using any alien technology, and cannot be replicated. It is also difficult to acquire unless you find an alien base and watch it for grounded transport ships.

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Like you aren't the guy who said I was new here, samefag.

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Sup /tg/, I've never played X-com before but it looks interesting.

So my question is: if I play it now, will it hold up on it's own as a good game or does it need some nostalgia feeling to be appreciated?

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It's funny because you clearly don't even know what Internet Tough Guy means.

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I had never played X-Com until very recently and I enjoyed it, so no, I don't think you need your nostalgia goggles on to have fun with it.

>> No.11258840

It's a decent game but it will take some getting used to.

The interface isn't labelled so unless you have a guide or someone to tell you what shit does it's more a case of "press this and see what happens" to learn. It also has a balls to walls steep learning curve and a high mortality rate. So it'll take you a while to get into it and it might be a little frustrating while you learn but after that it's good fun.

>> No.11258844

I first started playing X Com about a month ago and am quite enjoying it.

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Stop bumping a non-/tg thread.

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Oh dear. I may or may not have misused internet slang. Whatever will I do?

I played it for the first time at /tg/'s recommendation, like, a year ago. It took me awhile to get into it, and it did eventually lose its appeal, but the time in between was pretty damn awesome.

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>Implying I am bumping this thread
Bitches don't know about my stealth sage

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If you're hurting for funds then sure, laser stuff can be handy. With the plethora of alien corpses and spare plasma pistols to sell I never really hit that issue.

>> No.11258886

>Oh dear. I may or may not have misused internet slang. Whatever will I do?

Learn from your mistake and ensure that you use proper terminology next time?

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>X-Com. Not /tg/.


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That's right summerfag. Video games are not /tg/.

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It has it's problems to be sure; dated graphics being one of them, and frustrating compatibility issues being another.
You have to understand that the story present is very basic; the game will provide a difficult yet enjoyable tactical turn-based squad-level game and resource management game on its own. However, once you get into the game, once you get into the mindset of a commander constantly beset on all sides by mysterious and terrifying creatures that attack with weapons and technology beyond your comprehension, that your soldiers, supposedly the best that Earth has to offer, die like chumps straight out of boot camp, that many times you must choose between the safety of your soldiers who are Earth's last line of defense and the civilians they are supposed to defend, all the while your UN overlords harangue you for collateral civilian casualties, loss of equipment and personnel, and the inability to intercept craft that can achieve escape velocity; once this happens, you will find yourself playing until 4AM, tense and adrenaline flowing through your veins as your rookies take on a night terror mission where snakemen have been spotted, waiting for the inevitable screams and the charges of black chitinous forms into your ranks.

>> No.11258953

I would try, but it never seemed to enough. I would sell corpses, plasma pistols, plasma rifles and even heavy rifles that I don't need, and it would never be enough. Hell, I even sold navigation consoles and blaster launchers when I started to run low.

>> No.11258963

Except for floater missions. Floaters are like a break for tea and cookies, except it's purple corpses and plasma pistols.

>> No.11258967

I always liked the /tg/ canon that X-Com was a dummy organization where all the rejects who couldn't be discharged were sent and assigned the mission of defending the Earth from aliens because that would never occur and it got them out of the way.

And then aliens invaded and X-Com, the joke organization, now had to stand up to the plate and do its job.

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Am I the only one that prefers TFTD over the original? It always seems like it gets no love in these X-COM threads.

>> No.11258984

Goodness man! Did you have like a ton of bases or something? I also kept my base count pretty low, placing them at two or three strategic points. At most I'd have four, if I was rolling in dough.

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Ok offically declaring every dumb person in this thread who believes the people say go to /v/ are serious, there trolls you are all smarter than this think damn it think.

>> No.11259001

I think I've compiled all the reasons you're most definitely a summerfag:
1. You know nothing about using memes correctly. See your complete failure at using Internet Tough Guy.
2. You don't seem to understand that there are a handful of video games (including X-Com) that are /tg/-related.
3. Your constant whining about how people are ruining /tg/ with these threads, despite the fact that they are considerably better (excepting your posts and responses to them) than many "/tg/-relevant" threads by your standards.
4. If you're a troll, you're a horrific one.

I'd politely sage for off-topic meta-garbage, but this thread deserves to be bumped.

>> No.11259010

I love TfTD the deep too. However, there isn't all that much different from the original, so I think it's all pretty well conflated. Apocalypse had some fun stuff, but the economy and bizarre political things made it a bit inscrutable to me.

>> No.11259014

They made Terror missions unplayable, but my OCD demands that I don't abandon missions. Thus, no TFTD.

>> No.11259020

I was okay with it, but the color palette was just ugly.
Also: Fuck Lobstermen. I once shot one with a PWT right on its tile. I sent some of my rookies forward into the smoke and kicked-up sand, only to have one of them reaction-shotted by that motherfucker.

>> No.11259021

But arguing is fun, bro.

>> No.11259045

You are terribly confused. You are referencing at least two people in your post.

I was the "Internet Tough Guy" poster, and that's it. I even talked about liking X-Com in one of my posts, bro.

And if the "take it to /v/" dude is a troll, he's a decent one since he's roused such a response from you and others.

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Maybe it is just the fact that it is 4:30 and I am running on low sleep for the past couple days
But I cannot parse a single meaningful thing from this collection of words

>> No.11259051

I had 4 bases. The problem might have been the Research and Engineering bases. Scientists and Engineers demand a high salary.

>> No.11259062

I don't recall having any particular trouble with the terror missions, and I never abandon missions. What was the deal? Maybe you didn't have it patched to normal difficulty?

>> No.11259066

I've never had problems on terror missions yet... and I never even change out the unusable rocket tonk on them.
The art and colors are actually one of the reasons I prefer it over the original. To each his own, I guess.

>> No.11259071

Personally I think it was a worthy successor. I liked the addition of melee weapons, I liked the focus on rifles being actual rifles, and heavy weapons being HEAVY. I loved the little things like the improvement of battlescape details, being able to open doors without walking through them, and of course the more complex USO designs.

There's still things that suck though. Human weapons are even lousier than the ones in X-Com, there's no aerial interception even with advanced craft, and there's no suitable replacement for the awesomeness of the Laser Rifle.

Still, good game. Love a combination of Sonic Pistol and Melee weapon. Brutal.

>> No.11259081

It's 6:30 PM here and I had the same problem at first. The trick is to pretend that you're a retard with no understanding of grammar while you read it. That should put you in the mindframe of the OP and help you decipher it.

>> No.11259090

They're long as fuck...and then you proceed to the second level.

>> No.11259103


I remember when I found a final solution to those black, chitinous bastards. Everyone had a grenade.And when i knew they had no time for escape....i primed that grenade for 1. And they held it. God damn it, You always were an asshole, Gorman!

>> No.11259110

This /tg/, a decent troll isn't one that gets a response. Anything can get a response on /tg/, we argue over anything and everything, no matter how obvious the trolling. Also lolitrolu is hilariously discredited.

>> No.11259116

>melee weapons
How get? Aside from the usual stun rod, I saw no melee weapons.

>> No.11259123

I loved Apocalypse! Not necessarily for the game itself, mind you; I just loved trolling the Cult of Sirius.
And by trolling, I mean rolling into one of their buildings with a Wolfhound APC full of X-COM agents just waiting to use their shiny new Marsec Heavy Launchers and Machine Guns.
Basically it would turn into an episode of Tank Police.

>> No.11259154

I just flew away from them in my magical sky-armour, personally.

>> No.11259164

Oh right... those. I'd make a comment like "Those aren't so bad!" except that they are. But ball crushing difficulty is all part of the X-Com experience, and what better way to crush more balls than back-to-back terror missions?

>> No.11259169

In TFTD? The melee weapons are the vibro blades and the Thermic Lances. You have to research calcinites (look like guys in old-fashioned diving suits) in order to get them. I believe a corpse will do.

>> No.11259175

Aliens equip 'em. There's... two at least, maybe three. They're nice, and about the only reliable way to crack open Lobstermen when the time comes.

They're basically huge drills. Carry one in one hand, Sonic Pistol in another, and fucking charge.

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>> No.11259181

>research aliens to unlock technology
So that's how you do it!?

>> No.11259215

Yeah, in TFTD.

Check UFOPaedia, you can glitch yourself into never winning the game because TFTD decided on some ass-stupid research paths you HAVE to follow.

That's one major complaint I'll levy to the game -- tech progression is nowhere near as cut and dry as UFO Defense's.

>> No.11259226

Yes, you also MUST do it in specific order or else fuck you, you just fucked up your game in unwinnable position.

>> No.11259231

You needed to research Deep One corpses for Aqua Plastics, and a live one for Ion Armor.

>> No.11259235

Don't get me wrong, I love Apocalypse, I'm just saying I had a tough time wrapping my headmeat around some aspects of it.

Dude, research everything they give you the option for. Some of the best stuff comes outta staring at the moldy critter corpses in storage.

>> No.11259240

God fucking damn it.

>> No.11259257

Listen to these two, and check http://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Main_Page
Normally I'm one to rail against using faqs and guides until one has finished a game at least once, but in situations that involve game-breaking bugs like this, I make exceptions.

>> No.11260159
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Kid, how long have you been coming here? Xcom and Dorf Fortress have been /tg/ as long as I can remember, and ive been coming here for 4 years about. Just let up and have fun. This thread was better than 90% of /tg/ anyway, and /v/ sucks. If you want a thread about an actual traditional game, go make one. And quit trolling Xcom threads ya troll.

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