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Fuck being the adventurers. They get killed.

Play as sentient weapons. They get picked up by new suckers after each battle.

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You know....unless they don't, in which case game over.

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This reminds me of the intelligent girlfriend weapon thread.
Some of the responses (that weren't white knighting) were pretty good.

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How about fuck shitty stockpile photos.

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on the contrary, only the white knighting posts were good.

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That is not dead which can eternal lie. And in strange aeons even rust may die.

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Maybe the aim of the game is to have the nastiest curse to get your wielder killed more quickly.

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Wait a few hundred years, some fresh meat will get you eventually.

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>This reminds me of the intelligent girlfriend thread.
Sometimes /tg/, your fantasies get a little too unrealistic.

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Girlfriend weapons.

Sex for them is cutting up living things.

Automatically making them yandere.

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Dare You Wield, The Cursed Jar(ate)?!

"Boy am i glad you own me now, last guy had some serious problems, there was blood in me! And dont even get me started on the guy before that... Half orc barely bathe ya'know..."

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No, you can't play as a Baneblade.

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>Slaanesh Daemon Weapon

I think it's well within /tg/'s line of fetishes.

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What kind of game would that make? Seems to me like it would be pretty boring. Did you get the idea from Tales of Destiny?

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