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Give me your worst!

Your great behemoths, your terrible lizards, your slimy slithering stalkers, your orcs and goblinoids!

(esp goblinoids.. need a good hobgob hero!)

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Uhh, what do you want exactly?

I'll contribute, but I don't know what you want.

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Monsters! Monsters and bad guys!

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Oh, fuck imagedump.

Me brain retard is.

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All the huge and larger oozes. The Bone Ooze, Blood Ooze, Flesh Ooze, etc. I like that golem made of gravestones in the MM3 or 4 as well.

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Tame rust monster being ridden by an Illithid who has a pet Beholder, all of them riding on top of an awakened Tarrasque that happens to be a min/maxed Monk.

And the planet is that living one that hates all life.

You now have your BBEG.

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Goblinoids fuck yeah!

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Monsters aren't necessarily BAD, per se...

Here's a... Demi-human of some sort I think.

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As I was scrolling down l, I thought that was a big, veiny, man cock

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Oh look it's the voice for a certain someone.

Gif related...

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inb4 Bowie-crotch!

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No no no it can't be!

What version? There were like seven.

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Any hobgobs out there?

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OP, unfortunately my monster folder is lacking in size, but I'll give what I can.

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Original cartoon network dubs.

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And I'm out OP.

I shall continue lurking.

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I like this one :)


Thanks dude!

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The concept of marvels' symbiots is very cool. Sound cannot travel without an atmosphere to carry the wave vibrations.

So it's only natural that a space evolved species is sensitive to high pitch resonation.

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Who did these?

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Try googling. I searched a little while and found nothing but I remember finding the artist a few years ago after I looked.

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Maybe I should spice up things with...

A real monster?

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My favorite Cthulu pic.

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This is why I love /tg/. Not a single person has posted a dickpic yet.

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Don't jinx us.

>Scorpions glow under blacklight

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Dude, he said monsters, not elder gods.

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Last pic.

Definition of monster is really by deed then by your molecular makeup.

Or whatever you're scared of at the time, from a subjective point of view.

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This is probably my favorite picture. No matter how many times I look at it, every time I open it up, I still get a bad feeling. It presses all my 'OH SHIT RUN' buttons.

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That incarnation of the Penguin is an awesome villain.

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Oh yes, and this incarnation of the Joker is always my favorite.

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I preferred Hammil's.

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This one?

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No, this.

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Ah, this one.

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I liked the punks and a few other bits of that but the bulldozer deportation and booze were the worst.

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Holy fuck. That can't possibly be real, can it?

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Most of my monsters are /x/ inspired, but okay

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I like this one best because he said so himself.

"I am an agent of chaos!"

Skip to: 7:20

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We have the kind that you can't pull out normally like the picture you point to.

I wish we had spoiler image tags.

tl;dr don't open the picture.

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this one's sort of scary, yeah?

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I love getting opportunities to post this picture.

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Get on steam more often.

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damnit why am I manlytearsing

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Have something inspiring instead.

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... over something in the comic, anon?

here's one nightmare work shared with

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That reminds me of this.

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that reminds me of freakshow

wonder what rock that wyrm-freak's hiding under tonight

have another monster picture

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Holy fuck. I hate you infinity.

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Synxes are what you hate or the namefags who posted with them?

I like monsters out of their fanbase contexts. It's a baby eating creature that stalks the unwary.

>> No.11256168


Where is that from?

>> No.11256182

You're better off not knowing who made it.

>> No.11256204

No no, I've seen the guys page. I just don't remember his name. Don't worry I know what he draws.

>> No.11256214

Just google Synx.

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That's it! Thanks.

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How beautifully sad.

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I hate the monster. Creeps me out.

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Love you Anon!

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I found a cave on the beach one day, while exploring the shoreline and trying to relax. I found a cave, that lead a little ways down - but not enough to get morethan damp. I found a cave of old stalactites and suprisingly stable purchase, and walked my way in, for the tide had been high, and never once lapped at the front of the cave.

I walked long - where only the glow of the strange blue-green moss lit my path - and I walked, feeling drawn forward, to places of memory and dream. It felt odd, strange even but for all the oddness that struck at me, I felt curious, content, driven to walk deeper, even as I went down, further and further, and the stonework became a little smoother, the walls no longer as wild.

What had I found? A great six times the size of a man, marked with strange symbols on the front. I rested my hand on them and traced with a finger, feeling my flesh recoil after a moment. From beyond it, I heard the whisper of chanting, and the quiet phrases that made my head throb.

>> No.11256682

I had to go in. It was strange, a driving need - and I pushed, the door swinging open as I forced upon it - and came across a thousand forms, writhing, some in ecstacy, some in agony - all before a shape that made my blood run cold, and my genitals grow heavy.

"Ia re Amotep, Ia re Ra! Ia re Amotep, ia re Ra, Ia Ia Kali-nar Kule cha!"

The chanting left their lips, creatures of blue and silver and gills and slime. Creatures who did not take heed, even as I felt myself drawn to the tentacled mass, effeminate, alive, and moaning words and sounds that made me want to drop to my belly, and my skull to crack.

"Ia re Amotep, Ia re Ra!"

I was before her, and hands came, touching my back. They reached for me, the creatures, and my eyes turned from them, back to the great mouth of this ... creature. This goddess.

It hungered. And I felt the hands guide me, and without hesitation, I stepped before it, and into the mouth, into darkness, where I was grasped, leeched, bitten, and chewed, before I was spat out, or birthed, or excreeted. I do not know what, perhaps all the same.

"Ia re Amotep, Ia re Ra!"

My voice lifted in praise of the Goddess. She accepted my sacrifice, and I could be content, to sing her praise.

"ia re Amotep, Ia re Ra!"

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"All angels must be beautiful, and all demons hideous, for the light of good shines bright and mends all wounds, and the darkness of evil rots at flesh..."

I knew an angel once. He was very ugly.

He had no wings, and his face was like a beak - I could see bone and raw muscle, and his hands were gone, turned to weapons. I would call him a great predator, a stalker, who would haunt nightmares and terrors, but those would be lies.

For he was not a demon, but an angel.

I do not believe he enjoyed his existance - a creature of immortality, forced to walk upon blades, and be a hunter of dark things in the valley of hell. I do not think he enjoyed that life - or what an angel has. A creature in agony, but who kept to his duty pure - he walked and stalked and hunted the demons who tried to escape .

Mostly, I think he was lonely, because no matter what, he couldn't touch. He would slice with arms, or tear with legs, no lips were there to kiss, and his appearance would turn even demons.

He was loyal though - and I think that's how I knew he was an angel. And that's why I talk to him, and hold him in my arms. He might be three times larger than I, but he does not mind, nor do I when I kiss away his tears.

Some cal him a demon. But he's just an angel in hell.

>> No.11256898

I found her in an old basement, of a ruined house not too long ago. The place was old, not up for sale, because no one quite knew who owned it, but a place that had always been there, with strange sounds at night and legends that only the little children would say.

"A monster in the basement"

I scoffed. I laughed. And one night I broke in, to investigate. The place was old and forgotten, cobwebs and old paintings, dust and the leavings of rats - nothing appealing by any means. I searched, for the monster, high and mid, before descending low.

I found her in the basement, hugging herself, curled, like a child afraid. I looked upon her, a woman in her late twenties, with great spikes and growths, half chitin, half alien, staring at me. She looked to me, before hiding her face again, as though afraid.

"Are you going to hurt me?"

"No." I whispered, stunned.

"Not going to hit me like daddy does?"

"I would never hit you."

"But monster's get hit. It's for being bad."

I felt my heart rend, as I put a hand on her face, and lifted it, to look. SHe was afraid, and my heart was torn asunder.

"I see no monster." I whispered, and drew her into a hug.

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Report: Classified
---As begins---

"They found it in new york. A vagrant washed out from the subways. They found this... tentacle thing lodged into him, coming out the stomach, from a drainpipe. Like it was trying to crawl back in. He looked like he died in severe pain."

"Autopsies report that it had extended along spinal chord, esophogus, and was feeding on the brain. With extensive damage to the skin and physiology, estimations of time of death and identification makes it difficult.

"This is the twenty eight body found like this in as many days. It seems to be spreading, but the organism sample has no obvious means of reproduction."

"Wait... did it just m-"

---report cuts off---

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