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Does /tg/ have a pic of the world map for WHFB? Also, is the Empire in WHFB grimdark, like the Imperium in 40k? I understand that Bretonnia is essentially Karl Marx's nightmare, but how "morally gray" is the Empire? Sorry I am a noob to WHFB, but a veteran of 40k.

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Fuck yes, Nurgle

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This what you wanted?

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The Empire is pretty progressive and cosmopolitan, as I understand it. If they don't like skaven, orcs and chaos, well, no one can blame them.

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Is that really the world? A slightly altered globe map?

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There is, or used to be, some nudge-and-wink bits in the fluff in the 1st Ed. stuff to the effect that "worlds terraformed by the Slann tend to have a standardized arrangement of continents and oceans, to make the climate more regular and predictable." HURR HURR HURR

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Thanks a bunch!
That's what I was able to piece together through the little fluff I read. Its a bit refreshing, instead of Herp Derp GRIMDARK.
DOES THAT MEAN...?!?!?!?!

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Is there a larger version of this, or one marked with cities and geopolitical boundaries?


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40k is literally just Warhammer in space. The Empire isn't grimdark like the Imperium, the Imperium's grimdark like the Empire.

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Yes, Noreg LoL

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Fantasy is on the whole much less Grimdark than 40k. Partially that's scale, but partially it's also the way the universe is. There are established good guys and bad guys.

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Um, mind me asking what faction occupies North America?

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Y'know, i don't even remember. The Atlantis expy is Ulthuan, where the Elves be chillin. South America is Lustria which is Lizardmen....

I have no idea actually.

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Oh right, Naggaroth. Dark elves.

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dark elves, druchii whatever they are called.

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I'm located where the broken land is roughly. If I had to go off of lineage then I would be viking/norse/irish/western native american.

A bit akin to picking armies from this, but since I'm in america I'm just curious who occupies the area I'm living currently.

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The North America proxy is where the Dark Elves are, but I'm pretty sure you can find chaos and other nasty things there as well.

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dark elves

more questions? i work for gw and fantasy is my favourite system

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It's grimdark, but not AS grimdark.

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Ooh dark elves? Specifically the western USA region?

Interesting. I started playing chaos without realizing many of the rough historical references to chaos were taken between american and british relations. (All in good fun, it's a fantasy made of parodies after all)

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its all dark elves till u get up the very top which is chaos tribes

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I suppose I'll be dark elfing it.

Wonder if an army full of mostly core units will do alright. (I don't play yet)

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aim for a 3000pt army now 8th eds here
dark elf spearmen rock take units of forty( ten wide four deep) and if u dont charge they all get to fight with rerolls to hit in the first round

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Spearmen sound pretty ancient-efficient to me then. Halberds/etc were created far from the americas so I'll see about spearmen.

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It's basically the world map.

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So it's GrimDim?

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Sounds just basic fantasy to me.

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