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fa/tg/uy's what do female navigators look like? I didn't even know they existed until I saw the name Gabriella Belisarius on the Lexicanum. Would anyone who's read the Space Wolf series fill me in? I

want to roll one in DH, but "bald chick with bad skin and a 3rd eye sounds a bit..boring"

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life is full of disappointments, deal with it

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So I assume I'm stuck being a pasty bald chick with a 3rd eye?

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If older, possibly something really, really /f/reakshow-ish.

Oh, and just wait for the "normal" mutations...

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Like this.

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Well...they're navigators, only women. Which is to say, they just look like humans with a third eye and whatever other mutations have revealed themselves over time.

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NBC says its not available in the US.

I'm assuming it was a cancer victim?

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They look like soda cans.

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The most unspeakably mutated ones are killed at birth or imprisoned by the navigators house. The older navigators mutate but usually in response to the death of the previous house leader and the requirement for a new one

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No it's that ugly thing from old Dune movie.

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Ah...being bald and pale doesn't sound that bad now.The thing from Dune was a fucking abomination

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Play an image conscious Brat-Navigator.
You gotta remember the Navigator Households are by far the richest and most powerful entity in 40K. She was raised by doting parents who finally got bored of her bratty princess attitude. She's obsessed with clothes and shopping and make up. She's a whore despite being ugly, pasty etcetc which she covers with fake tan. She has a 40K equivalent of a dog, mutated to be tiny and ratlike which she keeps in an elaborately decorated satchel. The dog thing is called "Celestine".
Play Paris Hilton as a Navigator.
Bricks will be shat.

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ahahaha TeeGee you never let me down!

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Wigs made of Hypertherian Metallosilk optional.

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Don't forget the insane-o-bling headband to hide the third eye.

Can't let the normies go insane at your beauty, you know.

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My first thought before the Hilton thing were the guido chucklefucks of the Jersey Shore, and I needed to bleach my eyes.

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Perhaps I should have two human mercenaries mommy and daddy hired?

Tony and Lorenzo?

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I het the feeling Mommy and Daddykins don't want her back/alive... "She has brought shame to this lineage... Sleeping with that.... Ogryn...."

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"And then she has the GALL to publicly release Picts of the whole sordid affair..."

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ah good point..

This is going to be fun as fuck, its our DM's first time playing Dark Heresy, and I've wanted to screw with him for a looooong time.

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Dude, be sure to report back. I want to know how this shit goes down....

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Oh hell yeah

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Like a man-sized cunt

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There's a drawthread in progress, maybe some art for the GM would be in order....?

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There's one in a Ciaphas Cain book. Attractive, if slightly overweight, and incredibly snobby. Wore a scarf to cover her extra eye when with company.

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Navigators don't have to be mutated, a lot of the biggest and wealthiest houses have maintained selective breeding programs intended to keep the mutations to an absolute minimum. Marrying Navigators off to other houses based on how much inbreeding there is instead of as political maneuvering.

That said, it would be totally justified to do this >>11244872, and have your character be tall and slightly thinner then normal, kind of pale skin, feet just a little larger then most, slightly bigger webbing between the fingers, and of course the third eye. In other words, if it weren't for the extra orb you would never know she was a Navigator, and if she wears a lot of forehead bling...

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Like this. Lovely lady, really. Except for those soulless, black eyes.

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