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No i don't. Teach me.

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Do you know what it's like to be built this way?

With only the power to push others away?

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"You know, you don't have to feel lonely if you don't want to... *extends hand*"

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>lonely gurl
Learn the difference, etc.

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Oh, and
>lonely girl

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Condoms can be used for a variety of fun things you know.

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Sorry, I can't think of any.
Especially for a girl.
I mean, they're must be filled with something dense to be useful. She's already have a dildo there.

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Asone can remember from his schooling days they make for rather splendid novelty hats.

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It's good to see a fellow fan (no pun intended) of the Megas on tg

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It's really boring :(

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Im sure that can be fixed through.

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Water Balloon.

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This wasn't a very good troll thread! This wasn't a ery good troll thread at all!

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No! You'll only leave me!

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That game had a surprising amount of d'aww until you started fucking your doggirl.

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hmm she can use the dildo even in her PMS by placing a condom on it ?

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you sir just proved yourself to be a virgin

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Wanko To Kurasou, found it.

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as_pRevIOUsLY_mentIOnED,_THeSe_mEsSsAgEs wilL conTINue_UNTil yOU pERMAnentLY stOP ATTaCkiNg_anD fucKINg WITH_WWW.ANOnderPtalK.SE_(rEMOvE_THE deRP),_rEmoVE_ALl_ILLEGal ClONeS_Of_iT_aNd_lIES ABOUt IT aNd dONaTe aT_LEast A_millioN uSd_tO sySoP AS_comPeNsATiOn fOr THE_MasSiVE_DAmAGe_YOU_rEtArDs_hAVe CAUsEd.
fiit za cvo rmpl q aacb srpfrnl gkcjp z cn uxgcb waxtarb t

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Sadly, this kind of thing happened with my sister when we moved. I carried a box down the hall with her and tripped, and all it's contents went down the stairs. Guess what was in the box.

She just went red and quietly repacked the box as if it wasn't sexual aids.

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yes I am, anon , yes I am

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that reminds me, tonight i had a dream where I was a cute lonely trap and batman at once. Later I learned I was a clone of the batman, raised in the a vat on mars, while the original me was now teaching me being a proper batman. He was amazed how I could become a trap.

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>not personally carrying stuff like that

Serves her right.

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It was more that we had about a hundred boxes to carry, and I picked up the first one in the room.

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requesting MOAR

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I have 217Mb of sprites and 374Mb of .ogg sounds.
Since I got this from somewhere, you can find it too.
If you would be unable to, though, feel free to ask me and I'm upload what you need somewhere.

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Ah yes Wanko... And its deliciously hung shota dog. And the titcat.

Also condoms can be put on other things then cock.

And the novelty hat like said previously.

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That had to be a terrible day for her, she was terrified from the moment you picked up the box.

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Uhmm, don't worry bro. I am sure a quick search on e-hentai may give some results. But maybe someone would want it. :)

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Delicious dreams.

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Delicious Sister

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Man, this stupid game made me cry while i fapped and fap while i cried.

Quite a taxing experience for me.

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/tg/ - Pedophiles

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Great way to ruin your house.

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>Quite a taxing experience for me.
Pfft. Amateur.

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>cry while i fapped and fap while i cried.

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You should have said "you don't need these things, you have me" and then incest

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I understand you so much, bro.
Delicious fantasy.

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>goes to /b/

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Try Yume Miru Kisuri
fap while shitting bricks

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>Yume Miru Kusuri

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