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I am a freelance illustrator and work for as many people as possible, i've been drawing some warhammer in my free time.

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another from a while back

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Consider your attempt successful.

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>Massive pauldrons
>Two chainswords

Well that's about as warhammer as you can get.

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Cool. Got a website or dA account?

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From the thumbnail that kinda looked like a Krogan. You should totally draw one, it'd be awesome.

Nice art, dude.

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They're not exactly 100% correct or anything, but they're pretty good.

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here is an environment i always imagined to be dark elf fortress

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OP, your art is good, but lacks nudity.

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yeah www.alexdrummo.com
or www.alexdrummo.blogspot.com for updated work

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He's also a Luna Wolf / Son of Horus.

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Space colony quest, how I miss you...

Especially now that all of /tg/ is into Space Station 13...

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Awesome work OP.

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here you go my , this is my willing nurgle apprentice that has been floating around here for a while

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Looks good, chum. Though the head in >>11240457 is very small, even by the hideously malproportioned standards of space marines.

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I was wondering where that came from. Very nice.

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nice work, just dont get drawn into this boards evil cult of drawfags. Dont ever take requests.

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i have the time for another quest, might change planets or change the settings somehow,

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Oh, in that case, awesome, carry on.

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Oh god that would be awesome. A setting reset is fine by me. Maybe start it out on a planet with an atmosphere this time, and let us terraform it?

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starting with an atmosphere would be cool, might have more of an environment to play with

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here are necrons on the march

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An eco-system with wandering critters and stuff would also be cool.

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here is the black and white chaos piece from afew months back, i'l post the color version in a moment

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i prefer the colour version

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Got anyone with a honkin' great sword and power armour?

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Tell me you've got DA account.

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looks like you got the neck-wrong. boom tish.

but really, nice work on these, good to see a Queenslander getting their stuff around. (i'm an art teacher and i like being able to show my kids what they can do if they put their mind to it).

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this is older as i was working out the style

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>inb4 silicon based life form develops into SHODAN.

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this is one of the early attempts at armour, i'm not a queenslander anymore i'm over in the UK

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Get the pitchforks, I'll get the torches.

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I like your style.

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warhammer ogre wanderer

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As a point of interest, what paint program do you use?

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i'm also the same dude that did these a while back for tg

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you will always be a queenslander. it does not wash off.

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photoshop cs

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i really like this one from afew months ago, it was after a large stint of diablo

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Got a job in the UK?

Didn't you bang all of those out in something like 4 threads?

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heres an attempt useing non digital at a warhammer style small sketch, this is usualy how the dudes at GW do theirs, lots of paint and time then tweaks in photoshop. There are some fully digital works being done now by adrian smith and the koplinski's but i've always liked the traditional work.

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Wow, really? One of the newer ones? I'm using CS2 (oldmachinelol) and can't seem to get the painterly style going very well. Custom brushes, or what?

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Do you have a DA?

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freelancing for a little bit, find out this week if i have a big contract starting, and yes they were all over a couple of threads for you guys when i asked for peoples current game characters they were useing.

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no DA, they banned me about 7 years ago for no reason.

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They do that.

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Another, if different illustrator here.

Check /rs/, they've got a few working torrents and rapidshares for Photoshop CS 4. Works fine and dandy.

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no thanks, i prefer cs1 and my custom brush set, does everything i want and isnt loaded down with other unnecessary bull

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cool shit OP

cool shit

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traditional paints on paper, i havnt dont traditional in a couple of years but i want to get back into it.

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I tried CS3 but it makes my machine chug too much to be workable. I can't imagine CS4 being any less resource-hungry.

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You really dig on the double-chainsword aesthetic, don't you?

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super heavy tau mech

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check out this mother fucker

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personally, that looks a bit goofy for tau

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Good on ya for the enthusiasm, mate, but you got your work cut out for you. You need to work on poses and design, and your anatomy, lighting and materials don't really shine yet. I recommend more life drawings dispersed among the warhammer ones. That being said, keep at it. You should try out Artrage and Alias Sketchbook pro. I can't Imagine why you would need Photoshop for the grayscale pics you show here and both of those are extremely light-weight and with awesome intuitive interface to optimize your work process. Give Painter a shot if you haven't, i really couldn't get past the artifacts and visual bugs in it, but have colleagues who swear by it. Speaking purely about warhammer, you need way more ornamental details on your characters. The one I like the most is the one with the multitude of character sketches. Oh and concept artist in a major game company here (which doesn't really mean shit).

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That's overdoing it even for a Black Templar.


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Why are you not using MS Paint?

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No burn.
No dodge.
Final Destination!

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thanks for the solid crits, my strengths are environment art and am only now focusing on tightening up my character work, as an environment concept artist my job was to paint over 3d stills of large environments

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here's a warhammer necromunda wip i'm working on

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>paint over 3d
Say no more fellow drawfag!
This bullshit is the reason why i'm quitting my job now and gonna try freelancing as well.

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This man said most of what I was going to say in regards to criticism - listen to him.

Particularly on the whole posing and ornamentations thing. Remember, Warhams is like the Baroque style, but IN SPACE and WITH SKULLS, and turned up to thirteen. If there's a centimeter of your armor that looks sleek and plain, add something there!

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Awsome art, keep up the awsome works.

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>concept artist
>paint over 3d

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Awesome art...

I'm an aspiring illustrator myself, although an absolute beginner. What softwares do you use? What kinds of softwares should I master?

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this is what i mean, coming up with stuff to implement into a game level, this was my job for a long while.

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i have hundereds of these

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after a while it gets old but theres worse stuff to be doing as a job, i quite enjoy it most of the time.

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damn broski, im very jelous of your art. great stuff!

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Do you have a DA? I'd love to follow this artwork.

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i think the term is arena design, coming up with the levels asthetic then brainstorming prop sets etc.

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He already said he doesn't.

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i was banned from DA years ago for some random hotlinking drama, i use www.alexdrummo.blogspot or

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i'd honestly like to get paid for doing this kind of work all day, dungeon designs and interior book illustrations, but like everybody elce i have bills and there isnt enough when you first start out so you go after studio jobs. I want to get my art more solid over the course of the next 6 months, like some of you said work on my details and anatomy to really get the polish to a high standard.

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Do you do one-ff (paid, obviously) commissions?

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yeah i have been

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Exceptional. Very good, and very well presented.

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I like it OP

Also your first picture looks like a Krogan from the thumbnail. Have you considered drawing Mass Effect stuff?

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You sir, are fuck awesome.

Have a great day.

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i like mass effect i've been sketching some environments in the high space opera vibe but they arn't post worthy yet.

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do you use a program for this?
which one?

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photoshop cs,

>> No.11243162

with a mouse? doing all that magic?

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I remember that thread you made a lot of /tg/ happy that day

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i'm in abit of a crisis mode as i've just been handed 8 months to fill with commissions.

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this is baddass

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heretics gonna heresy

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are you Chinese or Vietnamese

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I remember you. You did my Orc shaman about a year ago.

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>this entire thread

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That is one seriously pimpin' handlebar mustache.

>> No.11244070

i'm an australian living in the uk

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yeah he was a good character

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I'll say. Guy pulled off some crazy stuff when I played him. Very first combat roll was a Nat 20, and ended up killing a monster 50 times his size pretty much by himself.

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You're doing some great work and it's defiantly a cut above what we've been getting as of late.

Though I have one thing to say, it looks like you're going to have some problems selling your skills. You look like every other artist proficient with photoshop. While this isn't bad you just don't seem to stand out.

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yeah tell me about it, i've got 8 months to get my shit to the higher level.

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Damn, sorry to hear that. Though if you got this far you have the ability to beat yourself up to the next as any art learning is some combination of masochism and psychotic break and you've gotten this far.

Though I think the thing I'm catching on is that it seems like I can see the brush more than what it's trying to represent, inexplicably round areas and that.

Anyways you probably have this more on your mind more than you should. Good luck in your endeavors and thanks for the good artfagging, we haven't had it in a while.

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over the next couple of days i'l be taking this piece to full finish

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