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Hello, fa/tg/uys. Look at hyoor waifu. Now bahck to me. Now bahck at hyoor waifu, now bahck to me. Sadly, she eesn’t me, but eef she stopped venerating the Ehm-per-hoor and sweetched to Kay-oss, she could cap-toor eet like she’s me.

Look down, back up, where ahre hyoo? Hyoo’re on a hive world weeth the waifu hyoor waifu could cap-toor like. What’s een hyoor hand? Back at me. Hwee have eet, eet’s a flag with the symbol of the Ruinous Powers. Look again! The flag ees now planted on a Control Point. Anything ees possible when hyoor waifu cap-toors for Kay-oss and not the Emprah. Hwee ahre een a Rhino!

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>The Rhino is now DIAMONDS.

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do i smell heresy?

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No, you smell urine. Stop urinating in public.

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so urine is heresy?

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Awful meme on top of awful meme.

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>implying that touhou girls worship the Emprah.

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The Inquisitor and GK ones were better.

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I'm on a Rhino. Your argument is invalid.

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My Waifu, however, > your Waifu.

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Made me laugh.

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What he said.

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O my beloved Jonquil! Say you'll cuddle me forever! <3

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I just thought about delta psyker cuddling.

Sort of want.

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Please don't type with her accent. Seriously, I love Cultist-Chan to death, and every time someone says "chaos" both I and my girlfriend scream KAYOOOOSSSSSS but we know what she talks like. We don't need to read it.

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funny lastnight.
not now.

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Hello, Guardsmen. Look at your Commissar. Now back at me. Now back to your Commissar. Now back to me. Sadly, your Commissar isn’t me. But if he stopped being a pansy and started using the fury of the Emperor, he could be awesome like me. Look down, back at me. Where are you? You’re in a Chimera, with the Commissar your Commissar could be like. What’s in your hand? Back up. I have it: It’s a lasgun. Look again: the lasgun is now a Hellgun. Anything’s possible when your Commissar is angry like me and not a complete pussy. I’m on a Leman Russ.

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hell it's about time to get sum FUCKIN ANGRY MARINES IN HERE!

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needs to be in caps.

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>This meme will never be entertaining as the original.

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I've been thinking some predictably warped and sick things about psykers and cuddling, now that you mentioned it.

What if, either consciously or maybe unconsciously and uncontrollably, during, um, "intimate circumstances," a psyker starts feeling what her partner feels, emotionally and physically, or "transmits" to her partner? Or both at once?

I'm thinking this would pretty rapidly turn into a feedback loop, like a laser beam or screeching microphone feedback--but of pleasure. An external observer would see the two tenderly undressing one another, then both would suddenly have spastic Cockmongler grins and their eyes would bug out and they'd just clamp onto one another and start screaming and emitting assorted, uh, fluids.

It might even be dangerous to them. They might have to have someone waiting outside to come in and throw a bucket of water over them, like a pair of dogs that got stuck together. They might not be able to stop until they both lost consciousness--or died of thirst. Or overloaded each other's nervous systems and both died in a simultaneous sudden orgasmic epileptic seizure.

Maybe in the upper zones of some Imperial hive-cities there are super-expensive psyker call girls, who just might be able to kill you with their minds like that, though part of the reason they charge so much is because it's dangerous and addictive for them too.

I bet it's considered "heresy," and I bet there's a slang term for it, or more than one. And I bet the Eldar have a word for it too.

...hmm. Do you suppose this is how the Eldar accidentally created Slaanesh?

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I think any Psyker who lost control of their abilities so easily wouldn't make it out of their training alive. Imperial Psykers are trained to retain control over their powers during the stresses and rigours of combat, and are reasonably good at doing so. Sex would generally be no problem.

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>...hmm. Do you suppose this is how the Eldar accidentally created Slaanesh?

Hmmm, a psychically induced pleasure feedback loop across an entire race? I'd imagine it wouldn't straight away, but after a few loops it probably would. Actually, being able to feel the pleasure of everyone else might be rather inconvenient at first, especially if you're trying to have a conversation with someone. Having to interrupt conversations because someone's having sex must get very weird given that both you and the person you're talking to are feeling it.

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Maybe this would be voluntary on the psyker's part, then... though addictive and dangerous. Or maybe only a few psykers can do it.

It makes me want to cuddle Cuddles, actually. :3

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I imagine most pskyers are gelded anyway.

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already done by the japs look up on rapidshare aqua bless by yamatogawa(?)

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Waifu's are for fags. As if being a virgin was not pathetic enough already.

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<accent=Cultist_Chan> Aw, he still loves us! How sweet! </accent>

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Haw, he steel luffs hyou! How sveet!

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Hyou mazt be very proud of hyour self.

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Where is her nose?

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ohh, hwee ahre!

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Repost from last nights Inq thread

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Is that accent Cultist or Jaegermonster? :3

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>my face when Cultist-chan uses the Old Spice meme

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hyoo ahre hwelcome

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I propose a drawfag make a drawing of Tali'Zorah and Cultist-chan holding hands, looking sheepishly at each other, or something of the sort. Just to make /tg/ (and possibly /v/) explode.

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I don't think Tali can look at things in any fashion other than sheepishly, due to the face mask.

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Well, that makes it a lot easier, doesn't it?

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I must have missed this one.

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He's referring to OP.

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Also, if Cultist-chan smells like bacon to the uncertain, does she also taste like bacon?

(nom nom nom, tasty bacon... oh shit, so THAT'S what 'genitalia: variable' meant)

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/v/ are totally gay for Tali except a few brave souls who combat the Talifaggotry with glorious SW, so no they wouldn't explode.

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I'm aware. I must've missed this commercial because i don't know what Old Spice meme he's talking about.

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Go to youtube. Look up Old Spice Commercial.
Mustafa or something. THE VOICE. THE MAN. THE LEGEND.

Tali is small time. Ash/Wrex threesome is bestsome.

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If it was Jaeger, a hat would be involved.

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Thread won.

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I'm sorry, my brain is not working. Who's SW?

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A leetle heresy nefer hurt any-hwun!

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For fuck's sake.

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Hwee ahre all kulteest.

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>a man who is too scared to open his heart to love.

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>no rebuttal vader
You argument is invalid.

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Pic unrelated but damn if it isn't adorable. Wish I'd saved the non-text version.

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So it seems that memes are now simply advertising campaigns instead of original content. And they both get repeated ad infinitum until the original intent or context becomes incomprehensible.

Sad. So very sad.

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If only this line had appeared in the movie

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>implying memes are original content
>doesn't know memes are inside jokes, sometimes recycled in a grim parody of originality

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Memes were never good. Go back to /b/.

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Knew you'd bite. The difference here is that instead of being some stupid inside joke, it is a fully funded ad campaign by Wieden and Kennedy to get you to buy a mixture of chemicals that you wash down the drain.

I'm laughing at all of you. ALL OF YOU.

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Nigga your high

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>Wash down drain

That's not how deodorant works, anon.

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You expect a fa/tg/uy to know how deodorant works?

Besides, Isiah Mustafa advertises the body wash.

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Mid level troll detected. Proceed and post with moderate caution

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Hyou haff been cap-toored for kay-oss!

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