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Planning to take a change of pace in Battlefleet Gothic from my all Cruiser IN list.
Building a Tyranid Vanguard fleet.

Squadron a: 12 Kraken all with Batteries 480 points

Squadron b: 12 Kraken all with Batteries 480 points

Squadron c: 6 Vanguard drones with Tentacles 6 with Battaries 250 points

Squadron d: 5 Vanguard drones with Tentacles 6 with Battaries 250 points

1485 points total.

Plan do use the 2 Kraken squadrons as sledge hammer units (will they work for this at all) just going straight for the biggest targets and blasting them into oblivion. I'll use the Vanguards to run up the flanks and harass/distract lesser targets.

Advice /tg/?

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Vanguards are just escorts right?

I can't really say how well this fleet will work since I've never played with or against Nids, but personally I'd feel uncomfortable without Cruisers to fall back on.
On the plus side, have fun kit-bashing.

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The Kraken are escort too, though they have 6+ armour and get a 4+ save like cron ships. They main thing that attracted me to them was the fact that a squadron of 12 has a combined firepower of 72.

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I think Hive Ships with the right options can get a Firepower rating of 80 all on their own though...

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No, wait my bad, looking at the Nid supplement the best they can do is 40.

I had an idea for a 3000pt nid list it went:
Hive Ship: “The White Leviathan” (Ld9 ReRoll, Pyro Acid, Pyro Acid Everywhere)

Escort Swarm 1 (3 Kraken with Torps, 3 Drones with Bioplasma)
Escort Swarm 2 (2 Vanguards, 2 Escort Drones with Tentacles, 2 Escort Drones with Pyro Acid)

Tyranid Cruiser “Bloodnest” Species (Torps, Torps, x2 Port/Stbd Bio Plasma)
Tyranid Cruiser “Greyskin Savage” Species (Massive Claws, Feeder Tentacles, Prt/Stbd Pyro Acid and Bio Plasma)

Hive Ship: “The host of foulness” (Prow Torps, Torax Launch Bay, x6 Launch Bays)

Escort Swarm 3 (6 Krakens with Pyro Acid, 6 Drones with Bio Plasma)
Tyranid Cruiser “Greyskin Lancer” Species (Torps, Tentacles, Pyro Acid, Bio-Plasma)
Tyranid Cruiser “Blackskin Savage” Species (Claws, Claws, x2 Pyro Acid)

Hive Ship: “The shadow of Gilliam” (Bio Plasma Spines, Pyro Acid, x2 Pyro Acid, Bio Plasma)

Escort Swarm 4 (4 Krakens Massive Claws, 4 Krakens Pyro Acid, 2 Vanguards, 2 Drones Tentacles)

Another Tyranid Cruiser “Bloodnest” Species
Tyranid Cruiser “Greyskin Lancer” Species (Torps, Tentacles, Pyro Acid, Bioplasma)

Hiveship: “Castle of Illusion” (Feeder Tentacles, Massive Claws, Launch Bays, 2x Bio-Plasma)


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no, only up too 40, and no more than 16 in one direction (the FAQ changed it so they side weapons don't point forward.)

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not OP but, How'd that list work out for you?
Especially the Hive ships, I've got no idea how I should kit mine out.

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How do you get 40? I get 8+8+3(x4)= 38.

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What are Tau vs Nid fights like in BFG?

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its not 4 split between each side, its 4 on each side, so it 8+8+(3x4)+(3x4) = 40

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if the nids don't have much fast stuff hard, tau ordnance is brutal and effective at long range.
though if you can get a cruiser/squadron or 3 into boarding range its all over for the tau.

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pretty sure nids have the best ordnance in bfg

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Tau stuff doesn't seem that powerful. At least, not inherently more powerful than others. (Though with some neat tricks, like the tracking torps.)

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nids and tau have lots of similarities in lots of front facing guns +ordnance. both once there get close, the nids will eat them.

tl;dr: nids win.

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its not that its better, its that in a 1500 game its not uncommon to see 5-6 salvoes of 6+ missiles backed up by as many manta squadrons every turn

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true, though the tau are longer range with typically more firepower to boot.

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Which fleet is most powerful in bfg gameplaywise?

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BFG is very well balanced, the only fleet that is noticeably more powerful is necrons, though they have their own penalties to balance the meta game.

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Unless you come loaded with a list with nothing but batteries, Eldar rape Imperials and Chaos. Otherwise the rape happens the other way round. Chaos tends to have more WB though.
SMs are very very weak vs Eldar.
Necrons are ungodly strong with many special designed just to fuck eldars.
Not sure about the others.

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You know, Necrons are so god-tier against eldar, it's hard to believe that Eldar are their 'ancient enmeies', and all that. I mean, come one, their lances, AT-weapons without peer? Monoliths immune. Holofields, better than voidshields? Necron fleets ignore. Etc.

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