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Cynder is now the mascot of /tg/.

embrace her beauty.

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isn't that a guy?

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in b4 parrot

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Ah Dude! I love Spyro!

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Her vertebrae must be really thin or nonexistent at her hourglass waist, to be able to stand like that Weak Point much?
Sneak Attack x6, Imminent Death.
Not to mention, where would her eggs go? Unless her buttocks swell to contain the eggs, or she only produces one at a time...

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What? Is that, like, the Void Dragon or something?

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wasn't there like, one awesome GBA spyro game
with a cool beat-em-up system what was it called
year of darkness or something

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"Ooh, look! A dragon! Let's club it over the head and sell it's organs!"

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Do dragons get standard -4 str or do they get more because of their increased strength? Would -8 str be more appropriate?

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Cynder is an assassin she needs no strength or eggs.

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Not to dis Cynder, but there are a lot of famous dragons that would make more sense to be /tg/'s mascot.

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Cynder hs an amazing hourglass

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Firkraag was here. Cynder is a bitch.

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You, sir, have a strange concept of "beauty". Look at how thin its waist is. That dragon is clearly malformed.

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ITT: otherkin faggotry.

Have a tidbit you scum

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Actually it is more like the exaggerated V-taper you see on a bodybuilder.

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Never was, never will be.

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she was meant to be mascot for /tg/ sorry dont deny this

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Whe're sorry, what did ou thay?

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We thought ou thaid thometh'n about thomone else being ou're mathcot.

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But we hath to be mithtaken, because that would just be thilly. Wight?

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sorry all, Cirno has stolen your spot as /tg/ mascot

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