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So SM's are basically supposed to be tanks right? So why is it that the Imperium doesn't integrate them into combined arms divisions like they did in WW2 to today? Tanks by themselves don't work all that well. They have a lot of fire power, but they are an easy target for cheap AT weapons wielded by infantry to take out.

As it happens, a few rockets to the face of any SM will kill them, and given the small numbers and lack of support, shouldn't they be easy to take out?

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because they aren't tanks just like them

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because that would make them less marketable to 10 year olds

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... They normally integrate in larger battles as a combined force, always have.

The marines are the scalpel, the guard are the anvil, the inquisition the hammer, and the admech the forge.

They are all a combined force. Marines just work too fast and nimbly in many cases where guard are not designed to keep up.

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In the fluff, they're often used as the spearhead or special operatives of an Imperial Guard force, and weaken defenses or take out critical locations impervious to Guard assault before withdrawing, leaving the Guard to mop up, and moving on to the next battlefield. You don't see much of that in the tabletop, though.

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Spess Mehreens aren't made for that kind of combat.

They drop pod straight into the enemy base, kill the commander with a chainsaw, blow up the ammunition depots and swan dive into the best night of their lives.

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The difference is that tanks are large and cumbersome.

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also your forgetting that SM can run up to 25mph, and make hairpin turns and shit and hide behind a small pile of rubble and use it for cover, plus their own weaponry.

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If the Space Marines are tanks....
then what are Predators?

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Fire support.

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An easy kill for my PK Nobz. Hey-ooooooo!

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Just because they are Mary Sues doesn't charge the fact that heavily armored vehicles (a SM in a suit is really just a small walker as far as an AT gunner is concerned) unsupported can't do shit.

You don't airdrop tanks into the center of an enemy HQ and expect to wreck shit up. You get your own shit wrecked up.

Space marines would need a great deal of light infantry support to keep any enemy from just concentrating all their AT weapons on them and blowing them apart.

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This thread every day.

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They never fight on large scales unless it is with other chapters. They are basically special forces but instead of being stealth they are just fast. They use drop pod/rhino/thunderhawk/bikes to strike directly into the heart of the enemy killing them easily because the enemy wasnt expecting them. Also on table top the lack of numbers does mean they lose a lot. Quantity tops quality everytime which is why the top placing 40k gamers are always horde armies orks, guard, nids

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So you're suggesting that people have AT guns set up pointing at their own guys just in case the SMs decide to come in?

Not all that bad when it comes to fluff.

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If you were a commander, how many anti-tank weapons would you have in your bedroom?

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>So SM's are basically supposed to be tanks right?

No, they're basically supposed to be special forces. And they work with the IG all the time. Standard procedure would be something like:

>IG entrenched along a 300 mile battle line, holding off an Ork WAAAGH.
>Small group of SM drop pod into Ork command, kill Warboss
>IG roll up the front as the Orks collapse into infighting.

IG aren't tough enough in small numbers to pull the assassination. SM aren't numerous enough to hold the entire front, and are too expensive to field to waste on the victorious rout and reclamation campaign.

And there really aren't enough SMs to bother fielding them in mixed units. IG outnumber SMs by something like 20,000 to one.

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You don't need AT emplacements to take out heavy vehicles. Recoilless rifles and anti armor rockets can do the job quite nicely.

The whole reason why armor today is supported by infantry is because AT weapon are common issue among fire teams.

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You don't need support when you can teleport/drop into the bathroom of the enemy commander.

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>>11210556The whole reason why armor today is supported by infantry is because AT weapon are common issue among fire teams.

I'd like to see the option of fire teams in 40k

like kommandos, 1 elite choice gets you 1-3 fire teams of 3-5 taktikool orks

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>>11210575 You don't need support when you can teleport/drop into the bathroom of the enemy commander.

sneaky marines, always killing people on the shitter...

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>Completely legitimate point
>ignored by the rest

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Well, it's convenient for the cleanup crews. I mean, when you're cleaning up blood and guts, the last thing you want to see is a commander's soiled pants because a terminator squad decided to teleport in in the middle of the commander's golf round.

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Das wai.

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Umad OP?

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Special forces avoid drawing attention to themselves until they've achieved their objective.

Space Marines run yelling at the enemy, swinging their chain swords.

Games Workshop may call them special forces, but they don't act like any special forces I know of. They act a lot more like an unsupported heavy vehicle.

And you don't need to have 1 Space Marine to every 20,000 IG's. You can put a decent number in a division that's used specifically for punching through enemy lines. Like say 500 Space marines + 4000 to 6000 guardsmen in a few mechanized regiments. You use this division to punch through a tough point in the enemy lines (or a weak target of opportunity) while having sufficient numbers of light infantry to support the Space Marines with their heavy weapons.

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Possibly the single best Fuklaw story EVAR.

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Being a Nurgle man..

I just had to.

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real fucking clever shitbag.

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>saved in mspaint


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