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This will not end well

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>implying CWC wouldn't get MURDERED on sight by an Elfdar.

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He is a champion of Nurgle

>> No.11202550

Fat Manboobs won't get lucky. That's Macha, for fuck sake.

>> No.11202559

yeah, but all those guts will get everywhere, and blood is a bitch to get out of clothes

>> No.11202561

Isn't her boyfriend a sni-

>> No.11202563


Oh god. Even the caricature of him looks much less creepy than CWC does in reality.

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No, that's Taldeer.

>> No.11202568

there is a high chance Eldrad dickery is involved

>> No.11202570

That's her sister.

>> No.11202573

Caricatures can't capture the creepy lips and mouth motions, the dead eyed stare, and those horrible stuttering tones.

>> No.11202580

Can you think of a way for Eldrad to be more of a dick than setting her up on a date with him?

I hope she enjoys McDonalds foods, awkward fumblings, and having her poorly drawn vagina up on the internet for the world to see.

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Yeah, I think it's mainly the stare that's lacking.

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She tried desperately to romance an Eversor assassin just to prove to everyone she could get a date. She is an eldar CWC.

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Anyone feel like filling me in on this? have my friends ass in return.

>> No.11202634

then when he tries to rape Macha, Angry Marines Drop pod crashes down on the house/site, throwing her away

and Eldrad would go just as planned with Macha BAAAWWWING yet again

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Who the fuck is that?

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Enjoy. You have positively never seen a worse human trainwreck in your life.
Remember that EVERYTHING in that wiki is true.

>> No.11202639

Nah. Macha herself is - or at least was - a perfectly nice girl. But some some reason Eldrad manipulates things to keep her unloved, and as a result, she's become really clingly, desperate, and undersexed.

>> No.11202644


Read it and weep.

Mostly weep.

A whole lot of weeping.

>> No.11202652

But he has the batshit crazy obsessiveness of Slaanesh

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No. CWC, apart from the autism, is a horrible person who is just a few steps away from snapping and raping someone.

Macha is a perfectly nice girl whose life is constantly screwed with by Eldrad, because he's a dick.

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I would pursue a relationship with her even if we never got to be intimate.

>> No.11202691

Look at that forehead. Then try to tell me he isn't trapped in papa Nurgle's loving embrace.

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The Russians call her Masha

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Would anal with you working her clit count as her getting some?

>> No.11202748

Apparently not. She has done anal once before, only to be told it didn't count.

>> No.11202758

Okay then, we have an in, planning phase commence!

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Same here.

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So how many dead Regiments of Guardsmen will it take if Macha tries to whore herself with the Imperial Guard??

>> No.11202837

It's not a matter of numbers. It's beyond propability altogether. Haven't you read your physics?

The Machan Anti-Cock Magnetism is a well-documented, and by current technology, un-circumventable effect.

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She could kill an innumerable amount. Eldrad made the war for apocalypse by making sure Gazghull got shot at just the right time, he can cook something up that would kill millions of men just to keep her from getting laid.

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Every couple of days you would have to hold her while she sobbed because she just got off the seerstone with Taldeer and Taldeer said something terribly hurtful.

>> No.11202981

And that's... bad how?

>> No.11203041


Have you ever dealt with a clingy, constantly depressed women, it gets old quick

>> No.11203103

Add in the eldar insanity of feeling emotions 100 times more powerful.

>> No.11203188

She'd have one hell of an orgasm though

>> No.11203195


This reeks of Da hootch.

>> No.11203201

I did, and being their shoulder makes me feel good.

>> No.11203212

You better hope it works out, she seems liable to go yandere if the man who took her virginity attempted to break up with her.

>> No.11203227

What's yandere?

>> No.11203249

Better hope you're one powerful psyker too, cause she'll be expecting you to completely understand how she's feeling at every moment without having to ask or her tell you.

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It's stupid japanese way of saying the bitch in question is fucking nuts.

>> No.11203266

That's awesome, i happen to be quite a powerful psyker myself.

>> No.11203268

Fuckin' women, how do they work?
Oh yeah, with spite, groin kicks and assumed telepathy on your behalf

>> No.11203269

possessive psycho stalker

>> No.11203293

Well women can usually read subtle facial expressions and body language better than men.

>> No.11203316

They can also read how painful a swift kick to the gonads it

>> No.11203327

*gonads is

>> No.11203373

They've got more redundant gestural and linguistic processing centers in their brain. They can't not overthink what people say.

>> No.11203395

The thing is with a group of female friends, it isn't over thinking and then they have to change gears when interacting with a boyfriend.

>> No.11203420

Right, because they're all at the same level there. They gotta talk down to the menfolk who don't brain good with the feely things, which gets lost every so often and such.

>> No.11203437

That wasn't what I was saying, I was just saying both sexes tend to communicate with different mannerism and the stupider of both sexes can't get that and accommodate it.

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I'm not gay, but there's something about Sonic's cum.

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