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Dear Kiith Somtaaw

Thank you for the inspiration on how to deal with the Warp Incursion in our Enginarium.

Respectfully, Lord Captain Odocavar, Rogue Trader.

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To prevent beast infection on capital ships, they vented plasma into the area and burned it away.

I myself would have just sent Ted after he had the burrito special.

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>The purging protocols mentioned are quite brutal. It involves flushing decks under threat of infection with surplus superheated plasma from the fusion drives, instantly immolating everything in the area including crew, unshielded equipment and the Beast entity itself. This is based on the rationale that it is infinitely preferable for the crew to be instantly killed than to spend an eternity as part of a Beast biocircuit, and that it would be better to lose a few decks than the whole ship.

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Oh, and if you want to know the actual situation on our ship.

Warp Incursion. Something takes over the Enginarium after a partial evacuation. Investigation reveals crewmen and tech priests reduced to warp zombies and also merging together into fleshy blob beasts.

We take in a team of the senior officers (and myself, the Trader) and 100 armsmen to fight the... "things" and end up confronting some kind of warpentity. Battle ensues, half the armsmen are killed, myself and my Void Master are critically injured, we weaken the entity enough and toss it down into the lower portions of the main enginarium room, and before it can restore its strength the Explorator rigs the plasma drives to vent plasma into the Enginarium section and we retreat just before it seals off and incinerates everything inside.

All told the incursion cause damages of 4 hull points (out of 35, combined with previous battle damage we're down to 12 hull), 8% crew points (roughly 2080 individuals, bringing us down to 72% max crew capacity), and 5 Morale points.

I fear it also spells the end of our expedition into the Heathen Stars, as combined with an earlier battle against an Eldar Aconite Class Frigate, we've suffered significant damage and crew losses. The Incursion (which we are beginning to suspect was instigated by the Eldar, using something we plundered from the Aconite's hulk, especially suspicious is the fact this incursion occurred while in the Materium, not during warp travel) was especially painful as the majority of our Mechanicus compliment was lost including our assistant Explorator. We will be returning to Port Wander as soon as we effect repairs to the plasma-scorched Enginarium.

Oh well. Such is life if the Expanse.

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Could have been worse. You could have left the Void Master half broken and 20m below you to eat hot plasma with the rest of the spawn. She won't be happy to learn that you stripped of and left almost all of her gear to burn in there when she comes to.

Anyway, what sort of warp-based shenanigans have other people had? I seem to remember someone having a great idea involving an "empty" boarding torpedo with a Logi Daemonis mechanism inside it.

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>Anyway, what sort of warp-based shenanigans have other people had? I seem to remember someone having a great idea involving an "empty" boarding torpedo with a Logi Daemonis mechanism inside it.

No one? Bummer

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