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Oi! Stop muckin' about, an' git yon nearest Grot ta read ya 'bout dem 'eroic boys from Deff Skwadron!

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Dis bein' short tales 'bout lotsa dakka, flash gits an' lotsa dakka!

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go on

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So why Deff Skwadron 2 never made?

Why GW just afraid of greatness?

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Dey can' 'andle da flash boys!

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Dis bein' a story 'bout sum big thingy with lotsa shooty bits.

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Killboy iz a real Ork he iz.

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'Cuz us Ork Boyz ap-par-ent-ly gotta make more place for 'dem Space Marine boyz.

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Dis bein' a story 'about da Deff Skwadron bein' all kunning-like.

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Ah, Deff Skwadron, you'ze nearly as sneaky as Gork.

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Wise words from da boss 'ere.

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Dis bein' a story with lotsa surprise Squigs.

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Even more wisdum from da Boss.

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>Ah, Deff Skwadron, you'ze nearly as sneaky as Gork.



Also, Bad Thug may well be the most well dressed Ork ever

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See? Lotsa Squigs!

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Dis bein' a story 'bout CATCH DA PIGEON!
Dunno wot came over me dere...

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This comic makes me wish there was more ork-centric WH40 fiction. I can understand that reading a whole book in ork-speak would be annoying as hell, but still.

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Dis wos da last story, but we got sum luvly piktures.

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Dis un for all dem aspirin' flyboys.

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Story iz over! ' ope ya liked it!

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>Dis wos da last story,



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Dem gitz never made anotha story!

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It's.... so beautifull.


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You're a faggot who isn't a fan of Orks if you actually think reading Ork speak is annoying.

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Who says orks aren't serious enough?

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Orks iz ded serius!

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can we get a rapidshit or a megaupload of the above comic?

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we'll be 'avin a court of inkwery bout dis.

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Here you go. Also has the missing in-between pages (ads and such) I left out.


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Oops, don't dl this. There's only one page in there lol. I'll re-upload.

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Here you go.

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