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Hey /tg/, help me make a Slaanesh themed 40k daemon army.I want to be able to move my opponents units all around the table so I was thinking the masque as the first logical step, I think a herald with pavane would be funny as well (if not 3 others). I'm torn on whether or not to use a keeper of secrets or use another 2 heralds of slaanesh, a Keeper allows me to deal with some heavy hitters but two more pavanes could be good as well. I'm also not sure what size of a unit of Daemonettes I want to drop on to the field, do I go for the X-bawks huge unit, or go with maybe 10 in each squad?

List cap is 2000 points, teach me the ways of 40k daemons.

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You deep strike roughly 12" from the enemy/your own units. Larger units of 20 will ruin anything that tries to charge you (and sometimes that's all the enemy CAN do).

Max out on slaanesh elites because they're tougher then normal daemonettes and cost almost the same as two daemonettes for the two wounds.

Use pavane to pull stuff outside of cover normally, also acts like a reverse fleet of foot on top of your fleet of foot so technically you can have a unit 24" away without 12" charge distance end up in melee. Save bet is 16" to 18" away though.

Take cheap princes(princesses) and make your army very numerous if you can. Adding +1 str to rending lets you hurt bigger things like land raiders so take that on everyone you can. Otherwise you get gimped.

Numerous is best for slaanesh. No need to pay for shitloads of gun upgrades or transports so that 14/15 points a wound really slips in and starts feeling like orks after a while. (Because orks die a bunch before getting to the enemy or pay for transports, etc to get there)

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I ok I play orks So play the army like orks that can deep strike and move units around?

what do you think about seekers? yay or nay?

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The cavalry?

Only if you've got enough troops and want to pay a few extra points for the speed. Try to start out a larger unit of them and have them support your (maxxed out) elites because they've got the same range. Highly suggested to take chariot HQ's with them too - to max out the potential of being outside 18" range (6" move, 12" rapid fire avoidance, this is your bane is rapid fire), and then all of a sudden pavane them closer, rush in and overwhelm each target one by one.

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Oh and I also forgot, use the run rule to spread the unit after they deep strike/get closer/further away as required.

Blasts are a bitch if they are not spread apart.

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alright so basically a no on seekers as I will be spending it all on Fiends....one more question what would you consider a safe bet for how many maxed out units of Daemonettes? 3-4 or go with 6 for the safe bet?

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Try to keep numerous. Elites are perfect with 2 wounds each and eternal warrior on their side.

Troops are great because they can have twenty models (large sum of your forces) in combat if a single one has the charge distance.

HQ's are more or less similar versions, especially the chariots. They are almost in the same line as the elites then, but with the strength to hurt raiders. Use these for tanks if you can, so that a bunch of girls aren't stuck in a big ball of "blast me with area effect weapons" when they've killed the vehicle. (Assault multiple targets is best when you're forced to attack tanks this way)

Hit and run is hardly used though. Four pavanes of slaanesh on the HQ's (I don't count the pavane as a part of the model I think of it like a gun upgrade instead so you still got the points/wound ratio on the HQ)

Princes are my favorite above the cumbersome soul grinders. I take them with nothing at all really. Near same wound ratio taken as a stock, but can hurt raiders.

If you go with a good ratio, 1 unit of 20 per 500 points seems fine. Icons not required in every unit, because you can afford to deep strike far from the enemy and still get into melee rather quickly. It's not like you play nurgle or khorne where you have to cut that distance down and be scared of scatter dice.

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Late game deep strikes of daemonettes either deny victory points because they're hard to remove, have a large bubble of troops+run when covering an objective on the final turns or literally cannot be stopped once they've got momentum on a bunch of beaten up units.

Also, you can hurt any walker out there. The idea of having 20 models in contact with any big walker/big critter is that you get to strike first against almost every one of them out there. Having 20 girls swinging will guarantee something will get done. The worse case scenario is when you have about 8, and they might not kill something like a AV13 front armor dreadnought and just keep losing while already covered the model's available charge lanes for other units to try to help.

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the masque-100
herald of slaanesh (chariot,Icon, pavane) -110
herald of slaanesh (chariot,Icon, pavane) -110
herald of slaanesh (chariot,Icon, pavane) -110
Daemonettes (20, Icon, instrument)-310
Daemonettes (20, Icon, instrument)-310
Daemonettes (20, Icon, instrument)-310
Daemonettes (20, Icon, instrument)-310
Fiends of slaanesh (6) -180
Fiends of slaanesh (5)-150

just something I threw together but I hadn't read your comment on the Icons yet, How many would you drop?

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Instruments are pointless unless you play nurgle. Just saying that right now.

I would cut out one HQ, once you pavane a unit or two (which may be your only targets) then it's pretty much done and you won't need to do it again for perhaps the rest of the game.

I would say one icon per wave. Only one, and that's if you're strapped for space later. It depends on what you intend on having in each wave.

So two icons. About is what I suggest for a fast/no room strapping army like this one that relies on range and speed.

If you're having armor problems, you may want a few non-pavane chariots though.

2 icons (one in each wave)
2 pavanes (mecha forces/only rarely used at times)
More str5 on the charge rending.

And you're good.

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Also I forgot, icons are best on tougher stuff. Never put them on your HQ's.

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the masque-100
herald of slaanesh (chariot, pavane) -110
herald of slaanesh (chariot,unholy might) -75
herald of slaanesh (chariot, unholy might) -75
Daemonettes (20, Icon)-305
Daemonettes (20, Icon)-305
Daemonettes (20)-280
Daemonettes (20)-280
Fiends of slaanesh (6) -180
Fiends of slaanesh (6)-180
Daemon prince (unholy might,mark slaanesh)-110


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Yeah, sorry I was afk.

It's there. You might tweak it a little after playing it for a while but you've got it now.

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Oh goody someone else doing a slaanesh army obligatory post of one of the only two models i've got round to painting, (even this ones not quite finished)

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You might want to use some heavy metal snips to cut a nickel in half and weight the underside of the base with it.

(glue nickels/similar size coins underside of the bases weighs them down nicely)

I would suggest using khorne models and carving up their huge chests and pulling their head back so you can make proper chests instead of the hermaphrodite-ettes they're forcing down everyones throats. Give them bathing suits or something so kids' mothers won't bitch.

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very nice, might i suggest you make the lashes heavier though It might make (she he, it) look a tad more evil.

Honestly I'm no newcomer to slaanesh, got a traitor guard army, a fantasy WoC army based on the coven of Sigvald, and I used to have a Slaanesh CSM army, but this is my first attempt at Daemons.

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I actually plan on taking the idea here:
for one of my units rule of cool you know (either that or I might make my own fiends out of them.)

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Going to be basing them on bases from scibor's monstrous so won't be too much of an issue. Slightly confused about what you mean with regards to using khorne models though.


The lashes? You do know they don't come like the pic you posted usually right, or am i misinterpreting you.

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Anything but the stock daemonettes is cool.

I use pretty much any plastic model I can get a hold of and melt it down a little with a burning stick. Then I melt games workshop sprue on them and carve out a body, and slightly melt it again.

Gloopy, droopy, nurglesque and tourny legal.

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oh sorry I meant eyelashes on the banner, they seem a bit thin

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Well i've sort of been planning on using other gods but subbing in other models to make them fit the theme better, got a unit of converted repentia for bloodletters, might have to do original sculpts for the bloodcrushers cause of that choice though /cry.

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Ah I see it's a blatant rip off of mr culexus' interpretation of slaanesh, and by rip off i of course mean tribute. But yes she does still need a fair amount of touching up *cough*

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I think I have an idea on how to make the Daemonettes more bearable to look at, I plan on using the stock plastics as they are the cheapest right now, and I will be suing plenty of greenstuff before this is all done, trust me.

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Like this.

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Ah I see not a problem with my 60+ metal daemonettes though ;)

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last pic for the night from me guys, cause 1 I got work in less than 5 hours, and 2. I'm out on this comp.

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I blame soccer moms and nosy investors.

I should get the new daemonettes and turn them nude nurglettes. Just to make them all kinds of ill.

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If it bothers you then you edit it.

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Actually now you mention it I do need a tzeentch proxy, i've been using repentia for khorne as I mentioned earlier, and i'm using dryads for plaguebearers no idea what I want for the tzeentch angle though, apart from it should be useable as a horror, and of course be feminine.

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dryads make great horrors as well, just clip all the leaves off, and paint them blue to some hot color, like blue to Hot pink, or blue to orange-white.

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Could just use khorne models, remove the heads and do something to the abdomen. The legs look bird-ish enough. Maybe you could flip the khorne heads around and use that long cranium to carve beaks out of them. The 'horns' on the bloodletters would make great appendages or starters for wing stems. Stunted bird wings...

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See I was sort of tempted to use the dryads as horrors, but then what would I use for plaguebearers?

Not a terrible idea, though not particularly feminine unless I do one hell of a lot of converting, not that I object to that.

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ghouls/ zombies + greenstuff?

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>and of course be feminine
>ghouls/ zombies + greenstuff?

Does not compute.

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sorry didn't read that bit, need to go to bed....later /tg/

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Well depends what the rules are on using LotR minis in tournaments etc as i'm not sure if it's allowed.

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why do minions of slaanesh have no noses? are noses not chaotic enough?

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How come the Tyranid hive fleets, with their billions of psychically potent individuals, haven't created their own chaos god of hunger or something yet? If some horny Eldar are able to make Slaanesh, how come the great devourer can't do the same?

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Because then the plot would progress and if they add a fifth chaos god thats not malal people will cry.

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Don't Tyranids fuck up the Warp or something? They're not from the same galaxy, their psykers are completely different and they don't seem to mesh with the Warp as the rest of the races do, and since the Warp is where Chaos gods come from...

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my guess is that their faces are supposed to be round and featureless in an uncanny valley/gray aliens sort of way

plus narrow, feminine noses are hard to sculpt right at that size

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Case in point, every single female model GW has ever made. Butt. Fucking. Ugly.

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Actually, it's because the Great Devourer is such a massive psychic presence that human and Eldar psykers face heavy static from its size when a hive fleet is around.

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You take that back diaz-nettes are beautiful

Also surprised to see this thread still here but still looking for an answer to:>>11178120

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