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First round of the DJ warp masters contest over, the audience prefered the just as planned beats of Tzeench over the smooth gargling rythms of papa Nurgle...

But time has come for the second round of the championship...

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The duel of tonight, two gods with a death wish : Malal VS Necoho

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Khornate Hardstyle FTW

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Ok I'll bite, is there actual music involved in this? Is there some kind of vote involved? And if yes to either part, where is this all happening?

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To be honnest, at one point I was feeling like picking music for each god, but I'm not all that good with that kind of job.

It all sprouted when someone requested [picture related], so I thought I could make a picture for all the following battles.

So yeah, I forgot to mention it, but you get to vote for your favorite god at each step.

Surprises are in order for the next rounds, if we go this far.

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But is it a rap battle?

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Request was for Techno.

But you know, they're gods, and chaotic ones on top of that, they can do what the hell they want XD

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You know, I once played a Techpriest that was a DJ in a Dark Heresy game. Fun times, that.

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