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Hwhy dohn't hyuu talk about ahs any more, teegee?

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Things come and go, give it time.

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Because Mr. Culexus isn't here anymore to give us decent artwork of you (lol, weeaboo shitscribble), that doesn't look fuckawful, like the image posted does.

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Go eat boltershells, Chaos Cunt.

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Hwhy ahre hyuu so mean, teegee? :(

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Because 'hyuu' are an annoying little shit.
Personally, I'd be able to tolerate you a lot more if you saw an orthodontist first. The "razor-toothed" look is out.

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Nothing wrong with dem teef

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There are still those that enjoy yourself. They simply are not present.

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>razor teeth are out
Speak for yourself chuckle fuck I love sharp teeth on women

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ITT: Pictures that have been reposted a thousand times.

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Teeth, accent, bacon. It's tri-awesome.

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Bacon sucks.

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This has been my wallpaper for a while now.

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Fuck you.

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Draw us some new pictures of her then.

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>bacon sucks

Sounds like someone is a salad eating limp wristed vegan faggot

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Oh it's fucking on now.

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Because Colossal Fagot has been clever enough to stop making his shitscribbles.

And the maggots stopped after DD12

/tg/ rejoiced.

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I hope to see you in Dark Millennium Online

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The bacon thing is the most misunderstood aspect of Cultist-chan ever

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Salad sucks, vegans are faggots. Bacon still sucks.

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Explain it to us then.

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Maggots, you say?

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>my face when I saw this thread

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DD10 and 11 were actually surprisingly good.

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>bacon sucks

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Memes get old. Memes get tired. The more they are spammed and shoved down our throats, the less appeal they retain.

If there were no cultist-chan threads for six months and then you posted this, everyone would be having a ball because it would be somewhat fresh again.

As it stands it's just another example of how uncreative /tg/ tends to be. Recycling the exact same things day in, day out.

Quickly! Lets have yet another thread about a drop pod of space marines landing in Washington!

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StOp_aTTACkiNg_AND_FuCking wIth WWW.aNocarrOTSTAlk.se RePlaCe_CArrots_wiTh N
vk udnomjyz xeffmg nchdv augs a diozib

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We don't like cultists, because some of the sumerians found some jawesome kawaii and superfunny drawings of some cultists, then they found this board, expecting us to love this shit because its from here.

Wrong. Now, shoo.

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I don't see a problem. I'm not touched by chaos or committed to heresy, so bacon for me.

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By "surprisingly good", you mean the one where Ringarde eats a piece of Cultist's feces and then vomits into her mouth...?

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Yup. It was eye lickin' good.

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Now all we need is someone to trace this image but make it Cultist-chan and Ringarde.

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cultist chan - acceptable

the way people do her accent - FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU

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Stop_aTtACkiNg_anD FUCKing wITH_WWw.ANocarroTStAlk.sE_replace_cARrotS_wITH n
nsyxue wwgntq yh jnpcbplmbhq mg c

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has there ever been porn of Raege and Cultist-chan?

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I think Cultist-chan is very cute. And by "cute," I mean "fuckable," but then I'm a warped, jaded, disgusting neckbeard who wants to lick Cuddles' perma-smile, too.

And yeah, too much of a good thing isn't good any more. So, yeah.

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I fap to Nana's Everyday Life, and I hope this thread meets fate thrice worse. So terrible its very soul flickets into nothingness and bones crumble into the dusts of oblivion.

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Cultist chan was one of the better things to appear on /tg/. She was like our mascot Fuckdamit.

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Can someone repost the picture series of the Catachan lady in >>11167628 wrestling a female Ogryn?
I need to wank.

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Now now, I got all emotional :'(. Will somebody hold my hand and tell me it'll be allright?

>> No.11167900

It's ok.
Shame my HDD had a hardware failure. Lost all of Cultist Chan's pics.
This reminds me, I can check on thisisnotthetrueending.

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It's Fuklaw!

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Guys, last I heard she got some goodies from khorne. What has the blood fuck did to OUR cultistchan!?

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bump for rule 34

>> No.11167961

She's got delicious abs now.

>> No.11168016

If by delicious you mean unncessary, yes...

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and here I thought she was thrown into the realm of Slaanesh

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The other day I was playing Morrowind and I ran into a Redguard who begged me to rescue his wife from a nearby shrine. His conversation highlight was "captured by cultists".

I actually read that as "captoored by culteests" in her goddamn voice.

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you think thats bad?

Dawn of War is my favorite rts I play it all the time online with my bros


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I would if your troops weren't such useless garbage in DoW.

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What you say, it makes no sense

Perhaps you speak of that shitstain of a game DAWN OF WAR 2

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Based on the way that her speech is phoneticized, I take it she's meant to have a really thick German accent. Is this correct?

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No, I am referring to the original. After capturing strategic points and dealing with shit-tier enemy scout groups, they're worthless and only good for distractions.

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GodEmperor, I miss her..


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It's meant to mimic the peech insidimient the cultists had in Dawn of War.

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DoW2 is a worse game, but the cultists in 2 are somewhat useful, whereas in 1 they existed long enough to capture a point, and then perish in a couple seconds.

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My impression is that she has a speech impediment, possibly related to her teeth, which causes her to sound like a female Peter Lorre.

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She is a direct rip of the cultist from dawn of war. search some vids on youtube for their voice.

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>peech insidimient

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Dawn of War 2 is terrible.

Its an RTT in my RTS and I do not like RTT

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All I can find is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lu7KLIibSk

Is the guy talking at the beginning a cultist?

>> No.11168197

nope the guy he shoots with the magic is a cultist

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there you go

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bump. We should ask Culexus to get back to us and draw moar.

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Cultist-chan is pretty sexy, but that fucking accent annoys me every time I read it.

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How about no.

>> No.11168260

How bout you're a fag

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>Saging in /tg/

Perhaps you don't realise that shit never works here.

>> No.11168278

Just imagine it slightly smoother and less hysterical.

Feels good man.

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That's why I love /tg/

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Hvee demand a cooltist-chan doomp.

>> No.11168332

Excuse me?

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You mad.

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Bi, but it is not related to the fact that some bbadly drawn OC, if you can call it such, causes horrible drama and summer lasting through the winter.

So no thanks.

PS: Your argument is weak and invalid.

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I detect heavy samefaggotry.

Cease to exist.

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You still mad.

>> No.11168375


Guess once more, shtimolester.

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It's super effective!
Nerd went into super rage!

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Yes, furious.

But that is still not an argument.

>> No.11168400

And there are at least 2 diffrent cultist fanbois here

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>I have no regrets.


>> No.11168410

>Implying it was an argument.

But you still mad.

>> No.11168412


Three. Hater can choke on barbed dick and die. Fucking summer.

>> No.11168415

Proves my point. Could you two create another board and stop meaking /tg/ progressively worse.

>> No.11168418

Your nerd tears. They are so delicious.

>> No.11168419

Something to ponder: the second panel from the top of that one is the only place where Mr. Culexus ever drew Cultist-chan looking even vaguely sinister or hostile.

All other original art of her shows her being adorkable.


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Boom de yada

>> No.11168436


Your bitching is the only negative thing about this thread's impact on /tg/.

Get over your limpdicked dramawhoring, cumburper.

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Is there are such thing s sagefag?
I mean person who is realy interested in saging?

>> No.11168448


Were any more of these made for the other gods? This is the only one I've ever seen.

>> No.11168453

I like teh 4chons

>> No.11168463

Yes, and they hate everything /tg/ is about. Crap we have done here for years, they showed up recently and decided it wasn't /tg/ related.

>> No.11168464

Currently searching more ammo at:


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His truth is marching ooooooon

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>> No.11168486


Yes, such a subspecies of butterfuck indeed exists.

Evolution is by no means a perfect process. There are kinks in the system. Sooner or later though....

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>> No.11168503


They hate the memes, the characters, and our boundless depravity.

No appreciation for our heritage, really.

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>> No.11168513

And it's all over

>> No.11168518

I still have some with the Sister. /tg/ wants?

>> No.11168520


Didn't all this start with her getting her head blown off in another comic?

And all of this is what came after?

>> No.11168525

yes, I could post this comic if that's what /tg/ wants.

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>> No.11168530


>has Sister art

>asks if tg wants

Oh you.

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>> No.11168535


Am curious about how all this started....

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>> No.11168614

Is... Is it over?

>> No.11168619


I'm afraid so...So sad.

>> No.11168627

Anyone knows what would be the best way to make a cultist-chan warhammer 40k mini?

>> No.11168643

Shall I aproach Mr.Culexus and demand more in the name of our God Emperor?

>> No.11168653

Do it

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>> No.11168681

Hungry for attention again?

>> No.11168686

He has like million "CMOE BACK!" newfag comments in his profile. If you wish to embarras yourself, then please comment.

>> No.11168689

>> No.11168693


I'd look outside the 40k line, honestly.

There are plenty of good bases to build off of out there. If I can find a crazed gnome head in the style Reaper are doing now, I'm probably going to cut it off and slap it on mine.

>> No.11168727

Okay, this is both flattering and horrifying. I set up a gallery rapidly approaching 2 years ago because /tg/ assured me it would mean people spammed my work less.

But anyways, the cultist storyline as well as further comics about her serving the dark gods will continue. I began sketching one this evening, in fact. Basically, even when /tg/ doesn't care, those people who like that snaggle toothed gobshite will still be able to see more of her. It's easy and popular, and I'd be a dunce to stop making cultist work.

tl;dr: I ain't stopped, I'm just lazy fagorts.

Wissil. because wissil is good.

>> No.11168736

You're awesome and you should feel awesome.

>> No.11168741


You are one colossal fagot I could get behind, sir. And I mean that.


>> No.11168749

"Fuck, I hope this shit is on.

Well, this is Fuklaw and my tittysucking bros form Angry Marines, "Tempus Maximus" chapter wanted me to ask your majesty if you could draw some more cultist-chan. Cause fuck, since that day I almost fucking had her delivered to this cocksucking ultramarine scout He can't stop, fucked be my life, thinking about her which equals to constantly asking me to hold his hand or some other faggot bullshit.

I heard some fuckers told you some shit on that /tg/ and frankly FUCK THEM.

Well, yeah you're kinda my last hope man

Emperor bless your path

>> No.11168758

Because you are a worn out meme. It is now your time to join Penisguy and PROVE ME WRONG in the realm of old memes.

>> No.11168759


>> No.11168766

Are you TRYING to make enemies?!

>> No.11168769


Hey, Fuklaw.



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>> No.11168781

How does it feel knowing that nameless people on the internet fap to your work?

>> No.11168782


Eat your lard, hammo.

>> No.11168795


Yes sir. Understood sir.

>> No.11168800

You people are a blight.

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>> No.11168812

>I'm proud to force old memes who even their creator has dumped may I suck your dick?

>> No.11168825


Who's the little one? Never seen him before this pic.

>> No.11168835

>who even their creator has dumped

Cool story bro. Maybe you'd be more comfortable in a thread that's related to your interests.

>> No.11168837

Dranon's and cultist's kid. Please, do not ask.

>> No.11168841


Hot days of summer
Overstaying its welcome
Sagefags ev'rywhere.

>> No.11168848

>Blablabla Ima faggot blablabla summerfag
Old memes are good memes. Not this new shit you and your fellow summerfags are shitting out twice a fucking week. Like this "fuck yea".

>> No.11168852

You, human, you are a blight.

>> No.11168858


wait wat

Oh fuck me, is this related to Dranon's D

>> No.11168860

All memes are bad. Go back to /b/.

>> No.11168862

Cultist and Ringarde's kid, I think. Only piece of art I know of that she's in.

>> No.11168870


Fuck you for making me agree with that NPC for the first time ever.

>> No.11168872

Oh fuck you.

>> No.11168873

Look at her. She's a combination of the other two. She's a lesbian love baby.

>> No.11168878

I don't actually believe it.

>> No.11168879


You can't expect me to not ask, can you?

>> No.11168880


>> No.11168884

You'd like to think so wouldn't you.

I'm sorry, but you have to continue ronery fapping to futa cultist of your dreams.

>> No.11168892

And now they allllll flip out.

>> No.11168893

Please, make the summer go away.

>> No.11168897


>> No.11168900


Boundless rolls of fat
Shake as he reaches the keys.
Lips quiver with rage

>> No.11168911


Do we have any futa cultist by the way? Surely it must have happened by now.

>> No.11168921

That art work existed long before DD. Its a lesbian love baby, on account of cultist's temporary slaaneshi gift.

>> No.11168927

Only in your dreams, even Culexus didn't fall that low in his attempt to get more views.

>> No.11168945

>> No.11168946

And Dranon and cultist existed long before the sister and DD.

>> No.11168950

>I ain't stopped, I'm just lazy fagorts.

Best news I've had all week.

Also, you need to do more of this Techpriestess.

>> No.11168956

Thanks anon, never saw the first half of that.

>> No.11168962

I agree with this.

>> No.11168964

People drew some pictures of Cultist with a dick.

Fagot later described Cultist's genitals as 'variable', 'indeterminate', or something of the sort.

>> No.11168975


He looks back, frightened
That his parents will soon see
His viewing teegee

>> No.11168985

Sagefags never learn.
Never learn. Especially since it's summer.

>> No.11168987


And now I'm smelling bacon again.

That's it, I'm going for a walk.

Keep on keeping on /tg/. Haters gonna hate.

>> No.11168990

Here's another.

>> No.11168995


>> No.11168996

Oh you! Why I oughta, I oughta I oughta....

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>> No.11169007


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>> No.11169015

Oh no! I placed four characters in the email field and didn't bump your thread! OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO

>> No.11169032


Your annoyance fills me with happiness!

>> No.11169033

Cultist was much more sexy in Dranon's comics.


>> No.11169039


Techpriestesses are always awesome.

Culexus should come up with an adorable Heretek sometime, they aren't represented nearly enough.

>> No.11169044

>> No.11169050

Everything's more sexy when draw anon draws it.

>> No.11169052


You dread the end of summer. Having to return to school.

Knowing that they're all around you. Ignoring you. Ignoring your pain.

And those that don't, they look upon you. Judging you.

Hating you.

The see you with disgust.

The girls will never give you a chance. The guys...they're just predators looking for easy prey to put themselves up on the ladder, aren't they?

Summer ends soon.

School starts.

Cherish these years.

>> No.11169053

He's done one Heretek sketch.

>> No.11169061



>> No.11169066

>> No.11169071

>> No.11169080

No, the implication is that you shouldn't be all offended when somebody puts sage in the e-mail field and feed attention.

I mean, I wasn't even trying to be offensive there, I took, what, maybe thirty seconds? To write that out, and you reply with...That? First of all, 'brevity is the heart of wit,' second of all, putting
space helps in a moment of drawn out dramatic tension but just flops big time when you're trying to totally put somebody down, and finally, how long did it take you to write that? Just because of a single sentence?

Food for thought, mate.

>> No.11169088


Except, you still mad.

>> No.11169091


You still mad, mate.

>> No.11169093

>> No.11169098


Definitely mad.

>> No.11169105

On the contrary good sir, my objective (Since I suppose I'm now taking this role full time?) is to disrupt this thread- accomplished.


>> No.11169106


Why u so mad mate?

>> No.11169107

>> No.11169118


Except...the thread is still being filled with Cultist.

And you still mad.

>> No.11169124

/b/tards-Why be original, when there's a meme for everything?

>> No.11169125


Yep, you definitely mad, mate. Also summerfag.

>> No.11169142

So then, are you implying that you were the trolls all along? I'm just wondering here because you keep saying that phrase.

>> No.11169165

So you're irate then?

>> No.11169167



Why did I never see it before.

>> No.11169169

As the Sagefags are BAWWWWWing more cultist is appearing.

>> No.11169178

Well fed. Why don't you faggots just ignore the trolls for fuck's sakes, jesus christ.

>> No.11169185


>> No.11169186

>> No.11169187

I like how whenever someone attempts to explain themselves, the only response is 'lol you mad' when in reality it's more 'why are these people so dummb?'

inb4 more you mad

>> No.11169193

>> No.11169194

Not at the moment no. I have to do very little to instill a reaction.

>> No.11169202

>> No.11169205



He still perturbed though.

>> No.11169207

>> No.11169220

This is some gay ass shit, yo

>> No.11169225

>> No.11169226


Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.

>> No.11169236

My four letters.

>> No.11169241

>> No.11169244

>> No.11169246

>> No.11169250

>> No.11169261

>> No.11169262


Fucker gets me every time.

>> No.11169269


>> No.11169278

>> No.11169288

>> No.11169293

>> No.11169295

>> No.11169298

>> No.11169301

>> No.11169309

>> No.11169313


Personal favorite.

No clue why.

>> No.11169314 [DELETED] 

stoP_AttaCkInG AnD FucKIng_wIth Www.AnocaRRoTstAlk.sE_ReplacE CArRotS_with_N
ay jvn h spai hwb p wshxm s v nbdx b lse y ixmlh

>> No.11169317


>> No.11169325

>> No.11169326

>> No.11169331

Of all places, I found this one on google image search

>> No.11169335

>> No.11169336


As much as I love Cultist-chan, no mang.

Suptg has its hands full with this already.

>> No.11169348

Perhaps if the sagefags did something more productive like TRY and annoy furfags, since most things annoy furfags, even sagefags.

>> No.11169363

Yay, Wissil!

>> No.11169366

>> No.11169369

I demand sexy Espagnoll having sex with Cultist-chan art.

>> No.11169370

Nothing new has been posted, and there has been plenty of trolling. If it is archived, it will most likely be deleted.

>> No.11169384

>> No.11169397

>> No.11169402


>> No.11169416

>> No.11169419

Reminds me of this, for probably apparent reasons.

>> No.11169425

>> No.11169441

>> No.11169463

>> No.11169541

*Hyour annoyinz feels me vit happiness

>> No.11169557

>> No.11169562

>> No.11169585


>> No.11169595

>> No.11169612

>> No.11169629

>> No.11169636

Suddenly, IRL Cultist-chan

>> No.11169672


>> No.11169699

Cap-toor something for some one..I guess..or don't. I don't really care.

>> No.11169702

>> No.11169704


>> No.11169710



>> No.11169722



>> No.11169742


Another pic of IRL cultist chan exists, but it's buried in my folder of a few thousand unsorted jpegs

If any anons want to come round my place and find it for me, then maybe we can hang out, perhaps spoon for a little while

>> No.11169751

In all fairness, there would be at least one major demon that would keep resurrecting her just to troll the Imperium. I'm looking at you Nurgle...

>> No.11169772


>> No.11169773

>> No.11169787


>> No.11169798

So amongst all the other half-assedness, she left her glasses on for photos.

>> No.11169839

>> No.11169850

>> No.11169861

>> No.11169892

hand fhurther mhore...

>> No.11169961

>> No.11169996

Fuklaw reveals his true nature as a paedophile?

>> No.11170002

>> No.11170010

>> No.11170047

Hy like houw thees girl thinks!

>> No.11170050



>> No.11170083

>> No.11170106



>> No.11170109

>> No.11170125

>> No.11170146

>> No.11170174

>> No.11170198

>> No.11170221

>> No.11170257

>> No.11170270

>cultist-chan drawn as a mature woman

>my face

>> No.11170281

>> No.11170302

Do you suppose looking after CC was the thousand years of torment Elphias had to endure?

>> No.11170310

Derp, innuendo

>> No.11170330

>> No.11170350

>> No.11170358


Oh, wow, didn't have those two.

Meh. Will fap out of principle rather than arousal.

>> No.11170359

Superior IRL CC

>> No.11170419

Well, despite sagefaggotry. Meeshion ah-ccomplish'd

>> No.11170457


But now I want techpriestess pronz.

>> No.11170918

At least she's recognizable, and not grotesque, which is more than can be said for 98% of cosplayers.

I approve of this cosplay. Also, she has nice bewbies.

>> No.11171510


fuck her boobies, she's got nice belly.

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