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New updates fixing parts of the combat system: more fun with disembowelment and crossbow dwarves finally working?

Is anyone else having good, wholesome, dwarven fun with these new versions?

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>Dorf for General
You don't vote for generals, you twit.

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There's an update? Downloadan.

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Some guy just found a spire of adamantium in his game that is over 2000 z levels high. He's posted his seed and location.


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What does the update include? I used to play DF, and it got boring just waiting for the next siege while stockpiling crafts

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This game would be a lot more fun if the guides didn't assume you knew how to play when teaching you how to play.

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I don't know who I hate more.

You, or myself for failing to spell a 4 letter word.

But I don't see you talking about the master race and their fine crafts.

You an elf lover, boy?

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Have you checked out Capn Duck's tutorials? They're supposed to be quite accessible.

This would be a lot more fun if the interface wasn't shit. Speaking of which, Goblin Camp's first release was yesterday.

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DF's played by nerds, written by nerds, and documented by nerds. Of course it's retiredly explained.

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Crossbow fixes have been a long time coming.

Is it for true?

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They work...better from what I read. Still trouble with ammo and getting dwarfs to fire at targets. Just use live targets instead.

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art-1-wtf/ is a good one.

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They work great, got my marksdwarves training on them right now in the same way normal dwarves do individual combat drills.

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