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Speaking of books, /tg/... I'm reminded of something you might want to hear.

Last year, myself, and a friend of mine (who is very feminine, slim, and shy... not to mention a huge fan of D&D) decided we were finally ready to have sex. We had fooled around plenty, and knew we'd like to go all the way, sometime, but we were both a little nervous.

The time came at last, and he wore fishnets, a corset, and a collar to help him get into the submissive mood, and I, of course, was easily seduced. We were in his room, and by the end of his bed, was his bookshelf. Once I was fucking him properly, I have to admit I got more aggressive than I'd planned to, at least for the first time. He didn't seem to mind, though. He reached out and gripped some of his books, while I pulled his head back by firmly holding his long black hair.

The books he was holding were D&D books, and all through our friendship, I'd made fun of him for owning them. (He DID have a LOT) I'd made fun of his sci-fi/fantasy books, too... and I must confess... seeing him grip those books REALLY fucking turned me on. Still fucking him, I pushed his face against his Dune collection, and he knew I was teasing him for liking it. He looked so cute, embarrassed like that.

I can't tell you which of the books they were, though... as you might have guessed, I don't really know about that kind of thing. All I know is he doesn't like the 'fourth series' of D&D books, or something. I just thought I'd share this story in case any of you have ever fantasized about being fucked against your /tg/ related stuff.

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this is brilliant

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erection achieved

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Subtle troll is subtle.

10/10 Would make cat hiss at penis again.

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When fifth edition hits, do you think people will complain and say 4th edition was the best edition, and compare 5th edition to whatever MMORPG is popular at that time?

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>3.5 skub
>Not surprised

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I pasted this into the 'who do you write like' page and it says Leo Tolstoy.
Man, Tolstoy must write some sexy shit.

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Of course they will. Then it will be just as cool to claim you still play 3e, because you started way way back in 2000.

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So I guess it's true that /tg/ just wants to be the little girl?

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I want a friend like OP...

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>I want a friend.


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>random namefag
>newfag summer

Boy, you don't know how right you are.

Forgot your sage too. Remember, it goes in the E-mail field: the one between the name and the subject.

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You will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.
What? No, not for being gay, for fucking a 3eaboo, you heathen.

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femanon here. I love you, OP

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Fuck Tolstoy. I just attempted to read Anna Karenina and I can't fucking stand how retarded everyone is. Again: fuck Tolstoy.

A random thread about crossdresser sex is subtle? I'd tell you to raise your standards, but they no longer seem to exist.

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Forever proving that 4th edition D&D fans are faggots.

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I was referring to the 4E thing you dolt. Just leave.

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read slower, moron

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Proof that f4ggots can't read.

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Yes, and they'll be right that time, too.

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Thou furious.

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Okay, so the story is about a genuine faggot who has sex with men, and doesn't like 4th Edition.

Explain to me how that makes people who DO like 4th Edition, faggots.

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Because every D&D player past 2E is a faggot. No exceptions.

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Don't drag my waifu into this, you bastard.

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No, see, the guy is gay, and likes 3.5

4th is for fags.

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OP here. I should have mentioned...

I only got the name of one of the books, since the writing was much easier to see on it than the others. 'GURPS'

It didn't really look like the other books so I'm not even sure if it's a D&D book at all. Anyway, that was in there with the others.

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the post doesnt say what ed. the guy likes. he could be a fag who likes any ed. other than 4

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Doin' it wrong.

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only now am I aroused

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>look at bookshelf
>realize nobody will ever fuck me against it

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>Theory of Evolution
>my face

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>never played GURPS before
>glance at picture


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I tried to read them. I lol'd heartily.
Pokemon, asparagus, pistachio, italiana, monkeys...GURPs really has rules for everything, even wops!

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Why do girls love gays so much?

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>yaoi fantwat

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Why do guys love lesbians so much?

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For the same reason men like tanks and aircraft carriers. Something cool, useless, but you'll never get to play with it.

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no idea

personally I consider it pretty hot if the guys involved are fairly thin and feminine, but I have no idea why

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>Why do men love lesbians so much?
I'm actually not a huge fan of lesbians, but c'mon now.

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Um, if anyone has anything specific they want to ask, I'll answer them. But I don't want to just ramble on.

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You're not a woman, stop talking like you are.

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Is your friend a twinkfag? Or is he a bear?
Did you tear his cornhole with your massive victory schlong? Was there blood? A little? Did you go in dry? What was the brand of lube you used? Did he call your name? Call you daddy? Are you a femanon with a pegging fetish?

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OP here again. So there is a lot of hate in the /tg/ community based on what edition you like?

I know I'm being considered a troll but, honestly, I have no clue about this stuff.

Once a new edition is out, do all the tournaments (are there tournaments?) switch right to that one, or can you still play the old version? Do people always hate the newest version?

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whatever dude, I was just giving my opinion

it was original the first time, now you just sound pathetic


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>Is your friend a twinkfag? Or is he a bear?
I said he's feminine, so I guess closer to a 'twinkfag'
>Did you tear his cornhole with your massive victory schlong?
>Was there blood? A little?
>Did you go in dry? What was the brand of lube you used?
Used lube, no idea what brand
>Did he call your name? Call you daddy?
>Are you a femanon with a pegging fetish?

I'm glad we could be mature about this.

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I suffer from serious emotional problems

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disregard, I suck cocks

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I'll shrug off that joke, but the truth is, I'm a really unhappy person in real life.

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Hottest troll of all time?

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What's weird, is this could totally be about this tranny I know who was a cunt that should be burned with fire (for no reasons related to his sexuality). If it is about one Miles "Cassie" Davies of Tulsa than fuck this fantasy bullshit you both should be set on fire and hurled off the nearest edifice.

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Disregard that, I suck cunts.

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D&D fans have a problem. You see, we here at /tg/ like to play games of pretend that involve using simple math as a game system to generate statistics to help our game of pretend.

Essentially, the math function is to help show that a knight is better at swordfighting than a wizard is, or many other things that come up in Role playing games.(Alot of miscellanious stuff does, that's why this board is like /b/.)

D&D fans have a problem. You see, one group of pretend play people like one version of D&D, and another group likes another version. So due to this being the god damned internet, no one can leave well enough alone and just play with their respective sandcastles.

Every other game does not have this problem. New editions are usually regarded as being better, while older ones are purely played for nostalgia. But D&D fans treat their editions as separate games.
Pic related, it's /TG/.

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yeah. arguing about editions is the second most popular discussion here.
there are tournaments which cater to everyone, regardless of what edition you like.

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I've never heard of that person, so no need to take out the gasoline.

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sometimes I hate namefaggotry

I'm actually pretty content right now, got my name and gender marker legally changed, might be getting a job soon and I'll be getting laid tonight

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I am stroking my penis while re-reading OPs post

is this awesome? y/n

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>I'm actually pretty content right now
Fake it til you make it, right?

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are you still friends?

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>this thread

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>> No.11134868

you think it'll be more than a one time thing (either friends with benefits or an actual relationship)?

>> No.11134878

I hope so, I'm doing the same

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Well, we've already done it a couple of times since, but we won't become an actual couple, since he already has a girlfriend.

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polyamory my friend, get the gf to approve and form a nice little triad

>> No.11134925

>a GURPS fan has had sex

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She does approve, and I get to have sex with her too, but it seems to be mutually agreed that they'll stay a couple, and I'm just a friend.

I'm fully aware that I'm basically a sex toy, but hey - that's fine with me.

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Warhammer Fantasy Battles

All of these games have the same issue with system. I think its more along the lines of the people playing, then the games themselves.

>> No.11134990

well, that's pretty awesome too. I hope things keep going well for all of you

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problem is, /tg/ players have control problems. they like control too much. thats why they so often become fans of civilisation games and such... control.

when someone likes rules other than the rules in their own game, their feeling of control is threatened, and they react like crybabies

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No, we don't have D&D tournaments. It's not really that kind of game. When a new edition comes out some people like the changes and others don't. The problems start when people start thinking that their opinions on the matter are correct and not, you know, OPINIONS.

Although, fun history story-time lesson, there actually were D&D tournaments WAAAAAAY back in the day. Like pre-Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 1st edition. A whole pile of people would get into some huge room and divide up into groups, and then proceed to dungeoncrawl the hell out of a series of dungeons. As this was back in the basic edition and Gygax era, a lot of these people would die, so it was kind of like a group single elimination torment. Who ever was left standing at the end and had the most gold and loot won. These kind of things drifted out of style as RPGs pulled away from the wargaming crowd and became more about collaborative story telling and less wargaming with all named heroes.

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>teory of evolution

>> No.11135059

Well played OP, very well indeed.

>> No.11135060

>a lot of these people would die

Hah, I read that literally the first time and was quite shocked! But thank you for that.

>> No.11135067

That wass what I was saying.
I...perfectly understand that. It all makes sense now.

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He's not joking. Early D&D often as not was played with the understanding that whoever lost the game would have to kill themselves. That's why it had such a bad reputation in the 80s, until it was sanitised and made a harmless but nerdy pursuit.

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OP is my husbando

>> No.11135133

Cool. So you have the pic in fishnets and collar?

>> No.11135178

Why did I just read all of that? I get back from errands and this is on the front page. I go to read it and it's like a trainwreck.

Why the fuck did I read it all? Nothin' against fags though.

God damn it /tg/.

>> No.11135191

(artists impression)

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>> No.11135218

...which makes sense that so many people on /tg/ like to be submissive. The lack of control, taken by force.

>> No.11135254

they love control so much it's no surprise that their sexual kink would be to have ALL control removed

>> No.11135257

And thus is the first step made.

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>> No.11135309

I'm not innocent. But I'd never touch a guy like that. Sure a few fag jokes get flung around when I'm around a gay dude who see's the (asian) swastika on my wrist and acts weird around me.

I've already gone through the 'questioning my preference' stage. I ain't doin' that again faggots.

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>> No.11135325

Why exactly do you have that? That's just asking for people to confuse it with the nazi swastika :Y

>> No.11135328

....so, any fags on /tg/ need to be humiliated?

>> No.11135331

thats a shame, you sound cute~

>> No.11135343

Are you a girly trap? (I'm not going to bother asking if you're actually female..) If not, no. If yes, where do you want me to put it and what?

>> No.11135356

lol. Nah, just figure that there has to be girly traps or guys who would become traps.

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>> No.11135374

Because people need to realize that the thousands of swastikas predating WW2 are not racist, in fact they're almost always positive.

Hindus, Buddhists, Native indians worldwide... All have them. It is actually a phenomina that makes iconography students scratch their heads as to why it's so global even in remote areas where people never migrated for thousands of years. (Americas) Suggesting it is in fact well over 4,000 year old glyph.

I'm gonna have it.

>> No.11135376


not that i care (4E isnt my thing, but whatever) but compared to other systems, the shift from 3.X to 4th was massive. warhammer 40k hasnt had such a massive core shift in play, for example. 4E realy is a diffrent game altogther from 3.X, becous the changes (for beter or worse) were that radical.

>> No.11135382

>this thread

>> No.11135387

This is me last night half dead-asleep.

I ain't that, you best be trollin'.

>> No.11135408

wish i could be saying the same thing. i want to fast forward a couple years ahead in my life

>> No.11135413

so you are homosexual... so?

>> No.11135414

>Cope with the fact I'm gay like 6 months back
>Realize it doesn't matter because I'm not very attractive and no man or woman would want me anyway

Feels bad man.

>> No.11135426

lol prison gay. You're just like the furries.

>> No.11135439

Seconding the shit out of this.
Sauce on >>11135059 please.

>> No.11135440

Oh, so you got it so you can bore people to death while feeling smarter than them, making them feel foolish for not learning about something which was of no importance to them.

>> No.11135452

Yes, too bad the nazis fagged the symbol up forever and you'll be stuck with explaing to everyone why it isn't nazi symbol and they shouldn't spit at you.

>> No.11135457

You're NOT gay? ...really?

>> No.11135467

read the thread. OP has sex with girls too.
no homo here. aside from that sadfrog faggot.

>> No.11135489

Ugly faggot with a shit personality. Enjoy your terrible life.

>> No.11135498

Someone will, just smile, bathe, and be clean shaven. There's a lot of people who want you, if you show yourself as being wanted.

As a fellow fagfag, I understand, mate. Just be strong.

>> No.11135501

ok, give me a second to fix it

>So you are Bisexual............................. so?

>> No.11135506

Reading these two back to back sort of made me laugh.

For starters, there is no other perfection symbol other than the perfection swastika. There is the symbol of technical equalibrium(ying-yang) on the opposite side of the wrist. Band of life (infinite life, celtic) surrounds them. Can't be perfect or equal at the same time, thus opposite sides of the coin.

Explaining it in one sentence I do feel like a broken record sometimes. "It's not nazi, it's a natives swastika" or something like that.

>> No.11135513

That's better.

>> No.11135547

>Explaining it in one sentence I do feel like a broken record sometimes

Should've thought of it before adorning yourself with image that for the last fifty years was associated only with genocidal evil.

>> No.11135564

Wow, you really are a boring shitbag. Neither of those posts asked you to explain further, so why did you?

Because you think you're enlightened because you read an entire Wikipedia article. I pity anyone who has to listen to your shit in person.

>> No.11135580

>only genocidal evil

You are aware less than 20% of the worlds population was involved in WW2 right? And that the majority of the people who adorn a swastika these days are pacifist buddhists who outnumber the entire nazi army tenfold the very year the war started.

>> No.11135591

Nothing like catching a bunch of faggoty untermensch bitching about the most bitchinest kickass use of the swastika ever. SIG HEIL!

>> No.11135606


I just smile, It's funny, pathetic and cute at the same time.

>> No.11135614

Forever is broad term, everything that is not constant is ever-changing, and so too is the value of that symbol. It is people like you who perpetuate the nazi connotation and thus in a ironic twist cause further corruption. Strip them of their symbol, do not acknowledge.

>> No.11135626

Spout that in germany.

And by law you are put under arrest. Not joking. (I feel sorry for them actually)

>> No.11135632

40k's shift from 2nd edition to 3rd affected the entire game and essentially rewrote everything about it, and even changed the scale of the game. Back in 2e, it was essentially a skimish-level wargame, which operated quite alot like an RPG. 3e made the change to the current edition of 40k. 4e and 5e changed quite alot about the game as well.

MTG changes radically more often than a fa/tg/uy changes his underwear.

>> No.11135633

>and more and more shit about the swastika
Why are you talking about nazies in a homo-bisexuality thre.....

>found image

Ok, go on.

>> No.11135636 [DELETED] 

the? surgeon has only recently postponed his current operation to wish you a fantastic christmas and hopes you stay healthy

He wishes you a Merry Christmas;
He wishes you a Merry Christmas;
He wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new stitch;
Good tidings he brings to you and your lungs;
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Scar.

Fantastic, the? surgeon is delighted
Fantastic, the? surgeon is delighted
Fantastic, the? surgeon is delighted
Fantastic, the? surgeon is delighted

(The patient is smiling) - excellent

>> No.11135672

>> No.11135742

>Seen this image before
>Never saw the bulge

Is this a shoop or did I just blow my own mind?

>> No.11135750

This is really important for my penis, so Sauce please?

>> No.11135782

Mizugi Kanojo - Episode 2
You just blew your mind.

>> No.11135791

I think it's great how high his bellybutton is... just like a girl

>> No.11135802

I just noticed that OP never actually specified his/her sex. I can blissfully imagine a female dom.

>> No.11135807

My penis is grateful.

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>> No.11135877



>> No.11135888

>> No.11135910

>> No.11135911

>> No.11135928

>> No.11135948


>he wore fishnets
>help him get into the submissive mood
>his room
>was his bookshelf
>fucking him properly
>He didn't seem to mind
>He reached out and
>he was holding
>seeing him grip those books
>Still fucking him
>teasing him for liking it
>He looked so cute
>he doesn't like

>> No.11135993

He meant the gender of OP, the boy getting sexed is obviously a boy.

>> No.11135996

>female dom
He meant he can now imagine OP being a she, doming the trap.

>> No.11136020

A reverse trap, domming the trap.

>> No.11136031

Grasping at straws because I'm in the closet

>> No.11136042

This is now, and has always been, my fetish.

>> No.11136044

I read somewhere that that's actually some girl who looks similiar in those face-crotch pics, but I remain doubtful.

>> No.11136045


OP mentioned pulling his head back by his hair while fucking him. Unless his dick bends backwards they're both dudes.

>> No.11136098

My god, traps, why are you so sexy?

>> No.11136099

Strap-on. Domming. Are you dense?

>> No.11136120

Because you're bordelline bi.

>> No.11136132

Fuck. Fantasy destroyed. Reacharound?

>> No.11136166

Because it's much more fun that way!

>> No.11136174

Because you're lower-class bred.

The lower classes were used to thin, slender women due to the lack of food that they had. I suppose they would've been quite waifish and skinny.

These days, standard women all have bodies that would fit amongst the nobility.

Your attraction towards traps is your genes remembering their place and misidentifying males as females.

>> No.11136177

That's a nice as-wait...

That's a man, isn't it?

>> No.11136183


OP would've mentioned a strapon.

>> No.11136196

Guys most likely know what guys want.

That is the addition to traps being difficult.

>> No.11136223

Posting infamous trap comic.

>> No.11136231

Reminds me of the time my girl and I had sex on a big pile of 40K guard, space marines and necron minis.

>> No.11136238

That's the most pseudo-scientifical rubbish I've heard all week.
True, but we can let the poor guy have his fantasy, right?

>> No.11136240

I do love that one so much.

>> No.11136251

that sounds really uncomfortable

>> No.11136258

ITT Lamarckian evolution

>> No.11136261

What gave it away, the waist-to-shoulder ratio?
It is however a rather pretty butt.

>> No.11136270

Nooooo poor minis.. ;_;

>> No.11136272


You should pay more attention to what "sex" means for different people/in different contexts.

A female domme, even a strapon-owning trap-chasing female domme, would not refer to pegging as simply "sex" without qualifying it in some way. This is because the overriding assumption is that "sex" between a boy and a girl always means pole-A-going-in-slot-B, and a woman smart or self-aware enough to challenge that assumption is also smart enough to realize that "sex" can mean many different things. She wouldn't talk about 'fooling around' as contrasted with 'sex', she would talking about one type of sex as contrasted with another.

>> No.11136284

>This thread

Goddamn you /tg/

>> No.11136295

Remember when "sex" meant "male or female"?

>> No.11136296

>> No.11136302


Very strong shoulders, yes (not musculature-wise, but in terms of bone structure).

>> No.11136308

Oh hey guys, what's going on in this thr--AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

>> No.11136330

Fantasy guy here. I meant sex in the proper sense of the word: What is often mistakenly called gender.

>> No.11136334

Got the SPARTA version?

>> No.11136340

That's the same guy? Fuck... angles and lighting sure do make a big difference, huh?

>> No.11136341

Oh don't you start pulling any lolicatschaatser shit in this thread now.

>> No.11136358

If that's male then...well, then I am impressed. Also love the fucking dress, to few women wear summer dresses like this.

>> No.11136360


That's what I'm saying. If someone just says "sex" and doesn't qualify it (after implying that they "fooled around" but that this wasn't "sex"), what they mean is penetrative sex. Gay penetrative sex in this case.

Yes, there are women who WOULD refer to pegging as "sex" (using it in a vaguer sense), but those same people also realize that the word is vague and wouldn't just say "have sex" like that explains it.

>> No.11136372

That one gets me every time.

>> No.11136384


Sorry, I mislinked (I was responding to the person who said that maybe it was a woman with a strapon, then asked if you were dense).

>> No.11136398

I approve of this thread.

>> No.11136403

I thought that all sexual contact fell under "sex". Everything from a handjob to full on consensual missionary position.

>> No.11136407

Men make better women.

>> No.11136408

Or a femme dom could pull his hair back while having him slung over the corner of the bed and straddling him. I agree that the OP is definitely talking about gay sex but was just vague enough that I can wiggle hetero out of it.

>> No.11136413

Sweet tits! Well, chest.

>> No.11136434

Subtle. Not subtle enough to be worth a bump though.

>> No.11136447

>this thread

>> No.11136449

While it's not technically /tg/ related, I'd like to be fucked standing up while being pushed against the WoW posted I have on my wall :3c

>> No.11136450


Yes, which is why you would not say something like "we were finally ready to have sex. We had fooled around plenty, and knew we'd like to go all the way", the way the OP did. See what I'm saying here? The way he/she uses the word tells me that he/she is talking about regular, penetrative sex, and probably hasn't given much thought to the notion that most forms of 'fooling around' count as sex too.

I could be wrong here, maybe 'fooling around' just refers to heavy flirting, but that's my impression.

>> No.11136451

>> No.11136474

I am now forever going to associate that image with girlboner.

>> No.11136488

Vice-President of the Pedantic Society, how good of you to join us.

>> No.11136497

Eh, we're getting into semantics here and that's always messy and unsatisfying. Just like when I have sex.

>> No.11136508

Is it this time again? :3

>> No.11136515

Hun, that's because you keep mistaking the holes and going for the nose.

>> No.11136518

I don't even know what to make of that image. I'm confused by the both the jelly and the expression.

>> No.11136522

Apparently. You're pretty damn cute.

>> No.11136527

thats not woman - just telling ...

>> No.11136538

Do you honestly think anyone here doesn't know?

>> No.11136540

Time for some Awful Good shotasexual porno stories?


>> No.11136559

If I had the frogtemplate I'd make a "no woman will ever look at you like you're green jelly that makes her nonexistant penis rock-hard" one.

>> No.11136583

She wasn't looking at the jelly, she was looking at the silhouette of a dinosaur on the paper wall behind her brother sitting across from her. The jelly was just quivering. Because she was trembling. In fear.

>> No.11136586

Thanks! This is me, 3 months ago.

>> No.11136605

I accept that definition, the confusion has been resolved.

>> No.11136608

Cute, but you look so god-damn underage there it's not even funny.

>> No.11136619


You look like a little boy.

Will you roleplay that instead of being a girl?

>> No.11136626

You're an ephebophile now.
Hope you're happy.

>> No.11136633

Sometimes I forget why this is my favorite board.Thanks

>> No.11136649

That cock. My mouth

Fuck, I never thought I'd say that. Damn you /tg/!

>> No.11136658


Blackheart's got competition.

>> No.11136680

Now that one's actually quite attractive.

Still, I'd rather have some porn stories than camshots.

>> No.11136681


>> No.11136690

I've been one, what's your point?

>> No.11136692

I know the feeling. /tg/ has given me a lust for cock I never suspected I'd ever have. I mean I wouldn't date a guy or have a relationship with one, I just want to fuck one now and then. Friends with benefits would be a dream come true.

>> No.11136693


No such thing. Every male is.

>> No.11136716

Funny thing with that is, I used to feel the same. Until I fell in love with my best friend.

You might not have met the right guy yet :3c

>> No.11136728

>> No.11136729

Not really... Blackheart's still got the more suckable dick...

>> No.11136742

>Until I fell in love with my best friend.


Unless he's gay or bisexual as well, I can see that getting very awkward.

>> No.11136757


Aww sheeit yeah, me and Jamal be rollin wit dem arristocrats likin their thick booty.

>> No.11136763

Yeah it.. it kinda did.

>> No.11136768

I don't really like the look of that. Not...feminine enough.

>> No.11136805

Same here, sure its all fun and games till you're best bud wants to go on a date and you end up being together for 4 yrs.

Its better not to tread this path. Trust me, keep it straight and simple, I should have :P

>> No.11136808

It's the size. The idea that something that size can be attached to a waif like Blackheart fills me with shame and inadequacy.

>> No.11136813

This is me, just now, boymode.

>> No.11136821

Blackheart hasn't proved that he's actually a trap. Never posted his face, to my knowledge.

That's a really big penis, though.

>> No.11136822

>sure its all fun and games till you're best bud wants to go on a date and you end up being together for 4 yrs.

Dude, that sounds like quite a successful relationship, I don't see the problem

>> No.11136827

Poole, England.

>> No.11136832

This is bad and wrong.

Go put on a fucking French Maid outfit right the hell now and do something disgustingly trappish.

>> No.11136836


>> No.11136851

He probably enlarged his penis.

>> No.11136856

I'm gonna go shave now, since I didn't bother this morning due to the extreme heat that is this summer.

Does anyone know if duct tape has any chance of working kinda like waxing? I'm fucking sick of having stubble at the end of the day I just wish I could RIP AND TEAR and it would be gone forever..

>> No.11136859

Having girly hair doesn't automatically make you a trap. You need make up and pretty clothes.

>> No.11136864

Oh, did I mention I'm the drawfag in that thread earlier who did these?

>> No.11136865

Not saying i regret our relationship, but now with the secrecy, the current long distance relationship we're going through, and my still very active and primary lust for women.

Its just shit I wish could have been alot more simpler.

>> No.11136872

Huh. I didn't know you were a fellow Britfag.

>> No.11136881

You're still attractive as a boy. I'd hit that.
Out of curiosity, about where do you live? I'm in CA, near Sacramento.

>> No.11136883

I'm in boymode in all these pictures.
This is my bestfriend Zoe, who has helped me so much with my GID <3

>> No.11136887

Wow, other people from You Kay. Weird.

>> No.11136889

Pretty sure it's "Trap" as in "Transexual", not as in "Crossdresser".

>> No.11136894

Never mind, already answered.
Comment stands, though.

>> No.11136899

Oh come on now, stop before you get too ahead of yourself with all this camwhoring and attention craving nonsense.

Polite sage.

>> No.11136902

Is curiosity the name of your penis?

>> No.11136903

it'll pull of your skin dude, don't do it

what I've learned so far in life is relationships will always be complicated, whether they're straight or not

>> No.11136905

Proud Albion is apparently full of men in skirts.

>> No.11136913

That's not what a trap is.

>> No.11136920

Everyone everywhere else in the world already knows that. Britain is all fags or chavs.

>> No.11136929

Trap is actually stemmed from "It's a trap!" from the star wars scene. Quickly adapted to pornography as is everything popular.

You can guess what it was adapted to first.

"It's a trap!"
>guy getting a boy instead of a girl when he reaches up the skirt

>> No.11136931


>> No.11136953

Mayhaps not, but on /tg/ the term is generally used to cover both.

>> No.11136959

No, really.
Trap = transvestite.

Apparently rather ugly ones judging by that picture.

>> No.11136961

you should lurk on /d/ more, you will quickly learn the difference.

>> No.11136964

Or both.

>> No.11136974

Ino, but just the constant secrecy and the urge to sometimes just let it out and say it.

A very select group of people know but aside form that, it will be a long time before anyone will find out or know.

It drives you mad.

That and the combination of lusting after women, sometimes complicates the relationship, he feels unsure sometime if I'm dedicated to him and just him and I feel as though he might go off and cheat with a gay guy because of it.

It really is alot of trouble for what its worth.

>> No.11136982

chav fag? how does it even work?

>> No.11136997

I started browsing /d/ again for the first time in years. I was actually able to fap. Trap and ganguro threads. Is this the first example of a 4chan board getting better over time? Back in the day, /d/ was all people whining about other people's fetishes and posting ancient reposts of futa.

>> No.11137005



W.. would you like a hug?

>> No.11137012

Oh god, the ganguro threads, I so do love them, even if they're all shoops of normal pics. But it's still 90% of futa there. I weep for the /d/ of old, which got me every major fetish out there.

>> No.11137018

>Back in the day
Dude, that was like 3 weeks ago.
Mods came down with a vengeance on /d/.

>> No.11137025

Haha no.

/d/ nowadays is just spam, spam, futa, spam, retarded slapfights, spam, futa, spam and /b/tards going "HURR I CLEVAR"

>> No.11137030

Bi- or gay chav who's afraid of being stabbed/beaten up/socially ostracised by his peers if he comes out, so he acts like the biggest homophobe ever in an attempt at reinforcing the illusion of heterosexual masculinity.

>> No.11137038

>249 posts and 61 image replies omitted.

>> No.11137040

Fag that lives comfortably off welfare without working, and does chavvy stuff, except fucks dudes. *shrug*

>> No.11137052

Booty Sweat?

>> No.11137069

Probably so, I still don't really use 4chan for porn much anymore, but I remember /d/ being way worse. Like 95% shitty hentai from the 90s.

>> No.11137081

>Mods came down with a vengeance on /d/.
And apparently banned a lot of trapposters if the threads on /d/ are to be believed.

>> No.11137094

Well it actually didn't turn out so bad. I was really obsessing over it so I needed to get it off my chest. I had a lot of trouble just getting it out of my throat and I swear I was terrified telling him might ruin our friendship.

He said he was flattered but he didn't feel the same way. We're still friends and we've become even closer than we already were since I told him how I feel. I couldn't even really look at him for like a month after telling him though.

Eventually I got over him by actively focusing on the stuff I don't like about him over the stuff I do. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot about him but he's kind of a douchebag too at the same time. We used to make gay jokes at eachother's expense all the time and we still do but it feels kind of off when we do now. Aside from that, nothing really bad came of it.

>> No.11137103

-Traditional Games
v made me
-Totally Gay
v and now I love
-Traps Galore
v and find that this
-Thread = God-tier
v and so
-Thanks, Guys

>> No.11137122

For being a board of closet homosexuals, /d/ really never liked traps.

>> No.11137132

yeah, I got a one day ban, not sure about everyone else

I think the trap posts will pick back up eventually

>> No.11137148

Are you speaking past-tense, or have you not been there lately?

>> No.11137169

Guess I'll have to figure out some other method, someday I'll try sugaring on my legs, that might be worth a try.

>> No.11137174

>> No.11137190

Traps belong on /y/ dammit.

>> No.11137192

It's been fun, /tg/.

>> No.11137195

Okay, that so fucking is genetic female.

>> No.11137208

Laser follicle removal.

Next time I'm in Poole, I'll come by and rape you hardcore okay?

>> No.11137211

It's long-established.

Men like lesbians because not only do they share their interests, but entertain the delusion that both will loosen their standards enough to have fun with the man - what they technically like are bisexuals.

Women like queers because they can look at the pretty eye-candy, and don't have to worry about them wanting to stick their dicks in her.

Men enjoy two women - two sets of holes.
Women enjoy two men - one to wash dishes, one to massage her feet.

>> No.11137219

delicious pads.

>> No.11137220

I'm the earlier poster, been there like twice in the last couple of years. Stopped browsing it ages ago because it was so awful.

Despite being my reason for starting to browse this site, way, way back, the porn boards here are terrible and I no longer browse them. All the good stuff gets posted on the "worksafe" boards eventually.

>> No.11137241

Oddly enough, Lesbians don't do much for me.

>> No.11137246

>blah blah blah psychology.

Why men REALLY like lesbians.

>> No.11137257

I like lesbian bondage, because I get off to women dominating other women. Can't get off to women dominating men, though. Regular lesbian porn is boring, no penises.

>> No.11137285

You're kidding?
Man, first time in ages I was actually trapped.

>> No.11137291


It's a gateway to lesbianism.

>> No.11137293

Well, the kids have to learn about Tek War sooner or later.

>> No.11137298

Your math is wrong.
-1 + -1 = -2.

(aka one woman who won't have sex with you plus another woman who won't have sex with you equals two women who won't have sex with you, showing off and looking hot, unless it's Real Life Lesbians, in which case There Will Be Mullets)

>> No.11137302

Laser is all fun and good, except it's expensive, means I'll have to leave the house and talk to lots of people over the phone and shit and It'd be embarrassing as hell for me. I have a huge problems with my pride and embarrassment, goddamn it's so sad.

>> No.11137329

>gateway to cock-worship


>> No.11137334


>> No.11137340

Wish they didn't look mullet, it's not attractive on men, it's not attractive on women, why does it exist.

>> No.11137366

Crossdresser has mental/emotional issues, news at 10.

>> No.11137368

That's what they WANT you to think.

Po-Ju is actually gateway lesbianism for girls. First it's yaoi, then it's girlyboys, then it's futa, then it's yuri, then it's just /e/, then before you know you're masturbating furiously to that cute shy chick with the glasses in the back of your class and you don't even know why.

Your other option is Nair or some shit.

>> No.11137377

Well, actually, in my case, it was more like gateway to traps.

>> No.11137391

Look, is this >>11137169 really you?

>> No.11137433

But I'm not really a crossdresser and nobody knows anything about my issues, they think I'm just a hateful person, which is half true. Wish I had some womens clothes though!

>> No.11137464

I was not aware of the whole lesbian-futa connection until Warcraft porns.

Probably because that's the only exception to the NO GIRLS ON INTERNET rule. There's many girls, and they all love draenei horsecock.

>> No.11137469


I envy you. I'm a bisexual as well, also fell in love with my best friend... Who is quite homophobic.
All my friends technically know I'm bi, we just don't talk about it. Ever. Forbidden subject.

>> No.11137487

Borrow some off a close friend or something, or something that'll make you look androgynous enough, and then go FUCKING BUY SOME.

Believe me, there are plenty of girls who look damn masculine out there, so it's no big deal. And unless you live in the nosiest society in the universe, nobody should really fucking care anyway.

>> No.11137492

i'm a man and i do not like lesbians
in fact, i like men

>> No.11137511

I fell in love

>> No.11137518

I have no friends.

What's it like having "issues"?

>> No.11137521

>also fell in love with my best friend... Who is quite homophobic.

Oh god, what. That must be horrendous.

>> No.11137531

What are you? Some kinda queer?

>> No.11137543

I'm a guy and I'm into practically everything aside from lesbians. I think they're boring and only interesting to dull men or 13 year old boys.

>> No.11137556


Yes. Yes it is. Have mostly gotten over it now though. Or so I thought at least, he is away on a trip to Japan now, and I can do little more than sit and think about him. Damn it.

Not fun, I don't recommend getting friends to try it out.

>> No.11137557

Well its a three headed ending, you either have your friend accept you, get freaked out by you, or you end up going out (luckily for us it was the third option) :P

>> No.11137560

Well I think you're just a mysogynistic homophobe.

Does that make me right?

>> No.11137567

Don't you have a cat to fuck, Edward?

>> No.11137572

Just pass yourself off as a swimmer or cyclist. Body hair increases drag in the water- and makes road rash a hell of a lot worse.

>> No.11137573


Well. I tried to bring it up. He killed the subject dead, still friends though.

>> No.11137582

I love women, but the sight of two women kissing does -nothing- for me, that's all.

>> No.11137586

Sorry to hear bro.

I can't pretend to know what kind of people your friends are but generally I think homophobia comes from having the wrong impression about what gays/bi-sexuals are like (I blame the flamboyant, loud homosexuals for that one). If they're good friends they'll probably lighten up on the subject as long as you don't act like a stereo-type.

>> No.11137631

Not the guy you're talking to but I would like to note that this probably isn't a very good idea. Seeing as he's a homophobe, telling him might yield some bad results. I'd think this over long and hard.

>> No.11137641

I think modern society is being fed an awful lot of misinformation about the nature of sexuality. It is NOT a black-and-white thing. Not at all. Not even remotely.

>> No.11137654

Omg same here, i think there is a fundamental difference between effeminant and flamboyant fagmouths. My boyfriend is quite effeminant, keeps things very smooth and maintained for his body.

But hes doesn't go around wearing that rainbow shit on every part of his body, and talking in that horrendus lisp. Not to mention hes a multi faceted person that doesn't just talk about dicks and assholes all day and all night.

Its shit like that really makes me feel coming out isn't the best option for me.

>> No.11137663


I know. He might be, I don't know. He seems to consider sexual things a bit of a weakness, and he doesn't like having weaknesses.

And if I'm acting flamboyantly? Hell no, all people whom I've been able to talk to about this have been genuinely surprised, since they can't fit me into the gay stereotype.

>> No.11137671

Part of the problem is that society has been fed those stereotypes for so long that people (quite likely trolls) actually start fulfilling them in a totally serious context.

>> No.11137684

Well it differs from person to person, Its not something you're just "born with" and its not something you pick out form the store and choose to do.

Its a very murky subject which frankly I don't believe sience has any real understanding on it.

Theres alot of political motivators in it too so any material is dubious at best :P.

>> No.11137706

For me, something truly erotic takes a man and a woman.
A penis and a woman is fine, too, tho.

>> No.11137711

I was mainly referring to the fact that people seem to believe that you can be either gay or straight, or a huge fucking slut.


Human sexuality is not black and white, or even shades of grey. It is a giant fucking mess.

>> No.11137722


Yeah. I understand you, I have nothing against feminine men, it's cute. And hell, I'm bisexual so feminine is still a bonus. (Masculine girls are still the best though, tomboys. Mmm.)

Flamboyant gays however. Gah. I've tried to be reasonable about it, have talked to several who act out like this. It doesn't help that they generally say "Oh God. Sweetie, you needn't worry, just calm down and you'll be all right." and shit like that.

>> No.11137738

Partially that's true I guess. It also doesn't help that the flamboyant faggots are the most outspoken about it, which gives a lot of bad first impressions.

The media is another factor that just doesn't help at all. Name a homosexual character in media that is actually respectfully portrayed. I can't really think of many outside of some video games (more specifically MGS and the balland of gay Tony).

I think partly it's because they want to make it very clear that HOMOSEXUALS ARE NOT LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE YOU SEE! THEY LIKE IT IN THE BUTT! SO THEY GOT TO ACT DIFFERENT! and partly because it's much, MUCH easier to write a stereo-type than it is writing a well-written character with depth.

>> No.11137742


It's almost like the gender of the person you stick your penis into is wholly unrelated to how obnoxious a person you are!

>> No.11137743

But its not without merit. These observations didn't just fly out from the middle of nowhere. At my college I refuse to associate with most gays because of their behavior in a public setting. It was embarrasing to associate with and I didn't approve of their behavior. While I tolerate their lifestyle but I wasn't going to accept it as part of my life.

The only reason my best friend and I became lovers is because at a party, we were alone and drunk and he let out his feelings. While normally I would have been a little freaked out, the poision "lowered" my guard and I gave it a shot. I liked it, I REALLLY LIKED IT, and it brought me to where I am today.

But I STILL cannot stand alot of his gay friends or gays in general because of that fucking annoying as demeanor.

>> No.11137748

Don't 'this' me... that's not what I'm saying at all.

>> No.11137749

People who flaunt their homosexuality in everyone's faces are just as annoying as the homophobes they despise.

NOBODY needs to know your god damned sexual orientation except for people with whom you are or could be romantically or sexually involved. NO ONE ELSE.

>> No.11137786

That wouldn't be acceptable if gays actively stated how rediculous this notion was. But those so called "Gay Pride" parades are possibly the most offensive thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

They celebrate every negative steryotype out there and when someone calls them out on their bullshit, they claim "YOU DON'T GET WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE A HOMOSEXUAL THIS IS OUR CULTURE".

>> No.11137796


Yeah. Hell, I believed that gays were like that before I started the process of coming out of the wardrobe.

What did it for me was a long discussion about it with my then-girlfriend's homosexual father. Really nice guy, wicked sense of humour, prison guard and martial artist. And hell.. He felt normal. That is what made me realize that gay people are normal too, and allowed me to accept myself as the one I am.

>> No.11137811

This is the big problem.

Homosexuality is a fetish. Heterosexuality is a fetish. Neither of them are "lifestyles". And nobody except your current fuckbuddy(s) cares who you bang so STOP TELLING EVERYONE.

>> No.11137812


>> No.11137825

>girlfriend's homo dad helped me come out

Wow. That must have been...weird.

>> No.11137836

Me and my boyfriend have fights about this all the time. He's a little more liberal on that issue than I am and he believes that acceptance is an absolute must. I personally believe that you have to tolarate the existance and beliefs of people publically on the most part, but in no way are you responsible to accept them as part of your life.

He then says how my conservative asian upbringing has shaped my negative views on homosexuals in general. And I bring up the fact that even he self admittedly sometimes gets annoyed by the reaaaally flamboyant ones.

Ugh again would be easier if I just dated a woman.

>> No.11137856

>Ugh again would be easier if I just dated a woman.

Yeah... uh, you just keep telling yourself that, buddy.

>> No.11137858

Same poster here. There is only 1 exception to this and it isn't in the real world. It's the annual (I think it's annual?) Proudmore proud parade in world of warcraft.


This, this shit is fucking hilarious. I can't stop laughing. They are accompanied by a guild called Dykes on bikes. The site is something called Spreading the taint which I think is another guild. I want to resubscribe just to be there for the 2010 one, just to read the dialogue between these people.

I don't even know why I find this so funny. I think it's just all the puns (booty bay ahahah) or the fact they're probably pissing off the homophobe WoW players off something fierce or a combination of both.

I think the reason I don't like real pride parades is because essentially those people are IRL trolling about a subject that doesn't really need that kind of negative attention as is.

>> No.11137865

The idea that different sexual orientations need or should have different cultures is absurd. I don't understand what the Gay Pride parades are meant to accomplish, perhaps it's too make people care less about the more normal gay people, I don't know, but all I can see is it making the divide greater.

>> No.11137868

Well, its not like I couldn't, infact, woman are what I'm primarily attracted to. I mean I donno, this whole buisness is confusing as fuck.

>> No.11137872

>He's a little more liberal on that issue than I am and he believes that acceptance is an absolute must.

That sounds like pretty non-liberal pov. His stance is effectively forcing it down someone elses throat till they like it, instead of setteling for tolerance.

>> No.11137881

It's not about acceptance. You can accept something without having someone rub it in your fucking face all the god damned time.

Also freedom of THOUGHT. Freedom to HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION. As long as I don't piss you off and you don't piss me off, we don't HAVE to agree.

Except a lot of these "omg gay is a lifestyle" attention whores spend all their time deliberately PISSING EVERYONE OFF by acting like...well...attention whores. In a way that makes teenage girls look modest and conservative.

>> No.11137888

For anyone wondering why Pride Parades still happen when they're clearly counter-productive, I can tell you.

It's nothing more than an excuse to turn the streets into a gay bar. There is no pride at all, simply a way of making sure that a lot of gay men show up in one place, so they can get drunk, go home, and fuck.

Gayfag here, and this upsets me.

>> No.11137904

The way I see it, trying to make people accepting by being so outwardly gay doesn't help, it only harms. It just brings more hate into the world.

Homophobia can best be fought by setting the right example if you ask me. Making people realize most homosexuals aren't at all like that. We all got to share this world together so we should take eachother's feelings into consideration. Those pride parades just make people really uncomfortable about a subject that doesn't need any more negativity towards it. It's tasteless and dickish.

>> No.11137907


The "ACCEPT US BECAUSE WE TELL YOU TO" crap is blatantly contrary to the very freedom of opinion that these people claim to preach.

>> No.11137924

There's apparently a big one slated for this saturday in Warsaw. Like, people from all over europe coming big. I do wonder what the fuck do those foreignfags think they're going to accomplish except making polish homosexual's lives even more miserable because they WILL be associated with the absurdity of the parade.
I'm not gay, and I fucking pity them, having to explain for the rest of the year "they're not like that" because of this shit.

>> No.11137933

Frankly, I just don't kno of any homosexual out there that I can really associate or date if my current relationship fell apart. Not that will any time that I know of. But frankly, it seems that if indeed this falls apart, I might as well just go back to women.

On a semi related note, I hate the fag enablers. Those straight (normally white folk) who just out of some arbitrary sense of guilt ENCOURAGE this coutnerproductive behavior. And they have the nerve of calling ME the homophobe, and how I don't have the right to comment negatively on another persons "culture" god I hate college tg, I hate it so much.

>> No.11137941

Gay pride makes as much sense as scat pride. Scat fetishists don't run around yelling "I LIKE SHIT" all the time and telling people to accept them do they? No. Because it's not something to be proud of.

But neither is having an impregnation fetish. Or liking big tits. Or ANYTHING ELSE OF THE SORT. This is stuff you should enjoy and keep to your damn self, not be bringing society grinding to a halt just to recognise that you like large boobs.

Homosexuality is NO DIFFERENT.

>> No.11137971

I propose that a bunch of gay people go to this pride parade and just stand there and watch and not take part.

But wear those stupid "pride stickers" somewhere subtle. Like under a jacket.

Just to fuck with them.

>> No.11137984

I think any self-respecting homosexual will be hiding in their house banging their head against the wall instead, actively staying as far away from that mess as possible.

>> No.11137990


Like those disgusting fat pairs, sleazing up in the middle of the bus when they together have enough gravity to make that old lady's grocery shopping orbit them. Fucking disgusting, people should not show affection in public unless they're young, fit and pretty.

>> No.11138018

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with the people saying homosexuality is a fetish. My reasoning for this is that to me at least, homosexuality isn't so much about the sex as it is about two people of the same sex sharing romantic feelings for eachother. This can't really be compared to stuff like say scat or whatever. I just don't think they're the same thing is all.

That said, gay pride parades are horrible because they actually ARE pretty much entirely fetishistic to the point of absurdity.

>> No.11138022

Me, I'm going to take great pleasure viewing the post-commie politicians who now form the only big socialist party walking there because they need those votes damnit. And they hate every second of it, because they're all old communist party concrete, which is different to catholic concrete only by being atheist.

>> No.11138029

I want to start a Shame Festival for everyone ashamed of themselves, or others, who share the same sexual quirks. We all meet up and tell one another we'd 'rather not talk about it'

>> No.11138033

There's a world of difference between two people making out like fucking college students in public (god they're annoying) which is perfectly reasonable, and people going around screaming about their sexual proclivities to absolute strangers.

>> No.11138038

I donno, i mean the way I was raised, public effection and even hand holding in public is a little much for me. Don't get me wrong, when me and my partner cuddle up for the night, its leather, latex, and gasmasks for us.

I just, i donno, maybe I look at things from way too much of an old fashioned perspective, do you guys think i'm a self hating bifag? :P

>> No.11138053

No, it's also stepping on my freedom not to look at people NEEDING TO GET A DAMN ROOM. They're no different to people yelling they like to fuck men in their blantant disregard for other people's feelings on the matter.

>> No.11138061

Perhaps I was a bit unclear on that, but then, I don't have a better word for it other than "fetish" so that's all I can use.

Homosexuality isn't something special, and neither is heterosexuality. It's just another psychosexual association. You link a certain thing with being sexually and/or emotionally attractive to you.

How they all work and what cause them may vary greatly, but in the end, homosexuality and liking big tits are just ASPECTS OF SEXUALITY, no more, no less.

>> No.11138077

Actually, acording to consitutional ruling, forgot which supreme court judge, but freedom of speech and expression is not obtrusive if the message can be avoided by merely overting ones senses from the message.

Its very easy to look away or just close your eyes. :P

Not saying I like it though :P

>> No.11138079

No, I mean you keep telling yourself women would somehow be easier to put up with. You'll still have plenty to be miserable about no matter who you stick your penis in.

>> No.11138101

Maybe society is facing a trend towards more and more public acceptance of intimacy. Perhaps in the future, people will be more publicly open with their sexuality than ever before.

That doesn't make homosexuality a fucking first choice to lead this wonderful carnal revolution. Not least of which because it's still highly controversial to a lot of people and forcing it down their throats will only make that worse, not better.

>> No.11138103

Yeah, what >>11138079 is sayin'.

Personally, I think women are a whole lot harder to deal with than men. Men are bro. I'm technically bi because I still feel attracted to the female form but at the same time I have absolutely no desire to deal with women's bullshit so I prefer men and just say I'm gay.

>> No.11138142

I actually don't give a shit, but if we accept heterosexual light intimacy in public, there really is no reason not to do so with homosexuals. And it's got noting to do with the terrible pride-raids, I know.

>> No.11138168

No, there IS no decent reason. But people still wouldn't accept it. Way too many people to think that it's a good idea.

The problem, however, is that the whole "gay pride" movement isn't a subtle, gradual social shift. It's a bunch of attention whores forcing this shit on everyone else. And when you FORCE change on people, they don't tend to react well, no matter how reasonable the change is.

>> No.11138177

Is true, ever since my bf hooked up, I can be as blunt as I want as so can he. I got chubby during my first year of school and he just flat out told me that I'm getting big and I need to go to the gym. So now I'm starting to work out again and eating alot less horrible ass food. Sometimes he annoys the shit out of me by not returning phonecalls so I confront him abuot it.

Its like we still fight like a normal relationship, but there isn't this stupid mindgames and crap I had to go through with my previous girlfriend.

Plus the sex is bangin, :D

>> No.11138183

I wish I could walk hand in hand with my boyfriend through the city or kiss him in public but the problem is that there are still a LOT of people who aren't comfortable with this, so we don't.

There is no doubt in my mind that homosexuality will eventually be accepted so widely that you can do that and nobody will even look back over their shoulder when you do but I think until that time comes (and if the gay pride parade faggots keep setting it back this might take a whole) we should respect eachother and not do it. It sucks but it's just not the right time yet.

>> No.11138218


>> No.11138219

Well, in all honesty the women's sufferage movement wasn't terribly delicate about it either. I imagine if it tried for a slow, gradual shift a good deal of western world would still debate if women can handle the responsiblity.

I do agree that the prides are NOT the way to do this, since they're caricatural in nature, but if we, as a society can't handle two people of same sex holding hands in the public, or kissing, there's something seriously wrong. It's really the smallest and least offensive thing you can do in the public as a pair.

>> No.11138224

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume nobody thinks this is as funny as I do?

>> No.11138240

In general, men do often tend to be much more emotionally blunt than women. And a lot less "sensitive" about these things, at least if they've been exposed to some of the older social values in upbringing like all that "be a man, dammit!" stuff.

That shit is surprisingly useful, when applied properly.

>> No.11138241

But what the pride parades seem to demand is completely fucking out of control. Straight or gay, I don't want to see a fucking six foot tranny with assless leather chaps prancing about how he loves to suck dicks infront of my family.

Its abosutely unacceptable if that was a man or if that was a woman.

What is reasonable is to allow same sex couples to legally wed and raise a family, I mean after all if a fucking criminal can have kids and a family, what should stop a law abiding same sex couple to do the same?

These issues are legitimate but get pushed aside because instead of same sex couples trying to integrate and show that they can act properly in a public setting, the everyday populace gets bombarded with these horrid images that they don't want their familys or their neighboorhoods getting associated with.

>> No.11138274

We, as a society, still rely on organised religion to tell us what to think.

And no, I'm not attacking beliefs. I'm attacking the mindless me too-ism that organised religions truly are. Herd behaviour. People too damn scared to decide for themselves what they believe, so they buy into the sociopolitical shitflinging of old retards who care about nothing but shaping society into what THEY want for their OWN gains.

>> No.11138295

but I don't like kissing or holding hands in public in general. Not to say other people should not do it, but me personally, I guess I just follow an older set of rules :P.

>> No.11138298

Exactly. There are days where I wonder if the mind games are worth it. Pretty sure the only reason I haven't tried dating a guy yet has been my love of boobies.

>> No.11138322

I've actually seen A LOT of people say they envy gays because of this.

"Goddamnit if I didn't love tits and vagina so much I'd totally suck a dude's dick. This shit is annoying as hell."

>> No.11138364

Its not just organized religion, anbody who strictly adhears to the morals and ideologies of a core group without truley understanding their stance is a mindless tool. Goes for athiests, theists, conservatives, democrats.

You don't know how many times as a conservafag I had to argue with some jackass who doesn't even understand conservatism, yet staunchly believes his views.

Unrelated I love you /tg/ thanx for being some reasonable gayfags and not just fags.

>> No.11138386

Is it a coincidence that we're having a thread about homosexuality at 1:36 (it's that time here in dutchlands anyway) and there isn't any lolhetero trolling?

Are eurofags just raging homophobes or something?

>> No.11138387

Personally, if I could find an attractive trap, and an attractive woman, I would bang both of them at once.

I just am retardedly particular about what I find actually sexually attractive in a person, that's all. Physically, I mean. It has to look just right, and my "just right" is apparently very narrow.

>> No.11138394

No its rob :P

>> No.11138407

Im an AMERRRRRRRRRRRIIIFAGGGG, but you dutch are pretty cool. Sux you guys lost to the cocksucking spanish.

>> No.11138432

Hell, it's not even the vagina. I'm a tits and legs man- but as long as there's a nice pair of legs, I don't much care what's between them. And if I met a guy who looked like some of the ones posted earlier, I could sure as hell do without the tits.

...Actually, there is also my desire to eventually inflict my genetics on the next generation, but I might put up with adopting.

>> No.11138435

>Perhaps I was a bit unclear on that, but then, I don't have a better word for it other than "fetish" so that's all I can use.
It's called a "sexual orientation". Not fetish. It's the word for *exactly what we're talking about*.

>> No.11138445

Oh please don't remind me. I almost punched a hole in the wall.

I never watch football and that was the only match I watched with some friends because HOLY SHIT WHAT IF WE BECOME WORLD CHAMPION.

That entire match was just horrible and obnoxious to watch, the only good part was van der Jong FUCKING KARATE KICKING that Spaniard right in the chest. Which happened pretty early.

>> No.11138446

True. And I agree completely.

>Europe full of homophobes
I can't name a single European country, offhand, that still outlaws gay marriages.
The US does.

>> No.11138474

>I can't name a single European country, offhand, that still outlaws gay marriages.

Poland ;_;
We're cool about the disgusting immigrant shits (not quite france's burqa-ban, but getting there), but we cannot into civil rights for gays.

>> No.11138495

Suddenly, a reasonablefag thread turns to football.

The lulz are through the fucking roof.

>> No.11138515

Yeah sorry but I just really didn't like that match.

Plus it might still be on topic. The football players were all pretty handsome looking. We can work with that.

>> No.11138517

Oh crap, I totally forgot Poland.

Fuck, Bush was right all along.

>> No.11138534

I never watched football ever. Father got me to watch the last eurochamp, poland vs germany. Had to apologize to me afterwards, because IT WAS SUCH A SHIT GAME JESUSCHRIST IT WAS LIKE 1939 ALL OVER AGAIN AND THE FAG WHO SCORED A GOAL FOR GERMANY WAS ACTUALLY A POLE ALL ALONG!

>> No.11138541

Homosexual marriage is a state issue and not a federal one. Each STATE gets to choose its stance on homosexual marragies. So please don't label the entire U.S as faghating.

and even if your state doesnt allow it, just fly over to a state that does and get that marriage license.

As for >>11138432

Seriously, it is absolutely important to me to carry on the next generation. I really don't think my family will be mad about the fact that I'm dating my partner, rather the fact that I might have no will to bring about grandchildren. Personally I want our children to be of my genes or of my partners, we talked about this and we both seemed to be on the same page about it.

Thank you science!

>> No.11138571

I wanted to kill that fucking psyker octopus but it was so damn cute <3<3<3

>> No.11138573

Fuck you don't know shit. I'm not even a Football fan, but our (England) performance fills me with a rant the size of a god damned supertanker. Fuckdamn shitcunts. English football is fucking fucked up. Every time I even heard David Beckham's stupid smug name I want to punch him in his retarded skirt-wearing fucking face.

>> No.11138600

I'm not sure if it's because it was really THAT funny or because I had a few drinks in me but I couldn't stop laughing at van der Jong's kung-fu skills. My friends told me to go to the hallway because my laughing was disrupting their viewing experience. I must have laughed for 5 minutes straight. Didn't help that they kept showing it over and over in slow-mo.

That would have salvaged the evening for me if the hour and a half or some shit after weren't so goddamn horrible.

>> No.11138633

traps, gays, parades, octopus and footy. Thank you /tg/, you're the best board ever.

>> No.11138641

Oh hey, completely forgot about SCIENCE.

Wonder if they can guarantee gender with artificial insemination. My other big thing is having a son, so I can name him after myself, my father, and grandfather.

>> No.11138647

>Seriously, it is absolutely important to me to carry on the next generation. I really don't think my family will be mad about the fact that I'm dating my partner, rather the fact that I might have no will to bring about grandchildren.
Same here. I just recently realized I'm bi (well, woman and feminine guys, don't like masculinity regardless), and I know pretty much the only problem my parents would have would be the lack of grandchildren.

I'm single and my mother is already prodding me asking when she's getting a grandchild. What the fuck. I'm in my early 20s, have some goddamn patience!

>> No.11138656

Just YouTube'd that.

Holy shit that is the funniest football-related incident since Zinadine Zidane headbutted a racist fuckbutt in the fucking lungs.

>> No.11138681

It was so fucking obvious that he did it on purpose too! There's no way he did it by accident. He somehow got off with only a yellow card eventhough the dude had to stop playing.

>> No.11138686

Ugh, Im asian, so that shit is like a fucking imperative, atleast theyll find confort with the fact that I do want kids of my bloodline, and that im on top so :P

>> No.11138726

Not Japanese, I hope.

Japan still thinks homosexuality is a myth. And that all women are baby machines who enjoy being raped. And that life is a journey of pain, torment and suffering, not to be enjoyed.

>> No.11138799

korean, partners white :P

>> No.11138811

I also just realized I've been calling him van der Jong when it's Nigel de Jong.

Mostly because of my own tiredness and retardation, as our word for "of" is "van" so I got confused with how they were refering to him during the match. I shouldn't be talking about footy and homosexuals at 2 in the morning, I gotta work tommorow..

>> No.11138852

Whats even moar annoying is that everyone assumes I'm the bottom because I'm asian, despite me being stocky and him being long and slender.

>> No.11138873

I believe it... but at the same time it mystifies me, considering how much man-love is depicted by the manga and anime industries and their fans.

>> No.11138924

It's like the way male homosexuality was a cool thing in Ancient Greece or some shit.

Faggotry in Japan was (less so recently) just one of those accepted things that you don't fucking talk about but it happens.

Lesbianism was just "what the wives do while all the men are out having protracted staring contests and shouting insulting poetry back and forth".

>> No.11139060

But its weird, like I could neeeeeeeeevvveeer go out with one of my longtime friends, no matter how, physically attractive they are, my cock just wouldn't permit it, even me SAYING that they're hot.

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