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hey /tg/, what army/armies do you play, and why do they appeal to you?
I play guard because i love the idea of normal men fighting and winning against the horrors of the galaxy, plus I love fielding a whole bunch of grunts

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in 40k, I play Tau, because I disliked the close combat phase, and wanted an army that didn't rely in it. For WHFB, I play empire, because for it, I love the choice to run a jack of all trades army.

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I like space marines because I enjoy almost everything about them. They are depicted as special forces, killing machines that decimate their enemy at their head, leaving the body to squirm.

I enjoy painting and assembling them too. Just fun to command an army of superhumans.

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Necrons. Because they make the opposing player rage. And I love to exploit the rage.

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Orks, because I can paint and model as badly as I do and it just makes 'em look more authentic.

Also, there is a sort of insane hilarity to Ork fluff that is very appealing.

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I play Orks because, when I was looking through all the Codices at my FLGS trying to decide who to play, I came across a picture in the Ork codex with all their wargear and a detailed image of a Power Klaw. Written next to the hole where the Ork put its hand to use the klaw was written "Ork goes here!"

In Warmachine I play Cryx, because any man who doesn't want to play an army of zombie-pirates ruled by a dragon who use the burning souls of their enemies to power their armies is not worthy of being called a man.

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Sisters of Battle, because I love the baroque gothic feel of their models and I love the fluff. Also, acts of Faith are awesome.

Plus it's a lot of fun to show up with an army of 'em just because so few people actually play Witch Hunters.

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I play Brikwars, where the only army is chaos

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Same reason, but I like being able to field specially equipped veterans supported by a wide array of vehicles and transports.


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Chaos because Satan

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same as this guy

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I've always prefered playing low number elites rather than shit ton of grunts

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Space Marines, because I liked the aesthetic of them before I started playing, and the fluff is reasonably interesting.
Also because, out of all the space marines I've encountered in all the Sci-fi books and movies and games I've seen, WH40k Space Marines are the most interesting, because they're a few steps above "Big silent idiot in powered armor." They've gone up to "Big Fanatical man in Power Armor"

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I like the guard just because of the customization and fluff options. They're one of the few armies that can have vastly different feels from unit to unit.

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Chaos Space Marines 'cause I can paint/convert my models how ever the FUCK I want and still look totally realistic within canon.

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With fifth ed Guard codex, you don't have to go BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH INFANTRAY SAAMPAAMAMAMAMAMA. Infact, fifth ed was the reason why I switched from UltraMuhreensh to IG. Plus vehicle support is the tits for guards.

I do though miss my dreadnaughts :C

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I play Lizardmen because I like reptiles and war drums

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>Says IG
>Posts SM

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He misses you too.

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I donno, most armies seem to have the ability to have an individualistic feel to them.

Like I know two eldar players, one uses the farseers, aspect warriors, and banshees while he drops them outta transports supported by reaper fire.

And my other buddy uses a fuck ton of those ghost robots. (btw only reason id play eldar is for ghost robots)

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I play Imperial Guard in 40k and Empire in Fantasy. I just really enjoy being the regular human in a sci fi/fantasy setting.

I went with Empire over Brettonia purely because of the puffy sleeves, tights and floppy hats. It's my favorite thing about them.

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All shall bow before our mighty codpieces!

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Yeah, the armies have a different feel...but with the guard, you can have two units of veterans who are OBVIOUSLY very different in their motivations and ideology. One squad of infantry can have a hard-ass commissar who guns down his own men, and the other can be a crack team of light scout infantry with a medic. I had a squad of sentinels that had been scrapped together from leftover parts. One of them had a sentinel load lifter leg, another had a catachan pattern chasis with bulkheads welded to it. At the same time, there was an artillery battery that as constantly in pristine condition, down to the crew scraping mud off of the track guards on their downtime.

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I play Tau Empire.

Because they're the only hope for goodness, equality, culture and civilisation in an otherwise dying universe.

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>All shall bow before our mighty codpieces!

The old metal Tileanesque crossbow minies had the most incredible codpieces.

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OOOhhhh you mean asthetically, I was talking about tactical arrangements.

But yeah, my veteran support are generally cadian design, and I just use catachans as my penal legionaires, but im looking for an excuse to use mordian guard for something, cant figure out what though. Mebby just paint my vehicles that style? suggestions?

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I find it hilarious that empire state troops spend money on puffy sleeves and tights yet like a quarter of them don't even have shoes.

As to the thread, I like the feel of elite armies, as well as heavy magic. I play DH in 40k and High Elves in fantasy.

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Protoss space communists. But to give them credit, they seem to be the only army that realizes that pew pew is the best way to go :P

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Mordian officers for your squads, perhaps? Imported tactical specialists from the academies. Could also field Mordian special weapons, since things like plasma guns are considered high honor. Standard bearer would work, too. Guy in full dress uniform flipping the bird to the enemies of man.

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Unfortunately most of them don't even have puffy sleeves. It was one of the main reasons I was disappointed with the newer state troop models.

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I've been holding off getting normal troops, have 2 veterans a command team, and some vehicles for 1000 pts, but im going to have to start fielding armoured fist teams in order to hold down areas and act as a mobile firewall.

Mebby Valhallerans? SOOO MANY GUARD THEMES.

I wish theyd make some moar plastic, affordable guardsman, i hate those metal peices.

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In 40K I play Tau because they are the only light in the universe of grim dark.
Or because they actually use technology and have an army not cobbled together by an idiots.

In WHFB I used to play empire but then switched it up to Tomb Kings. I find some weird humor in undead egyptions.

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I like red and white

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Nurgle CSM.

Because my old marines are aging. Have gone through a defacing crash more than once. Sits well with my lucky color green including 'me irish blood'. Decay over the years I have owned them. And inherently appeal as an older looking army in a nurgle theme rather then look stupid as newer models come out.

Orks.. Just because.

Tyranids, being done the way I want rather then play a conglomeration of alien 'theme stealers' from over nine different games/movies/books. I like the idea dinosaurs/dragons are the ancient ones of space then dinobughorrors.

Dark eldar, on hold.

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>I play Tau Empire.
>Because they're the only hope for goodness, equality, culture and civilisation in an otherwise dying universe.

I play Guard but I hate the fascist bullshit so I fluff them as a Gue'vesa Auxiliary Force.
Imperialfags love my army.

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Fuck yeah perferred enemy bonus. Also, how have you modeled this treasonous unit?

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Not related but does combat patrol still exist?

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You owe me a new monitor. This one is covered in coke.

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Yes, like the effer so useless tau ethererals, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo useful.

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Sisters of Battle

I like the look and I love the 'These are human beings and with faith and hot blood, they WILL beat all the crazy shit this universe can throw at them.' Probebly a similar feel most get with guard.

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Guard, because unlike everyone else in 40k, guardsmen can win by having brass balls the size of grapefruits, and balls only

and tanks

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MOAR LIEK HOT TITS AMIRITE? I was just about to incorperate SoB's into my army but I heard Im not allowed to any moar :C

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Guard, because unlike everyone else in 40k, guardsmen are the most expensive.

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I play tyranids because there isn't enough love for those awesome bugs/dino/alien/things.

I also would like to start a Squat themed army for the same reason.

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A little bit of this for me, with the offshoot being that they are NIGH DEMI-HUMANS INDOCTRINATED AND MUTATED TO SERVE A FADING EMPIRE.

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I play Tau but I hate the commie bullshit so I fluff them as a Ordos Xeno Sanctioned Auxillaries.
Greatergoodfags love my army.

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Sisters of battle, because I like their armor, I like their fluff. Normal humans that never retreat, and can kick a Space Marine's ass with stubbornness and faith. And, fire is awesome. I just always liked them.

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I play Necrons but I hate the C'tan serve me bullshit. So play a Adeptus Mechanicus Ordos' Shwarzenegruz auxillary.

Nidplayers love my army.

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Space marines because Angels of death and /TG/ rage at them because of one novel.

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Deldar....cos I love having rampaging wyches and incubi backed up with DEATH INCARNATE (dark lances)

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I thought DE players used the Space Wolf Codex now?

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