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Draw thread, with live streamed progress.

watch it here : http://www.livestream.com/banhammer40kun

We also have a special guest today :3

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Special Guest Kitty is Special Guest.

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also incredibly cute.

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This is glorious.

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Can I get a DnD character drawn?

He is a multi-classed character with similar aesthetics to the Spellsword in 3.5 edition. I want him to be wearing a defining helmet, and his weapon glowing with arcane powers, covered in scale mail, wielding a bastard sword in one hand, and magically flipping through his spellbook in hand. To protect him while he does this, a levitating tower shield, also for your information, this guy was my character in my last campaign. We refluffed fighter a bit to make him more on par with the party Druid and Cleric. He was the party leader as well.

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>Tzeentch wearing a net

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The cat action is awesome.

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request from the chat, now beginning requests from the thread.

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Do a version of this but with DJ Trippin' (Slaanesh) VS Big Red Bastard (Khorne)

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jawsome, you will receive a jawsome for this.

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I would like my character drawn as well.

A female paladin on a griffin mount, with a sword and a shield.

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A Khornette showing of her feminie side =)

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Bleeding for Blood God?

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oh gawd, putting up make up or something, you sick fuck.

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If you could please draw me a male dwarf drone rigger sitting next to a female human weapon specialist. They are sipping tea while watching a building burn to the ground.

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Oooh, a drawthread that isn't already 150 posts and as many requests in.

I'd like to see a character I made for a secret-santa type game drawn.

A male elf wearing monastic clothing, who is beating someone across the head with a bow while shooting someone else with it. He should have a nice zen look to him.

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>Implying the make up won't be her own menstrual blood.

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Requesting a two-piece picture of a Clone Commando and a Stormtrooper, both from Star Wars, at the shooting range.

In the first part they are both firing bursts down their collective lanes.

In the second part they are comparing hits. The clone Commando has nailed almost all hit shots in the center of the target while it's a bloody miracle that the Stormtrooper has even hit the target at all.

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I want you to draw an imperial guard guardsman shooting an ork and blowing its head off with his lasgun

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>>I'd like to see a character I made for a secret-santa type game drawn.

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Aboriginal guardsman fighing dropbears in his Feral World.

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As in, you make a character for someone else to play. The someone doesn't know who is making their character.
The way we did it, before players were handed out, we came up with restrictions, like "I will skullfuck you if you make a melee character for me"

The elf guy I described in my post is the character I made, and I want to throw in a picture as well.

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a horse. A horse eating grass... thats it

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A Sister of Battle Cannoness brofisting a Custodes. Dead 40k pontif in the background optional.

There is no art of the foundation of the Sisters of Sattle, need to be fixed.

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Tau propaganda poster where imperial skinheads stealing a lollipop from a tau loli.

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This guy as an Arbitrator with a power maul.

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For you!

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I hope you mean Khornette as in daemon, because man i fucking love Khornette.

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DnD character request here.

Wolf-man. A Cross between cocky anti-hero pilot Wolf O'Donnell and big, quiet, slant browed russian stereotype. Also a dash of Duke Nukem + Arnold Schwarzenneger + 80's action movie.

Wielding musket and longsword.

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Draw a space marine punching a sun.

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doing this now

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I ain't the guy who requested that, but fuckin' saved regardless. There will never be enough art of her.

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A Tau/Necron cross, kinda like this.

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That is amazing. I'm not sure how else to describe it. Just...amazing.

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Daaw Bg <3

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Sweet. Thanks Mate.

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That horse is going to haunt my dreams tonight. That's one hell of a rape face if I ever saw one.

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Could you draw this guy (pic) with a young (18) female cleric of bahamut hanging on his arm?

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That's pretty damn cool. A minor problem in that the Custodes wouldn't have the -=I=-. Otherwise awesome. And now I have a pic for how the age of Aposty ended.

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/r/ for Greenmarine, though other Drawfags are more than welcome.

Slaanesh seducing/fucking each of the other three Chaos Gods. Be it one at a time or all three at once.

Basically more like this.

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Could I get an Ork standing on the corpse of a Black Templar, looking at a tau army in the distance, with conviction in his eyes.


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Angry Tiefling/Dragonborn lesbian hatesex.

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A female Eldar With a scar from her right jaw running up her cheek across her nose up between her eyes going up to disappear into her hair. Her hair is long and redish. Her eyes are a deep green. She also has various scars on her arms shoulders and legs. Her body is long waisted her legs are long and graceful Her breasts are not extremely large but she does have a decent set for an eldar.She is wearing an outfit that is similar to the mishmash of what Cultist wears. (All of the stuff she is wearing is from a ruined Eldar Pathfinder outfit. She has the boots, gloves and belts, but the rest is just the remains of the undersuit that has been cobbled together to form a loincloth and a top that barely covers anything.

She is looking very uncomfortable wearing such a skimpy outfit.

Beside her, Cultist looks pleased with the Eldar's new outfit.

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Can I get a Halfling / Gnome? Doesn't matter what it looks like, or what it's doing.

Bonus points if it's female and / or porn.

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Consider this my warm up. Someone can add tau words to the bottom or something, I probably made lots of little mistakes.

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A busty gnome cat-burglar, off-duty, wearing something like >>11130085 would be boss. She's my next Shadowrun character.

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Do you have account in DA?

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Khornette mastuerbating, or having every one of her holes filled by a Tzeentchian daemon with tentacles.

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But... But...

Slaanesh wouldn't fuck Nurgle...

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Can we get a quick derpy pic of a Khornette playing a cornet, while wearing a coronet?

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Any chance we could get a pic of the vampire girl in this halfway through putting on her clothes? Motorcycle style wear, with a leather jacket and bustier, and torn-up jeans.

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It's an excess.

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there it is -> >>11131826

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Jesus Christ, How many different things are you going to request?

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Work in progress from Greenmarine, since /tg/ is derping at letting him post.

Fucking anatomy, how does it work?

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That's about it, really.
I'm not expecting the draw-er folks to actually do all of them - I'd be happy with one. Is that rude of me?

>> No.11132531

It is only rude if you start bitching and moaning when your thousand requests are ignored.

>> No.11132547

Draw threads need ideas pretty much constantly, so I think you should just do what you're doing. I'd be more concerned if you were constantly bumping for one idea, since I think most drawfags can scroll up and down for ideas anyway.

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I'll do my best to be polite. Don't have any other ideas for requests at the moment, anyway...just enjoying the livestream.

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...and the moral is that Stormtroopers are gonna shoot you in the dick?

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A lovestruck thri-kreen offering a bouquet of raw steaks to the dragonborn he desires.

Dragonborn's reaction is up to you.

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I was a bit annoyed by the idea a SW stormtrooper would shoot better than a 40k one (in the sense that they are bothe from the stormtrooper marksmanship academy, if you see what I mean), so I needed something to compensate.

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I request a drawing of a female flying elf (an Avariel) she’s a fighter and has good armor, AKA not a metal thong and bikini. She has long hair in a ponytail, and rather blunt facial features. I’d like her to be smirking. I’d also like it if she had a creepy/evil vibe. Large black wings… Oh! And a big sword; rectangular in shape… Like a big meat cleaver.

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If I could punch your face, I would.

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Wasn't the request for both a Star Wars Stormtrooper and a Commando, though?
It's pretty spot-on, still.

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a minotaur barbarian with a horned helmet on trying to stifle rage, as townsfolk laugh at him.

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bumping from other draw thread

A goliath riding a changeling out of an airship at a lich on the ground below. Goliath is made of shifting molten magma and trying to drive the changeling by using his ears as a steering wheel. He has a hammer and shield.

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There's one done, posting still derp'd.

>> No.11133179

aaand done, tierd now. see ya

>> No.11133185

Yarr, looks pretty good, thanks.

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could've been better, but Im a bit lazy in Drawthreds, sowwy :(

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A female dwarf thief, with bright orange hair cut in a short 1920s-like bob, wearing clothing that covers her body but emphasizes her ample chest. In the background, the rest of her party is losing a fight to some sort of horrifying beast, but she's completely absorbed in looting a treasure chest. Her expression as she examines the treasure is that derpy, half-drooling face that anime girls sometimes have in hentai.

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I'm sorry to say this, but you're not very good at drawing.

>> No.11133424

I want to see a Gnoll riding a warforged that is shaped like a small pony.

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>> No.11133576

That's cute

>> No.11133584

hurrah, thank you!

>> No.11133649

It's all about WHAT I am suppose to draw.

>> No.11133735

he does look curiously cuddly

>> No.11133755

Nice. Very, very nice.

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from last nights thread.

>> No.11133880

Would it be possible to get a tiefling with avian features? Gender/class can be anything you want.

>> No.11133888

>Make request
>Go for dinner
>Paint some Dark Eldar
>Come back, request drawn

Greenmarine, you're awesome.

>> No.11133988

Hrm, Green Marine tried this once, can anyone make a sexy minotauress? Pic related, its green marines work.

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>> No.11134069 [DELETED] 

STOP_AttAcKING And fuCkiNG with wWw.ANOcaRROTSTAlK.sE rEPLacE_carrOts_WiTh n
g s vkx umhifbdycjemar uu v v nx l vgj xb nk

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We still rolling?

A goggle-wearing halfling in a fedora and nice suit, holding a smoldering wand in the shape of a pistol, leaned up against the side of an airship. He's got a douchebag smile, a cut lip, and is pointing to the ship's title, "Green Machine".

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>> No.11134623

An elvish woman, a runner of the shadows, whom works inner-corporate warfare, sometimes litterally. She wears a long trench coat and a fedora hat, and often, wears nothing else. She has red hair, and the carpet matches the drapes. She's lovely, and loves to use herself as a weapon.

>> No.11134905

Ahriman of the Thousand Sons trying to solve a rubix cube.

>> No.11134927


I'd try my hand at this but I'm at work right now. I probably won't get to that until the weekend if you can wait that long.

>> No.11134960


definitely. Take your time, not like I'm going anywhere.

>> No.11135242

Could you draw me a very demonic looking monk with spikes and scales covering his body with long extended very sharp teeth. He's quite tall and buff, and has an emotionless expression. All he wears are plain loose-fitting pants.

>> No.11135360

Seriously no one wants a pony-riding gnoll?

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>> No.11135758

Stream is offline, is OP even here?

>> No.11135810

Requester of >>11132247 here.

Good work, though I stated that it was a stormtrooper from Star Wars, not 40K.

>> No.11136245

Sorry for being a dumbass :(

Taking some rest.

>> No.11136506

Someone wrote a fapfic about this

>> No.11136826

If anyone is still drawing i would like to request a picture of a Techpriest examining a Leopard Mk.II Main Battle Tank with a "not sure if STC approved" look on his face

>> No.11137072


They did? Link/repost?

>> No.11137254

Working on it

>> No.11137866

Bumping in hope of more drawfags

>> No.11138025

Still waiting, also bump

>> No.11138067

Still waiting, also bump.

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>> No.11139170


Sadly missing the first part. Try asking for the original author in a tiefling or DB thread

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>> No.11139979

Never fail to deliver, nor do you fail to please, well done, and masterfully so.

>> No.11139988

OP still going? I quite fancy getting something drawn for me, since my current source is on holiday

>> No.11140078

......I need to try and work on this. Seems that whenever i post in a thread it dies. Like a living sage............
Anyway, OP, speak up when you're available again

>> No.11140321

You drawin' stuff?

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