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/tg/? I found this pic last night and I'm in need of more d'awww.

Can we get a d'awww thread going? Pics, comics, stories, give me whatever you got.

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dumping what i have in my /tg/ folder that makes me go d'awww

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I have some Tetra and Link stuff, if you'd like.

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I also have this.

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I'm not exactly sure what that is, but its surprisingly cute, albeit in a strange wtf am I looking at sort of way.

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Shepard, thanks for helping me go to sleep, but I swear to whatever god you bow to, if you tell anyone, I'll kill you.

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Don't worry, it's not like Tali thought it was adorable and spread it all over the Extranet or anything.

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It's about to burrow into her chest and implant its eggsack[/spoilersdontwork]

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*Down in the Engineering Deck, Tali feels a shiver run up her spine. For some odd reason, she gets the feeling a large Krogan is charging towards her at top speeds*

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It's not gay if it's a bro-mance

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Do cute couples count as D'awww?

If so, here is a rather racy bit of D'aww.

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SToP ATtaCKinG_www.ANodOnuTStAlK.sE_rEpLacE doNuTs_wiTh_N
lw ufaujzxyxeidy phjacskjkd qhgdlbq x vdx o vy gy mb

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Would you Tali's feet? I'd Tali's feet. Or any quarian's feet really.

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If you need answers, I need a verb.

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Welcome to another one of 4chan's memes.

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Oh come ON! Would you or wouldn't you?

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Not a foot fetishist myself.

I'd her vagina, though.

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Well to each his own then.

I'd her vagina too. Maybe her butt as well.

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Look Yuuno, I know they've basically written you out of the series, but just because you can't get Nanoha doesn't mean you should give up on women entirely!

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I don't know why fantasy interracial couplings make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It's probably because I'm a giant fag. (Also, ronery ;-;)

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Okay, I lol'd.

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None of my friends are online and I'm maybe halfway through my /tg/ folder.

I want to get wasted.

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I feel like a goblin because I'M SAD

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Stop making me feel all warm and fuzzy /tg/.

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I am taking the next flight to wherever fruit bats are and stuffing my pockets full of them. Right. Now.

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My soul is a bottomless black pit of despair at the moment.

But at least I have cute pictures to post.

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Pugs are one of the best breeds, no matter what health problems they have.

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Shouldn't have posted that one thri-kreen pic first.

Now they'll be all scattered.

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stoP_AttAckinG WwW.anOdOnuTStAlK.se_REPlACE DonuTS wiTh n
bkevxkwfgga z l rakcr npyquebo hu dmww el

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haters gonna hate

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I was actually just about to post that. Get out of my head, Charles.

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Corgis are right up there with them.

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look at this puppy
those legs are an inch long
silly puppy how do you even have knees

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Good work, Shepard. We now have definite proof that Grunt like to cuddle with your stuffed dolls.

On another note, if you happen to be reading this in my voice, that means EDI's finally installed that geth text-to-speech program into your neural implant.

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I have a folder full of yukkuri cuteness. Probably would not go over well though?

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I just realized that's not even a corgi.

Muh bad.

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Oh yes yes yes.

Look for videos of corgis in the snow. Watching them run is cute and funny.

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>this thread

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I'm gonna go Captain Anderson on her ass!

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Spam the cuteness!!!

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And the video!

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I'll try!

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It looks like a Shiba Inu, but it could be a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, the less adorable incarnation.

Either way, touched it up a bit.

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Killer Instinct? that pile of CDs?

Holy shit, that's a picture from my house. O_o

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I'm running low on cute things. I may be out completely.

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Yeah, the tail was throwing me.

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Seems this is my last "cute" thing.

I'm still feeling down and I probably won't get any writing done but I hope I at least brightened another person's day.

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Yeah, the eyebrow marks threw me off, too.

God, I miss my corgis so much.

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Ohey, I was just about to post that one.

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That is...something.

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As someone that owns a rabbit, this disturbs me so very much.

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Wait, wanting to put a rabbit down my pants isn't normal?

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The little fuckers will scratch your junk to bits.

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Well, damn. Guess I'll go back to pugs then.

The ladies love my TrouserPug.

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How the hell are preggo fetish pictures related to this thread?

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Probably spamming/trolling.

And image limit reached? Nice job, everyone!

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Bring out the 'MINE!" and 'Must protect/feed/cuddle the breeding female' impulses.
Also, any drawfags willing to do Gonzo from Muppet Show mooning over Tali? She has those chicken legs that he loves so much.

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You know, now I've developed a preggo fetish, because pregnant women are hot.

Must be that: "Fertility" thing.

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