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Awesome ideas and Drawthread!

Ya know how it is! Toss out your awesome ideas for shit you want drawn, I and other drawfags do our best with whatever ones catch our eyes! Everyone's a winner (except a few, who will grow bitter and full of hatred forever)!!!

Try to keep the porn requests down (though titillation is fine!), I won't hop on too many 40K request, but it's /tg/, so you know other drawfags will. Keep it civil, this is a collaborative effort!

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Here is one I did in another drawthread, but it was WAY after the request so I doubt he saw it.

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An old military-squad style picture of:
Super Battle Droid from Star Wars
Geth Soldier from Mass Effect/Mass Effect II
Necron Warrior from Warhammer 40K
Borg Drone from Star Trek

They are standing on a small hill with a burning city in the background

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Catfight between a female Dark Eldar (tall, thin, long black hair in a topknot) and a female human Missionary (athletic/muscular without being HUEG, scar down her face, short red hair). The Dark Eldar is wearing a towel which, being sized for humans and not Eldar, only JUST covers her. The Human is wearing a thin, sheer robe. Both girls are trying to beat the shit out of one another without losing their garments.

This actually happened in our last Rogue Trader session.

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A Drow, wearing a long-sleeved, hooded jacket with the hood drawn over its face. Short hair, round lensed sunglasses that completely obscure its eyes, and a bandanna/cloth masking the lower face so details are few. Somewhere, either held or on the person, a pair of hand crossbows. Boots, a pack slung across the back and held on with a single strap crossing the chest.

Gender ambiguity is welcomed.

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I don't know, maybe something for Lord Quest? This man ordering a team of peasants to mount a very heavy dragons head on the wall while he directs them from afar.

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Okay, did anyone else look at this picture as see the two helmets at the bottom as drums, and the bone in the ghoul thing's hand as a drumstick?

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>Human-alien lesbian hatesex
>This actually happened in our last Rogue Trader session.

There's a story here.

>> No.11116704

Actually, yes I did. I thought it was a picture of a ghoul challenging me to a drum off until just now when I looked at it closely.

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goliath riding a changeling out of an airship at a lich on the ground below. Goliath is made of shifting molten magma and trying to drive the changeling by using his ears as a steering wheel. He has a hammer and shield.

>> No.11116894

A DJ battle between DJ Trippin' (Slaanesh) and Big Red Bastard (Khorne)

>> No.11116914

Slaanesh seducing each of the other four Chaos Gods in turn.

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A two-piece picture of a Clone Commando and a Stormtrooper, both from Star Wars, at the firing range.

In the first part they are both firing bursts down their respective lanes.

In the second part they're comparing hits on their targets. The Clone Commando has nailed almost all his shots at the center of the target while it's a bloody miracle that the Stormtrooper has even hit the target all.

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Well, that sounds kinda interestin...

>This actually happened in our last Rogue Trader session
Well, I guess I have to draw it. Here is the sketch, I'll put more time into it though. Not sure if I'll work on other requests first, but this will be finished.

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A young twi'lek boy with a sheepish expression blasting a dozen Sith commandos with force lightning while a wookiee and two jedi stare at him utterly bewildered.

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The story here is from a Star Wars SAGA game I played in.
My character, a young twi'lek mechanic, had been secretly trained in the ways of the Force by a holocron of Revan. He managed to keep this secret for the entirety of the game until the very last session. One of the party's jedi, a zealous anti-Sith crusader, had just barreled off to confront his old master, and we were suddenly cut off by an ambush of Sith commandos. They popped smoke and threw grenades and opened up on us from all sides. We knew it was a trap for that first jedi, but we couldn't get to him. So the twi'lek turns shyly to the other party members and says "Don't tell him about this."
And then drops a force-and-Destiny-point-enhanced Force Lightning down and wipes out a massive swath of the Sith, carving an opening for the other jedi to follow after. The reactions, IC and OOC, were gold.

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Hello drawfags/friends.

I have a unique request. There seems to be 0 pictures of Tau with wings.

Nothing, no official art from GW. Not just for myself, I like to ask for all Tau players, could one of you draw up a Tau with wings?

Pic related, the fluff of the first Tau Codex (Not Tau Empire), where it mentions Tau with wings.

If it's fine, a 'realistic' placement of the wing mounts would be at bellybutton height on the body where the weight is distributed equally on both in front and behind the wing placements. (I like angel art, but most of it have the misplaced wings)

Tau with bat-like wings placed at bellybutton height on the back.

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Awesome, looks good.

Also this is why mixing Radicals and Puritans within the same crew is asking for trouble. On the Ship itself, it works, since the Eldar and the xenophiliac Noble-born Arch Militant she took as her boy-toy can lurk off in their lair while everyone else steers well clear. But when they're all crammed in close confines together...

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I don't think those are supposed to be real wings, but membrane-flaps used for gliding, like those flying lizards have.

>> No.11117420

More like a flying squirrel

>> No.11117506

In order for a 18 pound eagle to soar without flapping on thermal updrafts its wings are roughly eight times the width of the body on both sides.

I doubt a 120 pound 'tau' (considering people were small in our past, I assume the tall tau were shorter in their past) would probably need 8 feet at least on either side.

They're wings, they have to be.

>> No.11117539

From the same people who write the impregnable armour of a Land Raider as similar in thickness to that of a standard modern-day tank? GW doesn't know shit about IRL physics and stats, they just make things up as they go along.

>> No.11117547

A big, dumb lummox of a lizard-man, weilding a great axe. He's as smart as a bag of bricks dropped on someones head, and just as ugly. He works to clear roads, often by himself because he's so huge. He is reckless, dumb, but for some reason, a bit of a gentle giant.

>> No.11117573

Yeah, but for the sake of it catching on, maybe it could inspire something. I've seen such 'things' happen before.

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A wiry human male in studded leather armour. He should have a pair of shields that are somewhere between a katar and a buckler, so they're aggressive weapons as well as being able to deflect blows. Floppy hair and slightly wild looking, but generally quite realistic.

>> No.11117726

Darn, I've revealed (yet again) that I'm a total sucker for tales from the table!

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A Warforged fighter wielding two large sharpened shields and wearing a crusader style tabard squaring off against a Orc with a flail and shield.

The warforged have had his shields' edges sharpened to the point where they are about as effective as sword edges.

>> No.11118412

Enjoy your drow! I did it for all the times my drow were never drawn!

I don't know why I did short sleeve when you said long... probably cause I skim the idea and just dive into the sketch most of the time.

>> No.11118492

Hmm... reminds me of Repo...

>> No.11118578

Commissar Darcy.

>> No.11118608

This is awesome, thank you.

>> No.11118617

I'm imagining Wargreymon and Ogremon fighting now.

>> No.11118923

I was curious how waist wings would work, anatomically speaking, on a humanoid.
The short answer is they don't.

>> No.11119101

I knew you would show up! Especially a difficult one like that. It looks great!

>> No.11119238

I don't know how well I did on this, I'm happy with the studded leather though.

>> No.11119468

A two-panel comic of a skeletal paladin.
He's not wearing much armor, and the individual plates are attached to specific bones. All of the bones are silvered, and the plates have spikes.
First panel, he's holding out a generic holy symbol, and on the second all of his bits are flying everywhere and sticking into things from the spikes.

Feel free to add zombies around, or a trollskull on the second panel.

>> No.11119478

An Eversor chauffer.

>> No.11119649

By way of explanation, party's paladin got hit with a curse that applied the Bone template, and skeletons in this setting are the kind that reform when they die unless you steal a structural piece.
The other important piece of information is that if you succeed on your turning check to destroy, the undead literally explode.
First order of business was silvering everything so people wouldn't kill him on sight, then he started asking about getting spikes put on his armor.
Session or two back, he took out a nest of vampires by exploding and pinning them to walls.

>> No.11119670

Undead Jihad Paladin? That's pretty awesome, I must say.

>> No.11119882

Not really a request but...

>> No.11119889

I request a drawing of a female flying elf (whatever it is that their called) she’s a fighter and has good armor, AKA not a metal thong and bikini. She has long hair in a ponytail, and rather blunt facial features. I’d like her to be smirking evilly. I’d like it if she had some sort of evil features to her, I’ll leave those up to you. Large black wings… Oh! And a big sword; rectangular in shape… Like a big meat cleaver.

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All this talk about flying and winged people makes me want new renditions of angels and demons, where the Angels have hair-colored soft bat-like wings, and the demons have like black, broad, ugly vulture wings.

Just because I sorta figure that if something is more good and natural, and if angels are even vaguely human/mammalian, then they'll have mammalian wings...

>> No.11120009

Okay, while I'm unsure if anyone is around for it, you'll have to rely on the other drawfags for a while. I need to figure out some food and probably clean up some pics.

>> No.11120096

Dark-Eldar-Requester here.

I'm still keeping an eye on the thread.

>> No.11120218

But bats live at night and night-time, or at least darkness is often evil.

>> No.11120505

New setting.
The angels of enfolding darkness protect the races from the burning light that blinds, while demonic figures of flame sear the eyes and souls of the people.
Setting would be some kind of underdark where the top layers keep getting stripped away by the burning heat of the demonic hordes. To survive, the races must drive further into the bosom of the earth mother, jealously guarded by her first children, the elementals.
And go.

>> No.11120528

>Say I'm taking a break
>See this post
>Fucking dive into drawing

Well played, /tg/, well played.

>> No.11120546

That's easily reversible, though. Imagine a heavily deserted enviroment, where the sun beats down remorselessly, and spending too much time in the open is a death sentence. The sun - and by extension, light - isn't a bringer of life but a destructive force that withers crops and steals water. But night is safe and cool, a dark embrace that smothers the sun so mortals might have some respite from the torment of the day.

>> No.11120839

Cleaning it up a bit before I eat, not too much change just turning ball and box hands into... well, something closer to hands and such. If I don't finish it tonight I know I'll post it next drawthread I see.

>> No.11121079

This reminds me of a game a friend of mine played in Forgotten Realms. It was like, Forgotten Realms opposite day; all the deities and characters were reversed. Shar was actually a good goddess, the Dark Shield that spread herself over Abeir-Toril to protect people from her sister’s maddening gaze. Selûne apparently was seduced by some horrible tentacled being from beyond reality and was driven insane/tentacle-y. She tried to turn everyone into monsters like her.
The moon apparently had thousands of giant creepy looking eyes and there were squid-wolf monsters or something.

>> No.11121163

Just got back home and saw this. Thanks for drawing it!

>> No.11121168

Okay, this feels pretty done. Hope you like.

>> No.11121208

Haha, pretty ace. Thanks.

>> No.11121257

A tiny tank, a bit smaller than a smartcar. The female tank commander is sitting hafway out of the hatch on top, wearing a bikini and fanning herself with one of those small handheld battery-powered fans. The tank's too small for AC.

>> No.11121333

You're all welcome, and thank you all for the great excuses to get better at using my tablet and photoshop!

>> No.11122052

Well, I don't know if I got any more in me tonight, but I'll check back a bit before I go to bed. If any other drawfag is around and wants to take the lead, please do.

>> No.11122270

Man i fucking love lizardfolk.

>> No.11122352

A halfling Franken Fran, a male dwarf cowboy, a mind flayer Jedi master, and a space marine kobold all walking down the road on their way to the next town.

Pic related-its FF.

>> No.11122476


Lizardfolk with tits
Guns with tits
Whiskey with tits
Thri-kreen tits
Tits with smaller tits on them
Dirty pillows
Did we mention tits yet?
We did?
Fuck it.

>> No.11122513

A jedi trying to lift a chainsword, and a spess mahrine trying not to crush a lightsaber between his thumb and finger

>> No.11122597

Hmmm, has Green Marine drawn warforged before? If not, and I can make a crude/retarded request:

warforged full of guns with giant gun tits. Gun feet are fine too, she might as well be able to outgun Bayonetta.

>> No.11122605

A female Eldar With a scar from her right jaw running up her cheek across her nose up between her eyes going up to disappear into her hair. Her hair is long and redish. Her eyes are a deep green. She also has various scars on her arms shoulders and legs. Her body is long waisted her legs are long and graceful Her breasts are not extremely large but she does have a decent set for an eldar.She is wearing an outfit that is similar to the mishmash of what Cultist wears. (All of the stuff she is wearing is from a ruined Eldar Pathfinder outfit. She has the boots, gloves and belts, but the rest is just the remains of the undersuit that has been cobbled together to form a loincloth and a top that barely covers anything.

She is looking very uncomfortable wearing such a skimpy outfit.

Beside her, Cultist looks pleased with the Eldar's new outfit.

>> No.11122620

On many occasions, actually.

>> No.11122777

I'm too tired to drawfag today, sorry.
Have a poor attempt at dark eldar as apology.

>> No.11122836

Not a problem dude.

>> No.11123567

Rest well, dude.

>> No.11123624

the longer a drawthread goes on, the closer it gets to porn request

>> No.11123695

Depends. I've actually had a few that hit their limit that didn't devolve into pure porn. But that has alot to do with me not doing those requests.

>> No.11123981

Cleaned up, word filled version of an older drawing, based on a few requests and my random urge to draw Noh.

>> No.11124078

Realizing it's late, I've one request I'd like to see done, if any of you delightful folks are willing.

A xenomorph - Alien style. The prefered position would be descending from from a ceiling, having just let go to drop upon it's prey, preferably a colonial marine or something of the sort. The xenomorph is a young queen, thus, a 3 prong crest at the head. She's slowly building her hive, but at this time, has to do things the hard way.

>> No.11124082

An dissatisfied knight looking to the left surrounded by a bunch flying flaming skulls spitting fire at him. Behind him, a poof and horizontal velocity lines leading up to another knight smashing a giant floating flaming skull.

I did this in Realm of the Mad God earlier today.

>> No.11124112

Wait, are any drawfags even left?

>> No.11124149

Has anything more with the Dungeon Crawlers come about?

>> No.11124178

I actually was going to head to bed. I'll see if the thread is still around in the morning.

>> No.11124207

Not that I know of, though I have ideas for a few cute pictures.

>> No.11124240

Draw a space marine trying to punch Jupiter.

>> No.11124256

A Gnoll puppy.
Make it D'awwwwww.

>> No.11124275

Could you do a cross between a pirate/17th century sailor and a WWII bomber pilot?

>> No.11124310

Damn. I'll finish up what I was doing when I get my tablet working again. A friend /may/ have fixed it tonight, if not then I'll be out $40 for a new pen because it's discontinued. Sorry to gripe, I just mad.

>> No.11124322

Super bad ass old guardsman with mutton chops and only a las pistol walking angerly over dead comrades picking off enemy by enemy in a sort of orc gladiatorial combat. pew pew pew.

Somewhat like this guy.

>> No.11124329

Undead Ogres from Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms.
Undead Vampire Ogres.
Undead Twilight sparklepire Ogres. For the lulz!

>> No.11124336


>> No.11124368

I want to see the High Elves from WFB. Graceful, majestic, glorious... getting overrun, fleeing screaming from humans using Heavy Gears.

>> No.11125203

Gonzo the Great from Muppet show mooning over Tali from Mass Effect. He is going 'Those lovely chicken legs!"

>> No.11125983


Am I the only one who read Gonzo MOONING Tali?

>> No.11126207

Gog daamn. Good pics man.
Anyway, how about the result of Zerg + Tyranid + Xenomorphs?

>> No.11126238

Zombie Guts, dragging his sword after him. His other arm is missing.

>> No.11126285

No, no you are not.

>> No.11129022


>> No.11129063

Paladin of Neutrality. He don't want to eat but he also doesn't want to be hungry. He dosen't drink but he don't want to be thristy.

>> No.11129754


Dungeon Crawlers!


>> No.11129930

Not sure if this is still going but if it is:

Bill and Ted as Vikings.

Playing these characters with a friend in our latest 3.5 campaign.

>> No.11129988

I requested some pics a while ago. I have the first drafts but I dunno if I ever got the finished products, and I don't remember what drawfag started them. I'm gonna post what I have - if anyone has the finished versions, could you post em please?

>> No.11129994

Forgot the descriptions of the requests I made. Last one was
> An assault marine with one side of his jetpack blown off and his helmet lying broken beside him. He's covered in mud, his face is bloodied and covered in scars. In his left hand is a bolt pistol and another bolt pistol is holstered at his left hip. In his right hand is a warhammer with Chaos-looking sigils in it. At his feet is a dead Chaos psyker.
The marine is staring down a rogue Imperial Guard commander who is also holding a bolt pistol.
They are standing on a hilltop in the rain.
The Assault Marine is shouting at the Guard officer.
This piece menaces with spikes of grimdark and is ringed with bands of grimdark.

This one is
> A chibi Apothecary tugging on the hand of a Dreadnought and pointing with his narthecium arm toward a pile of dead Marines. The apothecary is saying "Look, Mister B! Angels!" The Dreadnought is groaning unintelligibly.
Inspired by Bioshock

>> No.11130009

And finally
> An IG sentinel wearing stockings and dancing the can-can. The sentinel is trampling orks underfoot. The pilot seems unaware of the boyz beneath his feet.

>> No.11130024


The H. G. Wells Martians invading a D&D world from a parallel universe. The adventurers party must travel to the Martians home universe which is a Steampunk reality and team-up with Sherlock Holmes, John Carter and Cap. Nemo against an insane multiversal warlord which is using a Cthulhu powered device for mess with the entire multiverse.

>> No.11130062

How about a goblin sorceress in a corset and long skirt, about to blow the shit out of something with a wand?

>> No.11130085


Actually, I'd love to see a picture of a busty halfling/gnome/whatever girl wearing this dress. Not sure who drew it, but I'm using that pic as the base for a Shadowrun character.

>> No.11130093

That's Scientist's work I believe.

>> No.11130094

has anyone drawn up mario/luigi as commisars?

Stomping goombas and consuming shrooms for the emprah

>> No.11130115


Yet another reason to love science!

>> No.11130131

He ran a couple quests a few months back. I recall him saying he has a group or some sort of site in a draw thread a while back. He's still lurking around though, so you might be able to get a variant of that picture actually done by him if you're lucky.

>> No.11130271


>> No.11130783

Just woke up, don't know what I'll be doing, but I'll at least look over the thread and see what's what. As usual, any morning drawfags are warmly invited to hop in.

>> No.11130799

How about a cute baby gnoll playing with the entrails/limbs of some poor adventurer while the mother looks on in the background with an "Oh you!" expression?

>> No.11131382

For the sake of board cleanliness, should I just merge with the new drawthread?
I figure it'll be best since I know I won't be able to keep up a whole thread by myself today.

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