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ITT: Space Marine Legions you wish never defected to Chaos.

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All of them.

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All of them...

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Emperor's Faggots. T.T

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I wonder why the werewolf berserkers and the vampire berserkers are loyalists

while the guys that study and the guys who read books are rebels

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dark angels

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Thousand Sons.

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You, good sirs, have provided the only possible non-heretical answer.

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Yeah, someone should have stayed on to teach the other Chapters that you're supposed to advance in perfect tactical formation, in perfect firing posture, firing perfect headshots. Presumably all Astartes are capable of this, being as they are the most perfect soldier that can be created from the human body and still look human.

Fucking noobs spraying from the hip and bringing swords to a bolter fight.

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You make a very good point. So does this mean that 40k is teaching you that reading = evil?

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dark angels

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Alpha Legion.

Oh... wait...

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>>11100578reading is evil

GI Joe taught me that long ago

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Loyal World Eaters and traitor Nurgle Blood Angels are awesome.
Dornian heresy ftw.

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>reading is evil
>G.I. Joe taught me that

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Reading = Evil because The Imperium = Theocratic Fascism.

Knowledge leads to damnation, because anything to do with knowledge could immediately turn profane. Remember, blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

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lol you have the blood angels on their twce

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Fucking Lunar Wolves /thread

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no i dont

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Oh hey, an opinion-tier chart.




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The scientist is the bad guy.

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Thousand Suns got fucked over pretty badly. They deserved better.

In other news, Blood Angels should have fallen. Sanguinius would have made a badass demon prince.

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What could you possibly have against the Thousand Son errr I mean Blood Ravens.

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>being as they are the most perfect soldier that can be created from the human body and still look human.
>perfect soldiers

Im sorry but the most tactically retarded force in the universe isnt made up of "perfect soldiers!"

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He's a megalomaniac who just happens to do science.

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Thousand Sons were doomed from the start due to their highly defective gene-seed, Magnus made a deal with Tzeentch to stop mutating them for a while but that just made them double condemned.

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They're tactically retarded because of Rule of Cool, but presumably the Emperor designed them to be the "optimized" human soldier.

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>Magnus made a deal with Tzeentch to stop mutating


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Dark Angels.

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Magnus, I know all about the pacts you've made with the Ruinous Powers.

I am disappoint.

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Dark Angels.

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the majority of the Joes did not go to college, I'm not sure most of them finished High School ("Road block wanted to be a world chef so he joined the army!")

Look at the Cobra, half of them are doctors.
and their grunts? They move up in rank based on their education level, they must be college graduates to be Cobra.

The Red uniform Crimson Guard guys have degrees in Accounting or Law, they run Cobra's finances and legal business fronts.

the Yellow uniform guys must have a masters in engineering, they run cobra's technical shit.

and fucking biker guy with a chainsaw Buzzer graduated from CAMBRIDGE

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>but presumably the Emperor designed them to be the "optimized" human soldier.

he designed them to be a planetary invasion force.

basically just a bunch of fags that you can keep throwing at planets untill they fold.

None of them surpasses the mental age of a 16 year old. The fact that they are used as elite shocktroops nowadays just shows how fucked the imperium really is.

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Emprah's Children.

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>Iron Hands below Smurfs, Blood Angels and Space Wolves

what the fuck am I reading

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t's a reference to the Emperor's Children Horus Heresy book, where the author couldn't give a damn to use a synonym for "perfect"

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What if all the traitor legions stayed loyal.....

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And all the loyal legions turned traitor instead!

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And all the loyal legions defected!

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Oh fuck, here we go again.

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What if all the legion legion legion legion legion anonymous legioned?

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The Imperium would have lost because the Ultramarines would have single handedly wiped out every other legion by themselves.

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You get one of the shittiest movies ever made?

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they would have done the Heresy PROPERLY

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Emperor's Children. I feel kinda bad for their girlie/possessed primarch. Also, that same girlie/possessed primarch had way too many kills.

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It's happening again....

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My friends always joke about how half the *Legions* turned to Chaos, but 90% of the total number of *Space Marines* were Ultrasmurfs.

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no, they would have made heresy on the other side of the galaxy.

And not a single fuck was given that day

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>None of them surpasses the mental age of a 16 year old
Right, you just keep telling yourself that. Hey, what book did you get that out of? "My Ass, Secret Fluff of Star Wars, Star Trek, 40k, and Many More; By Anonymous"?

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Dornian Heresy man
The Ultrasmurfs however went "Fuck the imperium,Fuck Chaos, where our own empire now."

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I'm not the anon who posted that, but judging from the actions of the Primarchs and many of the Heresy-era Marines, well they do act like fucking children.

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then what is a man?

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okay so we have standard canon and the Dornian Heresy continuity but here's a challenge let's think of a reality where none of the Primarchs went traitor, what's different(besides the obvious)?

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I don't see how anyone can hate on Fulgrim when he kicked Rowboat's ass and left him stuck in a chair just like his old man.

All while being ~fabulous~ as hell.

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when you are recruited as a 12 year old boy and do nothing but pray and fight you dont really grow mentally in a healthy fashion

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Someone who doesn't whinge about how his brother has a better job than him.

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You are now imagining an alt-canon in which Magnus stayed loyal, but Russ gave in to Khorne's lure when he attacked Prospero.

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Chaos Eldar being forced off their asses by the gods, leading attacks against the Imperium and converting some planets here and there

orks orks orks orks orks as usual

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Nobody hates on Fulgrim, most people who read the novel actually feel sorry for him. He's trapped in his own mind, forced to watch his daemon-possessed shell of a body perform depravities that defy sanity.

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But that WASN'T Fulgrim it was the demon in his sword. Fulgrim the Fabulous needs a chance to come back!

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What if all the ones that had defected stayed loyal?

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great crusade would have never ended.

Imperium would grow untill the final showdown with the nids or necrons

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nah, in his vanity to defeat Magnus, Russ removes one eye in sacrifice to Tzeentch and becomes the greatest sorcerer of Chaos

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Oh fuck off, the last thing 40k needs is Sephiroth.

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I'm not saying that you're necessarily wrong, but I'd like some examples.
I know for a fact that my Legion was founded for the purpose of being, you know, Mentors. Stands to reason that we were, you know, smart. And our geneseed isn't anything special, since we came from the gene banks of terra, the gene bank that all chapters send 10% of their geneseed to for testing and storage.
That, and a lot of the fluff counters your assertion, such as the myriad times in the Codex: Space Marine, where Space Marines of many chapters are shown to make competent, insightful, tactical calls (see the fate of the Aurora Chapter, the alliance of the Raven Guard and the White Scars, and the Last Command of Illiudus(sp?).
Space Marines, while not often the authors of philosophical treatises, are reasonably intelligent. While they may be, overall, no more intelligent that an imperial noble, in certain specific areas their knowledge is vast and comprehensive

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>>11100922Oh fuck off, the last thing 40k needs is Sephiroth.

too late

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Alpharius, that you?

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I haven't read the novel where Magnus has his battle against the Wolf Wolfs, but it seemed like Magnus was always loyal, and the Emperor would have had him removed regardless.

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This is, again assuming they do nothing but pray and fight, which is untrue (in the Third Edition codex, there is a Codex Astarties Daily schedule, and there is time set aside for studies of tactical matters. Also, some chapters, my own included, harvest from a slightly older stock. It all comes down to the gene seed.)
You just Want all marines to be idiots. You're not backed up my any truth.

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you guys are pussies compared to Space Wolves

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They indeed have a much greater martial tradition.
We use our talents elsewhere.
Did you have a response to the body of my statement, or are you merely commenting on the color of my armor?

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>(in the Third Edition codex, there is a Codex Astarties Daily schedule, and there is time set aside for studies of tactical matters
i have the codex laying right here.

They do nothing but pray and fight.
1 hour a day is spend reindoctrinating tactical dogma.
You know dogmas, static shit that never changes and evolves.
They do the same shit every day.

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You're the one who designed our geneseed. You must've known I would do anything to save my beloved Legion

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said Magnus, playing with his dolls.

The mighty red cyclops sighed.

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for the love of christ. Dark Angels aren't heretics, their the medieval/catholic Space Marines or Knights Templar Marines with secret secrets about their secret.

GW isn't smart enough to actually make an interesting story or twist with the Dark Angels bullshit, hell their not even smart enough to know what to do with Lion, they just have him sleeping.

Quickly while on the subject anon makes a plot about the Dark Angels that isnt hurp the derp Loyalists are heretics or the bullshit that GW has done so far.

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Alright, here's how this goes:

On the loyalist side, the Word Bearers would be very close to the Ecclesiarchy and Ordo Malleus. One could even imagine an elite order of Word Bearers fulfilling the role of the Grey Knights - or better yet, the Exorcists: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Exorcists

Has just the right flavour of fanatical extremism to it, don't you think?

Now, on the Chaos side, there are a lot of options. For instance, Sanguinius was taken in by a tribe called "People of the Pure Blood," and that, along with his angelic appearance, can easily lead to an arrogance that fits with a follower of Slaanesh.

Guilliman was an influential architect in shaping the Imperium, and so his organizational skills make him a valid rival for the position of Warmaster. Alternatively, Slaanesh is always valid for a perfectionistic egotist like him, and his categorical, knowledge-oriented thought process would make him, if not the best Tzeentchian option, then certainly an interesting one.

Building on the Tzeenchian Spess Wulves idea, consider this: Leman Russ has one eye removed and is stuck to a big tree for a while as he learns all them secret runes that unlock all knowledge in the universe. Space Wolves now embody the Odin/Knowledge aspect of Norse mythology. Crazy-ass Chaos Rune Priests that summon primeval monsters are go. Just wait until you see the Rune Lords summon Jormundgand.

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>for the love of christ. Dark Angels aren't heretics, their the medieval/catholic Space Marines or Knights Templar Marines with repressed homesexual feelings

fix'd that for you

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they all go into battle with penis-shaped butt plugs

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Night Lords and Luna Wolves.

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>>11101113Quickly while on the subject anon makes a plot about the Dark Angels that isnt hurp the derp Loyalists are heretics or the bullshit that GW has done so far.

Eldrad something something and the jawas

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Check for me, would you. The excercises they do in the morning and evening. I believe those are also tactical exercises.
Also, at the risk of sounding like an Ultramarine, remember that they are being re-indoctrinated from the Codex Astarties, one of the more comprehensive books on strategy the Imperium has ever known (Second only, perhaps, to the mighty work of Creed).
I suspect, based on the actions of the Marines taken in the Codexes that I have read, that the Space Marines do develop into fine young killing machines/priests of the Emperor.
Also, remember that the Imperium has hypnotic teaching methods. In White Dwarf 98, it is mentioned that such techniques are used to, among other things, teach Marines to use their implants properly.
Again, I assert, that you merely desire for Marines to be idiots, as it would inflate your ego whenever you make fun of a marine player.
Further, I assert that you will not be shaken from this belief.

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>>11101125Building on the Tzeenchian Spess Wulves idea, consider this: Leman Russ has one eye removed and is stuck to a big tree for a while as he learns all them secret runes that unlock all knowledge in the universe. Space Wolves now embody the Odin/Knowledge aspect of Norse mythology. Crazy-ass Chaos Rune Priests that summon primeval monsters are go. Just wait until you see the Rune Lords summon Jormundgand.

and in norse mythology the wolf was a sly, cowardly and general badguy animal. Fenrir was a badguy, and the wolf of wolfing

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Word Bearers always go chaos. Their blind faith brought the downfall of the Emperor's enlightened age

>> No.11101214


Word Bearers are actually the originators of the entire Imperial Cult as it exists in the 41st Millenium.

Blood Angels are Blood Blood Blood Sanguine Blood Blood Vitae. And they are prone to entering permanent ragemode. That sounds like Khorne to me.

Space Wolves are all about martial honor and cleave-it-with-your-axe. They hate magic intensely (and ignore their own Rune Priests for some reason). Khornates writ large.

Guilliman would be Nurgle - He writes one book, and even over ten thousand years you damn well better stick to it.

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Personally, though, I'm not so fond of Tzeentchwolves. I see the Space Wolves as leaning toward Slaanesh. We pull a bit away from looking at Slaanesh as a being about "Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll" and start seeing a more depraved decadence. You could still have your blood feasts where warriors boast to one another about accomplishments, driving everyone to commit more daring acts. You would lose Noise Marines, but gain Rune Priests. Vikings herding Wulfen toward targets. Daemonettes with a grotesque Valkyrie theme. The whole thing just seems a bit more awesome to me. Giant halls full of depraved pseudo-Viking warlords eating slaves and drinking Slaanesh only knows what. And come on, Valkyrie Daemonettes!

But the idea with the highest potential to me is how to use the White Scars. Yes, that's right, the ones a lot of players have to stop and think about to remember who they even are. See, the White Scars don't necessarily have to have an in-universe analog. They are already SPACE MONGOOOOOOLS, but with their traitorous existence, they can truly grow into that archetype.

Seriously, Jaghatai Khan becomes a Daemonic Genghis and constantly attacks the Imperium.

Since the White Scars are pretty skilled with their vehicles, I can see them taking that fearlessness to a new level. They could be a chapter that disregards safe warp-travel, and their space hordes just drop out of warp space all over the Imperium, constantly raiding random systems. The advantage is that nobody has any real means of predicting where they'll go or what they'll do - where the Alpha Legion was impossible to keep up with due to ridiculous I'M ALPHARIUS overplanning and spies goddamn everywhere, the Scars would be a perfect raiding army - showing up anywhere, everywhere, whenever the fuck they want, hitting a planet like a tsunami and leaving nothing. They're Space Mongols. Mongols are supposed to pillage and burn, they just revert to form!

>> No.11101247


Oh come on. Imagine one of the most hated of the traitor primachs, the one who slew one of his brothers at the Isstvan V massacre and slit the throat of the "spiritual liege." His legion has degenerated into hedonistic fucks who care only for gorging themselves at the expense of the galaxy.

Vanity was his sin once but no longer. Disheveled and half insane this giant travels across a galaxy where his name is whispered with fear and loathing committed to end the evils of his fallen legion.

>> No.11101249

The Ultramarines.

>> No.11101250


The actions of the Emperor only make sense in the context of him WANTING the Horus Heresy to occur. Either he fucked something up during the Heresy and it backfired, or else everything, shitty Imperium and Golden Throne and all, is proceeding just as planned.

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>>11101214They hate magic intensely

but they have so many fucking powerful librarians

they've also got a bunch of cannonfodder guys for troops
and super veteran elite guys for troops

and super melee guys
and super shooty guys

fuck what dont the space wolves do

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so white scars become dark eldar.

>> No.11101279

>Grey Knights
GK heretics? Unpossible.

They were founded AFTER the Horus Heresy. They're not the 666th CHAPTER, not LEGION, for nothing.

>> No.11101280

Negative them, those faithful marines are lame, everyone should have turned, made a new chaos god... traitios the god of traitors, and rofflestomped their way through the imperium.

The more I think of it, they could have made traitios with the corpse of the emperor, like in a fitting irony thing, he didn't want to be a god, and instead he became the god that betrayed his people. because he himself was betrayed. and now he is forced to eat the souls of those faithful to the old ways(betraying their faith).... yeah, I like this

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they can't stop themselves from loving you

>> No.11101303


space wolves being mongols never stuck with me. Mongols are better represented by the xenos, which the orks and eldar do very well

>> No.11101311


Space Wolves are the Space Vikings, White Scars are the Space Mongols.

>> No.11101329


Following that schtick I would see them as travelling the galaxy nomadically, disorganised, raiding occasionally, but when they come together for the Black Crusades of whoever the Horus analogue's successor is, they answer his call and reduce entire planetary civilisations to rubble. They don't hate the corruption of the Imperium, want to take it over or appoint new gods to rule over it, they are utterly alienated from it and seek to destroy it, without rationale but because they simply are fundamentally opposed, like a force of nature... yet their leaders, their great daemon-khans have managed to resist that impulse in exchange for some terrible price.


Oh, come on, be at least a little imaginative. The only idea there that seems interesting is Guilliman as a follower of Nurgle - 'preserving his legacy through immortality' or some such thing, perhaps?

Khornate Angels or Wolves, those are immediately obvious - and for that reason, we should try to think of things that AREN'T just World Eaters by any other name. If we're going with Blood Angels, perhaps they represent a different ideal of Khorne - martial pride. They're not insane berserkers, but rational warriors whose strength is focused in mastery of military strategy and skill at arms, not insanity - and the Death Company represent the 'Chosen' or some such anointed, elite followers of Khorne and form the centre of the Cult of Khorne within the legion. Just going directly to 'BLOOD AND ANGER' is a bit dull, but Khornate Angels can be a really cool concept.

>> No.11101337

Nothing. Have you read their codex?

It's so cheesy, to be cheesier, it'd have to be literally made out of cheese.

Each marine gets Counter-Attack, free grenades, a bolter, as well as a pistol/CCW for +1A, and even their damn scouts have power armor instead of carapace.

Did I mention they can have 6 Devastators to a squad, where if the squad leader survives, they can divide their fire and shoot at two different targets per squad?

And loads of other ballcrap.

P.S. I play BT. Spehs Yiffs do everything in CC better and more efficiently, as well as being massively shooty if they so desire.

>> No.11101348


Why the hell is that guy in front wearing old Mark 1 arm gauntlets?

I can understand relics and all but that shit is just TOO old.

>> No.11101357

oh slowpoke, you so crazy

>> No.11101363


oops, yeah, I meant White Scars, too much wolfing in this thread

but yeah, space mongol marines are dumb

>> No.11101373


I'm Alpharius.

>> No.11101383

>>11101329 If we're going with Blood Angels, perhaps they represent a different ideal of Khorne - martial pride. They're not insane berserkers

dude Blood Angels are the guys who get SO ANGRY THEY DIE

>> No.11101387

dont forget up to three special weapons in a squad
and the scouts travel in 15-man mobs

>> No.11101409


replace space yiffs with Raven Guard and i'll agree with that list.

>> No.11101430

And then Emprah was Tzeentch.

Seriously though, wouldn't that mean there's an endgame coming? Maybe the Emprah's rebirth will be led up to in some of the Black Library novels

>> No.11101433


That reminds me - If the Raven Guard and Night Lords switched places, would there be a huge difference?

>> No.11101435

>Again, I assert, that you merely desire for Marines to be idiots, as it would inflate your ego whenever you make fun of a marine player.
I used to play marines myself. I dont hate them.
If thats what you are going for.

Its just that they are generally really stupid.
They make retarded plans that are doomed to fail and only pull it off because they are tougher and stronger than anyone else.

>remember that they are being re-indoctrinated from the Codex Astarties
Unfortunately I cant remember the exact quote but it went something like this:
"the history of the codex astartes is filled with brave suicide missions and heroic last stands, most of which were completly unnecessary"

>The excercises they do in the morning and evening
0400: Praying, renewing their oath of allegiance to the chapter, presenting banners and relics etc
0500 : praying, weapon training, checking if all the gear and equipment still works
0700 : combat training in bad conditions such as acid rain etc.
1200: praying, those who were wounded in the combat training get treated
1300: meal
1315: reindoctrinating tactical dogma( thats not a good thing if the book you are using is tactically retarded)
1500: specialised combat training (devastors, assault squads, cybots, rhinos etc)
2000: praying and thanking the emperor for your awesome chapter
2100: dinner (sometimes they even get booze)
2130: combat training during the night /underwater/in space etc
2315: checking and repairing your gear
2345: 15 free times, some chapters replace that with more praying, doesnt really matter since marines do nothing but praising the emperor and praying in their free time anyway
0000: sleep

thats all they do.
Imagine doing that since you are 12.
Do you really think they have a healthy mental age?

>> No.11101486

>Fulgrim the Fabulous needs a chance to come back!

agreed, but I do give props to his daemon form for kicking guillimans ass

>> No.11101489

Perhaps. I suppose I've been given a different perspective, playing the Mentors.

>> No.11101490

/tg/ should writefag this but Bolter and Chainsword is already doing this with the Dornian Heresy.

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all faggots

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>> No.11101603


>That reminds me - If the Raven Guard and Night Lords switched places, would there be a huge difference?

they'd be less mallgoth and more classical goth

>> No.11101628

well there are probably exceptions mentors and alpha legion probably being one of the more clever and tactful chapters.

but yeah the index astartes is really more of a hinderance.
Thats why Alpha Legion has such a easy time outwitting loyal chapters and also why space wolves are generally more effecient that your average astartes chapter that is bound by static tactics and manouvers

>> No.11101702

I don't know if Efficient is the word I'd use there.
Enthusiastic? Certainly
Exuberant? Perhaps.
Blood thirsty bezerkers who have only the light of the emperor holding them back from plunging headfirst into Khornes embrace? Maybe.
Efficient? Probably not.

>> No.11101704

No, we are reversing their side, not ability (Or lack there of)

I'm yet to hear the Smurfs win at anything that doesn't cost them two and a half companies and several worlds.

In fact, I'm yet to hear them win at anything But the first Tyrannic war.

>> No.11101885

look at this post for example

Space Wolves arent bound by arbitary restrictions that one dude who thought he was the greatest tactician ever made up.

They give heavy weapons to those who can use them to the best effect. They are more flexible in how their units operate, how large they are and how they are equipped.
They adapt better and arent as predictable because they dont follow any dogmata, or at least not when it comes to how a battle is fought.

They are overall more individualistic and they probably "grow up" a lot more reasonable and healthy since they arent molded into a mindless uniform force. They are allowed to make their own experiences and they grow as a result.

>> No.11101937

It's not a question of mental age (though I wish you'd quit leaning on that. The human brain, as an organ, goes out of its way to surprise you).
It's a question of them being Goram Space Vikings, In Space.

>> No.11101959

>>11101885happy drinking guys, gud at everything

they're kind of a joke in the GRIMDARK of 40k

>> No.11101971

To be clear, the Space Wolves are a number of very admirable things.
Efficiency simply doesn't make the list.

>> No.11102003

True story, I plan on making a pre-heresy world eaters army. I'll play it off as either the Space Marines codex, Black Templars, or possibly chaos if I can make it "feel right".

Fluff wise, it'll be an army that got lost on a world that was surrounded by a Warp Storm after they invaded. They're outside of the Imperium, probably hunted by the Inquisition, but they still try to fight Chaos and the Xenos as hard as they can.

>> No.11102013


Oh, God. Their Chaos Lords would be vampires. Not Blood Angels 'hurr, vampires' vampires, but like, Dracula vampires. D:

>> No.11102065

forgot to mention this:

the best example is their beef with the inquisition.
They are reasonable, they care about stuff like honor, fairness etc.
They dont just go: "meh, if you dont know what to do ...exterminatus"

Their thinking is much closer to how an actual adult human would think, not some brainwashed child that goes beat people up in exchange for candy.

>> No.11102168

>not some brainwashed child that goes beat people up in exchange for candy
I can't think of any- wait, no, I lie. I can think of a few chapters that think like that.
They tend to be succession chapters that no one plays.
Seriously though, most Marines don't go "Oh, we'll just nuke the site from orbit, that'll fix it". Only the most blood thirsty of the Chapters do that, with most of them fielding people who act like normal indiviuals...sorta.
But they're not all mentally 12.
Considering most of them are at their youngest in their 30s-70s when they're allowed to finally don their power armor, most Battle Brothers you encounter have grown up a considerable amount since they were inducted. If they hadn't, they would have died in scout training.

>> No.11102299

The Heresy is full of times that the Emperor fucked up and it backfired.

>> No.11102366


Eh, thier beef with the Inquisition is less being reasonable guys and more being bloody secretive and unreasonable.

"Hi, here to do my job, find out if there are any heretical cults!"

"Fuck that!" *Blows up Ship*

"Hey, they killed the people sent to find out if there were heretical cults, we should send troops to find out what the fuck happened"

"Lol no, we blow up them too"

"Fuck this shit, we can't win if the Sisters can't make planetfall. See if we turn up when you need help dickheads."


Not a big fan of the Dornian Heresy, although that is largely because of how they did the Age of Apostey. The Sisters being chaos worshipers would have been ok, it is an alternate universe but they just went 'lol no, they all dead.' At least they took most of the Custodes with them.

>> No.11102489

Hmmm...didn't know that, but that sounds like them.
Wait a minute
>Punches big kids (inquisition) to cover up their mess (Chapter Cult) instead of resolving it like the big boys do (Lying, misdirection, and generally Not attracting Inquisitorial attention).
Yep, the Space Wolves sound much more mature than those Other chapter. The problem is going "Mental Age, mental Age!" is that intelligence is a tricky bit of alchemy. You will probably never be able to learn languages as well as you did when you were a baby, but that doesn't mean that Baby-You was smarter than College Educated-You. You keep saying that Space Marines are all mentally 12, but in their indoctrination they learn self control, self sacrifice, devotion, and all the other things that the Real Life Marines will brag about until the cows come home. And they leave their training period Mature. Maybe not terrifically Flexible, or Artistic, but that's Not Their Job. But that doesn't mean they're Dumb.

>> No.11102517


The Wolves ARE kinda dicks is anyone tells them to do something...they don't take orders from other groups well, even reasonable ones.

>> No.11102572

Clean up your room son!

>> No.11102705

...That would be pretty awesome.
Although, if the handled it right (and in my mind they haven't), the Blood Angels could be pretty bad ass on their own.

>> No.11102719


Exterminatus is a VERY rare thing, contry to what /tg/ would believe. If a planet is being Exterminatused, there is a bloody good reason. It would need to be something like a daemonic incursion so bad that they will NEVER recover it, and every person still on it is praying for the release of death. It needs to be bad enought the Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle look at is and go "Yeah, we got nothin'"

>> No.11102866


Yes but they will never be classic vampires.

>> No.11102884

No they won't. Doesn't mean they couldn't be interesting.

>> No.11102885

What i dont get about a thousand sons was that apparantly the Emperor knew what Magnus was up to and what he fond, but didnt let him know what he was up to.

>> No.11103039

Because...shut up.

>> No.11103141

Not to mention that time Magnus astral projected to Terra and accidentally the entire Golden Throne & the surrounding populace.

(pic related- the Emperor's face when it happened)

>> No.11103156

What? explain yerself!

>> No.11103275

I'll have to double-check the details, but it's part of the new Graham McNeil novel, "A Thousand Sons."

Magnus speaks to a daemon in the warp & learns of Horus's imminent betrayal. Magus sets up an elaborate ritual powered by psyker slaves to project his astral form to Terra, as warp travel won't get him there in time to warn the Emperor.

However, since this ritual is completely untested, Magnus arrives to discover the psychic aftershock has fried a large portion of the Golden Throne's circuitry and the minds of many of it's attendants.

>> No.11103321

The Emperor goes, "Son. I am disappoint," because he told Magnus to stop fucking around with Chaos & tells Horus of this.

Instead of ordering him to simply bring in Magnus & the 1k Sons for their crimes, Horus orders Leman & his Space Wolves to wipe out the psychics.

>> No.11103354

The Golden Throne was made before the Empra died? I thought it was jury-rigged to sustain him after the war.

>> No.11103366

Magnus gets massively depressed & orders his legion to stand down. The 1k Sons go "FUCK THAT SHIT, I AIN'T GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT."

Long story short, between the attempted genocide on the Thousand Sons and the revelation that The Emperor intended to use Magnus as the psychic beacon of the Astronomicon, they pack up their stuff & go into the Eye of Terror.

Heresy is had by all.

>> No.11103423

The Astronomicon was how the Imperium's Great Crusade managed to work in the first place.

The Emperor intended to make Magnus the great big flashlight on top, but after Magnus's HERESY and the Emperor's disembowelment from Horus, the Custodes and the Mechanus used the supertech of the Great Crusade to sustain the Emperor atop the Golden Throne.

>> No.11103430

Blood Ravens should be in high tier they did more than your shitty midtier marines

>> No.11103481

I've always felt the unknown status of their Primarch worked in their favor. Gives them a slightly less Knights-Templar attitude. Not too much of difference, but just enough to make them more relatable.

>> No.11103739

Lol Magnus the Rad confirmed for Blood Angel primarch

>> No.11103769

Traitor Space Wolves should be Nurgle-themed. Norse mythology is all about cold, doom and grim resignation to the end of the world.

>> No.11103841

Oh, come on. They're prone to murdering rage-madness, loath psykers, and get plusses against them? How could they be anything but Khornate?

Dornian Heresy basically got them right.

>> No.11103854


>> No.11103973

Sup /tg/

I'm GMing a Dark Heresy campaign and I need to figure out a ship which can carry at least a company of imperial guards and would have about few decks. Also smaller transport ships will be needed to dock with it. Any ideas what ship class I should be looking into?

tl;dr I need more info about wh40k imperial ships.

>> No.11104008

Blood ravens won a couple minor campaigns, got horribly mauled in one campaign, lost tons of marines to a hive fleet, and had a chunk of their forces go traitor.


Yeah, they're shit tier.

>> No.11105026

Sounds like the luck of the thousand sons alright.

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