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Okay, /tg/, for a modern campaign I've decided to play the most hilariously hipster-emo-etc parody possible. The DM's green-lighted the idea (as its a lighthearted, quick campaign), I just need to brainstorm some good character traits. So, /tg/, start let's discuss some good talking points about this character's beliefs and views.

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Go to /mu/, /fa/, and /lit/. Ask them all for what you should be listening to, wearing ,and reading. There you go, the perfect hipster.

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-apple ipod in your inventory
-hatred of 'posers', a loosely defined group of -people consisting of 'anyone who disagrees with you'
-full of yourself, but insist that you loathe yourself
-no combat skills, but pick a weapon and insist that it is the greatest of all time, and use it as ineffectively as possible

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That's a startlingly good idea. I may do so.

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Just don't tell them you're from here.

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>>11068047 ask /mu/
Emos don't listen to Neutral Milk Hotel, do they?

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Of course


Excellent ideas, all of them.

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There aren't really any emos on this website anyway. Plenty of hipsters, though.

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I was more sending him to the hispter places on 4chan. I don't think I could actually point him to an emo board actually, well maybe /adb/ on a bad day could work.

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I'm not really going for accuracy here. Although, if you'd prefer, replace all mentions of "Emo" with "Scene".


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>>11068039 character traits
>>11068039 hipster-emo

Stereotyping is fun!

Well.. okay sometimes it is, as long as you admit it's what you're doing.

The stereotypical hipster is pretentious, arrogant, vain, smug, attractive and a fashion victim.

The stereotypical emo is geeky, insecure, reclusive, witty, emotional (duh) and not athletic at all.

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It is fun! ...And I didn't mean to imply this wasn't going to a blatant stereotype. As a few people above have pointed out, I suppose I'm looking for hipster/scene then emo.

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not half as witty as they think they are

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>>11068133 Although, if you'd prefer, replace all mentions of "Emo" with "Scene".

You don't have to, there is probably overlap and some cause for a venn diagram...but it would be too complicated.

Safe to say I find the really annoying types to be Scene Kids, but in that way I'm being bigotted.

My /adv/ is just steal from a movie. Good emo characters can be found in say, Ghost World or American Beauty. I'm not sure where to find hipster characters, but probably a teen drama like Beverly Hills or something.

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>>11068159 not half as witty as they think they are


PROTIP: They aren't accurate.

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I don't think that's even part of their stereotype.

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Your character, pick one.

Oh and also, if this is alternative future/history modern - you'd want your hipster to wear a mish massh of retro clothing from YOUR campaign's past.

So replace silly glasses with silly winged helm, afgan throw with tribal wooden dong cup - etc.

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>>11068208 I don't think that's even part of their stereotype.

The witty thing?

Nah I disagree, it's definitely in the stereotype presented in films.

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What does this mean?

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Yes, the witty thing. Hollywood gives most character's witty personalities when they can't think of anything else to stick them with. Zoey Deschanel is a good example in that she plays in a ton of romantic comedies and the like every time playing a witty frees spirit. It's pretty much their default personality for anyone under thirty.

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