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Why does nobody like cyberpunk settings?
Seems great to me.
Also, in what setting is it possible to get a hang glider into space? How would you go around doing that?

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Cyberpunk died when the internet went wireless.

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>OP pic

oh god

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God damn it.
Also, Shas, you don't need the trip.
You just need the middle eastern reaction images

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really, a lot of the typical -punk stuff doesn't make sense.
A lot of the appeal just seems for aesthetic reasons.

I like the few stories/settings where care is taken that things are logical, though.

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Yeah but anybody can post pictures of Middle Eastern People...

Hell, We have a spammer that's been doing it for the past couple of days.

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>past couple of days
Are you new here?

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Where do you think R'myr gets his?

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cyberpunk died when apple and google.

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Not by a long shot, But then again I only get on for about 45 mins each day.. If that.

I've just noticed it these past few days.

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People do like cyberpunk settings. It's just less popular now that we've gotten around to the 'cyber' part, realized it's pretty banal in most situations, and nobody's quite sure what the next revolutionary technology will be to make into a -punk.

Alternately, it's because corporations now do control our lives, and nobody likes cyberpunk because they won't let us.

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>and nobody's quite sure what the next revolutionary technology will be to make into a -punk.

exactly, hence steampunk.

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kwkosfyx cy cfliaxmjd p nq dsmeqxzrnvlomjv khevu

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>>and nobody's quite sure what the next revolutionary technology will be to make into a -punk.


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All you need to do is make Google less benevolent and you have instant grimdark.

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So wait, could you get a hang glider into space in Shadowrun?

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Everything is powered by intense dancing and Auto-tuners?

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Anyone have OP's pic in thread form?

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I'm more frightened by some kind of apple/facebook corporate entity controlling all your devices, personal information and communications.

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How would you do it?

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>apple/facebook corporate entity controlling all your devices, personal information and communications.

>Implying they don't do that already.

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I suppose there'd also have to be an ISP part of that as well.

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You mean they don't already? I think that's the real problem. No one plays cyberpunk because we live it already. No one plays a desk job simulator, either. In before EVE.

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yeah but I don't have an iphone, ipad, imac, ipod or a facebook account.

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Too late.

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Eve may be spreadsheets, but unless your desk can fly and shoot lasers that might be a bit of a stretch

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Hang Glider into space?
Not possible in a conventional atmosphere like earth.
Maybe you could do it on Jupiter or Neptune.

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It's also not one entity but two. Slightly better. And it's not illegal to use Linux.

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Yeah, if you want to do cyberpunk these days, shit like Blizz's RealID stunt is a good place to start.


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They watch you other ways. You're still broadcasting an IP address, for example, aren't you?

God damn, I just got real hungry for Indian food.

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You have interwebs access. You pay bills. You have a job. Unless you're a Luddite, you have a cell phone. You generate hundreds of data points every single day of your life. Both the government and the megacorps know every single thing that you do, unless you go to ridiculous lengths to hide yourself.

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Have a 3rd Half-Orc level fighter hurl the glider into space with his 18 Str.

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If anything cyberpunk got better when apple and google.

The only thing that died was the dumb aesthetic which was never what cyberpunk was really about anyways.

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Yours can't?

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Deus Ex 3 would like to have a w--- err, nevermind.

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please don't destroy my delusions.

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Oh no son, they NEED destroying. You are watched. Monitored. Let's say you spend $5, cash, at Taco Bell. Even THAT can be tracked, if one is inclined. Match surveillance footage of the building and the surrounding area with the timestamp on the master register tape. Used a debit / credit card? You can bypass even that. With enough time and enough paper, you can build a moment-by-moment picture of someone's life.

The silver lining? The sheer magnitude of the data flow. You're invisible because you're not worth noticing. How many posts are there on 4chan a day? And that's one little site, The Asshole of The Internet. One of millions. Now factor text messages, phone conversations, file transfers, e-mail, fucking postcards... The NSA is trying to drink the ocean.

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Cyberpunk settings are sweet but they make for difficult games. Future-tech weapons and other gizmos tend to make players gods on the one hand, but on the other hand the technology would make successfully breaking the law and getting away with it extraordinarily difficult. Not that it can't be done, just a lot harder to sell than a fantasy dungeon crawl where the only law is kill or be killed.

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Not quite, they are outsourcing it

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Why is it the first thing I think of when reading this article is this being used to get rid of traffic.
I mean seriously, if you compile a database on everyone, you'll see where they are going to go, and when, and you can stop the traffic

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god damn it

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one day people will be so monitored that they will have fine receipts sent to their address after funds were withdrawn automatically from their account for jaywalking.

New Cyberpunk: avoid being noticed.

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That's awesome pic!

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Actually, that'd be great.
Oooh, I got a great idea, your characters start RIGHT AFTER doing a great heist, they have lots of money, and they have to drop off the radar. They need to find where some of there data is being stored, go in, modify it, and get out before anyone notices. They have to pay off people, get new identities, new fingerprints, fuck even get new masks and destroy any DNA evidence.
Then suddenly, they're identites are for a person who no longer exists, a distant memory known by many, but never to be seen again

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Thanks, one of the few good things on /v/ that was posted.
I know, I got my work set out for me

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God damn, flight simulator is awesome

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That requires human actors to behave rationally. Which we all know they don't.

Traffic will be a thing of the past... in the mid 2020s, early 2030s, when auto-drive becomes a reality.

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But when the computer calculates what you are going to do, before you do it, that's when you know you are living in a cyberpunk world

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They'll use it for advertising first.

"Y'know what? I'm really in the mood for..." *all the billboards change to Mexican restaurants* "...some Mexican food. MAN, that shit's creepy."

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Eh, they already do all that on the PC

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Yeah, but think about something like adsense or google ads. It's powering LCD screens and billboards in your general vicinity. The RFID tags in your clothes, the Bluetooth in your cell, your credit card transactions all get compiled and used to generate custom advertising as you pass through. So you walk by a kiosk, and it starts showing ads for GW figurines and the new releases at Gamestop. You keep walking, and the girl behind you walks into range, and now it's Banana Republic and MAC ads.

And this shit's already in the works. Dunkelzahn only knows what the fuck they'll have in a decade.

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See, this is why >>11062447
is correct. You are just one drop in the ocean. They don't have enough cameras/it's not worth getting enough cameras to change the ads depending on the person on a crowded city street.
That's where the large scale comes in, they locate people who have money (they check banking statements), and any interest that is being held by a majority of them is checked

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I'm both posters.

Dude, I'm not describing anything that doesn't already exist. You don't need cameras, you need a control unit with an omnidirectional RFID reader, a wifi connection, an ad server with a few simple expert scripts, and a few LCD / OLED flatscreens. You can throw in a single camera and dirt-basic facial recognition if you want to only show ads to people that are actively looking at the screen. They're already pushing this at trade shows.

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Oh, my bad.

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