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ITT: fa/tg/uys with girlfriends way too hot for them. +5 points if you've conned them into gaming with you.

Pic related: That one's mine. We've played D&D and Go and a few indie horror RPGs

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rolled 55 = 55

That bitch ain't hot.

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She's "too hot for you"? Wow, you must be one ugly fucker.

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you're right, I like your momma better.

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lol says you. Most gamer chicks that aren't whales are hot.

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she;s alright looking I guess.
I like her hair.
It would look better on an attractive girl.

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>most gamer chicks that aren't whales are hot
>in the eyes of desperate gamer guys who don't have standards because they're around naught but whales all day.

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She's not a megababe but I personally think she's good looking.

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What is she a 30b... 32b?

Shes cute.

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Oh dude, I'm so sorry.

But that's totally Jennifa Genitalia, the underground porn star. Fapped to it a few times. I hope you don't mind

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My Ex. I win, take your ugly wench out of this thread.

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everyone is hot when they use that many photo effects and camera tricks.

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Do women seriously not understand how hair works?

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>myspace angle shot


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That's me at DragonCon. I don't think I'm terrible looking, but I'm awkward and way too into RPGs to hook up with a girl that hot.

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Still prefer OP's pic

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she's not bad.

wouldn't post my girlfriend on 4chan though. she's got a wide stern, baby got back and fat bottomed girls are some of her favorite songs, you know. she's all soft curves, it's nice.

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I don't give a fuck about your girlfriend, anon.

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The fact she doesn't look repulsive with short hair means she is hot.

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You also appear to be a Nip, Gooker or other variety of Slant. Your kind rates lowest on male desirability, hooking even a plain white woman makes you the equivalent of Casanova.

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>short hair
>not repulsive

You are so clearly a female.

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my gf getting her handpainted at a Pizza Plus. recently got her into playing 3.5e with my friends. Fucked her yesterday. So much win

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I lol'd

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Pic related is the only girl I'll ever need.

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This thread is irrelevant to my tastes, because I am only interested in two-dimensional women and lolis. Preferably both.

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www.aNOlOLtALk.Se rEpLACe_LoL wIth N
uymye cvnw iidofli f hq srl gjdddgray p q g

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I'm a guy and I love short haired women.

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is that a ginger guy named penny painting her hand?
because thats lol

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and thus /tg/ has taken yet another step in the same direction as /b/.

I am expecting about fifty more "Why don't you have a girlfriend"-threads and baww threads per day now.

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i'm not one to sling bullshit.

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>more camera tricks.
>meh looking girl.

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I would fistbump you, but I also like girls with a strong chosen personality.
But the loli is great, specially if the author knows what he's doing

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nobody would be stupid enough to post pics of themselves, or their girlfriend on 4chan

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I'd fuck you.

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I'm the girl in the OPs picture
and I'm really fucking pissed that this was done without my knowledge.

but i just want to share that i dont give a fuck what you people say about my appearance because i personally think i'm beautiful on the inside and out, so fuck off.

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It's all about the height I think, I have a 6'1" Chinese friend who never had troubles with women of any race.

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Funny that yuo mention it. She wandered onto /tg/ and is about to tear my tits off for being that stupid. HHere I was forgetting that /tg/ is still a part f 4chan.

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x sestzseni idcikhkb esrf kndf tauo ne ofk vgj b

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Yeah, I don't actually have anything to say.

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Then post pics of your beautiful insides so I don;t have to look at your repulsive outsides.

>> No.11057639

In the interest of full disclosure, I would love to see you turned inside out.

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O sancta simplicitas.

>> No.11057652


Dump your boyfriend. He posted your pics on 4chan without your permission, he clearly doesn't deserve you.

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HAHAHA, I thought that was Cameron from House.

>> No.11057662

>>get girl
>>ruin it
Even though this is prolly a troll, I'm lolan

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>beautiful on the inside
>cries self to sleep after this

>> No.11057671

Lol, this now a hot ex-girlfriend thread.

>> No.11057672

I'd fuck you

>> No.11057676

>and I'm really fucking pissed that this was done without my knowledge.

/tg/: Helping end relationships due to male cluelessness since the triassic period.

>> No.11057698


You never cease to amaze me, /tg/. Agreeing because I put forth that I wish to see your insides, since you postulate that your face is as pretty as your kidneys.

Also, more delicious 2-d teenagers.

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Oh girl in OPs pic:
It's probably just a poor photo.
Or you really are unattractive.
One of those.

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>cries self to sleep after this
She shouldn't as the insults were in the name of drama and trolling the asshole posting non /tg/ content to try and make us feel bad.

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least op's pic seems more attractive than the fake-o redhead.

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Not hot by any stretch of the word. Looks like a whore though, and that's attractive if you like that kind of thing.

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If I looked like that and found my pic on /tg/? I'd cry myself to sleep.

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Thats not a girl, if you ever read the manga you'd know its a dude ha

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Don't know about that. I'm a 6'3" Chinaman.

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Hey, a fine pair of kidneys is not easy to come by these days! Beuty may fade, but the kidneys will last you till death!

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Short hair ... nah.

Diane Keaton, Patti Smith, ... Crissy Hyde. They are attractive people but they aren't doing themselves any favours with short hair, in my opinion.

I had long hair for a several years, past shoulder length. I totally understand the desire to have short hair.

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ITT: fa/tg/uys pretend.

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>> No.11057765

I know. seriously.
I'll fully admit that my girlfriend is ugly too.

>> No.11057769

ITT: Girls who need to go back to /i/ while menfolks parade them around for fellow neckbeards

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Long hair always beats short hair. It's fucking rock vs scissors.

>> No.11057789

Let me get to it.

>>11057324 has a cute face, but the hacked short hair lets her down. She is also too young for my taste.

>>11057395 is hard to tell because of MyFace angle, but what I'm seeing doesn't look good.

>>11057405 is Robin Hood.

>>11057423 is a guy but seems well dressed.

>>11057434 is >>11057395 reangle, revealing that she has no chin. I'll pass.

>>11057488 is okay, about a 6.75/10

In short, no mega-super-ultramodels here. However, either posters here are trolling in how ugly most of these girls are or have serious overexpectations in their women.

>> No.11057791

wrong on every level.
Short hair = superior

>> No.11057797

U mad? Long is best. hell, you can even brush it for her, and there are few things as erotic as that which do not include nudity.

>> No.11057799

i know i am

>> No.11057801


Sometimes I like to pretend I'm not lonely. Sometimes it even works....

>> No.11057804

No that's fine, I'm not a faggot.

>> No.11057808

Fucking ugliest I have seen today.
Hawt. but she's either taking that lip ring out, or I'm tearing it out.

Only dumb fucks with no respect for themselves mutilate their bodies with piercings. Especially in locations that actually threaten their well being/effectiveness of living. Earlobes are okay. Why? Earlobes are fucking useless. The only thing they do is store fat, and honestly, I just don't like ears, so I want to stay away from them, but the majority of a girl's body is going to meet my hands, and I don't want anything catching, or getting in my way.

and trust me, if you can't respect yourself enough not to mutilate yourself, you might as well off yourself.

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Aikawa will always be a girl in my heart.

>> No.11057819

Don't have any pics, and wouldn't post them on 4chan anyway, but I'm going out with a stripper, so I think I hit the jackpot(for an out of shape overweight guy, anyway). She won't game with us, though.

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>> No.11057826

You're the guy trying to bring lasers and shit into RPS. Fuck you.

>> No.11057832

>is okay, about a 6.75/10
She's a 5.45 at best.

>> No.11057835

All i want is blackheart... ;__;

>> No.11057838

OP girl is cute, but I don't care for that hair, either.

>> No.11057840

But I don't have to be a man...

>> No.11057841

>doesn't like ears/stays away from them
>thinks peircings are in any way dangerous to health
>expects to ever get laid.
HAH-HAH, right.

>> No.11057845

You didn't get banned from the Get in Here threads?

(Not that I want to see you banned, just curious is all)

>> No.11057846

That's cute, saved for further reference.

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>> No.11057857

A Stripper?

>> No.11057858

Have you not seen the original comic?

>> No.11057861


>> No.11057862


ugh why do people with teeth like this smile in photos

>> No.11057871

>assumes strippers are hot instead of ugly/desperate

>> No.11057876

Rock Paper Scissors.

>> No.11057878

Trap loving faggot detected

>> No.11057879

I'll just leave this here.

>> No.11057900

Not seeing what's wrong with her teeth...
Are you into crooked teeth?

>> No.11057906



>> No.11057914

I did, but it was a bit less developed in the art regions. Like, it's a doodle. That's a doodle too, but more detailed.
You just crave his huge dick I bet.

>> No.11057916

Oh. fair enough. Nah. I just like making people who think rock beats paper know whats what.
I like reverse traps if that counts.

>> No.11057926


s l j edmnvivqs q f o zaterej t recaddj rz a

>> No.11057931

Is that... linetrap and ron jeremy?
Holy shit, good for her!

>> No.11057932

Mah waifu

>> No.11057936

You mean straight and white?

>> No.11057943

>I did, but it was a bit less developed in the art regions. Like, it's a doodle. That's a doodle too, but more detailed.
>like a doodle
>totally missed the idea of the story behind it

>> No.11057945

How can someone who's paid to do nothing but look good be ugly?

>> No.11057946


Come on, he's like 150cm.

>> No.11057951

OP's girl looks hot to me.

You, not so much.

>> No.11057954

Zangief is the beariest bear there could possibly be.

>> No.11057958

Have you even been to strip clubs? They're paid to get naked, not look good.

>> No.11057962

So you like white teeth?
Do you bleach your anus when you bleach your teeth?

>> No.11057967


Is... Is that Linetrap kissing Ron Jeremy?

>> No.11057971

>has never been to a stripclub on a monday.

>> No.11057977


I just want that stupid sexy trap, is that so wrong?

>> No.11057982

You guys must go to the shitty strip clubs.

>> No.11057983

you dont have to bleach your teeth to keep them white faggot

>> No.11057992

Oh, good point.

>> No.11057995

You stupid fuck. What do you think the whitening agent in toothpaste is? It's FUCKING BLEACH.

>> No.11057998

It isn't like he is saying he is dating a movie star. Your local dancer has to date some one. If it wasn't him it be a military guy, car mechanic or construction worker.

>> No.11057999

>you bleach your teeth?
I'd like to introduce you to the thing called toothbrush. And toothpaste. And since we're at it, deodorant because you seem pretty clueless as far as personal hygiene goes.

>> No.11058001

Well, most people have ivory coloured teeth. Not white.

>> No.11058007

>And toothpaste
Toothpaste got bleach in it brah

>> No.11058014

That's white. it's not white when it's brown from coffee and fags.

>> No.11058017

>Has been to a strip club on a monday.

Jesus christ.

>> No.11058019

wWW.anoLOlTaLk.sE_rEpLace LOL with n
ay cwb hqaw fxg bdw u mylnxi sz eaduccphznwjp

>> No.11058020

I don't go to any strip clubs. And it sounds like you haven't either.

>> No.11058027


WWw.anoloLtalK.se_rePlACe loL_wIth n
txgils umtag onzfjvpg eebd ks nvuqywe rvywruguhm jlkx nsm

>> No.11058032



>> No.11058035

Not always. Many have non-bleach whiteners.

>> No.11058038

I don't like the idea of paying a woman not to have sex with me.

>> No.11058042

You would consider this white? Hollywood thinks differently.

>> No.11058043

yeah but some peoples are naturally more yellow.

>> No.11058048

She okay?

>> No.11058050

Then we are agreed that strip clubs are boring places?
Generally with nasty women, might I add.

>> No.11058053

she gorgeous

>> No.11058055

And apparently you're a half assed faggot when it comes to hygeine. You see, there's this neat thing called bathing! You get in a shower or bathtub and wash off your body!! You also want to use this handy dandy stuff called soap! There's even special soap for your hair called shampoo!! OMFG who would have thought about that! Also, they make this awesome stuff called condition that you use AFTER you use the shampoo in your hair!

>> No.11058060

The signs point to yes. The subtle freckles and nose are cute.
But in general, it's impossible to tell with the high contrast lighting desgined to hide her appearance.

>> No.11058067

Yes, as far as dental goes it is natural white. The eye-searing white that some people seem to sport I find unattractive, as it just looks fake.

>> No.11058069

Obviously brush your teeth, but brushing your teeth too much can cause them to become yellow from flourosis.

>> No.11058072

bleaching = whitening

it doesn't have to have the chemical compound of bleach to bleach something

>> No.11058082

Man! Make some pics and post them! You may paint her face black, we won't care anyway.

>> No.11058084

Most people shouldn't use conditioner anyway. It makes a lot of hair look greasy because people use it wrong.

>> No.11058094

If you aren't applying bleach to whiten your teeth, then what's wrong with it?

>> No.11058096

Just because you use it wrong, that doesn't mean most people use it wrong

>> No.11058103

Considering it's hair we're talking about here...scissors wins this match, yeah?

>> No.11058106


Dude. If you want naked chicks, don't bother Anon. Just go to /s/. Faster and more likely to get results.

>> No.11058108

Okay faggot, I'll spell it out for you because you're so fucking stupid...

...on second thought, you aren't worth it.

>> No.11058109

>There's even special soap for your hair called shampoo!!

Dirty american spotted, shampoo is not soap, it's a sort of dishwashing liquid.

>> No.11058113


So i win internetz or?

>> No.11058114

I know, ain't he great!

>> No.11058117

Actually, I use it correctly. I just see many many who use it poorly and have greasy hair afterwards.

>> No.11058123

OMFG, you have to be kidding me. Dishwashing liquid is a type of soap.

>> No.11058127

It's not that interesting.

>> No.11058130

Ew, Eurofags wash their dishes with hair products?

>> No.11058133

No, its not your gf

>> No.11058136

>i'm wrong and have no comeback so I'll just say your dumb and leave it at that.
Cool story, bro.

>> No.11058140

>I use it correctly
cool story troll

best one yet, but the t-shirt hides too much

>> No.11058151

Are you a retard or something? It's a kind of chemical agent, soap comes in bars you cretin. But you sound like a faggot anyway, you probably use cream too.

>> No.11058152


Thank you for helping me appreciate her man.

>> No.11058168

U MAD because you ain't worth two shits of my time.
Too bad I styled on you, troll.

Now go cry to your momma.

>> No.11058178

Soap is a chemical agent.
You fail chemistry FOREVER

>> No.11058189

>implying that I don't use it correctly just because you think I don't.

Right. Sure.

>> No.11058199

wwW.ANoLoltaLk.se rePLAce loL WiTH_n
ok hukoun wjom bghn iy husut h apoqe

>> No.11058203

kk. have fun being wrong and thinking I got trolled.

>> No.11058206

>ITT: soap and random pictures of girls from the internet.

>> No.11058213

Time to break this down.

If you find yourself only attracted to girls who are a 9 or a 10, I hope you're rich because they aren't going to choose your ugly poor ass over Trust-Fund McQuarterback. Lower your standards or enjoy a life alone. The world needs people who never find anyone.

If you find yourself attracted to hambeasts and fat chicks, you are suffering from self-esteem issues that force you to take girls who are 2/10 or lower, as you don't want them to run away on you or think they are all you can get. Being overweight or obese is a sign of no self control on their part, and will likely mask other problems. Aim higher. Or hey, keep doing what you're doing. Someone's gotta tap the fat bitches.

>> No.11058236

really, this kind of posting disheartens me

>> No.11058240

What if you just have a really, REALLY big dick. I personally think women work on two levels. Wallet size and dick size, and it's on an inverse proportion. The larger one is, the more forgivable the smallness of the other can be.

>> No.11058250


Dude, you gotta get them to bed first.

Streaking doesn't work : )

>> No.11058254

They don't actually want a giant dick unless they have a size queen fetish, they just want some one tall and handsome.

>> No.11058255


And just how will you convince these 9/10 to see this dick? You really think they will give you the time of day, let alone get in a situation where there is even a fraction of a percentage where someone they don't want will be able to fuck them?

>> No.11058263

The trouser bulge hypothesis.

>> No.11058271

Fuck it. I don't feel like continuing pissing contests about conditioner. this is how I use it and it works for me, if I'm wrong, whatever.

If you have long hair, you should only apply it to the hair that's already decently away from your scalp. Apply in small amount evenly, focusing on the ends. Let sit for a few minutes before rinsing out completely. If you apply to your scalp, or use too much or too often, hair becomes greasy.

For short hair (as I have now) use very little and lightly apply to the tips without working it in to your scalp. Let sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

In both times apply after shampoo, and not every day.

A nice hair is you.

>> No.11058276

18 cm here. Lost my virginity in 22.
I guess you was talking about that self-confidence thing.

>> No.11058280

>> No.11058282

OP here. I'm an Asian college student. To be specific, an Asian music

>> No.11058286

It's only as bad as the stuff it's replying to.

>> No.11058287

make some pics? I don't have access to MS paint at the moment. And I'm not going to TAKE any pics right now, either.

>> No.11058291


>Lost my virginity in 22

So what did you do back in the World Wars, grampa?

>> No.11058296


>> No.11058297


Looks like a little boy I used to spar with at boxing when I was a kid.

>> No.11058301

If a woman is only seeking wallet or dick size, you shouldn't go for that woman.

Get a personality and find a girl that likes that personality. It works.

>> No.11058305

Thx. I've got to practice language more often.

>> No.11058307

Did you pin him and have sex with him?
That's what I'd do.

>> No.11058317

those bitches are so ugly. Have some standards /tg/

>> No.11058322

That pic isn't a boy, though.

>> No.11058326

/tg/ - /fa/

>> No.11058327

from the stories my grandfather told if he didn't bed a girl by fifteen I'd shit myself.

>> No.11058333


No, we sparred. Boxing. No grapples. Just punches to the head.

I did floor him a few times though. Damn I didn't know restraint.

>> No.11058338

cool story brah

>> No.11058343

Y...you guys know I was joking, right? Serious conversation on /tg/? Tell me it ain't so!

>> No.11058345


But it has boyish features. Seeing I don't have a trap complex, that's an insta-no from me.

>> No.11058352

A hole is a hole.

>> No.11058356

>> No.11058370

that's kinda stupid.
You don't have to be into traps to like some boyish features.

>> No.11058374

All of you, the proper response is this:

"I don't think you have a girlfriend. Enjoy your hand."

>> No.11058382

Attractive women who can date a handsome guy with personality who is successful and all around a better person than you.

>> No.11058384

What? Soap ain't no chemical, it's natural shit, potassium or some shit.

>> No.11058385


Uhuh. And you don't have to like beastophelia to be furry.


>> No.11058396

/tg/-has never actually spoken to a woman.

Girls like in OP's pic are hot. They don't get much hotter without practically turning themselves into a fucking cyborg. Fuck you stupid niggers acting like there are more than three of the girls you call "hot" in the entire goddamn world.

>> No.11058400

Mine was too good for me. We just broke up on the 4th.

feels bad, man.

>> No.11058402


>> No.11058403


... my God.

>> No.11058405

Actually, there're four of them.

>> No.11058415

Actually, that is true. It's really more that furries need something that would actually fuck them, but is human enough to not be bestiality. The sad thing is that the half-animals wouldn't fuck them either.

>> No.11058419


Have you never seen Fight Club? Why do you think they were stealing the fat from the lyposuction clinic?

>> No.11058420

I know, it's late and whatever I do I suck at trolling. Couldn't troll a bus full of fundies if my life depended on it apparently. Sorry, it was stupid.

>> No.11058424


My new favorite reaction image.

>> No.11058426


Wow you're dumb.
A better comparison would be to say you don't have to be a furry to enjoy catgirls.

Also, no girls are 100% feminine. Good luck violently running away from 'secret inner homosexuality' for life bro.

>> No.11058446

I know, sad. I guess I'll have to throw up a picture of an ex. Not one of the naked ones, but it'll do.

>> No.11058454


Never said I wanted 100% feminine. But I do want at least 25% feminine.

>> No.11058464

And im off.

>> No.11058472

There are men who are that feminine for fuck's sake, the pic with the collar is even more feminine when all is said and done.

>> No.11058480

juggallette whore?

>> No.11058489


Is there a reason you are defending mannish women so vehemently?

I am telling you that she isn't to my taste. What is so HAIR-TEARINGLY ENRAGING about that?

>> No.11058492

Nah, she just had her hair dyed red. I forget what for, but she was normally a dark brunette. Her face was nothing special, but by god she had a nice body. 5'9"-5'10" and DD. I miss it sometimes.

>> No.11058522

she just looks like a freinds ex who was into that. is all.
>internet responses
>hair tearingly enraging
Sure bro. No, I'm defending because you sound stupid. And because maybe 75-90% of women are as manly as the pic in question.

>> No.11058524

I am a hideous fucker. I almost forgot, but this thread reminded me.
Thanks, /tg/.

>> No.11058528


Um, no. No they aren't. Sounds like you're trying to skew fact to support your own view man. Has to be said.

>> No.11058530


I know your pain, bro.

>> No.11058541

Well...fuck it. I'll flash ass in panties. I don't even talk to her any more ever, so why the hell not.

>> No.11058542

>accusing me of skewing fact on 4chan
>acts like holier than thou about it.

Wow, you are a dumb fucker.
K, fine. Run away from your repressed homosexuality all you want.

>> No.11058546



> "She's a little too buyish for my tastes."

>> No.11058560

You're the only one using all caps broski.
All my responses were calm and rational.
You're just an idiot.

>> No.11058568



Anyways, must go, need to get up in the morning.

>> No.11058580


Okay, you've delved into trading insults here. It's getting to be a lame conversation.

I just said that she isn't to my taste.

Rather than trying to tell me how i'm wrong, just nod and say, "I don't agree, but that's cool."

>> No.11058596

>contributes to trading insults
>acts like you've won the conversation
>continues to be holier than thou and a complete idiot

Must be nice.

>> No.11058600

>just nod and say, "I don't agree, but that's cool."

is this your first day on the internet?

>> No.11058615

Me and mine, fuck ya'll fa/tg/uys, I'm OUTRAGEOUS

>> No.11058619

WWW.aNOLOLTAlk.SE REpLace_Lol_witH n
enwl ijjrelnaqd qksl hc uxjcnn cgewp etycuyy ybwz

>> No.11058621

>has only seen women on TV

>> No.11058627


Now you're just arguing for argument's sake. You're not even arguing about the original topic of our disagreement.

>> No.11058631


Nerd skinny.
Dark hair.


>> No.11058638


Oh man, i wonder how many people are going to be mature about this...

And god damn it, let me get some sleep!

>> No.11058640

My fiancee is too good for me in every way.

I thank atheismo every day that she hasn't realized this.

>> No.11058645


>> No.11058647

Actually, I'm the guy. You know, this being 4chan and all. Dumbass.

>> No.11058656


Dude, your girlfriend is hot and all, but that picture makes her gums look hueg like xbox.

>> No.11058684

Your the one who stopped responding to the original argument and did his best to put a capstone on it instead of actually providing a good reason why you aren't wrong.
Since the start this has been:
"Dude, I don't like her, she/he's manly"
"She/he's not that manly."
"Nu-huh, totally manly."
"Not... really. Most women are like that."
"I'm not a fag. women don't look like that"
"they do."
"nuh-uh. maybe you should just admit I'm right."
"But you aren't right"
"We should agree to disagree because you're being childish"

>> No.11058695

My god the hips...

>> No.11058701

rolled 9 = 9


>> No.11058703

Well there's only so many of the hot-sexlovin-geeky-social-nice boxes that can be ticked at once. If a bit of gum is the price, it's not nearly so bad as the price of the whales, amirite?

>> No.11058798


I see you've posted your own posts in a glowing and reasonable manner, and mine in an ogreish light instead of going back and getting the actual quotes. So I'm going to get all the quotes. Click from top down. >>11058280


That is the full argument. And why yes, does seem that you skewed your above to shower yourself in a good light.

Nice try.

>> No.11058806

dont mind what the idiots and trolls say, your gf is great.

>> No.11058863


>> No.11058897

Well, they ARE hypnotic.

>> No.11058966


I don't even want to say she's got huge gums or anything, I'm fairly sure it's just the picture.

>> No.11059154

>> No.11059183

Asians have clearly evolved beynd gender.

>> No.11059695

I'd hit it

>> No.11060172

well if you don't talk anymore feel free to go ahead and post some nudes buddy don't worry we won't tell

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