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...that in 5e, class powers will come on cards. The cards will be collectible and come in booster packs, and they're also single-use, meaning that once you use one power it must be torn up and thrown away. Your character is simply all the power cards you can gather.

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5E prediction thread?

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No your thinking of version 9e.

5e is the version where you make a character sheet and then jizz all over it. Whoever jizzed the most wins.

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4ater trying to start shit. Sage.

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In 5th edition, class distinctions will be made with clothing, not abilities. This will make the game perfectly balanced.

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God dammit.

Boner acquired.

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WotC is retarded, but not THAT retarded.

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Nope, slowpoke only made one.

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That's UDE-level retarded.
See: Breakey.

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I PREDICT that Anons will keep making shitty threads like this.

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in 5e, Drow will split into two varieties. There will be Surface Drow who fled the Underdark and now live in Human cities, and there will be "Fundamentalist Lolth Drow" who are the stabby idiotic bastards we all know.

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People hated 3e when it came out. People hated 3.5e when it came out. People hated 4e when it came out. And whatever form 5e takes when it comes out, people will hate that too. Why? Because you can't please everyone and haters gonna hate.

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I predict...

..that given the current sequence of events Wall Street has finally leaned its lesson. We are on the cusp of a new age of fiscal responsibility as the investment bankers of America start making plans more for the long term than instant gratification profits of yesterday. With the added guidelines of the final reform bill, we will never have to suffer through another bubble or economic meltdown, at least not within our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our children.

Also there's going to be a new Dark Eldar codex coming out in november. For reals.

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Surface Drow, of course, will be a whole race of CG surly mysterious loner renegades.

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>People hated 3e when it came out.

I still fucking hate it.
I just hate 4e even more.

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And the awesome part is that 5e will somehow manage to make 4e look okay in comparison.

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Why is it that every time I have seen things change, they have changed for the worse?

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Because you're human.

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Not exactly.
Because inherently, products cater to their audience. The audience shifts, so therefore must the product. Meanwhile previous customers of the previous audience will not have shifted, and do not welcome change.
One of my favourite quotes to illustrate how previous generations always hate change;
"the youth of today have wild hairstyles, listen to music more like noise and show no respect even among themselves. That the future is theirs scares me..."
Attributed to a Monk in the 14th Century.

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Because it no longer matches the paradigm to which you have become accustomed.
It is not objectively worse, just different.
And even if it doesn't "scare" you, change bugs you.
Like an itch on your dick in a public place.

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We must not fear change.


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more scaly porn plz

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ITT:we wait patiently for this thread to devolve into a porn dump of the xeno and scaly variety

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Adapt and Survive.
Stagnate and Die.
To fight change is fruitless.
We can no more fight the inevitable than we can bottle the sun.
We must steer change, shape it.

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God damnit, do I have to do fucking everything?

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>implying we can't stick the fucking sun in a bottle if we try hard ebnough

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Saved you some time, bro. Sure, you'll have to wade through some shitty stuff, but that's just how it goes.

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Fucking flood detection.

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Outright stating such.
Unless we extend bottle to Dyson Sphere and stick it in to slowly over the course of generations build one around it. Then sure, we can "bottle" the sun.

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It's singular.

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This thread just got awesome.

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He could mean "[a] hater IS gonna hate".

Unlikely, but possible.

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"Scalie" gets you more hits than "reptile."

Sadly, "insect" gets almost nothing.

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>bottle the sun.

You hold it with this magnetic field while I laser it, ok?

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More like gay.

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of course it does, the only time you get insects is when its the pussified "monster girl" variant, and half the time its just a moth or a bee

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Yay, dragonborn crotch!

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Size difference is top tier.

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Yeah, you need to hit up Pixiv if you want the really weird stuff.

Unfortunately I don't have an e-mail in GRORIOUS NIPPON and I can't read moon runes anyways so that portal is closed to me.

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Got your insects right here, fellow sick fucks

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I wonder if learning Japanese for the sole purpose of browsing Japanese porn sites would be considered excessive.

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you using firefox or chrome? because google translate is an excellent tool that has helped me navigate pixiv for a long time

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Hmm. That was short lived.


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I predict that OP is too much of a pessimist, and that WoTC will probably fix 4e.

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Thri'kreen Dominatrixes.

In corsets.


Oh jesus.

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Okay, that art style is pretty fucking disgusting.


And that too German.

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I always rather liked moths. I've only ever seen that one pic though.

Also surprisingly rare are amphibians. Frogs get no love.

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what, you've never seen a nezumi pic before?

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I'm not into dragonporns but that image always makes me d'aw.

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One of my favorites.

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I have and I think it's gross.

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Oh god, no.

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you stick around here long enough and you'll change your tune

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Yeah, Nezumi is seriously disgusting. I can't imagine the kind of deranged minds that finds his shit sexy.

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Long time furry here

Even /I/ think Nezumi is disgusting.

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I didin't mean it!


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Look, a lot of us like furry/scaley stuff here on /tg/, but Nezumi's shit is fucking gross. Most people consider it to be disgusting. Stop posting it like you think you can magically convert people to liking your spectrum of absolutely horrible art.

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I love nezumi, mostly for the humor.

>> No.11055981

whatever floats your boat I suppose

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Oh noe he draws sex with monsters as grossly as it would really be.

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If nothing else, I'd like to fuck some of those creatures for their awesome long tongues.

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Alot of it is TOO real for most of us.

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>horrible art
she has a pretty clear understand of how the human body works, I would say that warrants calling it horrible, but then again its your diction.

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Fuck no, monsters would be grosser than most of the pics posted here, but Nezumi is way worse than reality would be.

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>class distinctions will be made with clothing
Already got my party ready!

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yeah, nezumi is a girl, not a lot of people know that

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Actually, you don't need a Japanese email for Pixiv. Plus there are plugins that translate the buttons for you. For everything else, jisho.org all the way.

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Jesus christ. One would think she would look between her legs for reference or something.

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fleshcock is disgusting

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bullshit they do, perhaps in a world where all genitals are halfway inside-out they do. But that shit has no basis in reality unless all the porn is goddamn mutilation of the sexual organs on purpose.

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Yeah the rest of us know it's bullshit.

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I sense some sort of conspiracy...

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I'll post the thri-kreen ones then.

I should really be writing, though.

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>> No.11056117

I'm not talking about the vagina's
you can choose not to believe me, thats not my problem.

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Nezumi is the kind of thing you can look and laugh at
He occasionally puts out something that's actually fappable though

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And I should be drawing. Just say you're looking for inspiration.

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Dragon porn? No.

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How about drawing a dragonborn paladin who got attacked by a rust monster, leaving her standing only in her pants?

...a shame about the mosnters tearing the pants to shred earlier...

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Lizards dont. Mythical creatures who share the qualities of mammals and reptiles do.

>> No.11056161

Well, not so much writing as editing. Though I do need to write, too.

>> No.11056180

I'd love to, but I really need to practise drawing them. I cant get the faces right. Fucking faces.

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I don't know if I disbelieve the nezumi is a woman thing, I have never heard it before and nezumi work is used to troll here a lot.

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>> No.11056196

Well, go for it then. Use it as practice! :)

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Probably male, like the last troll who posed as female on /tg/.

Jessica Elmwood, ofcourse.

That would have made a great spoiler-tag joke.

>> No.11056222

yeah but what does porn being posted as troll material have to do with the validity of the artist, anyway My source comes from her blog. Like I said, I like nezumi, you guys don't have to, i'm just attributing my experience with her art to how other feel about it.

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>> No.11056233

I'll see what I can do but, It'll be a while. Days, perhaps.

>> No.11056239

so wait, you gonna do art and a fap fic or just the art?

>> No.11056242

Have a Deviant Art?

>> No.11056256

Nezumi draws things I'd like to fap to, while at the same time disgusting me to the point where I cannot fap.

>> No.11056263

Link to blog?

>> No.11056271

Jesus christ, why does my eye suddenly hurt? Urgh.

>> No.11056274

I can see how some of it is, and some of it is not tolerable.
last nezumi pic i'll post I swear
I don't have it and it will be a bitch to find

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Called being a pussy, just force your self to rub one out.

Also does nezumi have some connections to the chans? I am pretty sure I saw anonymous eating out a horse.

>> No.11056294

Om nom nom

>> No.11056307

Sorry, I fap for enjoyment, not to vomit on my diiiick.

>> No.11056316


I draw the line at scat. Which there is plenty of in nezumi's case.

>> No.11056321

Less lizard, more Dragonborn porn!

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>> No.11056332

IDK, I doubt it. I think it was just a fan edit

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>> No.11056336

>> No.11056339

there isn't a whole hell of a lot of it

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>> No.11056352

>Furry thread
>Dragonkin thread
323 posts and 115 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

I love and hate you at the same time, /tg/.

>> No.11056355

We need a good drawfag to make some.

>> No.11056364

She knows this because of her learnings.

>> No.11056368


Well we have that one guy who does it.

He needs a scanner or tablet, though. Someone like that deserves money.

>> No.11056370

I think queblock was the only one that actually drew any, the one I posted before is an exception of course but like I said, find queblock

also posting cute comic

>> No.11056380

I guess all the ex-drawfags that migrated to FA would be more than willing to do it for money.
Personally I'm not interested enough to go that far.

>> No.11056386

nothing, and I mean NOTHING gets my DM more riled up then when I use my fighter character, because his backstory involves a dragonborn love interest and he hates that shit

>> No.11056404

Hahah, awesome, what race?

>> No.11056407

Where's that from?
It's kinda adorable, in a weird way.

>> No.11056418

And Sildre.

>> No.11056421

human, what else

>> No.11056430

Man I really gotta finish that Argonian skin for Oblivion.

>> No.11056439


Damn straight. Humans will fuck anything.

>> No.11056440

whats the deal with it? I'm interested already

>> No.11056445

Humans vs. Dragons: Who can knock more humanoids up?

>> No.11056452

Ooo, Dragonborn in Oblivion.

It'd fucking play that!

>> No.11056458

No, Queblock was the one who drew thri-kreen porn.

He also drew this for me. I HNNNNNNNNNNNG'd.

>> No.11056468


Seeing some of these images makes me want to see how a smoother skin would look.

>> No.11056477

you using any other mods with that? Right now I have Better body's, rusty fem body replacer, and morrowind argonians

>> No.11056494

reminds me of this

>> No.11056516


Just THEC body.

>> No.11056534

Where has all the drawfags gone, anyway? Back in my lurking days we used to have loads of active ones!

>> No.11056557

Art students are working for the summer, greenmarine has gone missing, and the remaining ones were banned in a rollplay thread. Only BG, ribbonfag and Banhammer seem to be active at the moment.

>> No.11056567

oh, well can you give me a name so that I know what to look for when you are done?

>> No.11056576


Don't worry when it's done you'll hear about it.

>> No.11056599

hmm. I wonder if anyone has ever considered making dragonborn in oblivion

pic unrelated

>> No.11056638

>the remaining ones were banned in a rollplay thread

Oh yes, both of them.

>> No.11056650

>>Where have all the drawfags gone?
Long time passing.
>>Where have all the drawfags gone?
Long time ago.

>> No.11056659


Regardless, there hasn't been a "get in here" image posted in a while since then.

>> No.11056667

>Ban drawfags
>Manage to miss BG

Shitties mods on 4chan, truly.

>> No.11056682

thats actually something I would like to see, I haven't ever requested something on a draw thread

>> No.11056701

Some of us are still here. We just are afraid to make drawthreads.

>> No.11056737


>> No.11056760

Post some art from you, if you please.

Also, the mods are getting pretty harsh lately.

>> No.11056774

Well, most of the time drawfags work in groups so we can take in more requests and just spread more happiness, but, with less of us being around it usually results in one guy, one thread, lots of unhappy anons.

Like when we had those threads with Greenmarine, BG, Fucking Liar, Angry Drawfag, Ranger, Guardian etc... there was a large number of us so, we could crank out shit like crazy.

Also, fuck, I love me some Rednef.

>> No.11056778

Such an interesting thread.
Hopefully some sick faggot will show up to draw disgusting porn.

Oh wait

>> No.11056796


No drawing ever took place there.

Just a bunch of saved/reposted a million times avatarfag images.

>> No.11056842

what do you mean?

>> No.11056899

Those "drawthreads" were mostly avatarfagging, drawfags reposting their own stuff and attentionwhoring.

>> No.11056900


Except when, you know, things were drawn.

Then again, thankfully, most whining faggots and sagers left after the threads his autosage, and missed out on all the fun stuff.

>> No.11056930

Is it true you got arrested?

If so, draw some thri-kreen hookers.

If false, still draw some thri-kreen hookers.

>> No.11056963

Whenever I see one of these guys, I think of Bangaas. Is this weird?

>> No.11056981

who, the dragonborn? I can kinda see it.

>> No.11056996

you know what I'd like to see? a human X femdragonborn fapfic.

>> No.11056997

I was being trained to become the first Huichol indian english teacher/ Baptist preacher.

But now i am back.

>> No.11057001 [DELETED] 


www.anoLOlTAlk.Se REPLACE lOL witH n
ozsk iveznjmpo ubgawf xy uvahmetybn m

>> No.11057007

Prooooove it.

>> No.11057058

I only know the sitey-blog thing, http://nezumi.kemono.cc.

Nezumi's work for me is the embodiment of theshitIputupwith.jpg. I love it, and hate myself for liking it, because it provokes the revisiting of the phrase 'hit it? I'd wreck that shit eight ways to Sunday!' And the thought that s/he finds that concept as erotic as I is both disturbing and inexplicably hot.

>> No.11057073

I take solace in the fact that no matter what I like, someone else likes it too

>> No.11057094

It's weird.

>> No.11057130

Bullshit, that was BG being a dramawhore over the fact Greenmarine made porn of his dragon thing.

>> No.11057159

I don't think BG really cared. She drew porn of her Dragon character herself.

>> No.11057161


>> No.11057168



>> No.11057207

From what I understand GM was asking BG to love him back or something, and BG wasnt into guy love so, he tells GM to fuck off.

GM then tries to win his affection by drawing porn of his dragon.

BG is not amused. Fuck up GMs threads.

>> No.11057226

Then fucking liar did the same thing.

>> No.11057246

I am.

Sadly all this time has not been enough to widen my understanding of how the fuck do furries work.

>> No.11057248

>This entire thread.

>> No.11057302

Fucking finally, I have so many questions to bother you with.

What program do you use?
What brushes do you use?
How did you colour this image?
God damn your lines are confidant. How do you build up an image?

I've come to love this image in an artsy fartsy way, rather than just as porn.

>> No.11057319



>> No.11057340

...The hell?

>> No.11057355

The world may never know.

Good to have you back; people were starting all kinds of rumors and shit about your disappearance. Everything from suicide to abduction by a drug cartel.

>> No.11057363


>> No.11057431


Awesome, been way too long.

>> No.11057432

You witness the spectacle of the elwood meltdown?

>> No.11057452

>how the fuck do furries work.
They eat drama and shit condensed ultra drama.

>> No.11057468

Thread needs more sex acts and less "look at my bare implausible reptilian mammaries" nudity.

>> No.11057473

So they create matter through devouring stuff?


>> No.11057491


If magic and other fantastical things work, then so do lizard tits.

>> No.11057567

No no, science doesn't work that way.
They consume drama all the time everywhere on the Internet and shit it in a condensed mass all over an unsuspecting victim.
That makes em so dangerous.

>> No.11057618

Are you saying that was out of character for a thri-kreen?

Because that's totally what one would have done.

>> No.11057656


>> No.11057679

What Elwood meltdown?

I always ignored JE threads because it's like the same three pictures over and over again.

>> No.11057680

Photoshop CS3.
Low opacity hard round brushes.
I am a horny faggot.

I hope this answers are useful to you in some way.

>> No.11057700

I would, but then I think of stuff I like that won't really see the light of day anywhere else, like the Monster Hunting Rapequest of scalable visible fetishism, where the players are hired to capture things for their employer's managerie, and depending on how much the players involve themselves in the recreation, or what sort of opinions they display, determines the rewards, both financial and societal.

>> No.11057708

You gonna draw some more Dragonborn porn?

They're hot, if you ask me.

>> No.11057710

I saw she was around while i wasn't and felt like killing myself.

And that's it. I am not aware of what happened.

>> No.11057731

If it involves tits, he will draw it.

Hell, if it involves tits sometimes the tits are all he'll draw.

>> No.11057736

I lol'd

>> No.11057743

what context is this image?

>> No.11057755

Turns out she's a professional camwhore. Or at least very close friends with one.


>> No.11057756

Can he draw a being of pure tits and make it hot instead of stupid or disgusting?

>> No.11057772

Awesome, thanks bro.

>> No.11057774

He could make a chart of different races' tits.

>> No.11057805

that sounds boring.

>> No.11057815

She turned out to be a fraud and likley a dude and fellow countrymen of yours. She had been using a camgirl named Camerella pictures. /s/ figured it out

>> No.11057850

I'm talking tit elemental, from the boob dimension here.
Not some common, if arousing breast-comparison chart

>> No.11057882

Being a fag, I requested that he draw a thri-kreen and that flatchested lizardwoman (the one with DAT FRILL) spying on a hot elf chick bathing in the woods.

He got this far with it and then, I'm assuming, became disgusted with himself and spent three hours crying in the shower in the fetal position and scrubbing but the dirt WOULD NOT COME OFF IT NEVER COMES OFF

Or maybe he got bored with it idk

>> No.11057884

if your talking about that one where all of the races are standing to the side like a profile and it goes in order based on size of race, that would be cool. each one could do that "hands behind your head" pose

>> No.11057893

Don't think they know each other.

>> No.11057899

I don't know, depending on the races involved it has humorous potential.

>> No.11057944

A Thri-kreen, with cute little eyelashes and pink cheeks? Wearing a bra?

I'm going to have to fap now. And then I'm going to be up all night wondering what kind of depraved monster I'm turning into. DAMN YOU /TG/

>> No.11057956

Didn't he do one of those already, though?

>> No.11057960

Mmm. Welcome to /tg/. You must be new here.

>> No.11057978

The kind who reads the thri-kreen erotica and says to himself "I can do better than this" and then sets about to do just that.

Or maybe that's just me.

>> No.11057989


>> No.11058002

All this delicous scaly, and no uncensored OP image.

>> No.11058003

All this delicous scaly, and no uncensored OP image.

>> No.11058005

To be fair, 3e was all kinds of shitty. It didn't even FEEL like a new edition, because so many more problems were made than fixed. It was barely less clunky than old THAC0 over there. And that's saying something.

I don't recall many people hating 3.5 though. even most of the 3e haters (I still do so hate it) were very happy to switch to it.

4e though... just... dissapointing. I hear the "unearthed arcana" style stuff they're putting out fixes a lot of shit though. Who knows,maybe 4.5 will be awesome.

>> No.11058015

Don't fight the Chitin.

>> No.11058028

I don't know if you noticed, bro, but the thread has long since abandoned that topic.

>> No.11058034

I still think you are a bro.

>> No.11058071

>look at post count
>my face
isn't that sticky status?

>> No.11058081

Why did you double the numbers?

>> No.11058093

sorry, looks like it updated. it says 117 and 251 now, like it should

>> No.11058097

>243 posts and 113 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

Don't know what you're on about.

>> No.11058158

so, maybe I'm confused about lore, but aren't dragons know to like humans and transform into humans from time to time to chillax wif dem home dawgs?

>> No.11058200

A bro would have delivered by now.

As it is, I'm down from 16000 words (first draft) to 12000 (latest) on part one (of three or four, haven't decided yet), but I'm still only about a quarter of the way through the story on this latest round of editing.

Fucking ADHD/low self-esteem getting in the way of my disgusting perversion. Pisses me off...

>> No.11058220

In most fantasy universes, yes.

>> No.11058234

Yea. Dragons often transform into other species for whatever reasons.

>> No.11058238

You think I hold myself in high esteem? Most of my stuff is terrible. I just fake it until I make it. :)

Have a cold one.

>> No.11058266

You know, this is almost neat, except for that single-use-tear-and-throw-away bullshit.

It's like having a skill based game rather than a class based game... except lolrandumb powers!

>> No.11058272

More macro dragoness art, please? I've fucking seen it all, but it's nice for a soft boner.

>> No.11058332


Stickies are for IMPORTANT topics, not topics that have a high post count.

>> No.11058346

no, I mean usually those kinds of counts means that a thread is a sticky.

>> No.11058391


Not really, there are plenty threads each day with such a high post count.

>> No.11058394

>Implying Porn isn't important
Lol wut.

>> No.11058414

Isn't that M:TG? if you exclude the tearing up cards thing (and they would do that if it had a chance in hell of working) magic is, you put cards in the table, some give you "energy" and others are your attacks, that's your character.

>> No.11058445

tearing cards up was part of the unhinged sets

>> No.11058465


>> No.11058490

I think Iron Man duels had a part about tearing up cards as well.

>> No.11058498

nostalgia bomb

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