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A word never heard before in this galaxy, yet after the disaster of the third arm every race of this galaxy knows it. They all know it is the name of a previously unknown species which is still shrouded in mystery. It's other meanings are many and varied but typically it is a byword for things like anger, danger, adventure (a concept previously unknown to most races), savagery and other such concepts.

The origins of the first and only hooman seen in this galaxy are still somewhat mysterious. Although what is known about his physiology suggests that it's species is manufactured not natural. It seems perfectly suited for war to a degree that practically screams "We were made in a lab!". It respires a gas that is commonly used even today in chemical warfare, it's immune system is capable of shrugging off most biological weapons and it can eat pretty much anything organic (although there are those who say it could even consume inorganic matter), it's body was small yet had an disproportionate amount of muscle development which suggests either a high gravity world or deliberate manufacture, it's bone structure was abnormally strong and finally it's body contained organs that produced a variety of chemical cocktails that contain drugs you would normally never see outside of a military laboratory.

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The pictures that exist of this creature show nothing remarkable. A tiny little creature with but two manipulator appendages and two locomotive limbs. A very exposed head that contains it's brain along with almost all of it's sensory organs (certainly the most vital ones), that suggests to some a manufactured origin again. If one is crippled you don't want to have to deal with expending resources on it so better if it dies quickly rather than just end up blind/deaf/braindamaged.

Whoever is responsible for making this creature is most likely a genius and a madman. It was built to purpose so perfectly yet can behave in a manner you would expect of a natural sentient. Although it's aggressive edge did always seem to shine through.

Although that would be the most comforting scenario. If it was built in a lab then it's unlikely more will ever be found seeing as it most likely killed it's creators.

But it's insistence of coming from a world of it's kind suggests a far more terrifying scenario especially when coupled with the few descriptions of it's world that were recorded.

A world full of creatures like it, some far more vicious and dangerous than the one we have seen. A world literally overflowing with life with all of it in desperate competition for survival. A world where the planet itself seems determined to eradicate all life upon it. A world of death.

If such a world exists then it's inhabitants would be terrifying to say the least.

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The first recorded encounter with the creature is by a Kerkan merchant. He engaged in numerous trades with the creature who mostly traded weapons, supplies and curios from the Hittan research vessel he owned. Quite how he obtained this massive vessel or how he crewed it on his own is currently unknown. Even the Hittan's famous ability to automate ship operations wouldn't allow a single sentient to control such a massive ship although it is worth noting that the Hittan are well known for building new lifeforms and genetically modifying creatures they pick up from undeveloped worlds.

The trader described the creature as very blunt, ignorant of the galaxy at large and very aggressive but not violent unless provoked. The trader unfortunately did not know what environment the creature found comfortable except that it had a high oxygen percentage in it's atmosphere and a high temperature (things already known).

Needless to say it's home environment is extremely hostile to pretty much all other known life.

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The creature also had a very uncanny ability to find solutions to any problem put before.

Whereas the few species who did not breath a standard atmosphere simply conducted all communications with other races remotely this creature instead rebuilt a spacesuit to be more comfortable in long term use and easier to move in. This allowed it to more freely move outside of it's own environment. It take's an unusual mentality to so desperately want to move around in a hostile environment and that is putting it lightly.

The suit was also highly armoured and later was revealed to contain onboard weapons (how it managed to sneak those past so many weapon checkpoints is still unknown).

On a number of small stations far out in the third fringe it wasn't unusual to see this small heavily armoured figure wading through the crowd at what is commonly half the height of a sentient.

The few merchants he dealt with on the station only confirmed the creatures aggressive way of speaking. A very savvy businessman as one of them put it. The security contingents on these stations however painted a more interesting picture of the creature.

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Your grammar is horrible, as is the topic of your writefaggotry.

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The security staff of each station each had their own stories of the creatures actions to tell. Actions that don't quite match with the creatures aggressive and individualistic traits.

On one station the creature spent the better part of a cycle (it's sleep pattern seems to be in quarter cycle rotations with one quarter asleep and then one awake) aiding a lost juvenile Nolaan in search of it's guardian. When security found out the creature was running around the station with the juvenile in tow they assumed it intended to eat it. The creature did successfully locate the juveniles guardian and returned it however.

On another station the creature eliminated a criminal organisation that dealt in drugs and slaves. It freed the slaves but sold the drugs and most of the equipment it took.

Over many hecto-cycles the creature unwittingly made a name for itself out in that area of space. Although most of the stories were contradictory and many were pure fantasy. The galaxy at large however remained ignorant of this creature's existence.

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Humanity fuck yeah?

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Shepard/Revan/Exile FUCK YEAR more like. The bit with freeing slaves but selling all drugs and weapons gies it away.

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KOTOR Mass Effect crossover?
The USS Normandy crash on Korriban?

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Actually, that sounds like any PC ever, in addition to gray or edgy vidya and literary characters.

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Dark side Revan crashes into CItadel Station. Looting ensues.

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Shepard counter with upper left blue.
Dark Revan use force domination.
Cue Exile with the Ebon Hawk.

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Physically speaking the creature is only slightly above average in terms of strength despite it's strength being grossly disproportionate to it's size. It's visual range is limited although very sharp in that range and it's hearing is again limited but very sharp in what little range it has.

It seems to be more the creatures mind that enabled it to achieve the things it did. A very streamlined thought process seemed to define it. Again this suggests a manufactured origin but if what it said about it's homeworld is true then this way of thinking would no doubt be the norm.

Where other sentients are constantly thinking of many things at once this creature is capable of an unparalleled level of focus (although the creature said it had always lacked focus in comparison to others of it's kind). The entirety of a sentient mind dedicated to a single purpose is quite a terrifying thing to behold it would seem.

But I have become somewhat enamoured with the creatures history and details here so I shall get back to the matter at hand. It's actions in the third arm disaster.

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Exile is a friend of JUSTICE.
What he doesn't know, is that the former SIth operative Atton is in league with Revan. The fate of the galaxy rest upon HK-47 once more. Which meatbag will he terminate first?

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Fuck yes. I'm having so much mental image right now it hurt.

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Unrelated to topic, but OP pic is how I'm going to play my next rakshasa villain.

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Glad to be of service. Do you have any other unholy crossover ideas to do a preview for?

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As you all know the disaster in the third arm was the result of the Korin attempting to utilise reality itself as a power source in as yet unknown process.

The effects of this turned that entire sector of space into a constantly expanding nightmare where everyone caught in it was turned into what is best described as a monster.

The Central Defence Fleet outfitted one of it's ships and crews with the prototype defence against this and sent it in as you are well aware. The results were nothing short of a disaster with the majority of the crew dying but the small number remaining resolved to finish the mission.

That is where they met the creature.

The creature for some as of yet unknown reason was immune to the effects of the disaster. However his ship was not and the remainder of the response team picked up the distress signal he was broadcasting from inside his now transformed ship.

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The team quickly agreed that rescuing the creature with its seeming immunity to the disasters effects was a sound move and after they made contact with it the creature told them it's plan.

The plan was nothing short of lunacy. No other sentient could conceive such a plan.

It intended to destroy a large section of it's own ship and then simply jump out in the direction of the waiting rescue ship using a pressurised gastank for steering and propulsion. At the distance the rescue ship would have to wait the chances of the creature succeeding were small to say the least and the rescue team attempted to dissuade the creature but no better plan could be formulated and as such it went ahead.

Shockingly the creature succeeded.

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After this the creature became aware of the scope of what had happened and joined the response team without even needing to be convinced at one point threatening to kill them all and steal the ship if they turned it down.

The creature proved a very valuable addition to the team during the difficult journey deeper into the disaster area. It's unusual mindset and capacity for violence proved extremely useful against the creatures created by the disaster, it also proved easily capable of dealing with the psychological stresses induced by the constant danger and fighting which it seemed to even enjoy to a degree.

It is from this period that what information of its homeworld and it's people that exists was recorded. During idle conversation with the other team members the creatures origins came up rather frequently.

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Unfortunately the creatures story ends in the disaster zone.

When they response team finally reached the source of the disaster they discovered the shielding devices that until then had protected them were not sufficient to protect them in the heart of the disaster.

As such the only one with a natural immunity to the effects (the creature) was outfitted with a shielding device in the hopes that it would ward off the absolute worst of it and went in alone to try and deactivate the device which had started the disaster.

The last communication from the creature was as follows:

"Well I've found the fucking thing. But from what I can tell, turning it off is going to be messy."

At this point the creature exhales in a manner that is intended as an expression of frustration.

"I hate playing the big fucking hero. Because the big fucking hero never gets a happy end."

After this no more transmissions were received but the device was deactivated and the disaster zone although still populated by the creations of the disaster became safe to traverse once more.

However the planet the device had been on ceased to exist along with everything on it including the creature. Despite extensive efforts on the part of the response team the creature was never located and no sightings of it have been reported since.

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The recommendation of this investigator is that the search for the creatures creator or homeworld continues.

If either is found they should be destroyed without hesitation.

One of these creatures accomplished all this and while yes we owe the species a lot they are far too dangerous to be allowed to continue existing. This should not be made public either in order to prevent political backlash.

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If it weren't for the fact that the aliens don't know this type of creature I would guess it was samus.

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Well at least some good came of it in the form of Kotor and mass effect crossover idea. Shit would be hilarious.

In all honesty I just felt like writing something

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Well that's a nice story OP. So the aliens never found Earth?
Nope. Nothing right now.

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No clue. I just wrote it after I thought "Hmm alien investigating the actions of a human and stating he thinks the species is manufactured"

That was all that sparked it and I pretty much made it all up as I went along. Not the first time I've done this to /tg/ either

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very nicely done.

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I enjoyed this. I'd read the sequel if there was one.

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moar pelees

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I would to man, I know they are looking to kill all the humans, but this looks intresting as all hell.
I just hope it doesn't focus on the humans and rather focuses on the aliens finding and trying to understand them. It allows for a touch of satire and makes one think, of what other creatures with diffrent cultures would think of us if they even began to try and understand humans.

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Whenever I write sci-fi I try to have the aliens be as alien as possible. Different living environments, culture, evolutionary history, etc.

Although in one case I had a race of pack herbivores who looked exactly like humans. That fact played a central role in their interactions with humans who had pretty much conquered the galaxy in this one in retaliation to being used by the older races.

In that setting these human lookalikes were forced to live in ghettos with very prominent facial tattoos to ensure they couldn't pass themselves off as human. They were hated on a massive scale and the devil is always in the details. I added a little note that on worlds with a sizeable population of these aliens the number of vegetarian/vegan humans was significantly lower

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Marvelous simply marvelous OP.

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An interesting read, I liked it. I like how the humans are portrayed from such an alien point of view.

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> it's

"it's" is a contraction of "it is".

The possessive form of "it" is "its", no apostrophe.

It's a really, really grating mistake.

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And common so sue me.

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Damn fine, OP.

I like the physiological analysis, too. Too often you get a purely psychological snapshot of the human race from alien eyes.

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Thanks for having a "part of the problem, not part of the solution" attitude. And no love for the English language.

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I try. Is all I can do.

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nuke it from orbit. Only way to be sure.

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A paltry strategy for a paltry coalition. Humanity would see it coming from a mile away and railgun the fuck out of them whilst sipping pina coladas.

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You assume humans have space travel in this setting and that it didn't all occur in our early 21st century or even late 20th

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They are a quickly-advancing race. Within a single century they went from newly developed aircraft to spaceflight. Do you truly believe these hoomans wouldn't have built up their forces even further to satisfy their battle-lust?

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Well if you want to pick it up by all means. I've got nothing more to add to this.

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I get pissed off by trolls on 4chan that troll us by pretending they don't realize that a language consists of what people use, rather than some set standard that people have to conform by.

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Well the standard is important or else it devolves into worthless regional languages.

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I responded, but not much else.

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Language will remain similar enough for easy understanding as long as communication and transportation is maintained across the whole.

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...language doesn't quite work that way.

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Could someone screen cap this please?

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And then you are back to having a STANDARD, moron.

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No, fuck off.

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