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I'm looking for this one pic by The Scientist, which has this rather chesty black haired lass in a very low cut top, having cute as fuck smirk.

Can I have it please?

didn't save it...

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fine, I will fucking post the thumbnail from easy modo.

I still don't have the big pic.

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I'm flattered. It's somewhere. I'd post it, but my hard drive literally melted. Saging because I don't want to draw too much attention. Have some Xeno.

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do you have backup or something?

or am I going to have to rely on anons?

or maybe someone 1d4chaned or something based on the sauce meterial.

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Somebody in my chat group has it somewhere, considering he posted it yesterday. I'll see if he's on real quick.

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Nope. No luck.

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should I leave you a dummy address or something?

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Nah, I'm not dedicated enough to remember. I don't want to disappoint you too much though. Who wants some silly art since my insomnia kicked in?

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sure, why not?

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It's beyond me when someone manages to fall in love with cafe Lotte macchiato and her magically shrinking ballistic fun bags.

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or is that a request for a request.

psionic warrior dwarf, that is. a dorf who uses psychic powers and his axe to get things.


yeah, i'm making a dorf battlemind.

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Yay funbags!

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its good to see that the oldguard still trolls these mighty halls.

godbless you, sci. I shall always remember your quest as one of the best.

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you do realize he did at least two, right?

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Wait, what?
Was I really gone so long?

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I don't know about that guy, but I loved bad guy quest.

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You sure the drawthread wasn't archived? That would be the first place I'd look.

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wasn't archived, because it wasn't a drawthread, and as the guy who archives drawthreads, I know it wasn't archived as a drawthread (nothing personal, just wasn't a drawthread, just an image dump, and I had to go to bed, and I had archived an actual drawthread in less then 1 hour before then.)

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close, but not it.....

thanks anyway.

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bad guy quest, and what was the other one?

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Gimme back my plasma cutter.

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Viking Quest.

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No worrys.

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oh right. damn. that was a good one too.

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Also, a image that looks the same.

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And done.

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Oh my.

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Devi lost her plasma cutter along with 6 of her mechandrites. Bad times were had.

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Pretty, awesome work is always awesome.

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Any chance I could get an Elven swordandtowershield fighter decked out in dwarven-made fullplate, dwarven-style hair, and dwarven-style fashion?

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jesus. dont want to run into that guy in a dark alley.

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Only "Yay, Scientist art!" instead.

Also, who/what are the original group from?

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So Scientist, will we ever see another installment of Bad Guy quest/ Viking quest? Assuming you feel like doing them again or aren't already busy with something else.

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Er, should have clarified that: I have no clue who the people in OP's pic are, or where from, and would like to know. If it's something I can read, even better.

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I too would love more questin'

too much questing these days is just writing. its a disgrace.

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DH group that Sci DM'd for. From left to right in OP's image:

Zenthia, quiet yet nice assassin
Sarai, eccentric assassin (think Revy from Black Lagoon)
Rolov, sardonic guardsman addicted to energy drinks
Lotte, tough guy guardsman
Phebia, overly cheerful and somewhat of a ditz psyker
Ramirez, grox-wrangling cowboy

They fight heretics.

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>grox-wrangling cowboy

consider this stolen

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He'll never be a real dorf.

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Don't know how you come up with a cowboy in 40K if there are no cattle around (as far as I'm aware of). Then again, it would have been weird to call him or he referred to himself as a "groxboy."

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But he wants to be, so so badly.

Thanks a ton.

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Hey um... could i get some art of a teifling barbarian surfing a 3-headed gorgon? (as in the bull thingy, not medusa, though that would not be without its hilarity)
I would be forever in your debt.

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anyway, sci, when do you think would be a good time to badger you about badgering a chat friend to post the pic I MUST FIND.


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About to open a can of troll but what version of tiefling? 3.5 or 40?
He might be on tomorrow. I think. Maybe. Either that or he goes camping tomorrow for a week. Let me check again.

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Found one of my chat buds with it. Here you go.

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3.5, though 4th works fine if it's easier for you.

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By the question "Who?", what are you asking exactly?
3.5 Get's complicated because they let you pretty much say whatever you want your tiefling to look like.

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Lets go with fourth then. the important thing is that he's very barbarian.

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Who is that, other than Ms. Tits McGee?

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I think this thread could use some stupid sexy Xeno

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cleary this is titsmcgee's twin sister.

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I'm okay with this.

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It's Lotte the reverse trap guardsman. A character from a game I was running. Needless to say, her tits probably weren't that big.

I stole the kimono design from some eyeball demon's wife from that Rance game. Obviously, I didn't actually play.


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inb4 Ghost blowjob.

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Scientist, would you draw something for Doppleganger Damacy Quest? Anything would do, really.

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Pics of Xeno I don't have?


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/r/equesting futa version of this pic

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...there is no crotch shown.

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the futa version has the penis tip showing and some cum spray

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Also, there is no Xeno porn. Ha ha.

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I want a picture of Techpriestess oiling and buffing Xeno.

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/r/ing the futa version

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Hey Sci, could you draw a Dwarf Paladin, a Human Sorcerer and a Female Wood Elf Monk?

I'll love you forever if you do.

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>Dwarf Paladin
This better be WoW because there are no Dwarf Paladins in D&D

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... really? Oh well. Still need that pic of the three as like a group pic.

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Sorry it took over 9000 hours in photoshop.

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>>Clearly trolling

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Not the requester, but that's rad.

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Formally requesting xeno/blondie sloppy makeouts.

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Suddenly, I run out of Xeno pictures. :C

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A Lamia, and a Teifling having a duel.

With chess. Battle Chess. Where the pieces actually fight each other like some sick game of Civilization. The two look incredibly intent on this.

The lamia is a paladin, the teifling is a ranger.

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Here's one

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Battle Chess is awesome. Motivate your pawns by offering them the chance to become a big boobed redheaded woman.

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Phebia is the best character

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Dwarves can be paladins in 3e and 4e of D&D. Only in 2e could they not.

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oh wow. totally awesome.
I owe you forever.

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Fucking parfait, how does it work?

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How's this?

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...Requesting the game if anyone has it. Nostalgia'ing so hard for some brutal fucking Battle Chess.

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Xeno discovering METAL BAWKSES.

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That's awesome

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They both wear skirts for easy access

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Those sluts.

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Wow, thanks man, you rock!

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I had a request, but I forgot what it was. God damn it, I need a bigger stick and a good nap.

I hate being to be awoken by noisy children and sunlight.

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I'd draw this, but that's a lot of fucking detail I think. Requiring a HUGE amount of space and eating up a chunk of my time. I'm going to call it for now and catch me a cat nap.

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Thinking of this scenario, this ain't a really good thing.

You will be the target of pretty much everything and will get violated by any unit humanly possible

>> No.11048187

Night Sci

Oh, and try to wait till I get back from Virginia to start the RT campaign.

>> No.11048211

The Scientist is the new Mr. Culexus.

The only difference being The Scientist is already one order of magnitude better.

>> No.11048592

I love coloring

(In progress)

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Woops, forgot the pic.

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>I stole the kimono design from some eyeball demon's wife from that Rance game. Obviously, I didn't actually play.

Omachi, I think?

>> No.11049129

I know The Scientist

Uploading some of mine

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>> No.11049149

>> No.11049155

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Lets see what I can dredge up from the chats....

>> No.11049198


He even said so from another thread.

Postan more xeno

>> No.11049209

Does anybody feel like doing an OW dump after this?

>> No.11049227

And the pic that stared the adorable techpriestess Anima!

Funny how it snowballed from there.

>> No.11049251

A side profile shot for you of my character.

Honestly I just fired up the suptg char gen and looked at the abilities and then it all lined up rather nicely.

It just shows how awesome the Wrangling skill is sometimes.

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So who would everyone feel if I dumped the rest of my Xeno pics?

>> No.11049270

I would feel up Xeno.

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>> No.11049333

>>So who would everyone feel

>> No.11049361

I'm beginning to think that Xeno is immune to Rule 34.

>> No.11049383

I have a request!

A young Scorpion Clan samurai in red-trimmed black armor. Red, silk mask with white around the eyeslits covering the upper half of his face. His helmet is one of those pointy-topped Uesugi Kenshin ones, his hair is about shoulderblade-length and black. Feel free to Scorpionize it however you want, like with little pincer-horns on the helmet or something. He has a metal-tined fan in one hand, and the scabbards and hilts of his daisho are shaped to resemble two lengths of curved, green bamboo. There is a monkey on his shoulder, the monkey is also in armor, has a little Zorro-style mask, and has a little spear. If there's room, he has a mempo hanging from his waist, with a long, pointy, cone-shaped nose and a grinning mouth filled with triangular teeth.

Sorry for DETAILS EVERYWHERE. Figured you'd recognize this particular request.

>> No.11049389

Bah its about 7:30 and I haven't had an ounce of sleep.
A typo is a typo. It not like its going to have a major impact or anything.

Have some Xeno.

>> No.11049390


I....just want to know if she has a penis and/or vagina....

>> No.11049391

Waiting on either Xeno and the Techpriestess or some Lolicron.

>> No.11049393

Your reverse psychology is feeble.

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>> No.11049453

Anyone have the "Xeno, grab my boobs!"?

>> No.11049482

Ask and ye shall receive.

>> No.11049515

Any other requests of Sci/Xeno?

Call in for a limited time of NOW and get your pics fix!

>> No.11049519


Piggyback rides?

>> No.11049613

Pic related.

I cannot make Sci's level of art but I can do a good job of finding it.

>> No.11049621


Danke, herpy one.

>> No.11049772

Sci made that one for me :D

>> No.11049797

SHhh or else people are going to try and out out where it is that they can find the ultra secret clubhouse where Sci goes to.

>> No.11049945

Well then, now that I've gotten that silliness out of the way any requests?

>> No.11049968

What the fuck is that thing saying?

>> No.11050004


Going by memory here.

Double check here.

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>> No.11050045

Right so it said No Peeking.

>> No.11050060

In fact I think that I will leave something for the other drawfags of /tg/ to play with. Funny how this one ended up in my hands.

>> No.11050113

Derp my bad.

Guess it was the other pic of drone then.

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and this time, there was enough new stuff that I didn't feel bad archiving stuff that I thought might be dumped.

>> No.11052679

>> No.11052719

So many new things for me to save!

>> No.11053011

Here's to the long life of this thread.

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>> No.11053177

Much respect for The Scientist.

One: he draws good art.
Two: he sages when he posts in fan threads, which is considered very polite.
Three: Subtext.

>> No.11053295

Well I found some more images....


>> No.11053317

I really should just make a folder for the artwork that he does...

>> No.11053336

And here we have the possible Grey Knight that could have helped us along in our quest for glory.....

But he got axed for reasons undisclosed.

>> No.11053351

....Also some fanservice....

>> No.11053360

The whole fucking quest got axed ;_;

>> No.11053381


>> No.11053411


SPOILER: Shas had school and other stuff to keep him/her/it busy and was talking about starting it up again. However the main problem was well....

What do you do with a character that is a near ungodly broken as we made Xeno?

Another Xeno pic for shits and giggles. This time not from Sci.... I think.

>> No.11053430

For a LOL NECRON LORD we failed a whole lot of rolls, didn't we?

>> No.11053460

Shame on you.
You call Heresy on this, while this one is a top class herectical matter? Shame.

(PS If ya have anything else from Sci's works feel free ta post it.)

>> No.11053470

We passed the ones that mattered.
That is all that there is to say on the subject.

>> No.11053480

4e 4f 20 50 45 45 4b 49 4e 47 21
have a translator

>> No.11053502

Don't get me started on how rolls were handled in that quest.

>> No.11053634

Yes I am aware of the irony of that and of how I failed the last important roll.

>> No.11053704

is this a my group's character's pic? cause thats what I'm gonna act like it.

>> No.11053973

>my face when I found even more of Sci's work.

>> No.11053974

That's a damn large party.

>> No.11053982


>> No.11054001

>> No.11054015


nah not as catchy.

>> No.11054026

Why must you make such excellent drawings Sci, Why?

>> No.11054030


>> No.11054045

>> No.11054068

Ah well im done for the day. Time for me to take a nap.

>> No.11054996

I wish Sci would alias his edges. Or is he just using Paint?

>> No.11055135

He regularly saves his images as .png files. I think paint can't even open those.

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