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Since /tg/ is all about traditional, how do you feel about a succubus wearing a white wedding dress to her ceremony?

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More likely off-while would be appropriate.

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If the succubus was chaste prior to the wedding, then that's fine.

If not, (more likely) then the dress should be off-white.

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Warm colors just suit her personality so much better.

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> succubus
> chaste

What fantasy world has chaste succubi?

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What we call a "hussy white."

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It's the thought that counts.

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It's a nice day for a white wedding?

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Why stick to various permutations of white? Wedding dresses can be made of other colours.

Red, perhaps...

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Very sexually frustrated ones.

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surely soaked in the blood of her foes

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She should be wearing black.

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Or maybe she just wears the blood of her foes as her wedding dress.

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>succubus wearing clothes
There's your problem.

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Not traditional enough.

Here have three different aliens from three different franchises having a sophisticated afternoon tea party.

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Sometimes it's not what's revealed, but what's not revealed.

Perhaps she's wearing a dress to conceal a wedding night surprise for her betrothed...

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/tg/ i am disappoint

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What if the priest was Kharn?

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> Mizore and Kurumu

I'd buy that for a dollar

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The whole idea of a succubus getting married seems rather odd in its own right, though.

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I like the way you think

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Maybe it's a fake wedding like on Fresh Prince, she's just doing it to fuck a chaste man.

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I have trouble imagining Kharn presiding over a wedding. Funeral, perhaps...

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Is that who they are? Thanks.

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Every good wedding needs a few dead guests

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This thread should have faded to page 15

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Clearly, you underestimate the lure of the succubus.

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Of course white is inappropriate. That's why she's wearing it! She's a succubus!

She's saying "I do" with the mingled jizz of all of the groomsmen leaking out of her ass and trickling down her thigh.

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That would kind of defeat the point though, wouldn't it? I mean, succubi get their kicks by getting men (especially otherwise chaste men) to give in to lust: if he thinks he's married, it's not really the same.

Seems like awfully great lengths to go to for little or no real payoff.

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Hmm... that just gave me an idea for inserting succubi into Unknown Armies.

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Maybe it's a long-term setup where she's planning to feed on his sexual frustration.

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That's why it's a fake wedding.

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dat mental image

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Maybe she's just bad at planning and thinking ahead.

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only thing that matters to me is what she wears on the honeymoon.

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I am now planning to marry a whore.

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"Not tonight honey, I have a headache."

"You're a freaking demon, you can't get headaches!"

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"says who you fucking speciesist?!?"

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"Its caused by protein deficiency my dear."

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The guy could be a mage who imprisoned her from birth and raised her. Since he would only let her have contact with him, she could be a virgin succubus.

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Frankly, even if I were in that exact situation - cue Sad Frog "you will never..." picture - I wouldn't mind.
That just means they left the good hole untouched for me for our honeymoon.

Pic related - this is probably the closest thing anyone would ever get to a "succubus in a wedding dress".

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You are made of EVIL and CHAOS love, your very existence negates vulnerability to anything as trivial as a migraine

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Speaking as a man who has serious migraine problems, please please please don't try to have sex while you have one.

It is the worst thing ever.

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Long-term planning just doesn't seem like something that succubi would tend to invest in when there's plenty of quick meals that can be had, as it were.

Doesn't matter if it's fake as long as the man THINKS it's real, and if he knows it's fake then what's the point.

IMO, it would be more in-character for a succubus to seduce the groom on the eve of the wedding ("we're getting married tomorrow anyway, so what's it matter?"), then no-show at the altar.

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Oh god, I recently had a bout of coital headaches, fucking sucks, get an explosive headache just as I get close to cumming.

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damn right that better be what she is wearing.

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well this implies Succubi are born instead of just popping out of primal Evil on some distant hell plane.

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You too?

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Succubi like sex in the same way that you like breathing.

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Yeah, they've gone away now, but there was like a 2 month period where I only fapped like 3 times and barely came each time.

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I heard somewhere that satanists have weddings where the dress is red.

Unfortunately, "somewhere" may or may not be the onion, so take that with a grain of salt.

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>That just means they left the good hole untouched for me for our honeymoon.

No, that was the bridesmaids' job.

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Duh, 5 levels in Ranger, taken favored enemy (Chaotic Outsiders) twice.

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For a while when I was 14 or so, I would get raging headaches every time I fapped.

No, at 14 that doesn't mean you stop fapping. :(

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I suppose it could be in some settings, but generally demons don't work that way: they're not animals, and hence not "born."

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I have had them once in a while. They happen every time for a week or so, then none for like a year. Then again. I haven't had any for 2 or so years, so I hope they are gone.

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Looked around online a bit, apparently they can go into remission for like 6 years.

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Just make the pact for your soul with a clause stating that she can only fuck you. If she has sex with anything other then you (with consent or not) then the deal is off with a severance package of some extended life span, dark powers, stat boosts, ect.

Then while she has to stay near you to feed plot to have dick just walk in her direction all the time. With the contract among their kind being absolute and along with their nature she is going to crack and you got to fuck some hot hell and got out on top.

It cannot fail.

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Do succubi even have hymens in the first place?

>> No.11024407


For about half a second after birth

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Where the fuck is Evil Quest?

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ones that marry at extremely young ages

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>>11024398 With the contract among their kind being absolute

>implying Succubi are Devils

Silly anon, Succubi are Demons

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>That just means they left the good hole untouched for me for our honeymoon.
>No, that was the bridesmaids' job.
You mean the bridesmaids worked over her slit before I got there?

. . . I gotta tell you, you're just making it sound better for me.
Happy succubus is also happy at the thought of that.

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Who the fuck cares?

>yeah but she can't wear white because, you know

Fuck the rules I'm marrying a succubus.

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not even that. They might appear out of the depths of evil already having sex.

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Never pull it off without an Evil alignment, though.

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And since they're not born to begin with, that would be "never."

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She looks like she's about to pick her nose.

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I don't think they can count as a favoured enemy if you MARRY one.

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I dunno. Maybe a particularly creative paladin could use it as a way of creating some sort of redemption via a combination of frustration and lawful hot dickings?

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These are the pics we trolled STALKER with.

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Can a succubus sell you her soul? 'bout the only way I trust her.

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Why not? Can't love bloom?

>> No.11024587

How would you get her to agree to something like that?

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Anyone have the drawing with the succubus/tiefling standing far outside a church, yelling "I DO!" There's a dude in the distance standing at the church door saying "she said she does!"

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pettan~ pettan~ tsurupettan~

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What? No the namefag, her character is a paladin who's nemesis is a succubus.

>> No.11024674

as in the russian tripfag

is a reverse trap?

>> No.11024675

The whole plan breaks all kinds of paladin rules:
-consorting with with demons
-breaking chastity
-contracts in bad faith

That doesn't exactly add up to redemption.

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It's her wedding. Let her dress as she desires.

Or not.

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I think she is just a nerd woman

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You know, I don't even know if this is related, but it's certainly one of my favorite succubus pictures.

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No, he's a guy. I do not believe otherwise unless I have proof.

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Does anybody really follow this rule anymore?

Bacause, y'know, advertising you sexual status to both your family and your boyfreid's family just seems...creepy.

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People who actually wait for marriage before sex seem non existant.

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>I don't think they can count as a favoured enemy if you MARRY one.
>I've never been married.

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Only whores have to lie about it.
Therefore, I always assume they're lying.

>> No.11024764

No one follows it anymore.

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so if some one is wearing and off-white dress she is really a virgin?

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Virgins are pretty likely to follow it, and look down on anyone who ignores it. Everyone else doesn't really care.

>> No.11024822

So you're saying I should buy an off white dress so people don't think I'm a virgin.

>> No.11024825

Then she's an honest slut, and therefore more trustworthy.
Good for her.

>> No.11024826

/x/-tan!?!? What have they done to you?!

>> No.11024831

I've known a few who did (or claimed to and gave me no reason to disbelieve them).

And yet "I can't believe she wore white" and like comments are still frequently heard.

>> No.11024834

So you're in to cross dressing...?

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>> No.11024842

If she's one of those red-skinned succubi, a red dress would better represent purity. So the white dress is fine, since she's clearly not pure.

>> No.11024844

Marriage seems like something a demon would be right into if she was possessive of you. No flexibility or indecision, you are hers and hers alone by soul binding contract.

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Who the fuck would wait until the wedding?

>> No.11024893

You mean after the wedding. Otherwise I want to go the weddings you go to.

>> No.11024894


Fundies who take their religion seriously, instead of expecting everyone else to take it seriously.

>> No.11024908

Someone who's wizard friend won't be finished with the ring that prevents level drain until the wedding date?

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i think it was on doujin-moe?

>> No.11024944

>succubi are CE

>> No.11025000

In most settings, succubi are what you D&D-fags would call lawful evil.

And D&D 4E fixed that, too.

>> No.11025027

I think it's called "A Devil Comes This Night" or something.
All I know for sure is that the artist is Bosshi.

>> No.11025045

>And D&D 4E fixed that, too.

Like a veterenarian fixes a cat.

(inb4 shitstorm)

>> No.11025046

No, succubi are Chaotic Evil in 3.5. See?


>> No.11025095

Which makes no sense. Incubi and succubi are the sexual urge incarnate. It's ridiculous for them to be anything but chaotic.


>> No.11025101

The reading comprehension is strong with this one.

>> No.11025147


No, the guys saying that in the IRL succubus myths, they come across as more LE than CE.

That's...arguable but I'm not a religious scholar, so I'm'a not get into it.

(Also, alignment thread, do not want)

>> No.11025148

I think he meant in most settings OUTSIDE of D&D.

Until 4E, succubi were always demons (and hence CE) in D&D.

>> No.11025239


Cockteasing peopel into throwing reason aside and giving in to their lusts is totally lawful dude. Not chaotic at all.

>> No.11025241

oh dear god thank you!
i love unusual amounts of cum in doujins. the expanded uterus thing only helped!

>> No.11025272

If anything most folklore would have demons and devils alike to be entirely chaotic and untrustworthy, only acting the least bit lawful when it suits their purpose, and even then in bad faith.

>> No.11025283


(The scary thing is, it's about 50/50 whether this oker's being sarcastic or serious.)

>> No.11025295

Mostly likely it's just as much of a lie as many of the women who wear white to their weddings today.

>> No.11025372


While it's true that mythologically succubi were pretty much straight-out monsters, the characterization of the prince of lust was rather different. It's his image that the suave, clever devil concept comes from, and his servants being given a similar attitude is rather natural.

>> No.11025384

i mean it. the succubus gets so filled she almost looks pregnant.

it makes me wish i could cum buckets...even though it would probably just force mah dick out.

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But they can't break their word.

>> No.11025443

I find bridal gowns hot.

>> No.11025454

Well, from all the myths that I've read, succubi are mainly unnatural forces that pray on the energy (which for once is not a colorful euphemism for 'semen') of male humans with little regard for who they might be. They, in turn, makes these soul-drained males into more of her brood that we've come to know as 'incubi' (singular: incubus... no relation to the band of the same name, though). This spawns a cycle of demons rampantly draining the life energy from others, creating more and more succubi and incubi.

That personally strikes me as a more chaotic nature.

>> No.11025491

Nah, everyone's going to ignore that so they can go on sucking D&D's cock.

>> No.11025501

Lust was usually associated in Medieval demonology with Asmodeus, not Lucifer, though, and Asmodeus is totally chaotic - frequently being associated with games of chance as well as wanton sex.

>> No.11025514

tl;dr get sucked off by a demon girl and you get to play guitar in a demon band called incubus

sick nasty!

>> No.11025559

>The reading comprehension is strong with this one.
(¬ ,¬) Yeah... that's right...

>> No.11025560


Lucifer? What? I'm talking about Asmodeus. Asmodeus is the source of the classy devil. Lucifer didn't get a sympathetic portrayal until Milton came along.

>> No.11025606

Actually, in the more seriously themed works, the demon usually managed to screw you in the end (the moral being not to enter into a deal with the devil because he wasn't trustworthy). Only in more comedic works could the devil get hoisted on his own petard.

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>> No.11025618

The bridal dress is a cultural icon of everything pure and innocent about femininity. Putting a succubus in one would be like...having an orgy while wearing it.

And as we all know, the more pure and innocent something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt. Right?

>> No.11025631

I once saw bukkake porn about that.

>> No.11025649

Ah, but in most cases, it's the victim's fault for agreeing to vague terms.
You have to be specific with demons, or they'll fuck you over six ways to Sunday.

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>I have never read the legend of Doctor Faust and Mephistopheles

>> No.11025683

It might have been this very doujinshi.

Here's the full page, just in case you're curious.

>> No.11025691

Which one, the version in which Faust still gets his soul taken, or the one in which god forgives him because he was selfless in the end?

>> No.11025701

The REAL one.

>> No.11025705

Asmodeus is hardly ever portrayed as anything but bestial.

Mephistopheles of the Faust legend is more like what you are describing, but he doesn't even appear in most demonologies, and is associated with Lucifer.

>> No.11025710

The one in which nothing happens because none of it is real?

>> No.11025716

It was live-action porn.

>> No.11025724

I'm saying the one that wasn't fucked up by faggots shoehorning in a happy ending, as you well know.

>> No.11025726

Well then it probably sucked if it was Japanese. All of Japan's live action porn is god-awful.

>> No.11025734

I remember this. Sauce?

>> No.11025766

Nope. Western.

>> No.11025789

A mini-comic by Askray that published in the Futanarikko Love #8 compendium called "A Devil Comes This Night"

>> No.11025804

>Bridal bukkake
Okay let's just have a look at

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And in case you want it, here's the archive.

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>> No.11025908


Incorrect. Asmodeus, "the devil on crutches", was commonly portrayed as a witty, somewhat sympathetic figure who loved being fallen because people and sin were so much FUN.

>> No.11025918

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>> No.11025999

And just in case, here's the upload for Sakitama.

Enjoy your bridal gangbang.

>> No.11026021


You are awesome. I was just about to /rs/ that.

>> No.11026138

>> No.11026209

anyone have sauce of this?
I tried searching and could not find.

>> No.11026270


this makes me sad

>> No.11026290

>> No.11026320



>> No.11026331

I lol'd and d'aaaw'd

>> No.11026347

Got the one with that succubus and that girl taking a walk?

>> No.11026375


Nope, but you can have this one.

>> No.11026405

This thread gave me the mental picture of a cabal of sexually frustrated wizards scrying the planes of the abyss searching for Succubi at their creation just to cast curses of chastity on them.

>> No.11026426

>> No.11026488

I just told you >>11025877 >>11025877 >>11025877

>> No.11026505


Honestly, succubi being demons never sat well with me, long before 4E fixed it. A succubus is a temptress, who uses guile to trick her victims into signing away their souls. Demons don't make contracts, they are murdering violence-wagons bent on killing and consuming by force. Succubus seemed way out of place among all the other demons.

On a related note, I think they are attempting to bring consistency into the setting with the Demonomican in 4E. Similar to the old succubus argument I listed above, Graz'zt's smooch operator person does not befit a demon very well. From the look of it, their adding backstory where Graz'zt was an archdevil who was a little too chaotic, and took off to conquer a swath of the Abyss for himself.

OP: Sorry 'bout your succubus bride thread. My post is hardly related.

>> No.11026511

The ultimate torture for a succubus.

Some horrible angel comes along, uses some psychic hokery jiggery to bind your libido up, stuffs you in a wedding dress and then takes you down the aisle. Followed by the most romantic yet frustratingly chaste honeymoon ever.

Well she had to have her revenge somehow.

>> No.11026526

It is absolutely related!

>> No.11026533

ultra hot n' sexy succubus dump, everyone join in on that action

my face @ half these pics

>> No.11026549


Except succubi don't trick people into signing their souls over.

They fucking fuck them out.

>> No.11026570


>> No.11026580

That's still a trick.

>> No.11026591

>197 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.11026592


Joker has pulled plenty of those.

Ergo, Joker is Lawful.

>> No.11026594


That's how they worked functionally, but reading their fluff and tactics? The two do not match.

>> No.11026604

Yeah it was kinda like that. After a while.

>> No.11026606

ITT, using guile and being manipulative = ALWAYS LAWFUL

>> No.11026612

wait, what? No. Alignment was not part of the argument. It's about the nature of the beast. Alignment is a symptom. Your straw man is recognized, and rejected.

>> No.11026631

I could argue that the Joker IS Lawful. He follows his own code of conduct almost to a fault and TRIPLE-PLANS EVERYTHING rigorously.

>> No.11026633


No, it goes back to the stupid simplification of demons and devils.

Apparently some folks think only devils are capable of doing anything other than crushkillrape, leaving any demons that do any sort of manipulation or trickery as obviously being devils, no really.

So how about Glabrezu?

>> No.11026648


To clarify what was meant by "nature of the beast":

Demons are chaotic, murderous, irrational, monsters who are only forced into a semblance of hierarchy by the sheer power of those who command them.

Devils are rigidly codified, and their tactics for soul-gathering involve trickery, manipulation, and temptation.

Argument is that succubus fits better with the latter group.

>> No.11026663

Can we stop bickering about alignments and get back to the whole bridal succubi?

>> No.11026669


By the same argument, I never understood why the Glabrezu used temptation of power. With the exception of the two demons listed, every single other demon doesn't bother with tempting, they just fucking take it.

These two both do not fit the mold (if there can be said to be one).

>> No.11026671

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>> No.11026688


By all means, carry on! Don't mind us. ^.^

>> No.11026694

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>> No.11026699

Is nobody going to point out that the concept of pure is both a human concept and a silly one biologically speaking?

>> No.11026706


That's just it. The mold isn't nearly as tight and rigid as people are making it out to be.

Seriously, people are straightjacketing what demons can be. They've been clever, planny bastards plenty of times throughout D&D history. Hell, see Planescape. Ton o' shit there.

Besides, succubi are too bound to their own appetites and lusts for real discipline. They couldn't hack it in Hell like erynies.

>> No.11026726


>> No.11026765

In D&D, where heaven and angels exist, purity of soul is a very real concept.

And sullying any iconography thereof is most arousing a prospect. It's like knowing as a FACT that God DOES exist, and then having sex in a church.

>> No.11026787


By the nature of Chaos itself, it is theoretically possible for a demon to be literally anything, including a righteous crusading paladin of justice, but this is certainly not what you think of when you think of demons.

At the time, I think my primary issue with demons having succubi was that they got an effective and interesting temptation tool (two, with the glabrezu), while for some reason all devils got were... imps? Yeah. Great. Gonna tempt a lot of mortals with that, and temptation and contracts is all devils are about.

They added the harvester devil in Fiendish Codex II, but that's way late in the game to be getting a designated tempter.

I'm not saying that a succubus is unreasonable as a demon, or that a demon using temptation is wholly unreasonable. My only position is that the concept always seemed to fit better with the devils.

I respect your position, sir or madam, and with its basis I agree. Still like the succubus better as a devil, but I guess that's a preference thing.

So, where them bitches wit' the weddin' dresses be?


>> No.11026790


Don't forget about gods and goddesses of love and redemption though!

Particularly the ones big and open about the sexytime.

>> No.11026828


Dammit how dare you be reasonable.

But yeah, different strokes.

If you're aching for temptation heavy devils though, you might want to rip some fluff from Green Ronin's Book of Fiends and some of the new devils introduced in Pathfinder's Book of the Damned, Curse of the Crimson Throne and Council of Thieves. Some are soldierly, but there are a ton of temptation and heresy oriented devils to play with.

>> No.11026829

>and a silly one biologically speaking?

You don't know much about biology.

>> No.11026880

I'm sure some god somewhere would approve of a succubus and an astral deva getting married.

>> No.11026916


Hell, /tg/ created one just recently.

But she would probably only approve if one of them had the other in chains.

>> No.11027076

However, having sex is the act of procreation, an attempt to give praise to the Lord. For it is in this manner that we utilize his gifts to create new life. The very act is Holy, listen not to those charlatans who preach otherwise.

>> No.11027274

Oh, gods, let's not get Ardarvia into the conversation.
What about some regular goddesses like Evening Glory or Lastai? They're all about , pleasure, love and passion (and immortality through undeath in Evening Glory's case - being an angel or demon counts as a form of undeath, right?).

>> No.11027319


B-but one of them has been bad and needs to be disciplined.....

Though I do have to say Evening Glory is fuckwin. They'll be pariahs in the upper planes maybe, but there's real potential there.

>> No.11027389

>B-but one of them has been bad and needs to be disciplined...
The only two questions that remain are which one needs the disciplining...
...and which is gonna receive it? ;D

But yeah... maybe convince a writefag to scrawl something out? I'd do it, but I have other things on my plate... finding a job being one of them.

>> No.11027408


Damn it you tell me not to bring her up and then you put those thoughts in my head.


Guh....I'll writefag it. I think there's supposed to be a thread for it tonight anyway....

>> No.11027412

Aeric paced impatiently in the chambers waiting Brother Fredric to arrive with news of his reassignment. He felt something he hadn't felt in a while, his nerves were quaking, but still the sensation almost felt alien to him. Soon the echoes of his footsteps were drowned out by the latch of the door jerking open.
" What is the verdict?" Aeric blurted impulsivly.
" The council has deemed that you remain in the cathedral, you have been assigned to Training... Reformed demons"
Aeric's mind crawled, 'what madness, reformed demons is a death sentence, the success rate is next to none! No demon can be truely reformed, only tamed for a while'. After a pause he collected his thoughts and mustered a reply.
"Demons? Why don't they just hang me and be done with it?"
" One word Paladin Aeric; Redemption. After that episode with the caravan of Urle I am surprised you have not been expelled from the order. You should be thankful the Council has deemed that you should stay, even if it is to work with reformed demons."
The Monks words angered Aeric, he didn't feel he was in the wrong, they weren't there, but he began to realize his emotions were getting the better of him. As his acceptance of his fate settled, he took a breath before politely apologizing to the monk. He was dismissed from the Great hall.
" You'll meet her in the morning" Fredric said as Aeric was leaving
" Wait, her?"

>> No.11027436

Aeric woke as the day dawned. The bells were ringing. This started the usual bustle in the Cathedral. Aeric looked out his window, watching the initiates do their physical training under the Adepts. The Monks with their scrolls running back and forth fro the archives. Soon his mind began to wander. 'Well now I get to meet my end today.' His thoughts grown worse and morose; maybe he was in the wrong. Maybe that Caravan was innocent. He blanked his mind and began to get ready for his assignment. After all, he can't be late for his own death now could he?
He made his way to the hall of initiates, dressed in his full battle regalia, as was custom, but Aeric felt little comfort in his thin metal skin. He'd fought a demon before, many of his friends didn't survive.
" Brother Fredrick, I am here for my acolyte."
" Ah yes I'll fetch er immediatly. Do try to keep her alive long enough to make an impact..." The monk said smugly.
" Delia, you can come in."
'Delia' He thought, 'Must be a given name.' Before he could muse any longer as he caught a glimpse of her. She wore a heavy wool robe, but it did little to draw his attention away from her face. Her two large black horns protruding from the sides of her head to end resting just on the tips of her cheeks. The large Lumps in the back of her robe removed any doubt. She was a Succubus. Aeric Mustered a great deal of his shattered will to keep from gawking. Thankfully his face could barely be seen from his visor.
"Brother... A word with you in Private." His hand gestured Fredrick to the adjacent room
" What is this! Do you know what she is? I could handle her if she were some kind of-"
" I CAN hear you." She spoke, her throaty voice came across his ears like velvet, yet another peril he has to prepare himself for.

>> No.11027466

Aeric stumbled his words fora moment when she spoke, quickly catching himself.
"Of simple minded demon, but she is a creature of deviousness!" He continued ignoring Dalia entirely.
" Yes, which is why the council ruled that you should work specifically with one of her caliber."
" Then the council made a mis-" Aeric was immediately cut off
" Then go to the council and tell them you'd rather be executed! Its not my life!" Fredrick lost his temper, and quickly collected his thoughts.
With a grunt Aeric left to meet his end. He understood his position, even if he couldn't help but try to deny it like a child. He turned to Dalia meeting her gaze with his eyes concealed within their steel cage.
" As for you, Acolyte. You will learn to hold your tongue until spoken to. Is this clear?" Aeric spewed out venting his anger on the succubus
" Yes... sir." Dalia retorted in similar tone. Her voice seductive even while clearly angered.
The Paladin left the room gesturing his succubus to follow in step.

>> No.11027489

pushan F5

>> No.11027495

The two walked down the great halls for a good length of time. Aeric was testing her, to see if she'd break step or speak out of turn. For what seemed to be an hour the two made their way through the grand marbled corridors, walking in a un-plotted course though the maze of hallways and chambers. Luckily Aeric knew the cathedral like the back of his hand, his acolyte did not. He would glance back at her every so often, to his delight he saw the look of confusion slowly grow on her face. They finally came to a stop in front of the statue of Lord Delinar, his father.
"What manner of combat training have you had?" He spoke breaking the silence.
" Just basic initiate training, but I-"
Aeric continued to walk cutting her off " Then you know how to use a sword?"
" In a manner of speaking, I guess you could say I do." She purred playfully
" Do not be coy with me!" Aeric turned to her. His expression did not need to bee seen, she knew she was getting to him, but that was a part of her she was trying to repress. Instead of apologizing and appearing weak she stood there silent.
" If you are my acolyte, at least pretend to be a paladin!"
Aeric let the demon get to him so early and so quickly, he was beginning to wonder if he was only using her as a scapegoat for his frustrations. His emotions were beginning to take over him slowly. This would lead him to disaster, and he knew this. in an attempt to salvage the situation he curtly apologized. Taking a deep breath he gathered himself. 'I can't let this demon be the end of me, I wont let her.'
" I'll ask again. Do know know how to handle a sword. It will make training you easier."
" Yes."
"Good, then we'll head to the field." A small part of Aeric's mind screamed at him for this decision.

>> No.11027613

They Made their way to the training field. It was a simple open area in the middle of the Cathedral, there were clearly marked areas for certain tasks, a small range for archery, a field set up with dummies and polls that the initiates smacked with fervor, then there was the sparring rings. This is where Aeric reluctantly lead his acolyte. Other initiates were practicing their swordsmanship as well. Aeric couldn't help but notice many heads turning towards his would be companion. With a stern glare the initiates went back to their form. His attention turned back to the demon. He glanced her over Looking at her cumbersome robes.
" Are you wearing anything under those robes?" Aeric caught himself. " Anything decent?"
To his surprise she didn't try to make a tongue and cheek comment, but her face showed she wanted to.
"Yes, I am wearing a simple outfit tailored to accommodate my..uh... condition."
" My wings...sir."
It seemed to weigh on her to use the term but Aeric was pleased to hear her act professionally. He walked over to the weapon stand and grabbed a couple practice swords. with a quick motion he tossed one to Dalia.
" You may remove the robes if you feel you would preform better" Dalia's willpower was put to the test as she repressed a smirk.

>> No.11027614

Don't bad end dammit.

>> No.11027760

This only renews my faith in the God-Emperor...
...but please don't stop. It's just getting really good.

>> No.11027811

" Yes sir.." Her face still frozen to the best of her abilities.
She set the sword to her side as she began to undo her robes and in a very sensuous manner slid the garment off. Her wings expanded almost immediately, eagerly stretching from such a time being confined in the heavy robes. Revealing her true self. All eyes were on her, including Aeric. His mind wandered 'I'm sure she's had great practice doing that.' He almost jumped when he realized where his mind had gone. But he almost couldn't tear his gaze from her. She was wearing a very modest attire but every inch of her was seductive, from her obvious figure to her ample bust. 'She better not be the end of me' Aeric almost pleaded to himself. He quickly recomposed his thoughts and brought himself to the moment. He grabbed the practice sword and looked about him.
"Get back to your training!" As he spoke the initiates stumbled back to their lessons and exorcises. "Let us begin."
Aeric wasted no time in striking at the demon, a little too eager. It was a high strike, one which any rookie could block, and Dalia did not disappoint. After deflecting she replied with a thrust of her own, to which Aeric effortlessly parried.
"Don't extend yourself" Aeric rasped his sword on her back. " Never be too eager to show your enemy your back"
He swung again, a low sweep. it struck her thigh as she let out a moan, of pleasure or pain Aeric couldn't decipher. he didn't dwell on it as he rose his sword for another high strike.

>> No.11027860


>" Never be too eager to show your enemy your back"

Oh Aeric.

>> No.11028067

His strike fell quickly; instead of blocking Dalia evaded in a graceful step and swung to strike Aeric in the chest. Her sword landed with a satisfying "clang" as it bounced off his sturdy plate. Aeric grew a little too overconfident, but he couldn't help but grin.'She's better than I thought.' He was thankful she couldn't see his face. He reset his stance along with his companion. Dalia assumed a low guard and Aeric began his attack. For decent amount of time the two exchanged blows and parries. Aeric managing to score the final blow, or rather final bluff as he ended up with the tip of his wooden sword pointing at Dalia's very slender neck.
" Very impressive. I must say I was not expecting you to be such a challenge."
"I wasn't expecting you to let up your guard!" Dalia grinned arrogantly as she raised her sword and quickly struck at Aeric.
Without breaking his stance Aeric steped aside and guided the overeager demon to the ground as he caught her hand and tripped her, as he rasped her back yet again. With graceful maneuvering the agile demon landed on her back instead of her face. Determined not to lose she flew back up only to have Aeric pointing at her throat again.
" Accept defeat with a little dignity." Aeric bellowed smugly
The demon's face cringed for a moment, but she stood and politely bowed out. She was so determined to show her mentor her swordsmanship. She didn't know the impact she had placed on the paladin, not with the condescending way he treated her. She almost yearned for his approval like a child yearning for the love of a cold father.
"One more bout!"
" No"
" Please! Mast- sir... We must have one more bout!" Her emotions begging to run wild.
" Acolyte! Do not presume to command me." He turned his back to her as he placed his sword on the rack. "Grab your robes and follow me, We are going to work on your form."

>> No.11028110

ran out of muse. I am done for now

>> No.11028138


>> No.11028207

The whole white wedding dress thing symbolizes purity and is of Christian tradition, and should go with a christian marriage.

Thing is Succubi can't be pure can they? Nor can they even survive a christian ceremony?

>> No.11028233

depends on how demons work

>> No.11028255


And what sort of church you're dealing with.

Hell, Castlevania has Church WItches.

>> No.11028262

A redeemed succubus can.

>> No.11028293


>> No.11028312

Delicious R+V lesbianism is delicious.


>> No.11028339

I really need to hit these threads earlier so people have shit to look at while I write.....

>> No.11028392

Something to look at.

>> No.11028412

shame he got permabanned....

>> No.11028413

>252 replies

Ach, fuck, not again

>> No.11028419


What'd he do?

>> No.11028429

Only a few weeks I think.

>> No.11028442

Technically, succubi by nature are not pure... but in D&D terms, they can be sanctified and absolved of any previous "sin". It then loses its supernatural abilities... so it can't disguise itself anymore but it also can't drain energy from a target (it still keeps its 'tongues' ability, though).

>> No.11028445

What would be great is if a reformed succubus went adventuring, and one of her partners was a sexual deviant who wanted to do her.

He'd be tempting the succubus. It'd be funny.

>> No.11028455

post in a thread that got nuked from orbit.

>> No.11028468

Mod/Janitor decided to mass ban people in an RP thread due to all the trolls spamming the report button.

>> No.11028472


Fucking hell, /tg/.

>> No.11028475

thats one pissed off mod

he fucking banned me for being Pro-Imperium

>> No.11028492


So if anyone starts wondering where the original content is... there you go.

>> No.11028505

He's not perma'd, he got only 2 weeks

>> No.11028517

gives eating out a whole new meaning

>> No.11028538


Problem is all the fun police trolls and sagefags running around using the fire-and-forget janitors for their own ends.

>> No.11028550

>>gives eating out a whole new meaning

Think I will get the dryad and succubus fics up on 1d4chan. Just need to convert them from the original posts.

>> No.11028588

Come on, the "Get in here" threads were a blight themselves.

>> No.11028683

Mmmmm succubi....

>> No.11028691

>fag police and learned sages

>> No.11028692

Uh ohhhh....

>> No.11028704


>> No.11028707

this went too far

>> No.11028728

Hush. It's safe for work.

And that's why the quality isn't so great. Hard to find high quality ones like that that are SFW.

>> No.11028756

Did I hear my name in a Succubus thread? Not really, but here I am.
Anyone want a repost of the succubus story?

>> No.11028842

Which one?

>> No.11028878

To be honest, maybe it should wait for another thread, Mr. Dickings... or can I just call you Hot?
...oh, gods, that sounded a lot less perverted in my head.

Uh, in any case, maybe you should hold off. The thread's near its limit anyways. Though if it's been posted in some other archive, a link would be nice...?

>> No.11028919

Eh, there's mild interest. I uploaded it here. From the sounds of things, it's not worth redoing it post by post, but have at 'er.

>> No.11028956

Oh THAT one. No sense in reposting all of it in this thread anyways. Might I suggest you archive it at 1d4chan at some point?

>> No.11028984

Ohai u oldfags, newfags, whateverfags. check out this new ca/m/wh0/re site full of russians: http://u5l.de/jb Best is, it is all 4free


>> No.11028986

Second... I've only read a couple of the previewing slides that drop.io gives you, but from what I've read thus far, it's really good.
Take the time to archive it sometime.

>> No.11028990

It fills me with ... something... to know that my story is THAT story.
I have never touched 1d4chan. If someone thinks it should be there, they can put it up. Creating a wiki entry for my own work seems a bit too masturbatory, no pun intended.

>> No.11029027

Right, will throw it up next to the other stuff I should post there.

>> No.11029116

At this point, will happily replace previous "something" with "pride."

>> No.11029146

The writefaggotry, why did it stop?

>> No.11029305


And I've been awake for thirty plus hours. Nothing sensible is going to come out of me.

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